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Name: Quelaan, The Fair Lady (Quelaan is an unofficial name by the fandom that I have taken for my usage of her.)

Series: Dark Souls Trilogy

Canon: Considerable time after the death of Chaos Witch Quelaag, but not nesscarily the end of Dark Souls 1.

Demon Traits: Quelaan is immune to fire and all flame-based attacks and is extremely resistant to poison and mildly resistant to diseases. She does not need to eat, drink, or sleep, but she still needs to breathe for the most part but she can still breathe through smoke and the like. She is supernaturally tough, capable of surviving multiple sword swings from steel blades with little ill-effect on her part and lesser weapons dealing even less damage or potentially just avoid damage all together due to a tough part of her spider-like shell. She can react to and move against arrows and things slightly faster than that, though her top movement speed is around 50 MPH when focused on just running and nothing else. Due to her spider-like nature, she can climb upon walls and the like that aren't resistant to having spider-webs be placed upon them. Quelaan is also supernaturally strong, capable of easily rending apart steel and plate armor with her claws and pointed spider-legs, or large boulders with her overall bulk if need be.

Pyromancy: As Chaos formed, the art of Fire Sorcery became forgotten, and in it's place, a more primal, and far more usable if simpler magic became it instead, Pyromancy. As one of the last souls that was directly made from the Life Soul, her power with Pyromancies is unrivaled and incredibly strong, requiring no external focus like a Pyromancy Flame on her part, she simply must learn the Pyromancy, desire to use it, and it will spring out from her hands towards an intended target. Using too many Pyromancies in such a quick succession will exhaust her however and she will require rest if used far too much in a single day.

Chaos Bed Vestiges: Shreds of the chaotic life that would've birth Demons. Quelaan hurls a great ball of seething flame that melts even large boulders upon impact, upon its wake on hitting the ground it leaves a quickly cooling pile of lava that damages those in it for a couple moment. As it were, demons born from this sort of flame died out quickly even as they bore its smoldering essence.

Great Combustion: An improved form of a lesser spell, Quelaan curls her hands into a fist and than sends it outward, creating a large forward facing burst of highly-damaging flame, enough to scorch rock and steel to their melting point.

Chaos Storm: Reminiscence of when the Bed of Chaos first formed these flaming spires are remembered as the transformation of Quelaan and Quelaag, at least for themselves anyways. Quelaan concentrates for a moment, before 6 - 8 great pillars of flame burst out of the ground reaching up to 20ft in the air, violently damaging creatures around her caught in the haphazard patterns of the Chaos Flame. Each pillar is hot enough to melt down large boulders and like the Vestiges, leave even briefer patches of damaging lava for those unfortunate enough to stick around.

Fire Surge: A weaker spell, Quelaan holds out one or both of her hands and a constant 25ft stream of flame emerges from her hands, damaging all in its path for as long as she cares to maintain it and risk exhausting herself from overuse.

Chaos Fire Whip: Art of the Flame of Chaos, a primal thing, forming what would be the root of the Combustion Pyromancy. Quelaan whips out her hand in a sweeping pattern, causing a great lava-infused whip to briefly form and scorch foes, leaving behind a trail of briefly damaging lava if it hits the ground in its wake or things.

Toxic Mist: A loyal servant made this perverse defilement of Pyromantic arts, and it reminds the Fair Lady of her former unimaginable pain and blindness... still, she carries its knowledge as her loyal caretaker still served her to the very end. From Quelaan's mouth, she spews out a large cloud of purple-toxic gas that rapidly damages those from the inside that inhale its contents save for Quelaan herself.

Warmth: A strange flame, one that Quelaan had no knowledge of, but has access to anyways. Quelaan forms a small yellowish warm flame that heals those that approach it in moderate bursts, binding limbs and fixing broken bones and other such things, but not healing poisons or disease, merely counteracting their lethal effects for a short time. The sphere of warmth lasts for 60 seconds otherwise.

Floating Chaos: A grievous showing of Izalith's sin in attempting to replicate the flame. Quelaan forms a small ball of floating fiery chaos that floats 15ft in the air, it lasts for 8 seconds and every 2 seconds it throws out three flaming globs of fire to creatures or things that Quelaan targets as an enemy. Setting them alight if they hit, Quelaan can only have two Floating Chaoses set out at a single time and can be destroyed with sufficient force like an arrow aimed at it and fired.

Seething Chaos: Clumps of flame that demons would once perhaps consider to be a piece of life itself. Quelaan flings from her hands one to three of small molten rocks in-front of her, dealing minor fire damage if they hit a target before dropping to the ground. These Flames condense and than expand for about 4 seconds afterwards before exploding violently enough to destroy boulders, essentially working as grenades or mines for those unlucky enough to stick near them.

Primal Flame: Her demonic spider-body has it's own tricks up its sleeve that are unique to her nature and technically her sister, Quelaag's nature as a spider demon. She can either create short-lived jets of flame from her abdomen to deter attacks from behind there, dealing moderate damage compared to say Great Combustion or igniting her spider legs with flame to make them briefly do more damage than before.


Gold-Hemmed Black Set: This dress was made for the Witch of Izalith and her dear daughters and son, this wear is extremely flame retardant and resistant and also grants the wearer a more moderate resistance to poison as well. Combined with Quelaan's already quite poison-resistant body, this more or less makes her immune to most forms of mundane and magical poisons.

Quelaag's Furysword: A gift left behind by the Undead that slayed her sister, transmuted from her sister's own soul, a twisted form of making sure they are never not together but a caring one nonetheless. This wicked blade seethes with flame with every hit and is much stronger than her nails or legs when carving apart flesh or armor, however, Quelaan is quite unskilled with the blade and will promptly use it as a last resort or until she is trained for its usage.


Name: Jeanne d'Arc Alter (commenly referred to as Jalter)


Series: nasuverse

Canon Fate Grand Order, new Orleans singularity.


Servent physology: The standerd servent stuff, able to cleave steel with a single swing, move at Mach speeds, and endure blows that would shatter a humans bones with nary but a bruise

is a Class Skill of the Avenger class, representing the state of an Avenger as one that gathers people's hatreds and grudges onto oneself. It is easier for one to accumulate hatred and resentment. The rate of mana generation becomes higher when receiving damage.

