The Everfall's Flower

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  1. The glow of the sun pushed through the window into the small room of the inn. You lay there in your bed wondering why that your employer, Ciara, has decided to wake you up this early. She smacked you on the head yelling at you to get up, because you were burning day-light or something of that sort. The only reason you are employed to Ciara is because you need the money, and Ciara did pay well. This journey you would be taking was one of secrecy and deceit, whenever you asked Ciara about it she would make up some long story about being focused on the job. After thinking on it, you think it has to deal with the Ebonfeld family, who had many disputes with Ciara before. Even here in the small town of Belmor people knew that the Ebonfeld's were a nuisance. In the middle of your thoughts Ciara pulls you up and sits you on the bed. She gave you a look that told you that you needed to get dressed or else she would leave you. Ciara was ready within the hour and she waited outside for you.

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