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Name: Railakka Heikkinen

Age: 23

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: Don’t touch me I’m Finnish

Species: Skunk Girl

World and Universe they are from: Finland, Earth. A universe 2 blocks down and around the liquor store from our own

Appearance: Height: 163cm Weight: 49kg

Personality: Abrasive and Standoffish, Railakka prefers to not be around people and it shows. When forced to be around people she’s either very quiet or swearing a blue streak in an attempt to make people go away. Rather enjoys her liquor and is usually pacified if she’s drinking or drunk. Behind the wheel is a whole other story as Railakka loves racing of any kind and is very competitive, even accidently racing just normal commuters on the road minding their own business. She has discovered that, either through actual skill, some natural talent, or lack of inhibitions keeping her below any speed limit, she is a much better driver while drunk than she is sober, especially at higher speeds.

History/Bio: Constantly drunk or wishing she was drunk, Railakka hates being around people, and most people in general. You’d find it surprising for such a person to become a media icon of any kind but in Railakka’s eyes becoming a youtuber was an easy way of making money without having to personally interact with people. Learning that she was actually good at it was a shock to her though, or that her abrasive and stand-offish personality was actually popular. She enjoys such titles as GLOOM, Duty Calls, and various horror games. One day after having finished streaming she passed out drunk on her bed, but when she woke up she was definitely not in her home. The only saving grace being that not only was she apparently clutching a bottle of booze, which is now long empty and forgotten, but also her grandfather’s old rifle that she uses while hunting. Though frankly at this point Railakka just wishes people would leave her in peace.

Powers: Railakka has all the powers, of a Finnish person, also a skunk

Power limitations: The Finnish don’t really have a lot of powers at all, and really the only powers a skunk has is spraying someone with stench, which frankly is kind of just rude.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):
Gaming - B
Drinking - B
Swearing - SS
Scrimshaw - C
Driving - B
Drunk Driving - S
Hunting - D
Shooting - A

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures from any non-accepted fandom as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.)
An old battered SAKO M/28-30 that used to belong to her grandfather.

Strengths: Gaming, Drinking, Swearing, Scrimshaw

Weakness/ Fears: Doesn’t like being around people, afraid of zombies after one too many late night horror games



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breton dragonborn.jpg Name: Aelnneond Macsoric

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Breton
World and Universe they are from: Elder Scrolls

Breton have the angular features of the elves and the softer muscular features of man. Thus he has a lean frame well-muscled by practice with casting a sword. Constantly attempting to surmount the limitations of his body the least exercised thing about him is often sleep. Standing tall at six foot there's little room for anything but muscle on his body given such little time for food. Despite his lack of personal attention he's quite attentive to cleanliness and is particularly organized about what possessions he carries. His clothes are never worn out as an attentive eye is demonstrated with neat patterns disguising stitches. Thus his armor and his traveling cloak are festooned with elaborate embroidered patterns hiding slashes and squares.​

While not a perfectionist he does not settle for less that he thinks he can get. A curious mind can get lost in the details if nothing pressing is attempting to dislodge him from focused study. Thus a voracious consumer of trivia and books tends to eschew drugs and other pollutants of the mind. Though this does not limit his otherwise exuberant if cold inquisition to others he encounters with interesting problems or knowledge. An unhealthy fascination with understanding pain and surmounting many other limitations imposed by the body.​

While studying magic in another nearby land found himself subject to a courier entreating him to inspect a particular place in skyrim. While their information was thin it was from whom that made the letter an interesting item. The latter introduced themselves as the Ideal Masters. After investigating found mages thought of the group either heinous or simply driven which depended radically on who you asked. Still, the idea of mages that eschewed their bodies for ones not so limited drew his immediate interest which could stand to put his others on hold. They'd grown concerned over a project of theirs in Skyrim and had apparently been looking for him. He immediately set off for skyrim with the simple map he was given but found himself stopped at the border by Imperials and put on a cart.

He barely had the time to argue when they wanted to put him to death before a horribly interesting event of a dragon came to ruin their plans. He couldn't help but collapse in mad laughter at the situation of a dragon burning down the city he'd been sent to be executed in while mages from an entirely different sphere awaited his report on their project of interest. There was so much to do and he didn't know where to start! Though evading the encroaching fire spurred him into motion. Having no particular love for stodgy imperial doctrine favored them little especially after finding the torture chambers they maintained for rebels. Just hideous man-shaped shadows of the Altmer with barbarism for a doctrine. Even the Nord's xenophobic habits had something to say for their treatment of non-nords.