Magic Resistence grants protection against magical effects. Differing from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Jeanne once demonstrates high Magic Resistance due to her unwavering piety, corrupted into instead being born of her hatred by the Grail. However, since it is limited to her self, only Jeanne will be saved against a wide-range magic attack. Also, it cannot cope with the sacraments of the Church.

Oblivion correction is a Class Skill of the Avenger class. People are creatures that forget many things, but an Avenger never forgets. Her hatred will never be cleared away, no matter how much time has passed. Even if, she is aware of the things more wonderful than her hatred.

Self-Replenishment (Mana) is a Class Skill of the Avenger class. One's magical energy endlessly surges until their revenge is accomplished, Because she was created by a wish upon the Holy Grail, the quantity of her mana recovery is of a higher grade to the point she can continue to exist without a Master.

Having been produced by Gilles' wishes, Jeanne Alter possesses from birth the power of the Dragon Kind. She is believed to be an inverse phenomenon from Saints possessing anecdotes of dispersing the Dragon Kind, such as Saint Martha or maybe Saint George. Possesses a unique Charisma that makes dragons obey her, and a power that raises the attack power of the party. Lower-class Dragon Kind members can be placed under her control and are able to be manipulated with a single swing of her flag. Simultaneously, it also serves as a non-standard Riding Skill, making it even possible for her to ride a Dragon Kind through the acquisition of this Skill.

a Grondement Du Haine (Roar of Hatred): the Noble Phantasm of Jeanne d'Arc Alter. The cursed flag possessed by the Jeanne who descended as the Dragon Witch. It stops the enemy’s attack in the same way as Saint Jeanne’s Noble Phantasm, but this Noble Phantasm also swells up that attack, before it reflects it back, Also, its power will increase even more if her allies and the likes die. Then, whether it is a slashing attack, a striking attack, or on top of that, a hit by means of a curse, all of it will in the same way be converted into her physical attack power when they are halted by the Noble Phantasm.

as an alternative function, The flag can release flames with performance resembling a first-rate Dragon’s breath. Under the name of an avenger, Jeanne Alter kindles the flames and transforms the grudges from herself and the surroundings into magical energy, burning the opponents' injustice, corruption and self-righteousness up to the marrow of their bones to ashes. Furthermore, the stake was stuck into her image, this impression allows her to create these stakes in her image for her own use.

Equipment: her armor, sword, and flag-spear thing, all of which can be regenerated from her own mana if they are somehow damaged.

I’m Here



Name: Noel Takao

Series: Super Sentai: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patranger

Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): After he volunteered himself to Gauche to save his friends from a dissection.

Transformation: Noel as an extra member of a Super Sentai team, can transform into both Lupin X and Patren X. Lupin X’s belt buckle can decipher codes in locks and repair and analyze damage to other VS vehicles in conjunction with his replicas. He unfortunately can’t repair his own vehicles and he couldn’t if he wanted to anyways since Gauche dissected most of them, leaving him with just the power to transform. (And the rest of his gear.)(It’s an AU, deal with it.)(I needed a plausible” way to take the mechas out of commission.)

Lupin X: When Takao is Lupin X, he has a more defensive style of fighting, even has some sort of shield that blocks attacks. It is in this form that he utilized the X-Rod sword function. To perform the finisher Superior X, he simply sets the lever to the middle then back to sword. He then makes two slashes that form an x and sends it flying to an opponent to make them explode.

Patren X: As Patren X, Takao is much more agile than his Lupin X form, foregoing the shield in favor of agility. He uses the X-Rod rod function in this form. Excellent X is invoked when he shifts the lever three times forming an X sigil surrounded by a spinning ring of crosses and then jabbing the construct the Villain’s way.

Transformation: He uses his VS Changer to change into a Lupinranger or a Patranger, which allows him to fight the Ganglers. The suits add some much needed power boost to his stats.

Agility: Patren X uses his agileness to maneuver through almost any traps. No laser grid, almost no hidden trap is a match for him. He’s even agile enough to dodge some bullets.

Strategist: A Kaitou thief and Patranger is always thinking and always reacting to changes in fights.

Sneak: He’s pretty sneaky and can swipe stuff from people before they even notice.

Suit Boost: To compensate for the Ganglers’ powers, the suit massively increases a Peak Human’s stats to pull off some incredible feats. These boosts increase reaction times and strength. He’s able to dodge bullets, leap a couple dozen feat in the air without getting hurt among other feats of strength.

Engineer: Noel’s the one who modified the Lupin Collection for human use.

X-Rod Sword: The personal weapon of Lupin/Patren X, it has two modes, a sword and a rod. He can slide his sword against the Silver replica to escape in a flash of white light. (Like a flash bang.)
Lupin X’s belt buckle and display and analyze information in holograms and unlock locks.(He can only open safes with a three digit code though but multiple dial fighters can work in tandem to open safes, and he really only needs one to unlock locks(such as doors).)

VS Changer: The combined form of the Silver and Gold train replicas, it allows Noel Takao to transform into both Lupin X and Patren X while also doubling as his sidearm. Unleashing the Superior Shot requires no extra gimmick. Noel can use his VS Changer to repair other VS Vehicles. He unfortunately can’t use them to repair his own vehicles and he couldn’t even if he wanted to, seeing as Gauche dissected them and left him with only his transformation powers and gear.

Grappling Hook: Any self-respecting thief should have one handy. This can be used to escape or bind a target.
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Name: Ben Solo, aka Kylo Ren

Series: Star Wars

Canon: The Force Awakens - After killing Lor San Tekka on Jakku, prior to his knowledge of Rey.

Abilities: As the heir to the Skywalker bloodline, Kylo Ren possesses extraordinary strength in the Force and has embraced the Dark Side. His telekinetic abilities, for both offense and defense, are especially of note, with his ability to immobilize victims with Force Freeze/Stasis and halting active Blaster Bolts in mid-air with minimal effort or concentration required. He is also incredibly durable, thanks to the Dark Side sustaining him in times of physical injury and duress, as well as being capable of most other Force Powers thanks to both his Jedi training and tutelage under Snoke.

