The Evrensel Conflict -- Chapter 2.2: Oblivion

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'Because I could not stop for Death
He kindly stopped for me
The Carriage held but just Ourselves
And Immortality.

We slowly drove – He knew no haste
And I had put away
My labor and my leisure too,
For His Civility

We passed the School, where Children strove
At Recess – in the Ring
We passed the Fields of Gazing Grain
We passed the Setting Sun

Or rather – He passed Us
The Dews drew quivering and Chill
For only Gossamer, my Gown
My Tippet – only Tulle

We paused before a House that seemed
A Swelling of the Ground
The Roof was scarcely visible
The Cornice – in the Ground

Since then – 'tis Centuries – and yet
Feels shorter than the Day
I first surmised the Horses' Heads
Were toward Eternity'

Emily Dickinson​


The police box had shaken and stirred as the group managed to esacpe by the skin of their teeth from an entire universe being killed off in such gory fashion. Thankfully though, it seemed that, besides for from minor bruising, they made it out in one peace. Arthur would slowly regain his senses, waking up from being knocked out cold by the massive jump the TARDIS went through. Everyone was just about waking up around the floor, also knocked out by the jump the box made through time and space. Well, except for the man in the nice purple suit, he was checking with his monitors, panels and switches on the center console. Arthur groaned as he tried standing up, feeling sick as if he had just woken up from a heavy night of drinking. Or a dizzy roller-coaster ride, if some were under the age and never touched a drop of liquor in their lives.

"Wha' the hell happened?" Arthur asked, one he finally stood up.

"TARDIS' systems blew out. Had to use all the power this ship could generate to overdrive the time vortex to make a rift big enough to send us through, that's how we managed to escape."

"....... What?"

"........ Are you a cowboy?" The man asked, looking Arthur's outfit up and down with a confused expression.

"Uh.... Yeah?" More of a bandit and outlaw, but best not to mention that.

"What's a cowboy from, I'm guessing the late 19th century, doing in post-apocalyptic early 21st century earth?"

"Um.... I don't know?" Arthur shrugged, barely understanding what this strange man was saying.

Quickly the man pulled out a small device from his pocket, scanning Arthur up and down with it, while it made a strange noise. When he pulled it back and looked it over, the man's confused look got even more confused. "Not a robot or alien, definitely human, no genetic altering.... Did you by any chance be pulled through a wormhole that broke through the boundaries between universes? Ripping through the laws of physics, passing through the void between universes, might've looked like a flash of green light that seemed unnaturally green-ish?"

Arthur waved up his hands. "Look, mister, I barely understood most of those words comin' our your mouth, outside the green light stuff, so you're askin' the wrong person this."

The man looked ever curious, as while Arthur didn't understand, he did admit to seeing the green light. But why him? The man rose his arm out to shake Arthur's. "I'm The Doctor. You?"

Arthur shook back, ever confused. Maybe more than the doctor. "Arthur Morgan..... Where are we exactly?" He asked, looking around the TARDIS.

"My TARDIS: Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Basically a ship that can fly in space."

Arthur scoffed. "Really?... So that whole shakin'--"

"Yep... Though, usually it's a bit more smoother than that, again, universe collapsing, TARDIS doesn't usually fly that fast. How about everyone else, you all okay--....... Hello?" It seemed the TARDIS got new people.​


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The strange blue box that Dusk had entered was definitely bigger on the inside. Many of dials on the console were going wild in spinning after he had entered the ship known as the tardis, but now they were at a standstill. The lights in the old control room were slightly dim but the ones that provided a decent amount of light let off a harsh yellow glow. Wires from the ceiling hung low and tangled on Dusk’s horns as he entered, now half of them were disconnected after the Tardis’s hard landing. The large creature sat quietly in a criss crossed posture as the british man gestured to the group. A few of the people in his previous group had disappeared in the blink of an eye as reality itself had apparently split. Dusk waved awkwardly at the Doctor, since he couldn’t talk. One of the wires on his horns let out a spark, making him seem even more like a cluts and possibly destructive. He let out a small rumble to show his distaste for the electricity.

The Wanderer

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To say that this was one of the weirdest thing to have ever occurred during his life would be an understatement. Hell, he even met Santa Claus. Granted, that Santa looked like he came from a Mad Max movie, but still Santa nonetheless.

He barely kept his balance throughout the shaking and turning of the strange room that the others and him occupied. There was also that Doctor fellow that Scully felt like he remembered the face from something. He can't remember if it was from a movie about magic or something but, he didn't have time to focus on it as eventually the havoc that was transpiring had finally ended. With a loud crash that sent Scully into unconsciousness.

When he awoke, part of his brain hoped that maybe all of that was a dream and he was gonna wake up surrounded by the Killing Floor team and be back in what he considered to be reality. Instead, when he got up. The familiar sight of the room, Arthur and that Doctor man, as well as some of their group, plus a few new faces. "Bruised, but I'll be fine." He said to the man when he asked about if everyone was fine. Scully looked around to see for himself if everyone was fine.

