CLOSED PARALOGUE The Evrensel Conflict: Paralogue 1 -- The Cyber-Hangover


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The group that found the Dhampir would find her in quite the predicament. Three of the men were upsidedown somewhere near the alley exit, one was currently stuck in the wall, and the last one was grabbing their neck and sputting blood from his lips before collapsing on the ground.

The girl had a few circles of glowing light floating around her interlocked with the teeth of gears and rotating slowly. The woman herself was wiping a red oily substance from her mouth and even spit some of it out with a disgusted look on her face. She glanced over to the newcomers, her eyes a deep crimson, quickly fading to a nice sky blue. "Oh good. More..." She scowled, reaching down to pick up her revolver.

"Seeing as you lot don't look like you got lost in a prosthetics factory, I assume you're not with them." The woman took the time to pop open the cylinder to her revolver and drop out three spent brass casings into her hand which were quickly stuffed in her pocket and replaced by new ones. "If you're going to try something now would be the time to do it." Karena spoke idly as she snapped the cylinder shut and cocked the hammer. The glowing rings around her body slowly began to fade. She even waited a few seconds for them to do anything before slipping her revolver back in the holster on her hip.

She didn't fully trust the newcomers, nor did she even know where she was. Walls of smooth stone, metal, and a Bakelite trash can. This place was... weird. "You can call me Karena." She stated simple before taking the time to wipe some dust from her jacket, inspecting the bullet hole in the shoulder with a frown. "And you should probably not be here." She gestured to the rest of them. "The Marshall should be showing up soon due to the gunfire, and I don't want you lot getting mixed up in my bullshit. If I'm even anywhere near Grace." She let out small sigh as she mumbled the last sentence to herself.

"Can one of you tell me the name of this city, had a... bender last night and got a little lost."

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Abigail Delano, Courier Six-Played by Amber Franklin

Anri’s smile had given Abby a smile to match. This was an odd girl, but she was still a young girl to Abby. With all these things going on and peculiar people around, to see a kid was still nice. Her behavior was also not unusual to the Courier.

Abby listens to everyone as they throw in their two caps on the matter, her ears accustomed to the rattle of guns and general chaos that come from nearby. For her part it does not make her take a battle-ready stance, as the noise nearest to the landing zone was loud but also quick, meaning whatever happened was over before any of them could run to investigate. The only action she takes is sling the Death Pod off her back and holds it in one hand while walking.

The display on her helmet is a high-tech tool that Abby does not fully understand. It was like a Pip-Boy worn on your head to her and she was still getting accustomed to how it automatically targets and gives distance in a unit she does not understand such as it does with all of the bodies they find in the alley, and the last woman standing.

Now, Abby is not the smartest woman to ever live; but she knows blood and seeing one man bleeding out on the ground with someone else wiping blood from their mouth is an easy equation. This, and the woman’s revolver and light show, do give her more pause and caution. The kid, Anri, got to introducing herself and looting without a care.

Eh, kids don't know better than to be cautious sometimes.

The woman gives her name as Karena, and fair warning for if they're planning to attack, then a question about where they are. Abby keeps her hands on her Death Pod but the weapon low. If this possible cannibal tried anything, she would witness how fast Abby was with her quickdraw.

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Even with how similar she seemed to look on the outset to fit in with this world, on account of all the prosthetic limbs, you put any practical thinking into it, she definitely did not fit into this world. The style and technology of her limbs differed from her attackers, and the light that surrounded her body was clearly magical in some capacity, or just looked it. Not fitting with the insane cyberware the attackers had.

Karena definitely fit the mold for a 'scattered.'

"Uhhh... Hi, Karena. I'm Alec," he introduced himself, signaling Abby to lower her gun a little bit to deescalate things. "And you're in a place called 'Night City.' But, we," he pointed to the entire group, "Don't actually live here. We just arrived, and I have a very good feeling I know how you got here to begin with, but... It's a bit... complicated." Saying you were kidnapped by robots and transported across the multiverse is a hard sell.

"And, I'll be honest, I'm sure law enforcement of some kind will wanna investigate this." With that, Alec was quick to holster his weapon once more, "So, I know it's quite a leap in trust, but if you would be willing to come with us, I can explain everything to you. We won't hurt you or do anything to put you in harms way." He looked to the group once more, hoping they would follow his lead in being a bit more friendly to her. Then, he took his leave quickly back to the street, since he saw something along the side of the road that looked like it could help.

A 'Data term' as it was called. It projected a hologram of Night City from above, and since his omni-tool was compatible with it, (thanks to some modifications to make the device 'multiversal' by the Doctors before they disappeared,) Alec was easily able to connect to its wireless systems.

He downloaded all available information within it, which laid out the other Data Terms around the city that had specific names of the locations they were based in, along with the names of the Districts and Sub-Districts of the city itself. It would make navigation a hell of a lot easier now for them with a proper map. Now there was one last issue: Transportation.

Thankfully as well, the Data Term had available transport to rent with Taxi's, and even a list of what kind of transport you needed for rent. This was great! For once, things were going swimmingly with figuring all this stuff out. They couldn't take a bus, they would need space for themselves for all the supplies they got, and a normal taxi would be too small to house all ten of them.

That left one, and the most expensive, option. "Well... this won't be inconspicuous." Alec muttered to himself, before returning to the group. "Alright! So, we're in a Distruct called 'Watson,' specifically 'Northside.' Closest local market from here is a bazaar called 'Kabuki,' so we'll make our start there to find supplies, and make our way through the city from there if we need to look elsewhere. I'll be in charge of finding the food, but we'll need people to find medicine and ammo stocks. Who's volunteering for which?"
Idan scoffed under his breath. Out of all the people to be working under, of course his leader would be the type to pick the easiest job for himself. But Idan knew better than to voice such thoughts aloud, unless he was looking to make quick enemies.

With a degree of disguised trepidation, Idan stepped forward, "While I don't use 'em much myself, I know how 'nd where we could find some guns in a city like this." Idan then proceeded to make a show of patting down his ragged clothes. "Easiest option 'ere in America would require some I.D. 'nd I left that behind when those..." His head briefly turned to cannibalistic Karena, as if considering his words. "...know-it-all cunts swooped me up."

"Meanin' that we need some... creative work'rounds. Luckily for us, seems like this city's full of 'em."
He gestured to his ears as the ambeint sounds of gunshots rung out into the city. "With 'nough cash 'nd scary lookin' folks, I could drum us up a little payload."