The Expecting Relationship

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    It was a rather normal day for Absyinthe. He had woken up early, tended to his garden, and than went off to work for a few hours before he came home, tended to his garden, and was now sitting back in lawn chair, watching the forest beyond his garden. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and he wasn't all to sure what to do with himself. The air that came off the coast was nice and refreshing, and he thought maybe he would go into town and window shop for a little bit.

    Absyinthe decided that was what he would do, and he got up and out of the chair and made sure the wiring around the garden was safe and sound, and than grabbed his keys off the hook inside, and than got into his pick up truck and started the somewhat small journey into town. The forest that bordered his property was stretching out along the rode, and Absy8inthe gazed in between the trees once or twice and noticed a deer, and at one time a fox. He smiled at the beautiful country side that he lived by, and soon he made his way into his town of Wetherfille.

    He parked on a street by the shopping plaza and got out of his truck and started walking. He had seen the shops all to often, having grown up in this small little town. He loved them though, and he would always try to buy one thing from each store. His town was a great tourist attraction because of the picturesque views and that it was right on the coast. Absyinthe decided to stop into the small grocery store and pick up some spices for tonight's dinner.

    As he entered the grocery store, he saw many familiar faces, and he waved and smiled as he went into the back by the spices.
  2. Kieara was new in town. She'd only just moved here. The mover's van had left her home a few moments prior. She lived in a small home off the edge of the rural town and had to walk wherever she went. She didn't own a car. She'd came from a city where the crime was worse and her worst nightmare lived. She needed away. A change of scenery. What better place than a small countryside like Wetherfille? IT was gorgeous.

    She was over by the produce looking around. She needed some food to put in her new home. But she could only get a few things. Only what she could carry home because of her lack of a vehicle. She had in her basket some apples, a package of pacifiers. Neutral colored for she didn't know what she was having yet, and a loaf of bread and some cheese. A few more things and she'd have to call it good and come back tomarrow.

    She was a pretty woman. She was petite, and one could tell she was all baby weight. Her arms and legs were skinny, but her stomach was round and very prominent. She was around 5 months along. She had shiny auburn hair, and bright sky blue, aquamarine eyes. Her skin was porcelin smooth, and she had a small line of freckles over the bridge of her nose and her cheeks that would crinkle when she laughed. She stood at only 5'3, and seemed to glow like most pregnant women did.

    She hadn't yet been to the doctor for her baby. She had no insurance, nor the money to pay for the visit. She was in a bit of a mess right now needing to get lined out first. Having to pay rent and her movers. Then having to unpack and prepare a nursery and get everything ready for when the baby was to come, it was a lot to handle at the time. She stayed lost though in her own little world over in the produce wondering what else she wanted to get today.
  3. Absyinthe was just about to head to the cashier when he noticed a woman standing by the produce aisle. She was beautiful, and she seemed to be having trouble picking out what kind of vegetables and fruit she wanted. He had never seen her around before, and it wasn't tourist season yet. Maybe she was new here, maybe she moved into the empty house down the dirt road from him? He grinned softly and smoothed back his crew cut and walked over to her with his spices. He stuck out his hand and than politely looked her over. He was surprised to see that she was well along in her pregnancy, and that no man was besides her.

    The town he lived in, and grew up in was all about love and care for the family. You never let the person you intend to have sex with down, and you usually always stay with them, and never leave them if they happened to get pregnant. The town was quaint and there was no such thing as rape or violence here. Everyone knew each other. He furrowed his eyebrows and spoke.
    "Miss, where is your husband? Are you here all alone? " He asked politely, and wondered if she really was alone. Well, she was new, so she probably came from the cities that bordered the small town, and those were big crime rate cities. He bit his lip and spoke again.
    "I'm Absyinthe by the way, would you like some help picking out your produce? Better yet, would you like some produce from my garden, at home? " he grinned at the thought of his garden, and eagerly awaited her reply.
  4. Kieara jumped a little hearing a voice talking to her. She turned and smiled politely. She was still getting accustomed to the people's kindness here. It was so different from what she was used to, and they were so sociable too. The opposite to her, she was quiet and shy. She had indeed been the one who'd moved into the house just down the road from him, but as far as she knew, she was alone in this neighborhood.

