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  1. Welcome aboard The Eternal Revenge!
    "It's not the biggest ship floating through the galaxy, yet it's big enough to carry a bunch of psychopathic murderers and looters. Oh, I didn't mention? Yes, The Eternal Revenge is a pirate ship. Or rather, my pirate ship. My pride, which has been attacking ships and space stations for 30 years. She's been shot at, rammed and even crashed onto a moon. Yet every time I and my crew have fixed her up again. Well, after we got out of whatever prison we were in, at the time. Having a Xyrian ship has it's benefits. Sure, it might not be the fastest or prettiest, but it's damn well near indestructible.
    And now, you might be wondering who I am?

    I'm captain Xarn The Pillager.

    And from now on, I'm the who's orders you will follow. It's me you'll put your life on the line for. It's me you'll murder and pillage for.
    And in return, you'll get to be part of one of the most feared pirate bands in the galaxy." -
    Captain Xarn

    Please fill out the following form:


    I will let you know if your C-sheet is approved ^^

    Detoo and I want to make it known that there is a possibility of your character dying. It's a dangerous RP, so if something happens, you could get injured or killed.


    no god modding. if you do so- Xarn will squish you.
  2. Name: Nine
    Cyborg girl.jpg
    Bio: Nine once worked for intelligence. She worked undercover and reported back to the Alliance. Her methods were ruthless and she was a cold blooded killer. But the military thought she was no longer a use to them. She knew too much though, so they tried to eliminate her. She was able to escape but is now on the run. She happened to cross paths with a notorious pirate named Xarn. In exchange for protection Nine promised to work for Xarn and perhaps even share information.
    As you can see she is a cyborg.
    Also, some of her implants can be accessed by the Alliance military so they still have some control over her and can monitor her actions. She is currently trying to cut off their access but hasn't told Xarn because she thinks he would kick her off the ship or kill her if they knew.

    Thats only if its okay with you. Thought it might be interesting for the story if the military was after you.

    Hope thats a bit better! And as for the Alliance they are a larger faction of navy that controls the Local Spur Arm and Perseus Arm and are curently trying to gain controll of the Sagittarius Arm. (Assuming we are in the Milky Way Galaxy)

  3. Name: Bree
    Appearance: artgerm_500__001.jpg
    Bio: Bree had originally grown up in a poor mining community, but when her father was unable to pay taxes, the government on her planet took her away to be trained in their field. At age eighteen she had been fully operational as a bodygiard to the general in charge, and worked for him three years. The training she had underwent completely wiped her memory, and all she was now was a human automaton that was only capable of fighting and flirting(the latter was used in order to gain trust andendearment from,those already wary of her.). It didn't help that her general was a gambler and actually lost her in a card game when he'd bet her instead of money. Bree was then sold to the first ship handy...which, as it turns out, was the Eternal Revenge.
  4. Name: Jaylin
    View attachment 13748
    Age: never ask an Aldari’s age ;)

    Race: Aldari- rare beings from a dead planet

    Appearance: Jaylin is about 7ft tall and humanoid. She has long legs with Hooved feet, which makes her an excellent runner and strong jumper. Her skin is a light blue with long White hair that reaches the middle of her back. Her eyes are silver with flecks of blue. Like all Aldari, she had long horns protruting from her head and she has a long row of dark blue dots lining her back that lead to the base of her tail which is thick, long and very useful in battle.

    Skills and strengths: The Aldari have the ability to create a mirrored image of themselves to control like a puppet and confuse enemies, making them very good at trickery. They have been called “Frost goats” to humans because of their ability to freeze the water in their own bodies and in the air around them. (also in other people) Their magic allows them to create weapons from ice, and project ice from their bodies.

    Flaws and weaknesses: Jaylin isn’t very physically strong, and she isn’t very good with hand held weapons.

    Rank and job: First Mate

    Person: Jaylin is very loyal to Xarn and has been at his side for as long as she can remember. She is ruthless and sometimes horribly mean. Jaylin has yet to run into another Aldari, but she like it that way. Sometimes she thinks she cares too much for Xarn, and keeps her emotions hidden away.

  5. Name: Xarn the Pillager

    Race: Xyrian, a race of battle hardened beasts that grow larger from the fear and respect of others.

    Xarn.jpeg Slightly above 9ft of almost pure muscle. Grayish/greenish scales cover his body, protecting him from smaller weapons. Always with a grin on his face, due to his large teeth. Mostly wears a black uniform with a hint of red, to induce more fear in his enemies.

    Bio: A ruthless pirate captain, who does not hesitate to eat anyone who he feels aren't loyal enough. He has been on a crusade of murder and looting ever since he left his home planet, figuring he could become infinitely more powerful among the smaller races across the rest of the galaxy. He has gained quite a few ships with loyalty to him, yet only The Eternal Revenge is under his direct control.
  6. You gotta be more specific than "the military" :P There is quite a few militaries and navies hunting The Eternal Revenge and her captain! Many different powers in the galaxy would want to stop the mightiest pirate, after all.

    Accepted, and she sounds a bit interesting! :D

    Accepted, and also interesting sounding!

