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  1. Welcome aboard The Eternal Revenge!
    "It's not the biggest ship floating through the galaxy, yet it's big enough to carry a bunch of psychopathic murderers and looters. Oh, I didn't mention? Yes, The Eternal Revenge is a pirate ship. Or rather, my pirate ship. My pride, which has been attacking ships and space stations for 30 years. She's been shot at, rammed and even crashed onto a moon. Yet every time I and my crew have fixed her up again. Well, after we got out of whatever prison we were in, at the time. Having a Xyrian ship has it's benefits. Sure, it might not be the fastest or prettiest, but it's damn well near indestructible.
    And now, you might be wondering who I am?

    I'm captain Xarn The Pillager.

    And from now on, I'm the who's orders you will follow. It's me you'll put your life on the line for. It's me you'll murder and pillage for.
    And in return, you'll get to be part of one of the most feared pirate bands in the galaxy." -Captain Xarn


    In the darkness of space there is complete silence.
    At least that is what a research-ship believes, as they orbit the moon of an old world that has been destroyed by the nuclear fires of war.
    They are searching for old weapons and such from a bygone age. Supposedly to make sure they don't end up in the wrong hands.
    Yet their work might only make it easier to take.
    Unfortunately for the research ship the wrong hands are closer than they think, as The Eternal Revenge is hidden in an asteroid field, waiting for the ship to pass by.

    The bridge of The Eternal Revenge is as full of life as it always is. The scum of a great many races are working on keeping the ship in position, and preparing for the attack. As it's only a lone ship, it's expected to be a rather easy fight. Scare them, take what we want, leave. That is the plan, at least.

    The main doors to the bridge opens, taking the attention of the crew. Some saluted, some almost tried to hide, while others simply kept working. It was the captain entering. The captain, Xarn, was a large imposing figure, marching over to the big seat in the middle of the room, and dropping himself down into it. He took a quick look at some of the screens that appeared in front of him, before announcing;

    "Twenty minutes 'til we strike boys! Try not to wreck the ship too bad before we can get our hands on the weapons. It's fun, I know, but it's the only damn reason we are out here at all!" He looked around the room, at his crew. A lot of them were people who had come along when he broke out of prison, not too long ago. Most of the others had been picked up when they were somewhere to spend a bit of money and such. Though, there was also the very few that had been in his crew for a long time.

    "All systems ready?" He asked to the room as a whole.

    Jaylin entered the bridge with a confident stride, searching for the captain. He wasn't very hard to lose, but somehow the giant man seemed to escape her as she charged toward him with her tech pad in hand. He had asked her to chart the ships repair levels, since they were constantly fixing something or other. It seemed by the way he dodged into the bridge, he was toying with her somehow; which he normally did. Her hooves clicked against the metal floor, her hips swaying and her long white hair following her like a river of satin behind her.

    A couple of the crew turned their heads to watch her as she crossed the space, catching up with him and standing next to his gigantic throne-like seat in the center of the room.

    "Now that I've caught up with you sir, i think you should see this..." She held the illuminated pad in front of Xarn's face, knowing he wouldn't give her serious attention unless she did. "We've got a jam in the main booster, possibly the side cannon as well. If you're planning on attacking now, we have to re-route our power to the topside and west side. I advise a bit into the shield as well..." She gave him a sincere smile, hoping he would head her advice.

    Xarn grabbed the pad, giving it a quick look. "Do whatever you need to do. We're attacking someone who's barely got a gun to defend themselves, and less of them that can use them! As long as we can fly up to them and get the tractor beam on them, we'll get the old things they've got easily!" He growled, tossing the pad back at Jaylin. "They're a bunch of pansies, dusting off old stuff! They wouldn't be able to stop us, even if half The Revenge was missing!" Xarn said, leaning towards her. After glaring at her for a moment, he sat back in his seat. He knew she was just trying to keep the ship working, yet he was annoyed by her eternal nagging.

