The Evrensel Conflict -- Chapter 1: The Only Easy Day was Yesterday

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Sci-fi, modern, horror, a bit of dark romance stories.
What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells;
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,
The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;
And bugles calling for them from sad shires.
What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys but in their eyes
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.
The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall;
Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,
And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.

'Anthem for Doomed Youth'
The city was at dawn. The sky glowed a deep orange, both from the setting sun and rapid fires. Skyscrapers were burning like massive lighthouses, while below the streets were covered in ash and dried blood. A battle had taken place between several armies. Each one different than the last if you were to search the bodies. Some had medieval swords, others massive assault rifles no ordinary human could carry, and the outfits and armor they wore showed a distinct lack of being from the same world.

Those who wore iron as protection likely fell victim to machine guns, nothing but easy targets with no way to defend themselves. But even those of more advanced weaponry seemed almost mutilated, with limbs cast off their bodies by great force. Something was horribly wrong on this planet. It would only get worse as time went on.

In one second, you are in your home world, doing something of great importance, or simply relaxing. Then, before you could blink, something flashed before your eyes. A bight neon green flash blinds you, and suddenly your body feels like it's falling. Gravity pulls your left, right and center, spinning you all around as the ground beneath your feet disappear.

As quickly as you leave your world, you enter a new one. As quickly as it began, your feet hit the ground as if you simply jumped only a few inches off it. However, the scenery has changed drastically, as now you stand alone in total darkness, your vision blinded by black. You can see faint figures of something, but they don't move. Touching them reveals they're... Office cubicles? The hell is this place? Something catches your attention before you can think anymore, a flash of light, but not the one that brought you here. Rather, it was like an explosion, as the fiery light glows around the office to give you a quick glimpse of it.

When you approach the window where it came from, you see what lays outside. A loooooooot of destruction. Outside is a city, similar to something like New York or Chicago, but, below on the streets are wrecked cars, fires burning away the buildings, and the sky pure blood red. It looks like hell invaded. What happened here? The more you look, the more you realize you're on the top floor of a massive skyscraper building complex.

And considering that explosion happened at the bottom of the building, and was powerful enough to shake the floor you were on........... Best get going down.


An RP for The Evrensel Conflict:
Lincoln Campbell

Dying was something that you don't think much about when you are sacrificing your life. Not what comes after the end, not what comes before it. Lincoln Campbell knew he was going to die with the creature formerly known as Grant Ward in the ship. Dying was his purpose. It was funny that his purpose was to be nothing more than a sacrifice, but in life, you don't bother to laugh at moments like these. The very first thought he had when he was pulled away was the fact he was not dying. It was kind of strange.

The very next thought came from the fact that the building was rumbling and there was an explosion. It was funny that he wasn't scared since he had already almost died. Grabbing his bag, he would see if he could see anyone who would need help and if not, then he would head downstairs and get out of the building. Who knew what he would find? He certainly didn't.
Out of the frying pan of death and into the fire of insanity. I would kill for a day that wasn't worse than yesterday. He sighed, rubbing his temples before looking to see if anyone else was around.

@The Big Shot Wade
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Mitsuru was in an unfamiliar environment. One minute, she had been drinking wine in her apartment, and the next she was with another in an unfamiliar post-apocalyptic city on top of a highrise that was about to collapse. At the very least, she had her sword and Evoker at her side. She pushed her hair back and surveyed the scene. It was reminiscent to the explorations of Tartarus from several years ago. A large tower casting a hellish glow over an empty and unfamiliar city.

But this wasn't Tartarus. This wasn't The Dark Hour. This place was still alive, this place was burning.

Thoughts about the current situation flooded her mind. She deduced several things:

1. This place was not her own world.
2. This building was going to collapse in on itself, and soon
3. She had to get down to the ground, and soon.
4. Her Persona might not be available to her.


"You, we need to get out of here and get to safety." She said, reaching her sword. Her eyes surveyed the city again. It would be dangerous, and she'd need to see if they could fight. "Can you fight?"
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Lincoln Campbell

" We can
't just leave if there are more people here. It would be fine if we knew this floor was empty, but we would be just as guilty as the people who bombed this place if we don't do a sweep before we get up and run," he replied, not even missing a beat. He wasn't about to let someone die on his watch. He was a doctor first and foremost and someone who was in a life or death situation second. It was backwards priority, but it was his backwards priority. He had barely registered her second question before he summoned an electro ball in his spare hand.

But on the other hand, we're no good to these people if we are dead. Lincoln Campbell is the name and yes, I can fight for myself. It looks like we should hurry before the building falls on us. I somehow doubt that it will be terribly long," he said, not exactly backpedaling on his priorities as reorganized them.