    Boring and not accepted! D:<
    I'm kidding, of course :P You restarted the thread, after all!
    Or do you have anything you wanna say about the new crew members?
  7. Name: Klunk Vwoltark
    Age: 156
    Race: Thorg's

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Klunk was born into a Technologicaly Advanced race. All Thorg's are naturally born with a give for Engineering and Mechanics. Klunk was no different. However during a vaction on a Space Liner Many years ago The liner was attacked by a Pirate Vessal call the Eternal Revenge. Because of Klunk's heritage he was taken as a Slave to work on the Eternal Revenge as an Engineer. To this day Klunk remains a Slave to the Captain Xarn. Though he has spent a great deal of time working aborad he has grown a custom to working as a Pirate and hold no more ill will towards the captain. Klunk continues to do his duty aboard teh vessals and he does it very well. Klunk has made mistakes in the past and Angered the Captain thus he made a special Eye for him to replace the one the Captain cut out.

    (hope this works for you)
  8. If your still accepting I will join when I can access a computer!
  9. Character Application.

    Name: Lakche Milakov (Lakche The Brigand Swordmaster)
    Race: Ral'cie (A race that resembles humans, excluding the fact that they grow for much longer periods, living up the age of 800 earth years on average. They also have certain natural powers passed down from family to family.)
    Age: 230 (Looks like a 23 year old. ) (A 180 year old Ral'cie would look like an 18 year old, etc.)
    Appearance: A female Ral'Cie from one of the few cities holding them, she has short cut brown hair, slightly tanned skin and eyes of the color lavender. She wears revealing clothing that does not hinder her movement or her swordplay. She has cunning grin on her face always.
    Show Spoiler

    bio: Lakche is of Noble Ral'Cie blood. She was the daughter of a rich businessman before her natural rebellious nature led her to running away, she stayed on the streets, living the life she always dreamed of. She stole for her dinner, and slept under the stars by climbing to some random stranger's roof. All was good until she stole from an extremely important mafia figure. This caused her to have multiple assassin's after her for the past years, causing her to join The Eternal Revenge as a means of escape. Now, she is quite the pirate and has very little, if even any morals and she'll do any task no matter how bloody or even dirty as long as she gets something out of it. Lakche is merciless and a murder who takes pride in her work, earning her title of the "The Brigand Swordmaster" by the people. Her blade is one of the most feared in the galaxy. She follows Xarn, somewhat rebelliously, but in the end she will still get the job done.

    Skills: Mastery of Swordplay ==> Obviously very deadly with a blade
    Darkness Enhancement ==> Grows stronger and faster when she is in darkness.
    Darkness Blade ==> Releases a energy wave from the energy absorbed by the darkness

    : Sunlight ==> Her power and speed decreases when exposed to light
    Light-Related Abilities ==> Ral'Cies are sensitive to light due to them living in a "forever night" on their home worlds.

    : I hope you liked my application . c: I see the pirate ship being chased by different pursuers so I thought futuristic gangstas ought to spice up the roleplay a bit. Hehe.

    Note2: If I'm accepted I'll elaborate a bit more on the gangstas Lakche provoked. :>

    Attached Files:

  10. Well, if you feel that you can find interesting things to do as a slave on the ship, then fine by me :P
    Even other bad guys chasing us? I see no reason not!
    Buuut I have a few questions:
    Does her natural moon-powers work in space? I mean, there isn't really a day-night cycle in space.
    Are Ral'Cies affected only by sunlight, or does artificial light make them weak as well?

    Uh... Other than that, another sword on the ship is always good :D
    But I kinda want answers before I accept you :/
  11. Oh crap forgot about that whole day-night space thing..

    Hmm. Well first of all Ral'Cies can stand artificial light as long it isn't to bright. When the light is as intense as a sun, is when it does affect them. I'm going to re-do her skills. Hehe. ^^"

    EDIT: Okay fixed, Moon stuff is nao darkness stuff. :)
  12. Yeah, now it seems a bit better! :D
    Thought it still says daytime in weaknesses :P
    But I shall accept you anyway! Your sword is now mine! But if you ever try to stab me with it, it will be the last thing you ever do! >:D
  13. Umm... I hope your talking about the element darkness becaude darkness is caused from the lack of energy. >=[
  14. Yeah, the element. :>

    Alrighty Cap'n! (I'll fix that error too. lol.)
  15. Ok just makeing sure. >.> Just checking to see if you stalk worthy >=]
  16. M'kay. ^^

    I'm sure you'll find me very worthy. >:)
  17. Oh, we'll see about that! >:D

    And I totally forgot about you! D:
    My rps are always open to my fellow Norwegians!
  18. Oh, you're Norwegian? c:

    I once went to Norway. I'm Asian though. xP
  19. Name: Auctor
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is about 5'6 tall and skinny though it can be hard to tell when he is wearing his black jacket. He has white hair, pale skinned, and dark, cold, ominous eyes.
    Bio: (Will slowly build as we go xD) He was about 15 when he snuck on the ship and was able to live 1 year without being seen until one day he just started to take orders that werent for him... mainly assassination missions until finally he asked to formally join. He doesn't care if he lives or not and gets a strange enjoyment from killing people. He doesn't like payment just lives on the pirate ship for the free food and the fact that he can kill and not be chastised for it.
    Personality: He is mysterious and talks with a monotone always sounding bored.
    Skills: He is extremely fast and is very good with pistols. He has a strange black pistol that looks blurry. No one has ever seen him carrying it with him but he seems to pull it out of thin air when he draws it. He is also good with most other weapons with the exception of longer guns and rifles.
    Extra: Not much is known about him and no one knows how he joined the group. He showed up one day on the ship and just started following orders.
  20. Eh, I'm a bit unsure about him... I mean, Xarn wouldn't bring along a 14 year old boy, mostly because he'd look tiny, weak and not very intimidating.
    So, yeah. Xarn doesn't like little boys on his ship :P
    But do feel free to try changing him or making a different char :D
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