    Jaylin was a bit disappointed the captain didn't listen to her, but he rarely did. It was only sensual moments in the midst of night that he agreed to take her suggestions. She placed a hand on her hip, redirecting power and doing as he said. Jaylin was one of the few that carried a light pad with the main controls to whole ship. She was always with the captain and if they needed it, she could do anything he requested. The light pad was portable and sufficient.

    "We should take out their external engine Captain, they'll be thrown into reserve power and we can take them easily..."
    They could see their target ever so slowly drift into sight. It was only a small ship, seemingly unarmed. Probably didn't have a crew of more than 30 men, meaning it would barely be any fun at all.

    "Jaylin?" Xarn put a long, muscled arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. "Do you really think I don't have enough experience to know that shooting their engines is a good way to stop our targets?" He asked, with a slightly annoyed voice. "Some of the guys are already aiming for it. We're just waiting for it to come into position. So unless you've got any more *useful* advice, I suggest that you get your pretty little ass ready."

    "If you have enough experiance sir, perhaps you should have just brought a love slave aboard, instead of a woman with a mind and a will. This ship is as much my child as it is yours, and I will do what I can to protect her..." Jaylin wrenched her lithe body from his clutches, turning her head to her light pad again and addressing the crew. She stood with her head high and her shoulders back; always dignified.

    "Listen up! Focus the main cannon on their external engine, Captain wants that ship dead in the black. Re-route shields to a wide front blanket of coverage and prepare the pods to go down. We're going to need a team of four to accompany the Captian, who's able?"

    Jaylin seemed to inspire the crew as she rocked her hips to the sides, placing her slender fingers over her exposed hip bones. One by one fingers rose into the air for volunteers. The Adari woman leaned over at the waist, talkig directly to Xarn with honey sweet voice.

    "Take your pick, Captian."
  2. Lakche Milakov was among the crew-mates that awaited their orders. She slightly brushed her unsheathed blade with the tip of her finger, imagining just how soaked the blade would be in blood in a few moments. The slight thought of it sent chills throughout her spine and she gave a wicked smile.

    "How lovely.." Lakche cooed to herself, sheathing her beloved blade as she saw the familiar Adari women approaching their leader Xarn towards the front of the room.

    The two exchanged words with each other, but the only thing that filled Lakche's mind was the gore and slaughter. The blood-lust. Her lips quivered as she thought of it more. Lakche began to move to the front of the crowd, shoving some of the other mates on her way there. Some of the men even deliberately avoided the young lady. Her eyes dashed between each crew-mate, striking them with fear. Satisfied with her reputation her red small lips curled into that signature smile.

    "Hurry the fuck up." Lakche soon thought in her mind, interrupting her ususal, sick, twisted imagination. She crossed her arms and leaned on one leg, watching blankly at Jaylin and Xarn.

    Then Jaydin began commanded the crewmates, exciting them for battle.

    And the moment Jaydin declared that the captain will be accompanied onto their target, Lakche's hand rose confidently.

    "This will be fun~" Lakche cooed to herself once again.
  3. Auctor leaned no a wall not too far from where the captain was. Most of the crew was afraid of the mighty man but seeing as Auctor didn't care what happened to him he was one of the select few that didn't fear the captain.

    He watched as Jaylin enter with her light pad. He often wondered just how much she could do on that little thing. The captain didn't seem to keep her around just for the fact that she was good with the pad though, he defiantly had other motives and wasn't afraid to show it.

    After what seemed like forever to him Jaylin finally got up and said the captain would call on four volunteers to join him on the mission. The captain had some thing about taking only the tough crew members along with him to keep his image. Auctor didn't consider himself as one of the tough but never the less he could still attempt to volunteer.

