The Exitialis Effect

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  1. ~Prologue

    Welcome Home! After years of wondering, you have returned home to the wandering fields of Kasun. Located in the rolling field of a valley deep inside the country of Kasun is, the Crystal City, Vitreus. As you walk down the stone streets of the city center, skyscrapers made of shimmering crystal shoot up around you. You've been here before. We you were very little. Memories scatter your mind, a small child, running through the streets of Vitreus, home of your people.

    Now, as you walk the path, there is no joy or laughter. The streets are devoid of life and your people are gone. The lower floors of the great crystal towers are shattered and shards litter the street, crushing under your feet. Your family is dead. Everyone's family is dead. After walking for days, years, you collapse in the center and let out a cry of angst. You know you are not the only one forced to make this journey of mourning.

    Welcome Home! But are you really home?

    So the prologue might be a little confusing, so let me explain. You, as well as a few others have fallen victim to something called The Exitialis Effect. Each person is home to a different city within Kasun,and each city has been completely wiped out. Each person, who had been out of the country was forced to make the same journey home to a dirty, deserted, and destroyed city. Where they had grown up. No bodies are there. Everyone seems to have just disappeared.

    Each character grows sick and weak as the story goes on. Eventually they are forced to meet up and try to find a fix for what has happened. Slowly but surely, they find clues and hints leading them through their journey. Of course, their illness effects all of them. Some stronger then others, some die before others. If the cure is found in time, they will be cured, and their city will return, along with the people in it. I hope you caught that I referred to the other people as 'your species'. You are not human. Each of you have a connection with the military as well as a specific weapon talent. And a power. Nothing too extreme or exciting. Little stuff, like moving things with your mind, or breathing underwater.

    In the center of each city, a note is left. The person who did this to them has left them word, to help them on their quest.

    I have given up on our species, and our homeland. I pray that you have not. You, my friend, are not the only one who has been cursed. There are seven of you. One for each of the wars our kind has fought. One for each large city in Kasun. I have specifically chosen you seven, because I believe you can succeed. You are sick. You are dying. I have infected you with a virus called Exitialis. Translated from Latin, it means deadly and catastrophic. Fittingly too. Slowly but surely the illness with give you fever, then the shivers, then shortness of breath, weakness, nausea, migraines, bloody coughs, and lastly lung collapse. I, of course, hope you can finish my list of tasks before death finds you. The first step is to find the other six of your fellow dying comrades. Once all seven of your have found each other, you must travel back to the capital. In the City Council building, you will find your next clue. I am watching, and if you go alone, you will surely die.

    Good luck.


    Character Sheet:


    Home City:


    Stage of Illness:






    Name: Sikka Mae Vinnston

    Home City: Capital City, Vitreus

    Age: 23

    Stage of Illness: Stage Two, Shivers and Fever


    Bio/History: Sikka was born ans raised in the Crystal City. After she turned 18 she enrolled in the military forces of Kasun. She was sent front line with her throwing knives. With impressive skill, she takes down many enemies. After the 7th war, she decided to travel. She went all over the world, exploring, wandering. Sikka was happy traveling aimlessly, no real destination. She kept close contact with her family, and always wore her dads dog tags around her neck. It wasn't until last month that she got word to travel home. Something bad had happened. About a day before she entered the city, she felt feverish. She passed it off as a simple cold from her travels, that was before she entered the city center and found the letter, sealed delicately in a pink envelope, her name written in calligraphy on the front.

    Personality: Usually calm and collected but can be hot-headed when her lines are crossed. Since the letter she has been an unhappy person, though most would. She is not mopey, but no longer smiles or shows much emotion other than frustration.

    Weapon: Throwing knives.

    Power: Breathing underwater.


  2. This is interesting, I might join. I'll try to post a CS in a couple of days if I'm still interested. I been having some personal issues so I mainly been focusing on my own RP's.

    Name: Guinevere Irene Patterson

    Home City: Mystalique, Kisuna

    Age: 19

    Stage of Illness: Stage Three; Fever, Shivers and Shortness of Breath

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio/History: June(Hey! It's Guinevere to you, buddy!!), watched her family die before her own eyes and did nothing about it. She sat in fear and watched as her family was torn apart and