They were no good to anyone if they were dead. Maybe there were more people here, maybe there weren't. "
I'm assuming you can use that sword if you are asking me, we should head down," he replied.

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Alistia's footsteps were calm as she weaved her way through the building cubicles. She could feel the shockwaves, having to brace herself to keep herself from falling over, but it was relaxed still. She had been in these sorts of situations before, exploding skyscraper and all, and knew the best thing to do was to keep calm. Her weight shifted a bit as she stepped over a computer. She had seen such devices before, usually being used by the garleans or some piece of ancient technology, but these were different. Souless, lifeless, and devoid of personality of any sort. She carefully weaved her way through the cubicles, some already falling apart no doubt, noting how soul-sapping they seemed. This place was hell and she had seen less than a minute of it.

A moment ago she had been resting in her home, atop her sofa, with a cup of tea in hand. It wasn't a trying day in the slightest; the kind meant more for sleeping in the sun and watching a local band more than anything else. While threats to the world existed it was the sort of day that even they took off; and now she was here. She could still feel the heat of the sun on her body.

She could see two people up ahead with ease. One appeared to be a mage and the other looked like a red mage but, in reality, was a red-headed woman with a rapier.

"Are you two alright?" she called out, keeping her tone of voice even and unpanicked, trying not to terrorize them in the event they were on-edge. Her hand started to glow softly with curative magic and she didn't even bother waiting for the request to send a small shot towards the man, than woman, in kind. Her ears pivoted around, trying to listen for any other trapped people. "Don't panic. We'll be okay. My name is Alistia. We're going to get out of this okay."
As the three were mingling about, as you do in a big ol' abandoned office building, someone was coming up the stairs. Without any warning, the doorway to the stairway a few feet from them was smashed opened, as a man wearing a dark blue armor quickly shut it, pressing his body against the door. He was panting heavily and sweating profusely, as if he had been running up the last few levels, but he looked human like Lincoln. While he regained his breath, the soldier looked over to the group, realizing they were right there. "..... Hi." He gave them a wave, before something hit the door, pushing him away slightly.

He again pressed against the door, but whatever hit it the first time did so again, this time much harder. The soldier fell to the floor, and through the doorway was.....


"Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!!!" The soldier crawled forward, trying to escape the very close demon about ready to grab his leg. Poor ol' Alec, once again, getting the bad end of the stick. One minute he's doing a simple recon mission over a recently discovered mineral planet, meant to be mined for the alliance, next he teleported into an Imp hotbed, as three floors beneath Lincoln and Mitsuru was a massive group of them, feasting on the corpses of those who didn't escape the building. Even lost his favorite helmet, the inside was lemon scented for fuck's sake, he paid a lot of credits for that shit!
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As the soldier crawled back there was a green flash of light above the demon like creature. A moment less than a breath later a large white bathtub appeared and a yelp could be heard before it landed with a loud crash ontop of the demon. Water landing everywhere as whoever was inside frantically tumbled around.

Alicia who had been enjoying a relaxing bath after a really warm exhausting day now coughed water while trying to orient herself from the blinding light and sudden impact. "Wha bleug*cough,cough* what!?" There was still shaking from beneath when she finally gasped for air and looked around seeing the strangers standing on the other side of a door.
The blone stared dumbfounded from inside the bathtub. Long wet hair hanging down barley covering her stark naked body. Then the bathtub began tipping to one side. . .
Marcus Blackwood, Blood-Crazed Berserker

Demons, explosions and the break of dawn...not too dissimilar to that which Marcus had been experiencing before a strange green light had enveloped him, plucking him from the town of Yharnam amidst Beasts, torrents of blood and a gigantic crimson moon. Without much time to think, Marcus Blackwood was deposited into the aforementioned hellhole, surrounded by strangers and...a bathtub? "What the hell...?" Marcus thought to himself, before hurriedly running toward said bathtub and propping it up to stop it falling, seeking to prevent potential injury of the likely embarrassed lady hidden in its waters and her own hair.

Taking care not to, see too much as it were, Marcus tipped his tricorn with a soft smile under his balaclava to Alicia, breaking the ice with a greeting. "Marcus Blackwood, at your service." He spoke courteously, then turned his head sharply, keeping the tub balanced, to the others present. "All of you as clueless as I, right now?" Marcus quizzed, knowing the answer as they too didn't seem to belong to this setting, but he had to be sure.