    Auctor raised his hand lazily. He wanted to go but the captain would pick one of his big bruits over an old stow away but he wanted the pleasure of killing at least a couple of the men on the ship. He didn't care if they would be unarmed or heavily armored, the spill of the blood would bring a smile to his face, that was the only thing that kept him on this ship. Being able to kill people without punishment.
  4. Klunk came into the Bridge dirty with Oil and who knows what else all over him. "Stupid engine troubles all the time." he said walking up to the Captain and the First mate Jaylin. "The booster still has a Jam but we still have some mobility in her." With this attack do you want me to fix the Cannon on the Port side or fix the Main Booster. With your time table sir I will probably only get one fixed in time." Klunk said looking back to his Engineering pad.

    Looking back up to Jaylin. "May I suggest the Boosters Mamn with what we have currently working according to schematics the Cannon being down shouldn't cause us as much of a problem as a Main Booster." He said looking at her. Hopefully he had done right and wouldn't be beaten by one of them. Certianly being hurt by the Captain was one thing but if the First mate did it there might be more in the beating to prove it to the Captain.

    Klunk Stood by waiting for an anwser while other Voulenteered for a boarding party mission.
  5. Lucian scanned the note as he sat on his metal chair. He looked at the clumsy messenger with a look of disapproval. "How could the Captain attack when we have a damaged engine?" he growled. He brushed his bushy eyebrow. How could Jaylin allow this? He knew she was more smarts then ruthless. He knew he was not ruthless. The messenger walked away quickly. "Back to work, I guess." he thought. He tapped a number of keys on a glass surface in front of him, making numbers and other symbols appear on the large screen in front of him. "This is so dumb." he whispered... "I am extremely against this."
    After a while Lucian stomped on the floor loudly. "How can I concentrate on my work knowing that we are doing a suicide mission?" he said. Others looked at him as if he were crazy. He was. He joined the captain for a reason. Lucian knows he could never stand up to the Captain, neither Jaylin. But today... today, things are going to change. He may be shy but this time, he is going to speak and tell them what he thinks. "This isn't right." he whispered. "I'm going to make this right."
  6. Nine was more than willing to jump aboard the ship and start shooting. She had been aching for action. For the last week she had been in her quarters looking up old contacts and gathering information about her implants. She was tired of the Alliance always on her back. But it wasn't like she could just rip them out and be done with it. Ha! That would only kill her. Well at least she wouldn't have to worry about the Alliance then.
    This ship they were planning on boarding was an Alliance vessel; she could tell by the markings and design. A research ship sent out here with a bunch of scientists and a few guards. Taking out the guards would be easy, and slaughtering the scientists would be just pure joy. Every time she got a chance to fight back against the Alliance was a blood bath. She rarely ever left survivors.
    She marched up to the front of the room once Jaylin stopped fussing. "Ready to serve captain," she said with a military salute that had been beaten into her over the years. It just came naturally, though often her thoughts were less than professional or proper. Nine was already imagining the blood splattering on the walls as she blew up their tiny head.
  7. Ateyr slipped out of her small black cruiser that was docked on the Eternal Revenge. She had just finished scouting out the ship, sending important information about the crew, what they seemed to be doing at the moment and if they were well guarded straight to Jaylin's light pad. Sighing she pulled her Quarian helmet off and headed into the corridors connecting the cruiser docks to the rest of the ship.

    Ateyr stopped by the doorway to the usual gathering hall of sorts the crew seemed to be occupying currently. They seemed planning to attack the ship she had just recently scouted. She peeked her head in and saw Jaylin rallying the crew like normally would. Hands raised from the crowd and Ateyr assumed Jaylin was putting together a squad. She contemplated entering and raising her hand due to seeing some robotic aliens on the ship but decided not to.

    Turning around she continued down the corridors where she planned to reach the crew's quarters.