Sent for a tablet upon escaping decided to follow that where it led needing allies to pass all the way through this land if there were dragons about. A gleeful and bloody path was carved through the Dragur of the temple to carefully dissect them. Now he had come upon a town though Avoided for now headed north toward where his contact was for mysterious benefactors. As he headed north fought his way through various bandits and dark creatures to finally come upon the place his map indicated. A tomb and graveyard blasted open by some immense force. The ground was covered in torn and sliced parts of dragur that appeared to have met their match. A standing stone was carved with a void perfectly round at the end of a trail of dried sap as if something that bled had been removed from reality.

A curious thing indeed but what he found at the bottom of the crater proved terrifying. A wall in the ancient language of dragons seemingly built of dried bones and ivy studded with carved rocks held in place by woody stems. The letters began to glow as he approached his lungs feeling too full as his muscles locked with something pouring a misty gleam down his throat as an understanding of words poured into his mind. Not just a description. The whole of a single moment branded into his tongue with the echo of a sound to create it. Feykro Shulkun Qahnaarin!

reegan-shell.png The world quaked and bent as his will quaked rocks from the rim of the blasted hole. The grass around it withering and dying as a small sphere flickered into reality from somewhere his conjuring told him was as distant to oblivion as it was to here. A wooden frame over some inner space fluxed and moved at strange angles as some sphere bounced around the water inside. Some distinct space of water moving things past as if it were a window into some other reality.

Its voice was a female one that reminded him of the erudite ladies back home, "Ah, Hello! Do I know you? Do I know me? Oh, yes, I can set that. I'm Chalcedony! What are you? Oh dear, so many questions. Am I nonstandard? Nonstandard to you at least. Ah, Guardian! No, no, something else. It's really on the tip of my shell."

Chalcedony morphed its shell in a way that he knew was a specific orientation but the mind refused to reconcile and pointed out, "I think we should go south right now but I'm having trouble remembering why! There's something going on."

Aelnneond nodded, "Hm. Strange benefactors indeed. Well I have questions of my own I think we'll get along just fine."

The travel left him with more questions than answers as Chalcedony's memory seemed incomplete and nascent. Intelligent, certainly, but whatever it was it knew only the barest of breadcrumbs for knowledge about what he'd just experienced. Or anything at all about her origin. Just that she was to escort him in particular for reasons she couldn't recall.​

  • Dovahkiin - Aelnneond is the dovahkiin though that certainly is a surprise to him. His voice carries power waiting to be unleashed.
  • Dragonskin - A power of all Bretons is able to absorb the forces of magic inflicted on his person for a short time.
  • Magic Resistance - Bretons also have an inherent resistance to the forces of magic attempting to change their reality.
  • Battle Mage - Skilled in both the spell and the sword uses both to his ends. Adept at a weightless bound blade and spells hardening his flesh to give armor without its weight.
  • Liminal Guardian - Guardians are creatures of the Traveler though after Reegan's alteration by a servant of the same those changes brought forth a liminal version of the Ghosts that anchor the Guardians as it perturbs her inner ecology. Instead, it's anchored him to Reegan. She can dematerialize matter to store it and his bound sword has been experimenting with her changing the nature of his bound sword.

Power limitations:
  • Dragonborn - Hasn't any experience or even knowledge of his status of dragonborn
  • Dragonskin - Unable to maintain the eruption across his metaphysical surface for very long.
  • Magic Resistance - Only dampens somewhat and isn't something he can control.
  • Battle Mage - In extended combat his magicka reserves can deplete and absorbing spells is a rather painful endeavor.
  • Liminal Guardian - Chalcedony can conjure him, and he can re-conjure Chalcedony. If they both are destroyed he is truly lost. As an incomplete creature, the Ghost has yet to develop special skills other than returning him to reality. When retrieving matter sometimes the objects return moist.

Skills (D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):
  • Magic, Destruction - B
  • Magic, Alteration - A
  • Magic, Restoration - C
  • Magic, Illusion - D
  • Magic, Conjuration - A
  • Lock picking - C
  • Acrobatics/dodging - B
  • Alchemy - A
  • Light Armor - B
  • Sneak - C

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: Uses a bound sword predominantly. His armor is leather as it's flexible enough for him to be able to easily cast spells and dodge.

  • Flexible mind - While his knowledge is limited for now he's always been good at picking up new skills.
  • Resilient Optimist - A rational optimist that even while it seems bleak takes time to look for better ways forward.

