The evil saga Rp idea :)

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Hey I have been obsessed with the evil saga story for a while and want to do a roleplay about it :D

The evil saga is a story sung by vocaloids, and are a really touching story about Kagamine Rin and Len (they are twins) who get separated as children and when they meet eachother again then Rin is an evil princess and Len has found her to become her servant.

Even if you haven’t heard the story you just need to listen to three songs to be able to do the roleplay.

This is how it’s going to be done;
1. It will be a bit in chapter form, example; chapter 1. separation chapter 2; reuniting and so on :9
2. I will do a chapter list and a dot list to every chapter so we know what we must do in every chapter
3. We can make "special" or "extra" chapters that doesn't have anything to do with the series, for example, if we decides that Rin and Len shall travel somewhere and just have fun for a week then we do that xD As long as we can get back to the plot again then it's fine ;) (or if we want an extra chapter about the prince of blue and daughter of greens short time together or the daughter of greens and daughter of white short time together, then you need to listen to the other songs and be a bit more familiar with the evil saga)
4. Rin and Len are twins in this story and will only have a brother and sister relationship, it’s almost like love but it doesn’t go as far as incest.

If you want to know something then it's just to ask ^^

I will play Len in the story so I need someone to play his twin sister Rin, she must have somewhat the same personality as in the video but you can have a personilized touch on it ;)
When Len dies then I will play the daughter of white instead because it will end with Rin and her becoming friends.

Here's the story if you haven't heard it (You can listen to english dubbed versions on youtube if you rather want to hear them, there is some that are really good):

This ones isn't important to listen to, to do the rp but if you want to then you can listen to them ;)
prince of blue (Kaito)
daughter of vengeance (Meiko)
Daughter of green (Miku)
Re_birthday (len) (not important for the rp but maybe a bit easier to understand the ending of daughter of white)

I hope someone is interested :D
Don't forget if you have questions then it's just to write eighter in the forum thread or in a pm ;)
I could do this! I absolutely adore the Story of Evil
YAY :D didn't think I would get respons that fast ^^
I don't have time to write the last things tonight because I have a test tomorrow, but I will try to do it tomorrow and then I'll PM you :)
AH! it sound so good....i think ill just read it if you guys have plans :)
sorry my friend needs help with math so don't have time to write the last before tomorrow xD
Sorry for being so damn slow :o
No worries, I totally understand :) No rush
This is about how the chapters will look like, also have an extra chapter in if you want to do it :)
If you want another chapter where you have an idea of what should happen then we can take in that to ;)

chapter one - separation
*They maybe are 8-10 years
* will end with Rin being taken away, because they are kids they won't understand what's happening.

chapter two - reunion
* Len have traveld to where Rin is and gets to know that she have become queen, he know that they never can become like before, but he can stay by her side by becoming her servant.

Chapter three - cruel destiny
*Rin and Len travels to the neigbour country where Rin falls in love with the prince of blue (kaito) at a party.
*Len and Rin is going out to town and Len get a sight of the daughter of green (miku) whom he fall in love with.
*Rin gets rejected when she propose to Kaito and sends out a spy who finds out about the prince being in love with Miku
*Rin sends out the army to destroy the green country then she gives Len the task to kill Miku.

(extra chapter if you want to do it)
chapter 3.5 - short love
* Kaito and Mikus short time together untill Miku gets killed, starts when they meet in the castle
* When Miku gets killed the one of us that plays Miku will change in to Meiko (the daughter of vengeance) who convince Kaito to help her kill the princess
*stops after they have decided to go to the castle to start the revolution.

chapter four - revolution
*The revolution starts and Len forces Rin to escape without him while he takes her place
* Len will be taken to prison and Meiko will try to make him tell her why he protects the princess, if he don't tell her where the princess are they will kill him instead. (can you play meiko in this part? or else we can just skip this or I can write something short about the prison)
*Len gets taken to the guillotine and Rin stands in the crowd watching.

chapter five - regrett message
*Rin have escaped and have gone to a church and Yowane (daughter of white) hears her confession, which makes her realise that Rin was the princess whom she hates because she killed her only friend.
*Rin goes to the harbor where she sends out her regrett message and remembers Len
*Yowane comes up behind to take out her revenge but just as she are about to kill Rin she stops herself when she sees Len.
*It will end with them becoming friends.

Does it sounds good? something you want to change?
It sounds epic and like a lot of fun. I can't wait to get started. :D I can't think of anything to change, but if something pops up I'll let you know :)
Then I'll get started with the first post as fast as I have answered some of my others roleplays ;)
I will post a link as fast as it is up ;)
It looks fine. :) I'll post in a bit once I figure out what I'm going to post that'll be more then one line.... *Has Writer's Block too*
hahha okay xD take your time, drink a smoothie, eat some chocolate, take a warm bath, and THEN maybe you have an idea xD haha
Posted. I hope it's okay
Yeah it's good ^^
I have come up with an idea why they took Rin to be the princess xD hahha hope you like it x9
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