One of Kylo's strongest and most disturbing abilities is his power to probe the minds of those he interrogates with the Force, with little regard for their health and even breaching strong-minded individuals. Those with the Force can attempt to resist though depending on their strength, they may fail to stop Kylo from learning what he wants to know.

Equipment: Kylo Ren wields a custom-built Lightsaber, containing his bled and cracked Kyber Crystal, causing his blade to be unstable, fiery and crackling in appearance, requiring his signature Crossguard that can also be weaponized against his enemies.

"I will finish what you started...Grandfather."


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"Such evil must be stopped, and by any means necessary"

Name: Ch'en

Series: Arknights

Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): After chapter 7

Abilities (This includes the character's skills):
-Superhuman strength & agility.
-Having infected with oripathy, Ch'en is capable of using Arts, but she has a hard time controlling it.
-Skilled with dual sword.
-Her first Talent, Scolding, allows her and her fellow operators to access their skills faster while her second Talent, Blade Art, gives her further boost in strength, resilience, and agility.
-Ch'en possesses three skills:
--Sheathed Strike: Using Chi Xiao's sheath to attack and stun her opponent for a while.
--Chi Xiao - Unsheath: A powerful single slash that delivers strong physical and Arts damage to multiple targets in front of her.
--Chi Xiao - Shadowless: Ch'en moves in extremely high speed while delivering at most ten consecutive rapid slashes. Each slash deal large amount of damage, and the last attack stun the enemy for a while. The slashes are not as powerful as Unsheath and only target one enemy per attack.

-Chi Xiao, a sword she uses as the catalyst of her Arts.
-A normal blade she uses in pair with Chi Xiao as dual blade.​


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Alright oh powers that be, it’s time to analyze and nerf the sheet where necessary. Let the Judgement commence!


Name: Reinhard Van Astraea

Series: Re:Zero - Starting Life In Another World

Canon: Start

Defective Gate: Reinhard's gate is unable to release the mana inside of his body back out into the atmosphere, though he is able to absorb an incredible amount and it doesn't cause any harm to his body as he uses all of his mana to boost his physical abilities. Because of this, he can make others unable to use any magic or spirit magic while he's absorbing mana. Also, Reinhard has no affinity with magic, making him unable to use it at all.

Pseudo Spirit Affinity: Minor Spirits are attracted to Reinhard and try to heal him whenever he becomes injured. However, he is unable to order or use the Spirits himself.

Divine Blessings: Reinhard's divine gift is to gain any Divine Protection that he wants, although he himself does not create them. Rather, the Od Laguna will assign them to him based on his needs as appropriate. He has all of the following Divine Protections listed here, among others.

  • Divine Protection of the Sword Saint: Whoever holds this Divine Protection becomes the Sword Saint and inherits its powers which draws out maximum martial skill potential within them. Also grants the user the ability to see floating white rays of battle which if they were to merely follow the rays and trace them with their sword, they would unquestionably kill their opponent. The ability grants the user battle instincts which are heightened to perfection, and they can see and read the trajectories of their opponents attacks.

  • Divine Protection of Arrow Avoidance: It makes Projectiles and long-distance attacks change their trajectory, effectively making it impossible for them to hit the user.

  • Divine Protection of Arrow Guarantee: Any projectile he uses is guaranteed to hit the target.

  • Divine Protection of Magic Resistance: The user is immune against curses and debuffs like yin magic. Though the user is able to get buffed by yang magic or any other magic.

  • Divine Protection of Fire Avoidance: The user is 80% immune to fire damage.

  • Divine Protection of Wind Absorption: The user absorbs 80% of wind magic.

  • Divine Protection of Earth Resistance: Earth magic has an 80% reduced effect on the user.

  • Divine Protection of Water Reflection: The user reflects 80% of water magic.

  • Divine Protection of Darkness Immunity: The user nullifies 80% of yin (Dark) magic.

  • Divine Protection of Light Sharing: The user shares 80% of yang (Light) magic with another target.

  • Divine Protection of Swiftness: The user can move at superhuman speed. When riding an earth dragon or another mount, this blessing affects them too.

  • Divine Protection of Riding Mastery: The user is able to ride any kind of mount. The mount doesn't have to like him, he is still able to ride it.

  • Divine Protection of Initiative: He cannot be ambushed, and all initial attacks from Reinhard connect unless otherwise impossible.

  • Divine Protection of First Sight: The first time an attack is performed at Reinhardt, he automatically dodges regardless of his awareness of the attack. The blessing will wake him up even if he's asleep. This does not work if he is physically incapable of avoiding the attack.

  • Divine Protection of Advent: The second attack and all following attacks miss him, as he automatically dodges them. This does not work if he is physically incapable of avoiding the attack.

  • Divine Protection of Teary Skies: The user becomes stronger when under rainy skies.

  • Divine Protection of Blue Skies: The user becomes stronger when under blue skies.

  • Divine Protection of Night Skies: The user becomes stronger when under the night sky.

  • Divine Protection of Mind Reading: Vague understanding of what's on other people's mind.

  • Divine Protection of Item Mastery: The user is able to know how to use any item he holds.

  • Divine Protection of Unarmed Mastery: The user is very strong even without any weapons. He can use a swordless style of fighting in which he uses his hand like a sword.

  • Divine Protection of War God: Able to use any weapons masterfully, this extends to even things like iron pipes or disposable chopsticks, he can easily use them as weapons to cut through things.

  • Divine Protection of Lake: Can walk on water. Can also be used to submerge himself in water if he wishes.

  • Divine Protection of Mist: Mist does not hinder his view.

  • Divine Protection of Cloud: The user can walk on clouds.

  • Divine Protection of Lightning: The user cannot be hit by lightning.

  • Divine Protection of Salt Reasoning: He will never get salt and sugar mixed up.

  • Divine Protection of Training Mastery: Can train not only his body, but also other people to their maximum potential.

  • Divine Protection of Poison Immunity: Immunity to all poisons.

  • Divine Protection of Illness Immunity: Immunity to all diseases.

  • Divine Protection of Power Bleeding: The user is not negatively affected by bleeding. Bleeding actually makes the user stronger.

