OPEN SIGNUPS The Evrensel Conflict -- Seen Better Days: Chapter 1 Epilogue

Alken and Gaeira

"...I respect your opinion, and will consider alternatives." Alken left it at that, deciding not to fight with or antagonize Peter; it seemed his side of the argument had more support, but he did have genuine reverence for Peter's insistence on non-lethal force. Gaeira simply shrugged, not particularly caring for Parker's input.

The shift in scenery and the orders from their Australian benefactor made the SOLDIERs immediately scramble to get their bearings. "Weird city."

Hearing a plaintive cry for help, Alken turned, noticing Alicia. Rushing over, he visually assessed her for a moment. "Hello. I'm the help." Alken quickly but gently hauled Alicia onto his shoulder. "Don't panic, ma'am. We're sorting this whole thing out as we speak."

"Yep. It's a fake city; like a big training program." Gaeira chortled at the Avatar attempting to bend simulated landscapes. "Her attempts all but confirm that. The question is, is it simply overlayed, or have our surroundings actually grown?" Gaeira pointed, starting towards the other end of the hologram city. "Let's just hustle! How far is the end of the hall relative to this city? We'll either slam into a wall, or end up having to walk an entire city."

Alken shrugged and followed Gaeira, going straight. Carrying Alicia along, he sighed. "Let me know when you're ready to walk, stranger."


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Even with some forewarning that this person was the help. Being suddenly hoisted up on a shoulder would get most people to freak out a bit.
He did not seem like a person from her own world and people around them didn't react. "I don't..." she paused confused and teary eyed "who are you?" A quick glance showed not reaction from their surrounding locals which was strange as this would be considered outrageous behaviour.
"wait who are we?"
It is quite a good thing sometimes to have military background. rigorous training allowing the mind to automatically work to assess a situation even if one is about to fall apart from emotional trauma and pain.
Then she heard other voices talk.
"I am not sure if i can...." She paused and swallowed, wiping at her face. "I don't know if i can walk but i would like to give it a try or at least ask to be carried differently."

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Kingpin kept silent throughout the debate, although he silently shook his head when Alken mentioned killing. The Titan shared a knowing glance with Anta. If only they knew...

When the elevator stopped and they stepped out into the simulated city, even Anta was taken aback. "This is... a whole different level." She breathed. "This is real without being real; simulated truths less stable and, I assume, less convincing than that of the Vex, but this is... wow. Holograms on such a large and authentic scale! We-"

"We don't have time for this." Kingpin snapped. Pulling the hand cannon out from his waistband, he stepped in front of the group. "Everyone. Including you, ma'am." He nodded at the newcomer. "This is obviously a ploy to distract us and slow us down. I suggest we move quickly before the enemy catches up with us, or flanks us from an unknown direction. I will take the lead, and we must move swiftly. Please get ready to move." He's never been one to assert control over situation, not with a Fireteam of fellow Guardians and certainly never with mortal - or, in this case, questionably mortal - civilians, but he hoped it would work. Who knows what dumb stuff they might decide to do?

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The strangest thing about this whole situation was the music was still playing. It was on the latter half, with the guitar rift echoing all around them, even as the crowd of people walking past didn't even flinch to it. Yet, as if on cue, with Alken carrying Alicia, and Kingpin ready to leave this place, the song suddenly faded away, and all that was left was the noise of raindrops hitting the ground. Then, slowly, another noise started to echo. These were screams. Lot's of them. Building up from far down the road they were standing in the middle of. Before long, people started running in the opposite direction. They were jolting past them, running as fast as possible, with the busy street now turning into a massive mob of civilians trying to escape whatever was approaching. They all shifted around the group, never running into them, making a small circle of space. There were too many people to see in front what was coming up, they could start to hear it after a couple minutes. It sounded like a tank. Several, in fact.

Three tanks were slowly coming down the large road, and behind them were the same robot soldiers they faced on the upper levels only minutes ago. They weren't firing, though their weapons were aimed right at the mass crowd. It was like they were guiding them. The other side of the road and any allyways that could be used for escape were closed off, as massive one green walls rose up from the ground to trap everyone fleeing. Those who made it to the other side before the walls were erected kept on running, but the mass crowd was now trapped in a corner.

The tanks and soldier continuing aiming at the crowd, and when a few brave fellows tried throwing a rock, or a shoe at them, the robots stayed in position to fire, unflinching by the objects if they hit. They just stood there in position, ignoring the group, and focused mainly on the crowd. This was some sort of flashback. The robots were analyzing the crowd for something, and after a minute of searching, their weapons, which glowed that same neon green at the rims of their barrels, fired. An orchestra of deafening gunfire went off around the group, with the tanks heavy rifles along the sides joining the troops in massacring the crowd.

It lasted only a few minutes, though it sure felt like hours, as when it stopped, the heroes had loud ringing in their ears. When they looked up, the sky was glowing red with fire, with the buildings that were once brimming with life, now heaps of brick and debris, the street covered in massive potholes, and far off in the distance, more gunfire. It was way too similar to the planet they were on before. Only this time it wasn't demons invading. "You were better off leaving the girl behind." Said the voice that had spoken to them, the more menacing one, not the helpful one. Right behind them was the body housing said voice, and his appearance was..... Probably not what anyone was expecting.

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"What the hell?..." Peter spoke up softly, though the menacing pentagon-headed being heard him.

"I realize it's a bit on the nose, evil cackling villain, dressed up in a suit and tie, menacing smile and glowing red eyes. All I'm missing is a twirly mustache and top hat." He referenced for his look. "But I enjoy the theatrics of my work, I never have enough people around to admire it." He spoke with his hands behind his back, standing straight up and even so businessman like, even with the chaotic landscape they were in.

"Guessing you're the reason we're here."

"Ever the brilliant man Ben believed you to be, Peter."

"You also brought us to that planet with the demons on it too?"

"Not me personally, but I was a factor in it."

"And you'll explain to us why we were brought there?"

The being chuckled. "Must I truly devolve into these mental cliches you're trying to project onto me?"

"You aren't making it hard for us."

"Oh, come now, we just met, and already you insult my personality!" He said in a playful tone. "I give you a grand experience of seeing my work firsthand, in my own home, mind you, and you repay me with petty comeback lines? I was hoping one of you would try charging at me, give it the college try and tackle me to the ground." He was clearly goading Gaeira and Alken. Though Peter already figured there must've been a reason this guy was out in the open.

He had a plan, a trap of some sort, he wanted them to attack. If this was a massive simulation, why appear here and now? Why not split them up?​
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