The Exoria Saga (IC)

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    OoC Thread

    Chapter 1: The Saga Begins...


    Planet Agerna, Quelongrious System


    G.L.I.P Starship Hanger "Alpha-B8" - Loading Dock #6



    "Alright then boys, looks like everything is all set-up for the big trip!" exclaimed one of the various Dock-6 Mechanics as a group of them led the crew towards the vessel they had been working on all day. "Hyperdrive is functioning, she's got a full tank of gas, and she's as fine-tuned as a musical instrument! Great ship, that one. Flys perfectly, minus the fact that the thing doesn't have any weapon systems."

    "That might be true," explained the Co-Pilot, "But that's why we have a convoy filled with the best fighter models on Agerna. They'll keep us out of trouble, guaranteed."

    The mechanic only cast a look of ignorance towards the co-pilot after he spoke, shrugging his shoulders as if to say "Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you". Proceeding further down the loading dock, the crew of the "USS Harmony" looked over at the various jobs being performed. Both people and droids were busy building or fixing the resident starships, making sure that they were in top-condition when the pilot/crew returned from whatever business they had on Agerna. With so many ships being worked on all at the same time, the noise level in the hanger bay was actually very quiet. Most of the more serious work was being performed on ships in Dock-3, which was where most of the star-fighters and war machines went. The way that the royal family rules Agerna, war was not something that often came up. In fact, most of the damage done to these ships for the past 40 cycles ((years)) had been caused by pirate-attacks. Damage could range from a little carbon-scoring, to the entire ship missing the left half of its hull, to even being minutes away from exploding in a furious blast of raging hot flame. Working in Dock-3 was dangerous, but somebody had to do it. Luckily, they had gone many weeks without an accident. It was comforting for everybody who worked for the Galactic League of Interplanetary Peacekeeping (G.L.I.P) to know that nobody among their numbers been incinerated lately.

    The crew of the USS Harmony, like everyone else in this hanger, worked for the G.L.I.P. In fact, the planet of Agerna was known for essentially being the home-planet of the G.L.I.P, with the exception of the Citadel Space Station, the official Headquarters of the league. The G.L.I.P had been formed many cycles ago in response to a threat of inter-planetary terrorism within the galaxy. A group of mercenaries from all over had gotten fed-up with the established government at the time and took it upon themselves to act as "Rebels" in the following war against peace. However, their view of things would have forced Anarchy to become the leading force amongst the unified planets, replacing and destroying democracy. Luckily, the Galactic League was formed as a special-ops unit and managed to take down the mercenaries, but it was far too late. Whatever remnants remained of the Interplanetary Republic had been swept away by the Rebels. With the help of the various planetary governments, the G.L.I.P reformed the Senate and created a new system of government to be controlled by all who participated within the system. The senate would provide even-ground for debates and issues within the galaxy, ultimately ending in a final decision on how the planets would act. The system worked incredibly due to the respect it gave each planet and star-system, but sometimes not every one agreed. That was just how politics worked, but nobody had decided to split away and take down the G.L.I.P yet, so that was a positive sign that the government was well received. That very same style was still being used today, as a matter of fact. But the League needed members for jobs to be dealt with outside of the Senate, so they recruited only the best into their ranks. As it just so happened, a young Anamantian under the name of Maarcuu Roinoush, just so happened to be one of the most skilled pilots to work for the League.

    Walking beside his co-pilot, Maarcuu proudly marched down the hanger towards the Harmony. He had never personally flown the large cargo-ship, but he knew that the model was incredible. The Wennai B65J "Nutna" Cargo Ship. An incredible model of cargo ship known for its speed capabilities, despite being a much larger ship. Maarcuu was so excited to fly it that he could barely contain his emotions. He and his crew of 5 other skilled pilots had all been assembled for the transport mission, and they knew they were not going to disappoint the League. After all; this was an order from the King of Agerna himself, King Ridley-Scott II. Weeks prior, the King had assembled the group for the special task of delivering a new device to the planet of Hren, a world covered by perpetual rain and occupied by long-necked beings called the Bok. The Bok government had been working closely with the Agernian royal family to develop a method in which to clone and grow biological materials. They believed that such materials could be used to help further medicine and develop new cures for already existing diseases, as well as re-grow any body part of any creature, making prosthetic limbs and organs much more optional. When the prototype of the device was finished on Agerna, King Ridley-Scott II sent out for the best pilots in his court and assigned them the task of transporting it to Hren.