  • Divine Protection of Phoenix: It enables the user to come back to life immediately only once if they die. While he can't receive the same benefit endlessly, after he uses the blessing he will acquire "Divine Protection of Phoenix - Next", and then "Divine Protection of Phoenix - Next Next” and so on endlessly, as Od laguna won't let him die.

  • Divine Protection of Judgment: It enables the user to know of any Divine Protections their opponents have.

  • Divine Protection of Nuclear Deactivation: It has been stated that if a tactical nuke was used on Reinhard, it wouldn't go off.

  • Divine Protection of Wind Evasion: A blessing that only ground dragons should have, it enables Reinhard to be unaffected by the wind and not encounter any wind resistance while running.

  • Divine Protection of Telepathy: It enables the user to tell other people their thoughts telepathically. While it's normally used to tell close friends certain thoughts, it can be combined with singing to increase the strength and effect range.

  • Divine Protection of Mind-Changing: It allows the user to change the mind of the person they target with the Divine Protection. Due to it’s potency, this Divine Protection has been renowned as being dangerous to the rule of nations throughout history.

  • Divine Protection of Drafts: Lets him know where any escape route is, so people cannot get away from him.

  • Divine Protection of Precognition: He has a super sense which through his intuition alerts him of danger, and distinguishes all attacks in advance.

The Dragon Sword Reid: A sword said to have been created by the Sword God, it was used by the first Sword Saint and has been passed down by successive Sword Saints. The sword can only be drawn against opponents it deems worthy for it to be used against. It’s durability is nigh-absolute and it’s power is such that in the hands of Reinhard, it could force Satella, the Witch of Envy who wrought destruction upon half of the known world, into a stalemate.

Royal Knight Uniform: An outfit worn by the knights of Lugnica. The Protection it provides is more than what it seems, but for Reinhard this is mostly redundant.


Leader of the Seven
Pride The First Homunculus

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Canon ):
Partway through his series. Pride knows his enemies and Father's commands but has not gained any significant power(By eating them) from from his fellow homunculi at this point.

Pride is a Homunculus and with that, he is able to regenerate his container by consuming some of the many souls he contains within his philosopher stone.

That is to say the source a source of his powers, he is able to store to the souls of those he has consumed in the hell-like chamber of his stone drawing on their powers and memories and if needed the very power of their souls to repair and empower himself.

But his true power is himself, his body is a mere container strong and durable able to easily tank cars and physical attacks but within it lies his true form a shadowy form with eyes and teeth capable of manipulating, slicing through or devouring anything that comes in contact with his black shadow it can also become resistant/invulnerable to conventional physical harm, and can also move at superhuman speeds.
He can also see through his eyes and talk through his mouths wherever his shadow extends, an ability he uses to watch over the country-wide transmutation tunnel, slaughtering anyone who enters it.
Through his shadows pride may consume living things and assimilate the abilities and strengths of that particular victim.

None besides his Basic Clothes and the Philosophers stone hidden away in his chest.
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Name: Doctor Morgan Yu

Series: Prey (2017)

Canon: Sometime after Project Cobalt

Innate Qualities:

Enhanced Physiology: In her human form, Morgan Yu is better in nearly every way than a baseline human. This includes:
Enhanced Strength: Sufficient to lift a ton of weight with effort, tear open unpowered steel doors, hit things really hard.​
Enhanced Stamina: Morgan doesn't need to sleep, though she's capable of it. A minute of rest is usually sufficient to recover from an hour of hard, sustained effort. Her body can sustain quite a bit of damage while remaining functional. Ingesting calories also amplifies her healing factor. A good sandwich and a bottle of water will let her heal a stab wound in a matter of minutes.​
Enhanced Mobility: Morgan can sustain a 30 mile per hour sprint for hours and peaks at 45 mph for short bursts. Her reflexes are several times better than baseline humanity, though not remotely good enough to dodge bullets.​

Psionic Aptitude: While most of her specific Typhon abilities create non-psionic effects, the mental processes that trigger and generate those effects are functionally psionic. Psi-disruption can't cancel out Typhon effects but can prevent her from initiating them. She is theoretically capable of learning additional psionic abilities she encounters given the opportunity to collect and study data.

Typhon Powers:
Between Morgan's imitative nature and specific applications of Neuromodding technology, she has a wide range of powers and abilities owing to the Typhon. Travel between universes and encountering psi-disrupter technology has left her unable to access her Energy or Telepathy abilities, leaving her only with Morph accessible.

The categories include:
Kinetic Blast: Hurl a ball of kinetic concussive force up to 300 yards away, capable of a 7 yard radius explosion. Detonation hurls objects away from the blast point with incredible force.
Lift Field: Manipulate gravity to create a column of upward force. She can lift (or launch) objects or targets into the air up to 12 yards, which can be sustained to trap them for up to 15 seconds or released to drop them with crushing force.
Electrostatic Blast: Hurl an electromagnetic pulse up to 300 yards away, capable of frying or switching off everything electronic in a 5 yard radius. Taser effect optional on biological beings.
Electrostatic Absorption: Ignore low wattage, resist high wattage and use what spills over to fuel Typhon powers. Virtually immune to electrical-based stunning effects.
Superthermal: Project waves of plasma like a flamethrower, up to 50 yards. Create pockets of superheated plasma that can hang suspended until triggered, detonating in an eruption 5.5 yards in radius.
Thermal Absorption: Ignore heat, resist incendiary effects and use what spills over to fuel Typhon powers.

