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"War does not determine who is right — only who is left."

The Evrensel Conflict

The Multiverse is going to war with itself!

The laws of physics have been bended to allow the boundaries of various universes to open to one another through artificially created wormholes. It's a time of astonishment, but also of fear, pandemonium, and chaos. No one knows how this has happened, but in its wake, conflicts have begun to arises with invading forces that had found methods to traverse these wormholes safely, new diseases are crossing the borders between worlds, monsters now infest once lively city metropolises, and heroes meant to protect their homes have been scattered to other worlds.

Least of all, with such an impossible feat comes a cost, as the quantum structure of each universe is now clashing against each other, creating a domino effect of unknowable energy components that could create unthinkable levels of cosmic destruction.

And with all these worlds distracted by ever increasing conflicts, there is no telling of the anarchy to come. But, what could have caused all of this?

That is for you to find out. The fate of galaxies are depending on those brave enough to journey through these new, unknown realms to find the answers. Empires of fantastical worlds, civilizations that span solar systems, even realms filled with creatures made up only of angular blocks are out there, in desperate need of saving.

Or conquering, should your allegiances align with those looking to use this chaos to their advantage. Whatever the choice made be, the future of so many worlds are up in the air. Will they be saved? Or will they fall into the darkness that once separated them all?


To the Evrensel Conflict!

  • Kick Names, Check Ass...... Wait....

    There is the obvious main story, but also side stories of worlds fighting each other, discovering strange new realities, doing quests to help with civilians in need, and any crazy and wacky stuff we can cram in there so we don't take ourselves too seriously.

    The point of the RP is to tell stories in such a setting, not just action set pieces. If you wanna run your own little RP in the setting, we're very open to it! Obviously some discussions would need to happen, but we are very happy to try out whatever seems interesting to do. The RP, while indeed a crossover of various fandoms, isn't fandom based, nor do we consider it one, as we enjoy telling a good story, and having fun character development and interactions
  • There are some fandoms we consider to not fit with the tone of the story, but we're very flexible with what fandoms are allowed.

    We make sure to keep power levels in balance, with starter RP'ers having to play street level characters for destruction and capabilities. Should you want to play a more powerful character, say like Goku from DBZ, you would need to agree to a debuffing of his abilities until we believe you can be trusted to use the character responsibly. With worlds going to war with each other, it's always power based. No world will overpower the other, if one world has more technological advantages, so you will never see a fantasy world that has medieval weaponry fight against a Star Destroyer from Star Wars. The main group will be diverse, but the worlds that are in battle, they're on equal levels.

  • No.

    We allow Original Worlds and original works. If you have your own little world, you may use it. If you wish to use it for a thread idea for this RP, you would have to submit it in our 'Original Worlds' thread, but if you just want to use a character from it, you don't need to submit anything there.

    Obviously, we don't take everything, what we want are universes, or worlds, or kingdoms with enough thought put in it to show you truly care about your creation.

  • No.

    You can play whoever you want, be it OCs from pre-existing worlds, ones from their own created worlds or Canonical Characters to play around with. As well, you don't just need to play heroes, villains from any series you like or your own personal creations are more than welcome to be used. It ain't just the heroes we wanna focus on here.

  • Yes/No

    We don't use our Discord for major RP threads, we keep to Iwaku for major, multi-person RPs. Instead, we have spin-offs, smaller missions, and 'in-between' character interactions when they're too short to be made into a single post, all on our 'Open World' Discord.

    You can do smaller RPs with people without the major plot getting in the way of character development you want to do, or if you want to continue character relationship developments without it interrupted by other posts/major posts that make the story go forward. It's a nice way to RP without needing much detail, quick and easy.

  • 1. Respect, Respect, Respect. Respect your fellow RPers and their characters.

    2. Do not role play with a character, or make edits to a characters skills/abilities until he/she/they have been accepted.

    3. The RP has a power balance at street level capabilities and destruction. Do not make/claim OP characters far above the norm unless we feel we can trust you with that power.

    4. Keep an open mind about all newcomers! Keep all pre-judging to the absolute minimum. Judge them on their actions.

    5. There is a limit of five characters per player. You can only have five at max, whether canon or OC, and if you want another, you may discuss it with the mods to give you another slot. If you're making a character that's like the Dragonborn from Skyrim, or Shepard from Mass Effect, any personal customized versions of those characters go into OC creation. The vanilla versions go into canon claim.

    6. Posts wherein certain words/letters are extended to an unnecessary and obnoxious length are a no-go. Just don't be a dick like that, it adds nothing and only annoys. Basically, don't "REEEE" or "hiiiiii" for a ridiculous amount of time.

    7. No one line posts. Aim for three lines or above. This is because it make the RP less stale, and people also enjoy longer posts much more than simple one or two liners. We aren't all expert writers, but if you're joining a forum, you gotta be better than one or two line(s) of dialogue or action. HOWEVER: We are absolutely willing to help teach you to get better if you are willing to honestly try. Most everyone is pretty good about this.

    8. Use proper grammar and spelling, even if it takes you longer to post. You'd be surprised how this rule needs to be said.

    9. Stay in character when RPing. Canon characters are up to a degree of interpretation, but don't go completely off base.

    10. Nothing sexual or overly violent in the major threads. While we are sometimes violent, we are not a redstar RP, so we don't go into graphic detail about how a character looks, or what actions they take.

    11. If someone's been gone for over a month without an excuse, their claimed characters will be up for grabs, and if they're gone for more than a few days without notice, any RP they're involved with will move on without them.

    12. Keep all non-RP stuff in parentheses (like this), or better yet, go to the Chat. Such spam like that is annoying to people RP'ing on the same topic, and a mod will likely delete it later.

    13. Do not have off-topic conversations in things like the Cannon Claim, OC Creation, ect. It will be deleted upon detection. This is more for our Discord server.

    14. Combat in this RP, against another Player, works like this: Each attack must be properly described, and movements 'shown'. Your character does not get an auto-hit, it must be an attempt. Like; "aiming an axe kick for his head," instead of "striking his head with an axe kick." Any status effects, like poison or special effects on a weapon, must be stated to make sure the other Players know about them. If you're foe is an NPC, then you can feel free to auto-hit all day long. Think of it like a Dynasty Warriors or Hyrule Warriors combat style. Major characters, gotta be fair, minor ones, give 'em the business.

    15. We have a minimum of one post per week/every two weeks, so the RPs don't slow down to a crawl. This does depend on the GM of each thread, however, so this rule is not for all threads, but do keep in mind we try to keep things at a good pace for posts.

    16. You must at least speak with someone in the chat before you can decide to leave. We're a very welcoming group, and always looking for new friends.... so don't just accept the rules and then poof- actually talk with someone first!!!

    17. Do not just drop your character into an RP without saying anything. If you want to join a chapter or spin-off thread, best to ask the person running it where to join instead of just doing it unannounced.

And that's it! We hope to see you over on the Evrensel Discord Discord Server!

And I hope you found this informative and do wish to join. Thank you for your time!