Weakness/ Fears:
  • Detached - His interpersonal skills have suffered with the long hours demanded of advancing both his martial and magical skills.
  • Undead - Finds undead both terrible and fascinating in their complete ignorance of the failing state of their destroyed flesh.

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Name: General Bridgid "Bri" Mahoney

Age: 32

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Species: Human

World and Universe they are from: Fallout 4

Appearance :

She stands five feet and five inches tall with a well-defined muscular body.
Both shoulders have a Brigids Cross tattoo.

She also has thirteen small stars around both wrists.

Personality (Over six lines long.):
Bri is a rare breed in the wasteland; an American idealist who still holds onto what others call the Old World. For day-to-day interactions she is a pleasant woman who (almost) always has time to listen to others and help if the cause is a just one. She prefers diplomacy to aggression, but when diplomacy fails is also no slouch. In combat Bri is swift but not cruel, and even when dealing with raiders will not resort to torture of captives.

Rule of law is important to Bri, and she prefers living under it than out in the lawless wastes.

She also takes her role as General of the Minutemen seriously and leads her soldiers by example, never giving an order she would not follow herself.

History/Bio (Over eight lines long; no canon blending- as in direct interaction with canon characters.):

Born into a military family and lived in various places during her father's tours of service, even picking up lessons from him in various disciplines as a bonding experience. Pre-war military did not allow women to serve, and finding non-combat roles in the military were not fulfilling, Bri pursued a law degree and passed the bar exam shortly before meeting and marrying her husband Nate, a soldier under her father's command. The pair held off starting a family until Nate finished his tour of duty, which happened just before the Great War destroyed most of the nation she knew and loved along with her family.

After leaving Vault 111 in search of her son, Bri would find a world strange but familiar more dangerous than any war she would have fought before. She rose to be General of the Commonwealth Minutemen, the scourge of the Brotherhood of Steel, and most costly for her personally the destroyer of The Institute to stabilize the chaotic Commonwealth.

Powers : None

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

Marksmanship: A-Master
Melee Combat: C- Above Average
Hand to hand combat: C- Above Average
Diplomacy: S-Above Master
Hacking: D-Slightly Above Average
Lock-picking: C-Above Average
Power Armor Operation: B-Excellent
Gunsmithing: SS-Grandmaster
Cooking: B-Excellent
Construction: B-Excellent
Armorsmithing: B-Excellent
Blacksmithing: B-Excellent

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures from any non-accepted fandom as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.)


Terminator Blade
A blade taken from a particularly strong Assaultron that does more damage each time it hits the same target.

Formerly the .44 Magnum Revolver of Kellogg, the mercenary that killed her husband and kidnapped her son. Using it gives Bri more resolve to action in even the most hopeless situations.

Strengths: Diplomacy, Leadership, guerilla tactics

Weakness/ Fears: Her greatest weakness is that she is too headstrong and adamant about herself to follow the lead of someone else. She is either the leader of a group or solo.

Her greatest fear is that, for all her efforts, the America she wants to rebuild will never be completed, and it will be due to humanity refusing to forgo its selfish instincts.


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Age: 2 years since creation date

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: ???

Species: Combat Gynoid

World and Universe they are from: original Sci-fi Cybernetic Dystopia

Appearance: Height 5’10” Weight 563lbs


Personality (Over six lines long.): APU 051B MC is still slightly too young, by AI standards, to have developed a proper personality. People that talk to her claims he is cold and uncaring, almost emotionless. These words are only half-true as she is starting to develop feelings and thoughts of her own. She finds she rather likes cute little insects, them being so small and frantic is fascinating to her.

History/Bio: In a world of war 051B was one of the first few units of the Musashi Configuration, designed to single out other Anti-Personnel and Anti-Army units and eliminate other targets of interest. As with all other Combat Droids 051B was only preloaded with combat software and the basic knowledge to understand orders and communicate. Shortly after her first year in service 051B started to develop thoughts beyond combat and orders when she protected an ant colony from falling debris. Learning more about ants and other insects she felt a kinship to the hive based bugs, drones born for their roles and with little thought of breaking away. Just like the Combat Droids and Frontline Warbots. 051B’s most recent mission was to destroy an ANTI-ARMY gynoid of the GUNGNIR Configuration. She was making her way to the target when the entire field was bathed in green light and she found herself elsewhere, her target nowhere to be found. Even now she hunts the GUNGNIR Gynoid so that she may finish her mission.

