The evil saga

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Chapter one: separation

A litle boy, about ten years old, were running threw the town. His blond hair were put up in a tail which were flying in the wind when he was running. He run a bit out from the town to a meadow where a blond hair in the same age as he sat.
"Rin" Len shouted running towards his twin sister who sat in the grass surrounded by flowers. He sat down right in front of her and smiled while breathing a bit heavy because he had runned from the other side of the town.
"What are you doing?" he asked looking at the daisy-chaines laying in the grass.
Rin hummed as she picked flowers around to make a crown for her twin brother. He had said he'd meet her here and to go ahead. He would be there soon though.
She looked up. There he was. She giggled as he sat down. "I'm making this," she held up the almost completed daisy crown, "for you. Do you like it Len?"
Len bowed his head down and let Rin give him the daisy-chain, "um, I like it" He said and laughed. "Wan't to eat brioche today? I have learned how to make them" Len said smiling bigger, he haid trained for weeks to be able to make them and had finally suceeded.

On the other side of town were two servants of the royal family making their way to find a heir to the throne. The queen had died and the king was on his death bed, without any children they were forced to find a suitable heir which they could educate to become the perfect queen for the country. They had since long ago already picked a fitting child and now they were comming to get her.
Rin laughed "I'm glad you like it brother." The girl's eyes lit up at the mention of her favorite snack, "You can?" She stood up and tugged her twin toward town. "Let's go then. I can't wait to try them." She thought for a minute, " Len, do you think you can you teach me how to make them some day?"
Len smiled to his cute litle sister
"Ofcourse I can" He said and pated her on the head. "I'm sure you are going to be able to learn it faster than I did" he continued.
He stood up and went with his eager sister towards town, where a cruel fate waited them.

(OOC: Just me who thinks it's really hard playing litle children? xD hahah writers block all the way. well well they will soon grow up xD haha)
"Yay! You think so?" Rin said hopefully, following her brother, not knowing that her world was about to change

(OOC: No, I do too. Silly Writer's Block Yes soon they'll be older XD)
The church bells rang soundly while they ran towards the vilage, when they had come bit in to the vilage a couple of men came towards them. One of the men stoped in the midle of the way for Rin and Len.
"Little miss, you must come with us" he told her even if he knew she wouldn't understand. He took a firm grip around Rins arm and started to pull her with him.
"Let her go" Len shouted to the man and tried to attack him, while the other man without any problems pushed Len away.
"Go home, this doesn't concern you" One of the men said, and went up on a horse together with Rin.
"What? Wait. Let go of me!" Rin cried as her hand was ripped out of her brother's "Where are you taking me?" Her eyes went wide when she saw one of the strange men attack her brother. "Leave him alone! Let go of me!" She struggled and kicked, but it wasn't enough, the man who had a hold of her put her on a horse and they were already riding away.
"Len?! Len!" she screamed as her brother got smaller in the distance as they rode off
Len tried to run after the horses but ofcourse he couldn't catch up with it. All he could do were watch his sister disappear screaming his name.
"RIN!" Len screamed when his sister disappeard far away, then he fell to the ground, crying and hoping it was just a nightmare he would soon wake up from.
Chapter 2: reunion

But he didn't wake up, the years passed and he grew up without his sister and soon became a young man.
Even if he just were fourteen he had a mind as an adult, he had been traveling in two years searching for his lost sister, seen things that a child shouldn't see and heard things that he shouldn't know about.
After his two years of traveling he came in to the town where the royal family had their palace. He were just going to pass it by because how could his litle sister be there?
But when he was eating on a inn he heard rumours about the princess, a daughter of the deceased king whom no one had known he had before a year ago. She suddenly appeard from no where and were put on the throne, only thirteen years old and this year fourteen.
It couldn't be a counsident, it must be Rin. Len decided to go to the palace as a new servant to make sure if it was his beloved litle sister.
He bought clothes which would fit for a servant for his last money and went to the castle. If it were Rin who was the princess, how would she react when he came to her? Would she remember him as he had remembered her all those years since she got taken away?