    She was a little surprised at his first question and giggled softly her nose crinkling cutely. "Oh my, i'm not married." She said to him and smiled. he was attractive, but after her last ordeal she tended to be a bit weary of men. She spoke. "I'm new here, I just moved out here by myself." She answered him. She listened as he spoke again and gently took his hand and shook it politely as a friendly gesture. "My name is Kieara, nice to meet you Absyinthe." She said. She listened again as he asked her about the produce. None of it here really looked up to par, and you couldn't beat organic flavor. She had been craving tomatoes soooo bad too.....She couldn't resist. "Why thank you, that's so kind, I wouldn't want to impose..." she said to him.
  5. Absyinthe grinned happily, and placed his hands on the cart handle of hers and pushed it up to the checkout line, and as the line grew shorter, he began to put his and her groceries onto the moving belt. He turned back at her and gave her a small wink and as the cashier rang out each item, he handed over Twenty five dollars in cash, and waved goodbye to the cashier and pushed Kieara's cart along the parking lot and down to his truck. He turned to see if she was following; which most likely she was. He smiled at her and placed the groceries in the back of his truck and went on the passenger's side and opened the door for her.
    "Hop in! I can drop your groceries off at your place, and than we can go to my house and pick out the produce you want. I also make a mean italian dinner, if you are up for it?" Absyinthe asked, slightly hinting at having her over for dinner.
  6. Kieara smiled and followed. She wobbled after him a little weary on her feet and knowing they were going to swell after walking all that way here. She started to help him put things on the belt. When he began to put her groceries up there too, she spoke. "Oh I can pay...." she said but he'd already done it. She blushed and smiled. "Thank you." she said to him. He was so kind. After checking out, she followed after him and smiled. She had a bit of trouble getting into the truck being small, and especially with her stomach where it set so high off the ground. She smiled though and got in after a minute or two and buckled up fixating the belt so it didn't press on her stomach. She looked over at him when he spoke. "That is nice, thank you." she said to him. She looked a little nervous when he mentioned dinner. Where they'd be alone....with no one around. PErhaps he had a wife? Yeahhh....There was no way a man like him was single. She spoke. "Alright, that sounds great." She said to him smilng. "You're very kind."
  7. Absyinthe nodded kindly and shut his door and started up the engine of the truck. He drove slowly, and soon they were on the road back to his house. He watched the trees start to appear as they went by the stretch of road that was alongside the forest. He smiled and turned on the radio and hummed along with the songs. He glanced at Kieara a few times, giving her a smile each time.

    Soon they turned on the dirt road in which both of their houses were on. He spoke to her before stopping at her house.
    "Would you prefer to eat dinner first, and than we can come back to your house and I'll help you put away your groceries, if you want?" He smiled, and waited for the woman's reply to his question.
  8. She smiled and rested her hands on her large belly. She loved italian, but she hoped all the spices wouldn't upset her stomach too much. She had noticed that the sickness that came along with pregnancy reacted worse with especially spicy things. She looked over when he spoke and smiled. Kieara spoke. "That sounds great." she said. "I hope your wife doesn't mind." she said. She'd put it into her head there was no way he was single. So she figured she was safe. She still had a bit of a fear complex with being alone with men.
  9. Absyinthe started up the truck and began driving down the road, when he caught what she had said about a wife. He chuckled and looked at her.
    "No, I have no wife. a girlfriend that was close to one, but she..she passed on." Absyinthe swallowed hard and kept his eyes glued on the road ahead. It was only a few more moments when they pulled into his driveway. He stopped the truck and pulled the key out of the ignition. He got out of the truck and jogged over to Kieara's side and opened the door to the car and offered her a hand. He had noticed her struggle with getting into the truck earlier, and so he decided to make up for it, with helping her get out of the truck.

    He gave her a reassuring smile, and looked up at the window of the house to see his dog Percy barking and wagging his tail. He waved at the dog and turned his attention back towards Kieara.
  10. Kieara frowned. She felt horrible now. Had her hormones kicked in she might've even began crying. "Oh my goodness i'm so sorry...I....I didn't know...." She stayed silent. She felt she shouldn't speak with that last comment she'd made. So she would be alone with him....She was nervous about that. She took his hand. "Thanks." she said as he helped her out. It went much smoother that time around. She saw the dog and smiled. "aww, how cute." she said.
  11. He grinned at her compliment to his dog.
    "Yeah, Percy is an amazing Border Collie! I love him. I'm sure he will love you too! Although he might drown you in kisses!" Absyinthe laughed and he grabbed his spices from the bed of the truck and placed Kieara's groceries in the passenger seat before he closed the door. He walked besides Kieara as they walked up the house and he opened the door and told Percy to calm down as he came up to the doorway and tried to trample Kieara.
    "Down Percy, you might hurt her!" He chuckled and set the spices down on the table next to the door, and grabbed Percy by his collar and dragged him into the backyard. He laughed and shut the back door and beckoned for Kieara to come inside.
    "Welcome, to my humble abode. Make yourself comfortable. We can go out to my garden in a minute!" He grinned and went to put the spices in the spice rack.
  12. Kieara laughed and giggled as she approached the house and the dog licked at her and barked happily. She loved dogs. She smiled. "He's so sweet." She said and wobbled inside closing his door politely behind her. His home was nice, far nicer than the one she was renting. She smiled and followed him looking around. She saw all the pictures of him and his deceased girlfriend and thought she could trust him, but she saw this going into more of a best friend relationship than anything.