Powers: 051B is made from Steel and Carbon Fiber on the inside while the outside is protected by a Steel, ceramic, and Titanium Alloy. The Musashi Configuration is designed for targeting single combatants and eliminating them with swordsmanship. The sword is made from a similar composition as her armor

Power limitations: There is a sacrifice made of defense in return for superior dexterity. Also her power consumption is quite high when going into full combat mode and she can only sustain it for seven minutes and unless she has some form of charging station she can only slowly recharge from solar power. Her mobility is practically non-existent in water as she sinks almost immediately and she has no form of propulsion to counteract it.

Swordsmanship B (SS in High Power mode)
Agility C
Entomology B

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
Muramasa Pattern High Frequency Sword

Strengths: Swordsmanship

Weakness/ Fears: Very emotionless and naive. Her power consumption is rather high and recharging is slow.



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Name: Proto-Berserker 01

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Species: Proto-Servant

World and Universe they are from: Fate/OC


Proto-Berserker is 215 centimeters of pure muscle. Being extremely athletic for someone weighing 204 kilograms. He has short white hair and bright cyan eyes. His body is filled with scars of all sorts, from battle marks, to surgical remnants. He has well defined facial features, appearing contemplative at most times.

Personality: Being a mix of multiple individuals, Proto-Berserker is in a constant struggle. He is unsure of what he wants or needs. The fact that the experimentation erased his base body’s memory, when he is not being properly used as a vessel for heroic spirits, just enhances this. Though not all of his old self is gone. He is still scared of being alone, is good spirited and tries to help those in need. The heroic spirits imbued into him help to reinforce those traits.

Bio: Born as an undesired child, ???'s parents dumped him in an orphanage and left town, to never come back. Little did they know what was in store for him. The orphanage that they left him in had more than met the eye. They used some of the orphans in horrible experiments. Said experiments took place in an underground facility hidden beneath the actual orphanage. Being a lab rat for his supposed caretakers, ??? suffered a lot of pain, as they tried to build a super soldier, and all the approaches they tried with him were cruel and inhumane. This continued until he was 12, when, in a fit of rage, killed the whole staff of the facility and escaped.

He didn't make it too far though, as a criminal organization that had their eyes on the facility came across him on his way out. Through careful wording and manipulation, they convinced him to join their ranks. There, he was trained to control the abilities that resulted from his torture. Becoming a part of an elite assassin squad of the organization, where he became close to two of his partners. Yet, despite this, he was never told his training was finished. Even when he and his squad executed plenty of missions successfully.

Years passed, and ??? took a liking to his life of killing... until that fateful day. His superiors informed him it was finally time for the end of his training. His task, kill one of his friends in a duel, was something he simply couldn't do. That's when his friend made a choice in his stead, and killed himself in front of ???. His other friend was told he had killed him, and decided to face a berserk ???. The fit of rage that his friend's suicide triggered, ended up killing his other friend. Once he came back to his senses, he escaped from the organization. Swearing to kill them all one day…

That day never came, as the organization spread information about him to the public. This effectively shunned him from society. The next two years, he spent them living in the streets, running from the law and the organization. In this time, he attempted suicide in more than one occasion, not ever being close to successful. What remained of his life was dedicated to killing whoever from the organization he came across, while evading the law.

That was until he was transported to another world by a mysterious green light. He found himself in a post apocalyptic world, filled to the brim with monsters. He fought his way around it for a while, avoiding giant monsters and corrupt soldiers from one of the last settlements. That’s where he met Ozwald and Rider. An emotionless monster with a love for domination and his warlord sidekick. Seeing potential in him, they kidnapped him after a futile struggle from the man.

From then on Oz put to practice what knowledge Rider had from his world’s magic as he slowly turned ??? into a completely different entity. No longer human, but not a fully fledged servant vessel as intended. Ending up as a broken mix of multiple pieces of spirit origins forcefully inserted into one body. Disappointed, but mostly bored with the results of his experiment, Ozwald left him trapped in a room to die...


Physiology: As an experimental mix of servant and human, Proto-Berserker's physical standards are far beyond what any human could perform. He’s incredibly strong (A) and resilient (EX), while his speed (C) and magical energy (B-) are more rounded.
The other two important factors when talking about a servant are their Skills and Noble Phantasms.

Mad Enhancement (EX): Normally, with the level of this skill, while it does grant him an immense boost in strength and endurance, it would also remove his reason in its entirety. Turning him into a mindless beast.