Mimic Matter: Her core Typhon ability, Morgan can take the form of a nearby object. Details include:​
The object can be as small as a paperclip or as large as a tank or bus.​
If the object has moving mechanical parts, those parts function normally if someone 'uses' her, and she's also capable of manipulating them herself.​
All mimicked objects appear capable of independent movement, though (i.e. if she turns into a coffee cup, the cup is capable of jumping from the floor onto a desk or able to roll itself under a nightstand or around an obstacle).​
Morgan can maintain the transformed shape indefinitely.​
Damage done to the transformed object doesn't translate into damage done to her.​
She generally needs a nearby object to mimic to use this ability, but she can routinely take the form of any object or person she's had the opportunity to study extensively.​
Regeneration: When Morgan is wounded, the psychoactive exotic matter she's composed of can 'reset' some of the damage done, activating within a few seconds of a blow. Minor injuries can be completely dismissed while greater injuries will mend less, requiring additional 'natural' healing time to fully repair.​
Phantom Shift: Short-distance teleportation, crossing 12 yards in a literal second. This effect leaves a phantom decoy behind, Picard Maneuver style, lasting half a minute unless disrupted.​
Phantom Genesis: Create Phantoms out of corpses. These Phantoms appear to be made up of the same semi-solid shadowy purplish exotic matter she is in her natural state. These phantoms will often 'speak' phrases or sentences used by the corpse they came from but otherwise exhibit only animal cunning. They are completely loyal to Morgan when created and have no shelf life.​

Backlash: Create a shield that can absorb 3 attacks. Direct melee attacks are rebounded kinetically, and a strong enough punch against her can send the attacker flying from the force of their own reflected blow.
Psychoshock: Damage the mind and body of a target, while disrupting psi abilities for half a minute at a time.
Mindjack: Take control of biological enemies, can compel them to rush and suicide detonate. Using this power on a target who is already under compulsion results in the disruption of that foreign control.
Machine Mind: Cyberjack machines, forcing computers and robots to be loyal and follow her mental wishes as if they were programmed to do so. By default, the use of this power renders the affected machine unable to recognize proper authorization codes.
Remote Manipulation: Lift objects and push buttons up to 90 yards away.

Skills and Abilities:

Science: Naturally a prodigy in the field of science, Neuromods and downloaded memories have given Dr. Morgan Yu a breathtaking understanding of the academic arts. Specific abilities include:
Physician: Dr. Yu holds an M.D. and PhD in Neuroscience and is one of the foremost experts on the human brain alive. She's quite capable of diagnosing and rendering medical treatment for most human ailments. She's also the authority on Typhon physiology, giving her some limited proficiency in dealing with the anatomy of other species.​
Hacking: She's proficient at gaining access to, and bypassing, computers and their security systems. This includes electronic locks, but not physical locks. It also includes various mechanical systems including robotics.​

Engineering: Morgan Yu is a master at dissembling technology, analyzing it to create blueprints and then repairing damage or fabricating new, similar devices. Specific engineering abilities include:
Repair: Skilled at repairing mechanical and electronic items of all kinds, including robots and machines, Assuming she has the materials on hand, she can even upgrade and reinforce machines to enhance functionality and improve durability.​
Gunsmith: She's capable of building, repairing and modifying firearms and energy weapons.​
Suit Modification: Able to maintain and upgrade exoskeletons, power armor and space suit functionality.​
Dismantle: Morgan's a master at salvaging useful components from broken equipment.​

Security: Due to a variety of Neuromod enhancements, Morgan Yu possesses the tactical ability of a seasoned soldier. Specific security abilities include:
Ability to use pistols, shotguns and a variety of firearms with excellent accuracy.​
Proficient in the use of a wrench to smash aliens to death.​
Can sprint making virtually no noise at all and has extensive knowledge and experience at sneaking, infiltration, etc.​


PPN-8 Personal Defense Sidearm: The TranStar PPN-8 Pistol is the standard issue weapon for all TranStar security personnel. Small, fast, and quiet, this pistol provides satisfactory damage while maintaining a degree of stealth. It has a magazine capacity of 27 and an effective range of about 35 yards.

S4 Tactical Shotgun: The S4 is a standard pump-action shotgun with a tube magazine that holds 10 rounds. It features an ammunition counter on the side, reasonable close to medium range effectiveness and excellent stopping power.

RSV-77 Neuroelectric Disrupter: This Throne Tactical handheld electroshock weapon immobilizes both humans and machines with a short range electric current. Its effects last for no less than 7 seconds and can induce unconsciousness in targets inexperienced with its properties. It's effective out to a range of 15 yards, can fire ten times before requiring 2 seconds to recharge back to full.

GLOO Cannon (Gelifoam Lattice Organism Obstructor): A bulky but portable cannon that fires gelifoam, a quickly hardening, flame retardant, non-conductive, glue-like foam that expands as it hardens. It can fire 42 times before requiring a reload and has an effective range of 18 yards.

Wrench: The Hephaestus "Heffy" Twist & LOOP Handle Wrench is standard issue for all maintenance personnel employed in TranStar facilities. Good for liberal application of percussive maintenance and mechanical agitation.

Transtar Uniform: A form-fitting full environmental suit that, by default, leaves only the head exposed. It's capable of enveloping the wearer's head in a fabricated glass helmet in a matter of a literal second. It's not only space-worthy but includes reinforcement that makes it effective armor that's reasonably easy to repair. The suit contains anchor points which can support affixed weapon placements. It's also highly modular, with additional functionality available on a plug-and-play basis. Morgan's current chipset configuration includes:
The Artax Propulsion System: A zero g propulsion device that allows maneuverability in space while functioning as a limited jumppack in atmosphere via the Artax Propulsion Gen 1 and Gen 2 chipset upgrades.​
Beam, Radiation, EMP, Thermal and Grounding Shielding: Reduces damage from a variety of sources including lasers, heat, electricity, radiation and EMP attacks.​

Psychoscope: A highly advanced piece of neural imaging technology, capable of real-time tracking and analysis of neural activation patterns. It's affixed to the interior of her suit's rim-seal line and features a retractable single-tube sensor with twin eyepieces that fits over a circular lens. This system tags and automatically tracks target locations and their neural activity. Theoretically, analysis of psychoscope data can allow Morgan to devise a Neuromod or internal method for replicating psionic and mind-based powers. Wearing it makes the user immune to most mental attacks or effects that alter the brain or its perceptions in anyway. Like the Transtar Uniform, it's a modular device with the following chipsets included:
Mimic Detection Gen 2: Allows for the identification of disguised, shapechanged mimics. May allow her to perceive other shapechangers on a case by case basis.​
Nullwave Shielding: Additional reinforcement of the psychostrope's base psi-defense, making it nigh impossible to read Morgan's mind, affect her perceptions or shut down her own psi-triggered Typhon abilities.​
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Name: Mr Bliss

Age: At least four hundred, possibly older. No older than eight hundred.

Gender: Male.

Universe they are from: Skulduggery Pleasant

Canon: After the events of Playing With Fire.


