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The Exile

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kaddoc, Apr 9, 2015.

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  1. I like to cut my teeth on some one on one roleplay and I like to do with it in a fantasy rendition of Outlander.

    As the story goes a human survivor is lost at sea and he washes up on shore and wakes up in a strange land with no memories of his past or how he got there. What he does know is the people of this land are not human and stays out of their sight yet somehow he gets the feeling he is already being watched...

    As the setting goes this human survivor washed up on the shores of elven land untouched by humans. Humans and other races are separated from each other by a vast ocean where no one knows of the others' existence except only through myths and tales.

    I'm looking for a partner, preferably female, to play as some as one of the indigenous to either help or hinder him on his adventures through this strange land as the only human to have ever walked on elven lands. The question is will he live to tell the tale one day?

    This is not purely a sexual roleplay! There will be substance such as plot, story, twists, drama, comedy, tragedy, horror and possibly some gratuitous violence.

    Immerse yourself into it.
  2. And looks like I'm going fishing....
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