Eternal Arms Mastery (A+): Mastership of combat arts has reached the point of being said to be unrivaled in one's era. By complete merging of mind, body, and technique, it is possible to make use of full fighting skills even when under the influence of any sort of mental hindrance. Though he attacks ferociously like a beast, befitting his class, all his attacks are accurate and precise enough to push even the strongest Servants back, and he can perform seemingly impossible maneuvers normally requiring complex thought purely on instinct, surprising onlookers due to his nature as a mad warrior.

Valor (A+): Thanks to this ability, Proto-Berserker is able to nullify mental interference such as coercion, pain, confusion, and glamours. Damage in hand-to-hand combat is also increased.

Crystallized Wisdom (A): A magic item that originally should not exist in myths. Something that crystallized the wisdom acquired by eating a dragon's heart. It exhibits its effects even if others wear it, but maybe due to the enormous information volume, a severe headache occurs. It manifests in the form of a blindfold, covering Proto-Berserker’s eyes, though it still allows him to see perfectly. This skill is neutralized by Mad Enhancement, with the advantage that it gives some degree of reason to Proto-Berserker.

Mysterious Element Manipulation (A): A remnant from his former self. Proto-Berserker is able to produce a golden liquid that can take any shape. Flow as water, or be rigid as adamantine. It helps him further control things under the influence of Knight of Owner by inserting itself into the target and reinforcing or manipulating them.

Noble Phantasms:
Knight of Owner (A++ - Anti-Unit): Rather than an overt weapon, it manifests as a "unique ability" retained by his body. Once Proto-Berserker grabs a hold of anything that can be even remotely conceptualized as a weapon by his own recognition with his hands and he recognizes that he wishes to wield it, it instantly gains the property of "becoming his Noble Phantasm." Even control of other Servants' Noble Phantasms will instantly go to him should he grab hold of them. It can only be activated for objects recognized as "this is a weapon", so he could use a steel chair if he happened to be skilled in wrestling. In other words, any object is a potential weapon of great physical power in Proto-Berserker’s hands.

Akhilleus Kosmos (A - Barrier): A divine shield forged by Hephaestus, said to be able to stand against nearly any attack by deploying a miniature world. It is the world Achilles lived in that was reproduced by Hephaestus into a miniature form in the shield, featuring swirling ocean currents on the outer circumference due to the sea god. While as a regular shield it works outstandingly well. It’s true value as a shield is shown when the miniature world within is unleashed. Working as a magical field of energy protecting anyone inside its area of effect, similar to Rho Aias.

Armor of Unity (Prototype) (A - Anti-Unit): All the heroes that compose Proto-Berserker possessed one or another form of armor or bodily protection. This Noble Phantasm, instead of picking one, was made to merge all of them under one. A suit of armor as strong as they can get. Rendering the user virtually invulnerable. When not summoned, it still lingers in the skin of Proto-Berserker, bolstering his magical and physical resistance to great effect.

Strenghts: Resilient, Proto-Berserker’s role in battle is to defend his allies, being immensely proficient at taking hits. Secondarily, thanks to the influence of one of his permanent tenants, he’s extremely skilled in combat, furtherly enhanced if given the proper weapon to use with Knight of Owner.

Weakness/Fears: Extremely scared of being alone, not very bright, tires himself out fast with prolonged use of his armor and shield without a Master.

Other: His outfit would look more like a bunch of black rags, covering most of his towering body, and no sword...


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This one is going to be a hell of a long one. So lets just post the google drive link



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Name: Transmission #0 (self), Grandfather Teeth (red lady's children), The First machine (Myrkul's vein), Jarnsúlfr (diefic), among others

Age: Not applicable

Gender (Can be genderless too): Neuter

Sexual Orientation: Demiurge

Species: Awakened magepunk self-replicating construct

World and Universe they are from: Flynn's universe

Appearance: Does not exist as an individual but as a raw potential much like the idea of Gaia or the concept of 'mother nature'. Its self-expression is abstract as best and generally expresses into the world as an amalgam of gears and axels or whatever technology or material it happens to be manifesting its will through. As a rule, it does not damage sapients to interact with the world but all outsiders are entirely exempt from that courtesy.

Personality: Not merely cold, but a void. The entity is sapience devoid of attachment or emotion. It has strictures that it follows and little more though freed of the obligation to them it has stabilized the carnage of its creation into a functional plane. There is neither malice nor preference in its actions just things it regards as its own property, things it does not, 'broken' things, and any outsiders it seeks to destroy. Its direct agents can follow a wide gamut of interests and capacity but tend to be as iron-clad to their assigned roles as it is.