That was when he saw Jacket on the floor, not moving. Worried that his comrade had taken a nasty spill and needed attention, Scully stumbled over to him. Still a bit woozy from the wild ride. Pushing Jacket onto his side, Scully removed the chicken mask to ensure that the man was still breathing. His eyes were closed, but he seemed to still be breathing. However, considering that Scully was not a training doctor or had medical training beyond what was needed to operate the nanite injector, he couldn't trust his own judgement regarding any possible injuries that the blonde man lying knocked out on his side had.

"Uh, Doc? You by any chance know how to tell if someone has a concussion?"

Frank Jaeger

During the bumpy and chaotic ride in the room that was a paradox in of itself considering how big it was compared to the outside, Frank managed to stay on his two feet. Or at least up until he fell unconscious.

It was at this moment that the blackness lasted so long that Frank wondered if this was the moment where he finally died and was free of the torment that was being alive in that exoskeleton.

However, it seemed fate was not done torturing him as he came to, still in that room with that strange man in the blue suit along with the others. But it seemed that new faces had appeared in place of old ones. Or old considering the group's brief escapade together.

Arthur and the man in the blue suit were talking, while the others were doing their best to get back on their feet. He recognized Scully, the man in the chicken mask and that creature that had stuffed a zombie in the cart back at the store. He couldn't make out the others, his vision was distorted so heavily he had to open the visor which also wasn't much help as everything was still blurry.

Trying to stand up, he quickly buckled down to one knee. For the first time in what seemed like years, he felt pain. Not like the brief feeling he had during the fight with Snake at Shadow Moses, but like something was tearing at his insides. That was when he also something coming from inside of him. He recognized it as that feeling he felt before, it was clawing at him. Yearning to be released. In its effort, it flashed the memories once again, to try and get him to lash out.

He refused to even try and let it leak out. Holding a hand to his head, or the helmet that covered what was left while remaining crouched. Doing his best to refrain from letting it make him do something stupid, especially in a place like this. The effort was like trying to suppress a yawn, or a cough or a hiccup. It was draining, but eventually the feeling faded. The pain didn't wash away like it did before, instead it lingered like a predator on the edge of a field, waiting for the right moment to strike. But as time moved on, the pain gave way to the familiar numbness he liked.

Frank stood up, shaking a bit from suppressing it. He could tell that he wouldn't be able to do that a second time, he just hoped the numbness would last longer before another episode occurred. Either that or find a way to fix the problem temporary or for good.

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- Artis Solum, Twilight Warrior - Unfamiliar Lands, Far from the TARDIS -

While newcomers arrived in a haze of concussion, the death of a universe and a strange alien talking at them, someone more familiar with the world outside their blue box of safety that they hadn't even begun to explore was wandering the seemingly endless fields, a significant distance away from the TARDIS to top it off. The man was veiled by a black coat, his hood up and casting its own veil of shadow over the young man's face, masking his identity as he strode toward a hilltop. From such a vantage, the man known as Artis Solum would be able to see the TARDIS in the distance, though he had to squint his eyes when it caught his attention, just to make out what it really was.

The hooded Artis let out a noise of intrigue and confusion at the site, along with a slightly tilted head at the distant blue box, deciding to head towards it out of sheer curiosity.

However, something else more pressing would garner his interest when he began to move forward, looking down to watch his footing, Artis caught sight of a sizable force of armoured soldiers down the hill, quite a distance away inbetween himself and the TARDIS, seemingly preparing to face off against a currently unseen army. Kneeling upon the hillside, Artis stopped to see what would happen, hoping it would not become an obstacle that he couldn't simply circumvent.


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The shaking of the box contraption was sickening, so once they landed Luer shook his head slowly and groaned. It was incredibly unpleasant. Once it stopped though he simply tried to relax as he stayed down and moved against a wall. He looked over at the conversation Arthur was having with the strange man that helped them, and then around at the people here. It only now seemed to hit him that some of the group was gone, and new people were here. “How…?” He asked himself though he could hardly think much about it with how dizzy he was.

Most of what the Doctor said made zero sense to him anyway, so the lack of attention he could keep on it did not make much difference- what kind of name is “The Doctor” anyway? Something else was off though. There was a feeling in this place he did not like. It was uncomfortable, almost like a repelling push and it all came from that thing in the center of this box. He was glad he was against the wall, since he felt like he could not get any closer to that thing without getting even more sick. Being this close even was unpleasant. He never felt this before, so he had no idea why he did or what was causing it.

Luer opted to stop thinking, closing his eyes as he rested against the far back wall. For the moment they seemed to be safe and all he wanted was this nausea and dizziness to go away, so he was going to relax for now and try not to make his sudden illness any worse. “I… do not feel so well…” He muttered. He felt like he would throw up.