    "Those blood thirsty pirates ought to decimate those damned robots anyway." Ateyr said to herself with a smile.
  8. "Wait!" Lucian yelled. Everyone in the hall turned around to face him. Others just sighed as they thought he was annoying. Most of the pirates thought he was soft-hearted. Probably the softest of the crew. "We can't do this attack! Think about what happens if we fail!" he yelled. The Captain faced him, his bulk figure casting a long shadow. "I know this because one of our engines is failing!" he cried. "Who cares about what you think." a person in the crowd said. "You aren't even half of a pirate." They all laughed. Lucian's face turned red. "I got here for a reason!" he said, shifting his weight nervously. The crew could smell his fear. "You can't even bear to see blood." a wicked girl said with a crooked snarl. Lucian flinched. "Oh, but I can." Lucian replied. The girl laughed. "Prove it!" the girl challenged. Lucian crossed his arms. "I can kill anyone, anywhere, any time." he bluffed. "I WILL prove it to you all... then maybe you will listen to me more often."
    Lucian, trying to prove to his crew mates that he was ruthless, forgot about the engine. A mistake that might backfire later?
  9. Auctor sighed still holding his hand up. He wondered if they would let him kill the girl... Lucian was annoying but right now she was just being bitch. Captain might listen to him and that could mean Auctor could shoot her... then again captain didn't like him killing the crew...
  10. Lakche watched from the front of the room, she watched what happened closely. As much as the next mate, she wanted to go and demolish the ship and to ravage its riders. However she knew that the Cap'n disliked fighting from with the ship. If it weren't for this one restraint she would kill both the girl and Lucius. Her hand felt for the handle of her blade but the other stayed firmly in the air.
  11. Xarn stomped over to the little man yelling about not attacking the enemy ship. "So you think you can kill anyone?" He grabs Lucian around the neck, lifting him up to his face, holding him inches away from his face. "I doubt it." He let out a small chuckle, before he ripped the little man's head off with his teeth, followed by a few crunches as the skull was crushed.
    Xarn tossed the dead body aside and pointed to Acutor, Nine, Lakche and a fourth person in power armor. "You four, get to the teleporter. The rest of you, fire at the ship's engines, to make sure it doesn't get away. If its actually armed, make sure that the Revenge doesn't get hurt. If she is, I'll hurt you!" He roared, before he started walking towards the door to the 'porter room.
  12. Auctor smiled. Finally some blood! He didn't care that he wasn't able to kill Lucian himself, at least he got to watch. Then the captain pointed at him and three others being told to go to the teleporter room. This meant he would be aloud to join the blood bath. He followed Xarn with a smile... a somewhat cold smile. It was enough to make some of the crew back away, when he smiled like that it meant he was planning on killing someone. All he could do was think about the heads exploding and the begging for mercy. They would be at his whim... that means he would be able to play with them for a bit before he would shoot them. Giving them a little hope to chew on until he ends it with a single bullet.
  13. Lakche chuckled at Lucian's feeble attempt to defy the captain. The man never stood a chance. Lakche had wished she was the one to kill the idiot but she'd feed her sword nonetheless. The Captain pointed to her, and three other blood thirsty pirates. She only knew two of them, Nine and Auctor. They were quite the skilled fighters. Lakche would have loved to test her blade on them but she was under the jurisdiction of the Captain so she couldn't.

    Lakche soon left the meeting hall after Xarn, and followed him to the transporter room. She pulled out her blade and traced its edge.

    "Ahh Skaschar, tonight is going to be a feast~" Lakche spoke to her blade with a insane look in her eyes. She sheathed it once more and a wicked smile appeared on her face.
  14. The blood and joy of seeing the little man’s head get smashed was already giving Nine thoughts of destruction. It seemed as if Nine had love for nothing more than ending life, all to ensure her own survival. "Yes sir!" she said like a drone then went to follow Xarn. Xarn was a very able and strong captain, and heartless at that. Nine admired him. She could easily say he was the best commanding officer she had the pleasure of working under, and the only one she ever feared. In fact, he was the only man she had ever feared. This fear that he drove into his crew was what made him so powerful, besides his own strength. They would obey, or be crushed.