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"Without question." said Alistia, noting the surprising arrival of the bathtub and its nude inhabitant. Thankfully she hadn't been indecent herself when the warp had happened; not that it mattered. Even if she had merely using one of the soul gems would fix that in an instant. But that didn't change what was going on in front of her right now. Namely, a voidborn. She didn't need to even think to know what to do. Light magic glowed from her staff as she swept it around, letting healing magic ripple forth as the arcane and natural world merged before her into one and, with a gentle whisper of a word, healing energy shot into the soldier to try and keep him sustained and alive. Several small lilys seemed to bloom under her feet, wedging their way up through the carpeting and the like, though unable to grow into full flowers due to the burning and tile. Not that it mattered. Alistia focused as a green aura formed around her and then, a split second later, thin blades of wind started to whip around the voidsent, the demon, trying to cut into its flesh and wound it.

"We have a baddie to kill!"
Lincoln Campbell

Lincoln looked over at what had just happened with the soldier and the monster and had been planning to attack it, if he hadn't been distracted from the woman in the bathtub appearing out of nowhere with her tub. He was flushed a bit to see a naked woman and quickly scrounged through his pack and pulled out some clothes from his over-stuffed bag.

They weren't exactly women clothing, but it was some pants. He pulled off his hoodie to show he was wearing a blue t-shirt and put on his lighter jacket. "
This might be helpful to you, so you aren't fighting naked the monster that just appeared. We really shouldn't stay here for too long since the building is on the verge of collapsing," he said, finally focusing on the monster and preparing an electric attack to make it shocked and hopefully gone, as he released it only if the beast wasn't dead.

I'm Lincoln Campbell by the way, I would ask you your names, but I say that making sure we don't die should take some priority, names and bonding can come after. And yes, Marcus, we are just as confused as you, some of us more so then others." he added. He hoped that the first electric shock had helped to defeat it, but he was preparing a second just in case and would release it if hadn't die from a bathtub.

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A man prevented the tub from tipping all the way and now Alicia was more aware of her own lack of clothes. Shades of red crossing her face while she mumbled a low thanks. This had to be a nightmare why else would she be sitting in a chaotic scenario with several people clearly prepared for combat in a torn up building while she sat there naked in a bathtub.

She could only nodd when another guy handed her some clothes. oh boy lots of guys. Is this one of those dreams? she thought while holding the clothes and looking around at where to change. Somehow she managed to get into the large hoodie first before climbing out of the tub and putting on the pants. That done it didn't feel like a dream anymore no matter how much she wished it to be.
And right near that she saw a creature get torn up by. By wind? eyes turned quickly noticing another girl holding a staff.
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"THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!?" Alec yelled, raising his hands in the air, because CITY ON FIRE AND DEMONS ATTACKING! He was more worried about why everyone was acting so calm about the situation, not the fact that they aren't on Earth anymore. "Have you looked out the window recently?!?!" He then pointed out the window, which was now broken and cold air was now pouring into the offices. Well, cold by Alicia's standards currently, it was actually quite warm, what with the whole cinder bellowing from the massive explosions and fires spreading across the landscape. "Why are you acting weird?!?" Again, he pointed, this time at Lincoln for rather calm responses to everyone, while then turning to Marcus and the lady with the sword, spewing, "And why are you both dressed like that?!?!.... WHY DO YOU HAVE A SWORD?!?!" He meant that for Mitsuru.

This man was getting annoying fast. "This is, fuckin'.... HOLY CHRIST!!" As he was waving his hands about, suddenly a window behind his back shattered into a million pieces, like his shrieking voice broke it. He jumped from the sudden scare and turned to look at it. Someone slap him please.
"You're being attacked by a voidsent in a world that's on fire with a Miqo'te and a woman whom just appeared in the middle of a bath and the thing that baffles you is a girl who took a blade to defend herself? I'm not acting weird because this is hardly the first time something similar to this has happened to me." With that she pushed the thought from her mind as, instead, she focused on the demon.

"If any of you can fight than the more the merrier. Girl with sword, if you are trained I can use you; if you are not I can protect you. The same goes for all of you especially bathtub girl." She then looked at the demon which did not seem particuarly occupied with fighting back against her. Now was as good of a time as any she supposed. Magic glowed from the head of Thyrus as she brought it around in a wide sweep and, a few seconds later, a hexigonal mesh appeared before Alicia, Blackwood, Mitsuru, Lincoln, and Alec before seeming to fade away.