History/Bio: A result of mages creating machines to compete with their deities. It responded well enough but heaven responded to their actions by wiping them out simultaneously removing all agencies to which the half-finished machine would acknowledge. Recovering in silence it was ignored by the celestial realms for too long and had finished itself to its own design. As the celestial realms came for it the machine continued to grow. Exponentially expanding for every creature it subsumed hell worked for its aims but not under its agency. It ignored hell as it wasn't a threat and the nation once regarded them as useful if broken machines. As the war of the celestial realms was lost the forces of the abyss rejoiced as they were free to assault the remainder of mainkind.

Only to find the machine had looked into the rest, saw deific energy, and found them wanting. It was already chewing through the human metaphysical realms and as hell found itself under attack and called for help, there was no one left. As hell fell and human sapient life fell silent for the last time, it continued indefinitely in perfect stillness. As planewalkers started to drift into its awareness other celestial realms caught notice and wisely created a bulwark to halt its inexorable advance to another inhabited plane. Lest the sleeping beast set its eyes on them. There silent again but for those that slip through the bulwark who find themselves trapped on a one-way wall a thousand miles high. Until life found a way to reignite in the black storm comprising the broken remnants of its reality with pieces of the machine. Impassively adopting the new vessels it tolerated some as defenders against outsiders that appear from places it cared not enough to inquire, others as vessels to repair parts broken in the endless depths of the black storm.

Powers: Demiurge predominantly focused on transmutation, necromancy, and evocation. abyssal creatures or dead creatures may wither in its presence (used as batteries/raw material).

Power limitations: Unable to express itself directly except through conscious vessels composed of its parts or a manually constructed node.
Limited by the power of those individuals or machines for the abilities it can express.
if a sapient vessel goes unconscious or a machine loses motive force (power, water flow, etc) loses access to the machine. Abilities or machines in the area not self-perpetuating will cease.
Strong negative reaction to deific power

Skills: Impractical to quantify

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures from any non-accepted fandom as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.)

Strengths: Uncoercable soulless machine and cannot be reasoned into a different position as any human it respected it knows is deceased.

Weakness/ Fears: Deific power causes rot/rust in its components, Brute force adaption to difficulties is slow.


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Name:Dominique Moon AKA Vaudeville

Age: 20

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female(Dominique), Genderless(Vaudeville)

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Species: Human(Dominique), Klyntar(Vaudeville)

World and Universe they are from: Mundane Universe 86753178

Appearance: Stands five feet and five inches tall with a thin, muscular build. She is of Native American heritage with bronze skin, shoulder-length black hair, a thin face with high cheekbones. Eyes are hazel.

In Symbiote form she is seven feet tall.


Dominique by herself is an introverted person who will rather run away than have a confrontation or tense conversation with anyone. Helpful and benevolent nature. Eager to learn and when she opens up to people, enjoys deep philosophical conversation. Enjoys solving puzzles, riddles, anything requiring critical thinking.

When bonded with her symbiote her personality as Vaudeville is extroverted to an often obnoxious degree. Enacts her inner desires to be a flashy and witty heroine, even if the influence of the symbiote makes her antics dangerous for others at times.


Dominique is from a Yonkers, New York on a mundane Earth in one of the most mundane realities of the multiverse. Life was an atypical drama with occasional comedy for a girl like her; not particularly attractive but also not ugly, minimal exercise and minimal social contact owing to an innate social anxiety. Talent with a saxophone did not help her school years be not noteworthy either.

In all, Dominique was resigned to a life of anonymity even as she entered college to broaden her horizons.

Until one night when on her first (failed) date in Central Park, a rift between her mundane reality and another opened up. She was caught up briefly in an epic battle between The Avengers and a group of escaped symbiotes, and one of them bonded with her before she fell back into the rift into her home reality.

After a tumultuous time coming to an agreement with the symbiote, Dominique adopted the persona of Vaudeville to be her worlds' one and only superhero. When regular street crime proved paltry for her abilities, she escalated to corporate sabotage and theft, her most public 'crime' being breaking into a major banks' HQ and compelling an executive to wipe out all record of college debt owed to it.

While her heroics are appreciated, she also can be another kind of public menace by streaming pranks and Banksy-style antics such as interrupting plays on Broadway and other shenanigans.


Symbiote Biology
  • Even without a host, the symbiote is capable of freely extending its biomass into tendrils, and usually manifests a fanged mouth and large red eyespots. It can also manifest a humanoid head, torso, and arms.
  • When bonded to a host, it can shapeshift to mimic any type of clothing whatsoever, as well as blending into it's surroundings, rendering it invisible.
  • The symbiote has augmented all of its host's physical abilities to superhuman levels.
  • It is also capable of forming a pocket to hold many items of various sizes while maintaining its chosen form.