Mr Bliss is an exceedingly tall man, who typically wears dark but sharply cut suits that show off his strong physique. His eyes are a deep, piercing blue, and most times has has a somewhat bored expression on his face. He also exudes a terrifying demeanour, enough to make people who have never even spoken to him want to "curl up and cry". His age is hard to place, but he looks neither particularly old, or particularly young.

Immense Physical Strength
Mr Bliss was, by a country mile, the strongest person on the Earth he comes from. His strength was sufficient that he could smash pillars to pieces, and he singlehandedly engaged in physical combat with the partially resurrected corpse of a god. His strength was legendary, and even people who could absorb kinetic energy to add to their strength were not as strong as him. This has also enhanced his reflexes, although not as much, with them merely lying in the best of humanity region, instead of well beyond.

Immense Physical Resilance
Mr Bliss was also incredibly durable. His sister, China Sorrows, had attempted to kill him on numerous occasions to no success, and he managed to survive explosions that blasted him through a walls, a sword being swung at his neck, and Serpine's Necromancy with no real ill effect.

Terrifying Demeanour
Likely related to his sister's similar ability, Mr Bliss oozes indimidation. It's unknown whether this is directly caused by magic, or if it's merely the result of the primal part of your brain screaming at you for being in his presence.​

Generic Magic
Mr Bliss has the inherent traits that possessing magic give you in his universe, such as minor resistance to mind control and reading, the ability to craft magical runes, supernatural longevity, a slightly improved healing factor, and a whole other list of basically irrelevant trivialities.


Unarmed Combat - SS: Mr Bliss has over four hundred years experiance in fighting, including fighting in a war for several centuries, more than a few assassination attempts, and the general problems that just seem to appear when you're living in this world. Some people, with his degree of strength, would forget the talent. He has not.

Focus - SS: Mr Bliss is superhumanly focused. He remains calm, collected, and bored even when people are actively trying to kill him, and the only known thing to provoke an emotional reaction was someone attempting to kill his sister, and even then his focus didn't waver, merely changing to killing the focus of his not unimpressive wrath.

Politics - B: Mr Bliss has worked for the Elders for centuries, and after centuries of working in the highest levels of government, you pick things up.

Bespoke Suits: Mr Bliss has a large collection of bulletproof and magic resistant suits made by Ghastly Bespoke. Unlike most people who buy bulletproof suits, he doesn't buy them to help protect himself, but because it's very annoying to have to replace his clothes when he is more durable than them. Unfortunately, even the best Ghastly could make aren't quite as durable as he is.

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Name: Velvet Crowe

Series: Tales of Berseria

Canon (Where in the story are you taking them from?): Endgame of Berseria, before she confronts the final boss.

Abilities (This includes the character's skills): Is capable with her bracer sword, a gauntlet on her wrist that has a hidden blade. She also has a blade in her boots. Her fighting style is very acrobatic in nature, using a combination of flips and sweeping motions to attack and evade. Has a wide array of ‘Artes’ or techniques at her disposal. If she desires, she can unleash her left arm’s power, the Consuming Claw. This claw can ‘devour’ other living beings, and depending on what she absorbs she can obtain new effects for a limited time, such as increased damage against what she devoured or applying stunning effects. In addition, upon dealing enough damage, she gets access to suped up versions of her Arts. She also has access to her own Mystic Artes in this form: Lethal Pain, Annihilating Crash, and Impulse Desire. She also has a unique biology as a Therion, which grants her high resistance to heat and cold, as well as granting her a form of immortality as a result (in that she doesn’t suffer from disease and aging).

However, while her arm is out, her stamina drains quickly, and overuse of her powers can leave her vulnerable and easily taken down. In addition, she struggles in group battles, and can be ganged up on, due to not having any training in group battles. (She relies on other people to cover her weaknesses). In addition, she can still die from any other means that don’t involve aging or disease. She’s also extremely emotional, and has been mostly consumed by her lust for revenge. Also, while this isn’t a weakness per se, she cannot taste anything other than blood. While she can’t technically die from starvation (as her claw eats anything), she’s unable to feel full at all. She’s also unable to sleep for very long, as she is plagued by constant nightmares.

Skills shown here!

Equipment: Her bracer sword and hidden blade in her boots, as well as a sash, some armor (though not much, it’s basically a veil), a ring and her boots. If need be, her exact equipment is as follows:

Bracer Sword (Void Blade): This blade is the best weapon she can possess, and she gains a sizable increase in attack power than she would any other weapon. However, it offers no other benefits aside from raw power.
Sash (Primal Belt): The Primal Belt grants an unique effect in that healing magic gets reapplied again to 3/5ths of the original effect. (For example, if a spell would heal her for 100, it heals for 160). That said, it only applies to magic: items don’t obtain this buff.
Armor (Silvaria Vestments): Non-elemental attacks are slightly reduced in power, and there’s a 25% chance that a non-elemental attack is completely nullified. However, this only applies to non-elemental attacks.
Ring (True Ring of Clarity): This is her most dangerous piece of equipment: in addition to her defenses being strengthened, she has a period of complete invulnerability at the start of any battle, for 7 seconds. However, it’s only for 7 seconds, and she can still be interrupted from doing anything.
Footwear (Euthymic Affection): This doesn’t have any unique mechanics attached, only being simply the best footwear she could have.

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0 Wrench by itsscrow on Deviantart.jpg
[Artwork is Wrench by itsscrow on Deviantart]
Wrench or Reginald.

Watch Dogs

Canon: After the events in San Francisco.


High Intelligence: He is extraordinarily intelligent, despite him having anarchistic outbursts. He was able to create Wrench Jr. thanks to his engineering skills.

Hacking Skills: Like any DedSec member, he is a very skilled hacker. He even has a profile of his own for CTOS manipulation. According to one FBI audio log, Wrench's hacking skills are mostly self-taught despite its high-quality level.

Combat Skills: Despite being scrawny, he is a brutal combatant, preferring explosives, and heavy weapons. This is most likely due to his violent and anarchistic personality.

Athletic Skills: He is adept at parkour, like Marcus.

Demolitions Expertise: While Wrench is good at coding, he's better at breaking things apart than putting them together. This comes to attention during an event where he rigs vacant Bratva houses with explosives that release fireworks which come together to form a DedSec logo, and later on helping Marcus with dealing with Blume, he uses explosives and grenade launchers as part of his arsenal.