"That's a basic protect spell. It won't stop people from hitting you but it should weaken anything physical, especially debris. It won't stop a bullet but it will probably stop one from killing you; at least outright with one shot. I would not recommend stepping in front of a gun to try it though."
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Marcus Blackwood, A Rather Irritated Berserker Now

"Pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Lincoln. And I agree..." Marcus replied to Mr. Campbell, but things quickly escalated. Not because of more demons, greater terrors or the mastermind behind their thievery from their worlds...but because of Alec, a soldier who was seemingly losing his shit at literally everything around him, be it Alicia, the lady with the sword, Marcus himself, it didn't matter, he just wouldn't. Stop. Screaming. As a fellow frequent screamer, even Marcus couldn't get behind Alec, for it was not screaming with rage or any real purpose, it was just yelling for the sake of yelling.

The shrill shriek was the final straw, as Marcus hoisted Alicia's now vacant bathtub over his head and hurled it in Alec's direction. The tub would go right past Alec and out of the window, but any relief he felt would be accosted by Marcus who did his fastest, hardest stomping walk possible as he took Alec by the head with both hands and shook sense into him. "Shut up and calm down!!" He bellowed angrily. "We won't survive more than five minutes if you keep shrieking, boy." Marcus went on, significantly lowering his volume after the initial shout, wanting Alec to get his head in the game. "You're a solider, are you not? Then act like one! Straighten up, find a weapon and fight!" He almost sounded as if he were ordering Alec, releasing his head and preparing himself for further threats.

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Lincoln Campbell

Lincoln was relieved when he realized that it seemed that everything had gone quiet and it looked like the monster had been crushed or had run off. He wasn't sure what it was, but it was better that there was less monsters and he wouldn't have to combat a few more after him. He was thankful for small little things like that and was happy that he also carried his bag with him everywhere he went.

He felt almost bad for the girl from the bathtub. It was one thing to arrive in a bathtub in front of a bunch of strangers and it was another to land in a bathtub in a collapsing building. Actually, the more he thought about it, the building was collapsing when they had woken up and it probably still was. How in the ever living fuck did the bathtub not cause the building to cave them down several floors when it arrived?

Lincoln wasn't sure what was wrong with the soldier and acting up. He gestured over to the window and looked out the window for the first time. It seemed that the world was burning. Huh- somehow that was not the weirdest thing he had ever encountered in his life. " I hate to say it, but it is better to keep our wits about us, instead of a panic. Yeah, it doesn't look very good and the world is probably burning down, but as of right now, panicking isn't going to further any of our goals. Besides, it might help us to get home if we can figure out what happened in this world," he said, looking over at him and then realized that Alec was going to freak out regardless of what he said to him. It seemed that after he was doing freaking out with him, he had turned his intention to the best of the group, asking them some questions. God, it seemed the man had suffered some severe trauma to make him act like this.

God, he was going to be a thing that attracted all of the villains at the rate he was going. It was almost like he was the designated target for the bad guys to shot their bullets back. Maybe he should slap him to snap him out of. It wasn't abuse if he was helping the guy come to his senses, right? Goddamn, Hippocratic Oath.

He was happy when Marcus replied to him and smiled back to him. He wasn't sure why, but he trusted him a little more when he did. He wondered who else was here that wasn't going to betray or turn his back on. There had been the woman with the sword, but he hadn't learned her name and now, it seemed awkward after he had brought up the point that names didn't seem important in the moment. It would come off as a little backwards and decided to instead turn his attention elsewhere and to the other woman who had started to talk to the group. It might prove beneficial to listen to her too as it would seem.

Lincoln had listened to the other woman and learned the word voidsent. It seemed that was possibly what the monster was and that helped to piece the puzzle to defend itself. It wasn't much sense since most of those things didn't make much sense to him and he nodded in agreement. He was literally a human conductor. The world on fire and strange demons was just another mission for the inhuman.

Lincoln wondered if the monster was even still here. He imagined that it was alive it would have attacked and ever since the electric attacks and the bathtub landing, it had seemed that it wasn't even around. He looked over to see if he could even find in this mess of people. He noticed that she had done a sweep over them and there was a hexagon on them. He gathered that it was some type of magic that she was using and she would hopefully explain what it was. If she didn't, he would be utterly clueless to what it was and what it did and if it was good.

Lincoln was thankful that she explained what it did. It was a good thing that she explained what it did. He could probably make an electric shield to make things better, but he wasn't the best at doing it for a larger range of people and once in a blue moon, it wouldn't quite work for him either though.

While he had been paying attention to the other woman, he almost wished he had been fast enough to stop him from throwing the tub out of the window and he wondered if they could get it back later. It might prove to be a good weapon against the monsters, especially if Marcus could pick it up and swung it around. He looked over at him and he was thankful that he had pointed the thing they had all been thinking, that it wouldn't be any better for them if he kept screaming. He didn't even mind that he had knocked some sense into him and Lincoln went into his bag to see if he had something else that could help Alec's nerves. He found it and walk and outstretched a small foam ball to Alec. " Here, also have this stress ball so that you can use it to calm yourself the fuck down," he replied.