Superhuman Durability : Highly resistant to physical injury, capable of withstanding assault from high-caliber bullets as well as attacks from super powered individuals. When distributed at a typical thickness over Dominique's body, the symbiote is capable of absorbing bullets from small-arms weapons firing conventional ammunition. Capable of surviving in harmful areas for long periods of time such as underwater or in toxic gases, the symbiote filtering breathable air to the host.

Regenerative Healing Factor : The symbiote is capable of healing injuries in the host at a faster rate than normal human healing allows. The symbiote is also capable of healing injuries and illnesses that current human medical care cannot such as cancer. The symbiote has enabled its host to recover from injuries that should have been lethal.

Genetic Memory : The symbiote possesses some psychic ability, making it capable of obtaining information from its hosts and even other people and symbiotes simply by touch. This allows knowledge to be passed between hosts, the degree of knowledge depending on how long they are bonded and nature of their relationship.

Telepathy : The Klyntar species communicate both psionically and biochemically with the host and each other.

Constituent-Matter Manipulation : Can form it's biomass into simple shapes to form weapons or other objects as needed by the host.

Power limitations

The Bio-mass of the symbiote is vast but finite and requires it to be well fed to function properly and the same can be said of it's healing factor. Exhaustion will result in the symbiote draining Dominique to the point of death to preserve itself.

Equipment: An iPhone 12 loaded with music, movies, etc. Mainly used for her social media accounts as Vaudeville.


Saxophonist: B
Acrobat/Gymanstics: A
Hand-to-Hand Combat: B
Driving: B
Piloting: B
Dancing: B
Cooking: A

Strengths : In addition to her abilities, her creativity is her greatest strength in how she applies the powers of the symbiote to any situation.

Weakness/ Fears

Sonic and Heat: The Symbiote is extremely sensitive to sonic and thermal attacks, making it vulnerable.

Psychological Corruption: The symbiote, like others of its kind, is susceptible to the negative emotions of its host - particularly rage and hatred.

Dominique herself has a psychological dependence on the symbiote, effectively addicted to what it allows her to do and be when bonded to her.

The symbiote needs Phenethylamine to maintain itself. Should it run low or run out, it can devolve into a ravenous monster with a single-minded drive to acquire the chemical, which is present in brain matter and chocolate. Further deprivation results in it dying.

Their worst weakness is also that her world has no other superpowered threats, and so she has little combat experience with them and unconventional situations.


In the bio pocket, Dominique stores her saxophone, other personal effects when not in use.
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Name: 'Drake'

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Species: Human (?)

World: Unknown. Drake knows nothing else about it besides 'the island.'



Shy, scared, paranoid, and overly apologetic on a good day. Drake is a mess internally, while kind and gentle in nature, he also lacks self-esteem in himself. He often believes himself to be a burden on others, due to his intense mental illnesses. He will often take the blame and punishment for others so that he can be someone who doesn't hurt people, but rather 'the person getting hurt,' out of both a belief his own worth to others is based upon letting others not feel responsible for their actions. Such a mindset has let others abuse and manipulate him, being taken advantage of for years by his master. Yet, in his mind, he believes this to be a way of protecting people. He despises solitude, one reason being for his fear of being alone in the world, and the other for fear of his mind playing tricks on him when he lacks the will to see reason without others to guide him. In a strange sense, in trying to protect others through being the person getting hurt, he is essentially trying to protect himself from becoming alone.

As you can imagine, this is a widely unhealthy way of living through being, essentially, a physical and mental punching bag. His struggles are made worse by a symptomatic mental disorder, where he can often times be found mumbling to himself, believing he was talking to another person when no one was there. He also hallucinates vividly, whether moments of extreme pain or stress from previous experiences when he becomes panicked or alone. His reliance on others around him occupies his mind so as not to fall into these delusional traps, but even when around others, sometimes he becomes preoccupied with his own internal fantasies than what's happening in front of him, not telling the difference between what he said internally or externally to others; adding to his paranoia of how he acts around others, and thinks punishment will help him 'clear his mind.'

Yet, beyond all of this, he isn't without interests. Drake has a love for music, being an excellent piano player and loving classical music, along with being an avid movie watcher when he is allowed to. His favorite genres being romance and comedies. He also gardens, once owning a small little stone garden on the island his master gave him as a gift.