    Now, the day had finally come and everything was ready to go. As the group finally made it to the other end of the Hanger, Maarcuu looked ahead and saw the The USS Harmony. For an old ship, it had quite the shiny hull, most likely from a previous waxing or some kind of powerful polish. Whatever the case, Maarcuu became even more excited as he approached the ship. Soon, he would be behind that cockpit and piloting the transport through space. God, he loved to fly.

    Once they reached the ship, the Mechanic leading the pilots gave a quick nod and ran over to a hover-lift to help out with carrying some spare parts over to another craft being prepped for launch. Stationed at the Harmony's platform, was a man dressed in the standard black-outfit of a G.L.I.P officer with matching hat. Maarcuu and his fellow pilots also wore the same uniform, but Maarcuu never wore his hat. They only made it for humans and the hardened plastic on the inside always hurt his ears. The officer had been previously reading off of a holo-board ((holographic clipboard)) when the crew arrived, but he quickly looked up at them and nodded as they approached. With a nod and a determined smile, the officer approached the group and said "Afternoon, men. My name is Drax Mir and I'm going to be flying with you today. The rest of our crew is already on-board the Harmony. Now then, which one of you is the captain?"

    Taking a step forwards when asked who the captain was, Maarcuu smiled and tucked his hands behind his back. "Agent Maarcuu Roinoush, 2nd Division of the Agernian Royal Pilots Guild, reporting for duty! Maarcuu has been waiting to pilot the Harmony for ages. It is good to meet Drax." said the Anamantian before extending his hand to the man, who promptly shook it. "Maarcuu has been told all about Drax. Drax is definitely the kind of person Maarcuu wants on Maarcuu's flight team. Is the Harmony all ready for take-off?"

    "Its an honour to meet you, Maarcuu. I'm a little surprised though, I thought you would be a little older. But, I digress. Yes, the crew is ready, they're just waiting on the final order to launch."

    "Good, then let's get to our stations. Maarcuu will start the launch in ten minutes. Tell the crew to get into place and prepare for take-off."

    Nodding at Maarcuu, Drax turned around quickly and marched inside the ship, followed by the rest of the flight crew. Maarcuu, however, stayed behind for a moment to look at the ship one final time. Taking a deep breath and smiling at the large transport, Maarcuu turned his head around and waved to the small astro-mech droid making its way over to him. "Come on, HK-55. Let's get this mission started." said Maarcuu in his usual-positive tone as the droid let out a beep of acknowledgement. Nodding to his droid companion, Maarcuu quickly made his way up the loading ramp and entered the ship. He then proceeded through the Hallway to his left and after a few moments, found himself in the cockpit. Nodding to himself, Maarcuu silently sat down in the captain's chair and began to prepare the ship for launch, as HK-55 slowly wheeled its way into the cockpit. Knowing what job it was required to do, the black astro-mech droid quickly popped out a probe and jammed it into the socket beside Maarcuu, running various diagnostics on the ship and programming the set course into the map system. With everything proceeding as planned, the Harmony would be able to launch within minutes.

    And this, is where the Saga began.
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  2. Bar (open)


    "Just because your a freelance doesn't mean you can go out drinking, something can happen any minute now!"
    "Shut up, nobody cares if I do the job a little tipsy. Besides, I've gotta be happy on the job, right?" Howl said.
    "I swear sometimes you--"

    Howl clapped his communicator shut, putting it in his jacket while he coughed. He caught the oncoming glass, gliding across the counter top as the bartender eyeballed him. Well, if he had any facial features but a few speaker holes where the mouth would be.

    "She was ruining the moment anyways. Female clients are the worst." he paused "So clingy."

    "Manny, you've got to get some damn filters for this place, the smoke is disgusting. Noone's even here and it smells like drunk."
    "Oh, does it make little kitty's nose burn?" he said
    "I think I'll need a little blanket."

    "Well, I think inhere smells great in here."
    "Funny." Howl said

    "Hows the new body?" Howl said.
    "Its fine." he paused "Minus the fact I'm always wired to the damn building just to see and hear."
    "What? Now you're a security droid? Why all the wires hanging from the back?"

    "I sense what the security software senses."
    "Ah, so now you really are a mannequin."
    "Doesn't help that you're the one who got this expensive piece of crap for me. I said I needed a new body, not a new security system."
    "Ah c'mon." Howl said
    "Not to mention its real been real quiet here. They say the Horse is makin' her rounds again so everyone's hiding. Get chya' the cash next month kay?"

    "Hog wash. She doesn't exist. That's just Tyrr scrapin' the bottom of the barrel."
    His throat gulped, glass slamming the bar as he sighed.
    "Keep em comin', pay me with drinks."
    "Put the TV on," he paused "I'm out of business today too."
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