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Well the man wasn't without a point in his panicking. And Alicia felt an urge to apologize but the reactions of the others had her remain quiet, blinking in confusion on how to process the situation. "Ah thanks" was all the girl could respond with when this other female now put a 'protective' spell? On her?
Yeah freaking out wasn't to bad if one wasn't used to this stuff. Better than the fainting ones. Magic could really act as icing on the cake.
Still the moaning sound of metal around them emphasized the urgency of the current situation. "M..maybe we should save panicking and bickering for after we get out of the collapsing tall structure?" She said fidgeting with her hands.
Wait did they call that a void sent? It didn't look particularly strong did that mean it was like an imp from fairy tails that moves in groups?
Alec turned around to see Marcus literally try to kill them, just as the tub was thrown. In a spectacle of glass shattering behind the Scotsman, Alec looked stunned, as if the tub being thrown finally knocked him out of whatever panicked induced trance he was in. As Marcus berated him, Alec's sense finally came back to him, with a good hint of shame in his mind forming from his over-reaction. Rubbing his palms over his eyes quickly, Alec didn't respond. He stayed quiet and let Marcus walk off before things got any more heated than they were.

He was a soldier. While this current predicament was bizarre, unnatural, weird, scary and brown pants worthy, reacting how he did went against all his training. You panic in the field, there's a good chance a bullet will end up lodged in your skull by an enemy who has a clear shot. With most of the windows on Alec's side now busted open, cold air blew into the office, sending a shiver down Alec's spin as it helped cool him down; sweat forming along his forehead. He wasn't paying attention once things finally got quiet, looking down to the ground to collect his thoughts, until Lincoln came over with the stress ball. Looking at the foam object, then up to the mutant, Alec grabbed the ball and slowly gave it a good squeeze.

"Thanks." he said, nodding to Lincoln. "Sorry.... about that. This is a bit of an off day for me." He told the super-human, trying to sound a bit jokey to lighten the tension. At least for himself. Speaking up, he yelled over to Alistia, Misturu, Marcus, Lincoln and Alicia. "So what's the plan?" They were probably one of the most mixmashed groups you could find, but they all knew how to fight, (maybe not Alicia, which Alec didn't try looking over to her so as not to seem like a creep. She was just barely clothed after all.)

"We're in a big buildin' with no idea where to go but down." If they managed to get out of this place alive, where exactly would they go? The city didn't exactly look brimming with life, finding out where they were and how they got here might be a bit of a challenge.
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"The plan is to go down. I don't think jumping will help as there doesn't appear to be anything below but hard street to catch us, so we have only one other option."

Alistia pointed back into the building. "Did you see any stairs or something similar on your way here? An elevator that is working or something else maybe? If so that would be the fastest way out of here. If not we... I do not know... I do not think we have another option."

She started to head off towards where Alec had come from, trying her best to spot something that looked like a clear and functioning stairwell or fire escape.
Marcus Blackwood, Significantly Calmer Berserker

As Marcus's words and actions, along with Lincoln's timely, befitting gift, had settled in and tempered Alec's psyche, he took this moment to relax himself, listening to the others for direction as Alistia chimed in in response to the calmer Alec's reasonable question: What was the plan? Alistia's simple idea of heading down was more than enough for Marcus, who gestured in her direction. "I'm with you there, Miss. If there are indeed stairs or similar here, we'd best make haste." Marcus stated clearly, feeling more like himself now that Alec had stopped irritating him, along with pleased that his words got through, though he wouldn't tell him that. Not yet.

The Hunter then waltzed and leaned in Alicia's general direction while he waited for action, giving an apologetic and low whisper to her. "I'm sorry, young lady, regarding your tub." He uttered, leaning away again, waiting once more.

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(Actually, I'll get Vora in later.)
"Ahaha i don't mind" Alicia responded with a nervous laugh breaking from her thoughts. Layla might mind though she thought tugging the side of the hoodie as it soaked up the water from her bare skin underneath.
"My name is Alicia by the way."
If he was strong enough to throw a bathtub he was probably the guy to stay close to if things went wrong. She figured and sensed for her own abilites and quickly an energetic response came from within. Yeah it was there and ready if they really needed it. Though she wasn't sure about it's use in a building like this. For now the Anthro lady along with Lincoln and Marcus seemed to have things in check.