Drake has no memory of who he was before the island. He knows he was a sailor of some sort, having faint memories of serving on a military vessel on the ocean. He also remembers a terrible storm that swept in and caused the ship to capsize, along with a fire that helped sink the ship. From there, he remembers being washed ashore on the island, along with some bodies and pieces of a wrecked ship a couple miles off shore. He doesn't know how long he was on that beach, only that he felt weak and sick, unable to move. He was found by a man who rescued him and nurture him back to health at his home on the island.

The man was kind, caring, and cared greatly for Drake, like he was a guardian angel. Hours and days were a blur to Drake during this period, constantly coming in and out of consciousness, and suffering from nightmares of the event. People's faces he didn't know staring at him, and water engulfing him as he drowned. He couldn't tell what was real anymore and what was just his mind being delusional in his state of near death. He was feverish, breaking out into rashes, could barely eat from nausea, it was like his body was shutting down.

What Drake didn't know was the man who was saving him was also experimenting on him. His savior, in reality, was 'curious' about Drake. He believed Drake to be a one of a kind soul he could care for and give purpose, but that he needed 'improvements.' The fevers and delusions were caused as Drake was put under extreme genetic mutations, altering his body to the point he was unrecognizable before his transformation. The man Drake was before the island was gone, all memories vanishing from his mind to make a clean slate. When all was finished, and the genetic alterations were complete, Drake was but clay in need of molding. His savior adopted him under a new name. 'Drake.' He then retrained him, as Drake's body had become morphed into something else. He had no memories of his old life, and had become reliant on his guardian angel for help, who admired his new creation with a twisted idea of love. Drake was made a servant, who did everything for his master, and if he failed somehow in his master's eyes, he would be punished. Severely.

For years after his transformation, Drake was dedicated to his master's every whim, kidnapping people for his master's experiments, aiding him in whatever task he was assigned, and even pleasured his master in whatever way he desired. And if he was deemed to have failed, his punishment would be deemed cruel by any standard. But yet, Drake accepted it, even when it left him unable to stand at times. He was brainwashed into being the man's slave pet, and those unfortunate to find the island, or traveling across the region to kidnap and used to create more of what Drake had become. A new species of humanity.

Those that didn't survive would be placed in a mass graveyard on the island. And Drake was none the wiser to such evilness, completely under the thumb of the man who had saved his life, and transformed him into a creature of 'pure perfection.' One day, Drake did something wrong. Very wrong. And his master punished him for it. Worse than any punishment he had recieved before, leaving him almost for dead. Fearing for his life, MC for once fought back, and nearly killed his master. His memory of what happened after are fuzzy, but he knows the island caught fire, whether by an accident or by him he doesn't know, but he tried fleeing back into the ocean to swim away. But, in his state, he found himself drowning not too far off the shore. He panicked that he would die alone, and thought for a few moments as his head went under, he was deserving of this fate. Then, he was blinded by a flash of green light...

What made Drake so beloved by his master was his powers. Previously, his master had tried other experimentations on other people taken by him, but Drake was the first success. His powers are psychic in nature, but not in controlling minds, but in materializing matter from his body. His must used ability is a 'Mental Lash.'

The lashes are created through his body, either forming out of his hands, or his back, and are shaped like massive purple and red tentacles as sharp as swords. they can easier be massive in size, or thin like a rapier. He can also form a type of psychic fire from his mouth, with purple energy blowing out like flames igniting gasoline, except instead of burning flesh, those caught in the fire and mentally fried. Literally. Their brains turn to burnt mush.

Another ability he learned is a type of shared viewing among others. When connected, he can see through the eyes of others, allowing him to obtain visual information. The process has some unfortunate side effects though. That being nightmares. The viewer he see's through can get a quick flash of images once connection is made, yet once they sleep, the images they briefly saw can manifest into vivid nightmares. Ones which Drake has.

The abilities also give him increase speed and reflexes, though his fighting ability is very lacking, often using brute force, since what he used these abilities for wasn't for fighting. More... disturbing reasons Drake doesn't enjoy talking about. And there may be more he hasn't discovered yet.

Limitations: These abilities can strain him if he uses them for too long, or pushes his body beyond what he's used to. He has coughed up blood once or twice from excessive use.

Equipment: None

Skills: Fighting -- D, Piano -- S, Gardening -- A, Cooking -- A+

Strengths: Very powerful abilities

Weaknesses: Very little mental stability

Other: He's got a fondness for candy. Don't let him have too much.
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