An altered and specially coded Smartphone to use Dedsec's hacking kit.
A metal ball wrapped in an elastic rope making it an impromptu, but extremely effective melee weapon.
A decent amount of pipe bombs, and other IEDs.
A stun gun.​


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Indominus Rex

Jurassic World

Adolescent Years, around five years before the start of Jurassic World.

  • Superhuman Strength: The I. rex can show her strength, being able to break down the large glass cage for the flying reptiles and able to crush gyrospheres with her powerful jaw strength, though she did this by using the Anklyosauruses. She was even shown to be able to take on Rexy, overpowering the T. rex and probably would have killed her if Blue had not intervened.
  • Superhuman Speed: She was said to be able to run 30 mph in her enclosure, but she can run much faster outside of their cage. Not only does she possess great speed, but she also has amazing acrobatic skills, great gripping clawed hands, great counterbalance to make quick turns, and is able to use her massive tail as a whip.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: Her intelligence is abnormally high as she made claw marks on the wall to make Owen and the others think she had escaped, but it was all a trap for the humans to get in the cage, knowing they will come to inspect it. She was shown to be able to remember the tracker that was used on her, so she made her own plan to use it against the humans, as she knew exactly where they were when they created her in her skin.
  • Superhuman Endurance: The Indominus rex's bodily tissue is substantially harder than regular dinosaurs that allowed her to take many attacks from her enemies such as guns, the Velociraptors' attacks, and Rexy's strength. She does not show too much pain as she can show off her high stamina, being able to fight for long periods of time or run long distances to chase her prey.
  • Camouflage: She has the special power of camouflage to be able to blend into her surroundings, which was very powerful to use against trackers. She was also given tree dart frog DNA, which allowed her to suppress her heat signature enough to hide from heat-sensitive cameras. She was also given Cuttlefish DNA and Tree Frog DNA to adapt her to a tropical climate, but consequently it allowed her to conceal her heat signature from the thermoradiation scanners used in her enclosure, thus rending modern technology useless to track her movements. It can be easily implied that the I. Rex got its camouflage traits from Carnotaurus DNA.
  • Pit Adder and Allosaurus: Her snake DNA or could be from Giganotosaurus allowed her jaws to expand somewhat when she opened them that is able to be wide enough to hold the gyrosphere. The DNA also helped her night vision, and is indicated in the movie to be the pit adder/viper due to her ability to sense the heat signatures of other animals, a prominent characteristic in the animals in the pit viper subfamily.
  • Velociraptor Communication: The Indominus rex was confirmed to have Velociraptor DNA in her DNA code. Besides getting the high intelligence, she was given another ability to able to use this to her advantage by speaking to the Velociraptor squad and turning them over to her side briefly because being more tamed then wild.

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Gaz, Ghost, Soap, & Price


Series: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Canon: MW1, after 'Sins of the Father'

Abilities: A combined 60 years worth of military service among the four men in stealth missions, covert operations, counter-intelligence, sabotage, demolition, and assassinations. To say they're the best of the best of the British forces is an understatement.


Soap -- USP .45, M21, ACR, flashbangs, frag grenades, boot knife

Price -- M1911, M40A3, SCAR-H, flashbangs, sticky grenades, boot knife

Ghost: ACR, MP5K, G18, mobile field operator laptop, frag grenades, pouch knife.

Gaz: M1014, Vector, USP .45, flashbang and grenades, boot knife

Abilities: Very good at CQC and other mentioned skills above.​

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Sci-fi, modern, horror, a bit of dark romance stories.

Name: Urdnot Wrex

Series: Mass Effect

Canon: Between ME2

Abilities: Carnage, Barrier, Stasis, Throw. Standard biotic attacks

Equipment: M-300 Claymore, M-6 Carnifex, life grenades and Stimulant packs


Name: Jack Harkness

Series: Doctor Who

Canon: After 'Last of the Time Lords'

Equipment: A pistol, a square gun, a broken Vortex Manipulator, and sometimes a hidden blaster in... you don't wanna know where.

Abilities: He can't die... Well, he can, but he has Deadpool syndrome. His body regenerates lost or damaged tissue. When he dies, it's only for a few moments, but unlike Deadpool, he hasn't gone insane by it yet.​

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Sci-fi, modern, horror, a bit of dark romance stories.
In memory of Sean Connery


Series: James Bond -- 007

Canon: After 'You Only Live Twice'

Abilities: Good with pistols, long ranged weapons, stealth assignments, CQC, and being a good spy for her majesty's government.

Equipment: While that is always changing, one thing he always makes sure to carry is a Walter PPK​

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0 Dead Space 2 - Isaac Clarke by offrecord on Deviantart.jpg
[Artwork is Dead Space 2 - Isaac Clarke by offrecord on Deviantart]
Name: Isaac Clarke

Series: Dead Space

Canon: After the events of Dead Space 2

As a C.E.C. engineer, Isaac is extremely resourceful. He displays his best abilities in hacking, repairing and dismantling electronic devices and has extensive knowledge of high-tech mining tools and other weapons which he uses to his advantage when in dangerous situations. An example of this came about during the Sprawl outbreak where he dismantled a Kinesis Therapy machine box in the hospital and removed its Kinesis Module for his own uses along with a Stasis Module some time later. He was also able to improvise a makeshift Plasma Cutter by using a flashlight and a surgical module when he tried to help a survivor. Isaac's occupation and duty of being an engineer for nearly 20 years also took a toll on his posture. Throughout the series, he walks and stands with a very noticeable hunch.

Isaac had no prior combat training before the events of Dead Space, being forced to defend himself against the Necromorphs with whatever that he could use as a weapon. Isaac learned the best ways of dealing with the Necromorphs through the logs that are left behind by the fallen survivors by even keeping one after his ordeal on Titan Station.