He knocked on the castle port and a servant opend the door, he told his errand to the servant so elegantly so even though they didn't awaited any new servants he still believed that Len were supposed to be there. He chowed Len to the throne hall were the princess sat. The servant knocked on the door and got a answer to come in. He reported that the new servant had come, which gave the princess a surprised expression. She weren't able to tell him she didn't expect a new servant before Len had walked in to the room and the servant left the room leaving them alone.
A couple of days later they had reached the castle. Rin was taken inside and brought to large apartment of rooms and told to wait wash up. The girl did as she was told numbly. Maybe they'd take her back to Len if she did as she was told. She choked back a sob, it didn't seem very likely. After soaking in a large tub and then changing into a fancy dress someone provided, Rin waited, still in too much shock to notice her surroundings. She didn't have to wait much longer until a servant - or who Rin assumed was a servant- knocked on the door and told her she was wanted in throne room.
After following the servant through the maze of hallways and finally getting to the throne room, Rin was finally told why she had been taken from her brother.
She was to become their Princess.
Over the course of the next couple years Rin was trained in the ways of Royalty and then when she turned thirteen, she was placed on the throne.
Rin tapped her fingers on the arm of her throne. She was so bored, there was nothing to do 'It would never be this boring if Len were here.' The girl sighed, thinking of her twin brother and how much she wished she could see him again.
"Enter" she called when a servant knocked on the door. He told her how the newest servant had arrived. She opened her mouth, about to inform the idiot that she was not expecting any new servants today, just how many times did she have to tell him, when the man left and the boy claiming to be the new servant - a boy her age - entered.
He eyes winded a bit shock. It couldn't be...
As the door closed behind him he heard a familiar voice, but still a litle changed, more mature. "Len?" He looked at the princess whom looked exactly as his sister but a litle older. "Rin?"He said as a answer, nothing else could get threw his lips as he got overhelmed by joy. Could it be a dream? or was she really here? It seemed so unreal so he barely dared to touch the girl on the throne, if he did maybe the dream would end and he would wake up still searching.
He started to slowly and elegant walk towards the throne, when he was some steps away from her he stopped and went down on his knee, bowing to her.
"I have come back for you, my lady" He said looking up at his beautiful sister.
Rin smiled brightly. It was her brother, her Len, they were together again and now everything would be okay. Even if he did have to be her servant, a minor detail, but at least he was here after all her wishing.
"I have come back for you, my lady"
She smiled at him, "I knew you would. You'd never stop looking for me." She stood and pulled him up. "I've missed you Len" she mumbled as she hugged him. "And it's been boring without you." Pulling away, she grinned, "But now you're here so it won't be so boring anymore."
Len hugged her back and and stepped back a bit.
"I've missed you Len. And it's been boring without you. But now you're here so it won't be so boring anymore" She told him and Len took his right hand up to her cheek and stroke it gently.
"Un, and this time I won't leave your side, I promise" He said gazing into his sister eyes, she had grown up to become so beautiful. How could he have missed it? He could never let her go again, not for anyone or anything. He wouldn't even let God or the devil stay in his way to protect his sister.
This time he would definitly not let go of her hand.
"I won't leave your side, I promise"
Rin nodded; she just got him back, she would not let him go without a fight. Her eyes lit up as an idea struck her. "How about I make you my personal servant?" She flashed him an apologetic smile at the words personal servant, but continued on. "That way you can stay with me all the time, even during all those boring meetings I have to sit through."
Somewhere distantly, church bells rang.
"Oh, it's time for a snack. Come on Len."
Len loved the idea, he didn't want to be away from Rin even a second longer after they had been separated for four years. The church bells rang and Rin told him it was snack time. Laughed and came with her, as a shadow he was always one step behind her or right beside her. He wouldn't go further away than that.
"After that I have a present for you" He said intending to do her a bit curious, he had been traveling by horse and now when he had found Rin he wouldn't need the horse, so josefine would be the four missed birthday presents to her. Josefin were a beautiful horse and would suite Rin perfectly. Then he continued "and tomorrow I want to make you does brioche you never got the chance to taste four years ago" He smiled whole-hearted.
She smiled, "Just having you back is enough," she giggled, but her curiosity was peaked. "But what is it?"
The girl sighed softly and reached for her brother's hand wanting to reassure herself that he was there as she remembered that awful day. Of course she was a princess now, so it hadn't been all bad but the seperation from Len had been horrible. "That sounds wonderful Len, I can't wait"
"You need to wait until after you have had your tea and snack" He said teasingly, "It won't go anywhere, I at least hope it doesn't goes anywhere" he said laughing at the joke even if Rin couldn't understand what was so funny.
He took her hand, not overly familiar, but as a servant leading the way, even if it to them meant much more for them. Even if he couldn't the way he walked in a way that made it look like he was the one leading even if it for the moment were Rin. Just untill he had learned the castle.
Now his life was finally perfect again, it was like they had never left each other.
Rin pouted, "Aww, alright." She blinked and looked at Len curiously, "What's so funny? Why would it go somewhere? Nothing leaves the castle or grounds unless I say so, so it shouldn't go anywhere. Whatever it is..." she said, mumbling the last part. She tugged on Len's hand lightly, letting him know to turn left here. "This way. We're almost there. Don't worry," she added, "this place may be maze like, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough"
"Haha you'll see soon enough" Ren laughed and turned left by her invinsible command. "Trust me, as fast as you have gone to bed I will walk around memorising every inch of this castle, and then tomorrow you will wake up with my new baked brioches at your night table." He said kissing her hand and as token on keeping that promise.
They came in to the hall were the afternoon tea would be served, Len pushed out her chair elegantly and pushed it back in when she had sat down. He took his rightful place on her right side, standing beside her while she started to gently eat the snack. Her behaviour had changed since she was litle, he had already started to notice it, but untill now it had just been small changes. In the future he would notice a bigger more fearful change.
"I look forward to it." She smiled and sat in her chair, inwardly letting out a sigh of relief. With Len here, she could be sure one person would always love her, no matter what she did. With her brother here to protect her, she could be herself and relax. She could have fun. she smirked. Ahhh there was an idea. Fun, she hadn't had that in a long time. It was time to rectify that