    Nine pulled out her sniper rifle and began to unfold it as they marched. She was fine model; top quality. "Widow Maker" is what Nine named her. It was perfect for her; custom built. Long, sleek, and dangerous black, slow rate of fire, but held impact. With the scope and her implants nothing passed her notice, and it was always a sure hit. But Widow wasn’t her only girl. When bad came to worse and close range was needed she would toss Widow aside and play with “Ravage”. Alliance issue, but hers was better than all the rest. The Ravage had been at her side though thick and thin, and had picked up a few enhancements along the way. <o:p></o:p>
    Nine admired her sniper rifle as they made their way to the telli room. With a cleaning rag she always had on hand she began to ‘pet’ her darling. Nine liked to give her a nice shine before she got down and dirty. <o:p></o:p>
    In more than one way the weapon was part of her. Nine pulled out a cord from the back of her head and plug it into her rifle. This was one of a few things that gave her an edge. Nine was ready to put the screws into her next victims.

    BlackWidow.jpg ME M5 Pistol.jpg ((Her weapons. Weapons from Mass Effect. I have no imagination.)) <o:p></o:p>
    <o:p> </o:p>
  15. Jaylin smirked as the captain made quick work of the feeble annoyance. A thick splattering of blood cast across Xarns face as he chomped the mans head, splashing blood to the floor of the command. Jaylin watched the bloody pile and sighed, knowing she would have to find a way of cleaning up Xarns mess; like always.

    "You heard the captain!" Jaylin boomed as Xarn left the room. She pointed at the crew members controlling the front cannons, flicking her wrist as if to tell them to open fire. They were quick to swivel around in their chairs and key in the commands. As the cannons charged, she checked her light pad, communicating down to the transporter room that Xarn and a small crew were set to be transported. She turned her narrow face towards Klunk, smiling as she suggested a course of action. "Take the engine offline while were waiting on the captain to return, do the repairs necessary and I'll com you when we need more power. The Revenge should have enough reserve stored to keep the atmosphere stable."
  16. Being a Leonid on a ship had its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand he was allowed to plunder as much as he could carry which, with his size, was quite a bit. While on the other his size made it difficult to maneuver the hallways. Much less a crowded one anyways. He never really went anywhere without his armor on and only really took it off to sleep or relax in his room. The armor covered his torso, lower body, forearms, and hands. He also had a helmet but he rarely wore it. His excuse was that it made his mane itch but he knew that he was really just lazy. The attire without his armor, which almost no one saw him in, would consist of just a tank top and loose cloth pants.

    Ramses was a simple one who never strayed far from his work or room. He would sometimes enjoy the crew merriment but it was on rare occasions. He mostly enjoyed tinkering, it was his way to pass time. He would raid the enemy's armory whenever he got the chance only to dismantle what he took. Figure out how it was built, how it work and then played with new ways to upgrade them. All of his armor and weapons had been upgraded to what he likes and, when he wasn't tinkering on new toys for himself, he'd take requests from other crew members when he was bored.

    Bored was the key word. They'd been on this ship The Realm knows how long. Not including just being in the asteroid field waiting for this ship. He remembered first joining the crew. It was a lot of hustle and bustle, always something new happening. Or so he remembered it anyway. He joined just for the idea of making a little money and then being done with it but soon warmed up to the way of the pirate. His instincts told him to trust no one and he must have worn that cloak that shrouded his face -so that you could only see a faint glimmer of his amber eyes- for at least three months before he warmed up to the crew as well.

    This was Ramses' fifth voyage with the captain. He enjoyed working under him for the most part. He'd become a reliable member of his crew and took all of the captains commands without a negative thought, even though he had to literally look down to look him in the eyes. He was in his room, a bit bigger than most due to his size. His mane barely brushed the ceiling. Parts to different weapons and armor scattered among the floor and a table and schematics with notes all over them lined his desk. He picked up a power cell and shoved it into his armor which immediately whirred into life with a faint blue glow. He looked at his desk and pulled a pad from it. He touched the screen and a camera view of the entire bridge flickered into life. He saw the captain in his chair with Jaylin beside him and he gave a slight smirk.