Though Isaac was not entirely immune to the Marker's signal, he had a high level of resistance toward some of its effects that it had on others. Though some were driven insane, homicidal or even suicidal by the Marker, Isaac only suffered from hallucinations. After escaping from Aegis VII's destruction and being apprehended by EarthGov, Isaac's exposure to the Red Marker's signal combined with his experiences made him catatonic, making a top candidate of a covert program on Titan Station to build a Marker. This program that was headed by Hans Tiedemann implanted the Marker symbols within Isaac's conscience so he and others could build another Marker. This in affect created the blueprint of a Red Marker within his head, making him a target of EarthGov. These symbols allowed Isaac to understand the messages from those affected by the Marker from which the average person wouldn't be able to understand.

Equipment: R.I.G [Resource Integration Gear] -​
User Health Management - The most distinctive feature of the RIG is its health management system, which actively displays the wearer's health in real time via a segmented colored bar that runs along the spine of the wearer, allowing for interface into the wearer's nervous system, and therefore the ability to detect the wearer's health status. These bars will drain and refill depending on the user's health. If a RIG wearer dies, the RIG will give off a flatline sound, identical to an alert cardiograph. The bar changes color depending on the user's overall health; aqua-blue for above 75%, green for above 50%, yellow for below 50%, and red for below 25%. It will blink when the user is near death.

It is unknown what it bases the wearer's health on, be it a rough estimate of damaged body parts or the functionality of internal organs. It is known that if the user of the RIG is harmed, the RIG automatically applies any carried health packs to the damaged area. The RIG could also potentially show signs of bacterial or viral-based illness.

Holographic Display - Utilizing the Holotech Operating System, a RIG has the ability to project a holographic display, which is projected a few feet (about a meter) in front of the RIG wearer. The display also moves with the user if the user walks around at all while it is projected. These displays are used for various features. The main use of the display is for RIG users to communicate with one another through live video chat, or to send live audio messages to one another. The RIG also allows its user to store text logs and the like within the RIG's built-in memory, which are displayed in widescreen projections to make reading easier.

Navigation - This feature projects a colored line on the environment that guides the user to objectives, benches and stores, this system included a 3D map and the line guided users to objectives.

Plasma Cutter
The 211-V Plasma Cutter. Designed and manufactured by Schofield Tools, the 211-V is a tool designed to be used in mining operations. It uses two alignment blades on the side, and three lights on the front, to help the user accurately cut through softer minerals. It uses an internal power source, is compact/light enough to be easily portable, and can be even used one handed (due to its light weight).

The Plasma Cutter delivers a cohesive pulse-stream, or "bolt", of ionized plasma when fired. It is capable of firing bolts vertically (primary firing mode) and horizontally (secondary firing mode). The Plasma Cutter is very accurate, utilizing three blue laser pointers to indicate the desired cutting plane.

On impact with the target, bolt cohesion fails frontward first, penetrating the target with a focused jet of superheated matter. This causes intense localized shear effects as well as a tunneling thermal expansion. When used upon brittle, frozen rocks riddled with faults, it can split them open in one or two shots in skilled hands. Against pliable targets, however, impact will cause minimal damage and thermal expansion will not so much cut as stress the area around the impact site, sometimes requiring several consecutive hits with the non-upgraded tool. Still, when presented with a less than effective alternative against dense organic matter, the 211-V Plasma Cutter retains its utility.
Stasis Module
Stasis is a field of science and technology based on advanced quantum physics. The Stasis Module is used to temporarily slow all motion of both organic and inorganic material, relative to normal time, and functions by creating a temporal stasis field in a designated volume around the targeted object.

Commercially, it is used to slow down dangerous malfunctioning equipment until it can be repaired or replaced. Stasis has found wide applications in the surgical field, as stasis beds can be seen in the Sprawl, where patients who are suffering from otherwise terminal conditions or incredible trauma (such as the loss of whole limbs) can be put into stasis while suitable equipment and staff are assembled and organized to render treatment. Judging from its use in the P-Sec and Soldier RIGs, it is also apparent that the Stasis Module is also used as a non-lethal weapon when apprehending dangerous criminals, presumably freezing them temporarily so that they can be handcuffed.

Kinesis Module
Kinesis is technology that allows human engineers and construction crews to move large masses easily in almost any environment. Hands-on Zero-Point applications have found use not only in space-borne construction, but also on planetary projects where bulkier construction exoskeletons and machinery are neither suited, nor welcome.

Kinesis works by projecting a tube of crackling white energy (an artificial gravity field) from the glove slip's palm emitter pad. Once grabbed by the leading edge of the energy tube, the desired object's gravity is presumably nullified and drawn toward the wielder. Small objects will stop about a foot from the pad, suspended in midair, while movable objects like rail pallets and shutters come as close as their connections allow. Deactivation of the Kinesis effect releases the object, leaving it to fall in the direction of the nearest gravitational center of mass. However, reversing the tube's polarity any time after achieving latch-on causes the object to be thrown away from the wielder with a velocity inversely proportional to the distance from the palm emitter pad.

Unlike with the Stasis Module, Kinesis' energy is drawn directly from the internal power source of the user's RIG, and as such does not require replenishment. Various features of the module can be upgraded at any workbench via nanocircuitry power node amelioration.

The Kinesis Module fits into the top of the Stasis Module armband just forward of its rear focus cylinder, and works in conjunction with a round emitter pad built into the palm of the glove-slip component. The module allows the wielder control over almost any organic and inorganic material with the wave of a hand.

Advanced Suit
This suit relies on highly classified technology and is intended for elite forces operating in dangerous situations and the harshest of environments. Like all other full-body vacuum-rated suits, the Advanced Suit is self-sealing on most occasions, meaning that it will seal itself if punctured or otherwise damaged in a manner which compromises the wearer's exposure. This allows operators to work in the vacuum of space or other similarly hazardous environments.

Oxygen Storage - The suit will become airtight when entering a vacuum (or an area with a toxic atmosphere), allowing the user to breathe using oxygen stored in the suit. This oxygen will refill once the user either enters an area with normal air again, or makes use of an oxygen refilling station or air can. Areas in a vacuum that require long periods of work will often be equipped with Oxygen Recharge Stations, which will automatically refill the suit's oxygen storage to the maximum, and can be used an unlimited number of times.

Zero Gravity Boots - Allows the wearer cling to metal surfaces when in zero-gravity environments.

Maneuvering Thrusters - Maneuvering thrusters allows user to navigate easily in a zero-gravity environment.