    He put the pad back down, turned up the volume and picked up an automatic blaster he'd picked up off and enemy transport ship. It was mounted when he found it but had since removed it and had added a pump-action barrel to the bottom. He loaded the two chambers as he listened to the chatter going on. He paused and looked at the screen as Lucian perked up. He finished loading and cocked the main chamber as Lucian yelled. After Xarn got up and ripped the head off of the feeble man he gave a roaring laugh. "That's Ramses' captain", he said with a hearty grin. His ears perked up at the word 'volunteers'. He gave a huge grin that showed all of his teeth. "YES", he exclaimed as he smacked his energy knuckles together making them crackle. He turned off the pad, slung the weapon over his shoulder and left the room.

    He went for the telleporter room as quickly as he could. The hall ways were smaller than he was so he has duck and weave a bit. He finally reached the stairwell. The telleporter room was two floor above him. He reached his massive hand to the next floor up and, with a heave, lifted himself to the next floor. He did it once more and left the stairwell. It wasn't that he didn't ask the captain for permission, it was that he knew the captain wouldn't mind another tag-along volunteer. He saw the group of volunteers walking towards the room and hurried to catch up with them. Although he didn't have to hurry much considering one of his strides was two of theirs.

    "Hello fellow volunteers", he said with a grin as he walked up beside the others. "Ramses is pleased to know that Ramses is not the only one excited to leave the ship for some violence. Ha ha, let's show these nerds what real pirates are made of."

    He gave Nine a little nudge with his elbow in a jeering manner. Ramses didn't pay attention to the strength of his actions sometimes. What he meant to be light would sometimes be a little unintentionally harder and he may have sent her a bit off balance. Ramses wasn't paying attention though. He was too busy grinning.
  17. Nine was a little off put by the arrival of the third-person speaking giant. She had too look way up to even see his face. "How can one even operate being so larger," Nine questioned to insult. But it was an honest question. Nine relied on agility, cunning, and quick thinking. Ramses was large and cumbersome, making it hard for him even to walk around the ship. And to add on to the bulk he wore thick power armor. They were nearly polar opposites. But Nine had to admit, she did have some amount of respect for the man. He could take a beating, and his strength was nearly unmatched. But Nine was sure if the two were ever to come to blows, she would be on top. In less that a second she could pin point his every weakness, and from there hit them all.

    Since Nine could not prove her superiority though battle with him, she decided to come up with a game. "Hey Ramses!" she taunted, "How about a little challenge this time? Keep count of your kills and I'll keep count of mine. We'll compare after the mission." Nine was almost grinning as much as he was. "I promises to be honest with my score. My implants will make sure of that." She tapped on her optical sensors. "Scientist and unarmed civilians count as one, while guards count as two. Deal?"
  18. Xarn couldn't help but to grin slightly at the large crew-member approached the group. "So the big kitten wants to play as well then? Heh, well, we could always use your strength to help carry the loot. Especially the one special thing I'm here for..." He started rubbing his hands together slightly, thinking of the prize.

    He stepped through the door to the 'porter room, and took the short walk over to his little stash of weapons in there. He grabbed his large machine gun and equally big sword. The gun, just like the ship, was Xyrian, big, loud, durable and known for laying down more led than most other guns. His sword on the other hand, was something he had found on one of his many raids. It glowed faintly of red, and cut through flesh like it was nothing. He took one in each hand, before stepping onto the teleportation pad. "And you... Eight or Nine, or whatever, that little game sounds like a fun idea. I'm in on it. But remember lads, leave at least one of the scientists alive! We wanna know where they hide the things so we don't have to search the entire ship!"
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