The Espers; Demon Hunting Legacy

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    +Locations will be added as the RP progresses!

    In a time lost and forgotten, demons and monsters ruled the earth. Humans were cast into hiding, scared, afraid, and most certainly lost. Though monsters were the more passive of the ruling species, but stayed out of the demon's way, the demons sought the humans for possession of their souls. Out of any creature on earth, human souls were the most potent. Why? Because of their close spiritual link with the very being the demons feared. Human souls wouldn't kill them on contact like any holy being, rather they would empower them. Monster souls were very similar, but they were weaker and less sought for than human souls. One day the human's cries were finally answered; both the demons and monsters were punished. The demons because of eating and collecting human souls for power, and the monsters for allowing it to happen and sometimes even assisting with slave trades. The demons were banished to a fiery pit, the monsters given a much less severe punishment; They were to spend ten thousand years on an unreachable island within what is known today as the Bermuda Triangle, at the heart of the formation. Anytime a monster would try to leave, the boat would just enter a fog and then cause them to end up right where they started. Monsters gave up trying to leave and established a civilization as the world outside continued to evolve faster and faster.
    And soon, their long period of waiting was done. The mist around the island finally dispersed. Though the monsters of then were terrified to leave their home, fearing they'd be killed by the elements or humans. A group of monsters bearing gifts for them set sail, ending up on the soil of the Bahamas. They met the natives, showing that they had come in peace. The first couple months, the humans were afraid of their presence, but they soon calmed down and softened up to them. The monsters came back to their home island to report the news. Overjoyed yet cautious, more and more monsters were deployed, all over, to seek peace with the humans.
    Decades later, they were accepted into society, though having some racism on their backs. They still had a lot to learn of this new world they hadn't stepped into for a long time. Everything was finally happy...
    Until the attacks started.
    Cities were suddenly burned down on a few consecutive nights. Humans and monsters alike were killed. Both species were scared for one another's safety, but before fingers could be thrown to the other, the Second Coming occurred.
    It was as if the sky broke open; angels and Etheral beings alike, coming down, and seeming plentiful afraid. The angels alerted both species that a terrible thing had happened; an unbalance of sorts. It had completely set the demons free, and destroyed their home in the process. A plan was to be made. The Arcangels, the leaders with multiple wings and heavily armored, commanded a group of both humans, and monsters, were to come together. A new place to live was to be set in order, but they could not take the currently 15 billion residents of the earth at once. Their power would wear from creating the dimension alone, and it would take long after the demons had killed everyone to be able to have enough power to pull everyone in. Time was finite and they needed to devise a plan to eradicate the demons. The dimension was made, which was later named the Aether, and the group of humans and monsters got to work. It was then learned that the lower tier angels and Etherals could create portals of their own into the dimension. This got the group to thinking. They could create an organization, using the Etherals to create a gateway between the worlds, and slowly bring more and more people in.
    Twenty years later, a grand city sat in the middle of the world, the demon slaying organization, otherwise known as the Espers, continued their work. The most they could do was save those who were the survivors of a demon attack, since they could not track where the demon's locations as they decided where next to hit. Any children brought in were taught how to fight demons, and were immediately put to work. Everyone in the Espers was to befriend an Etheral, and go out on missions to rescue, or slay targetted demons, to be payed with the world's currency, Euries, in return.

    Missions are both a way to earn money, and to rid the world of demons. They are ranked by how dangerous and intelligent they are.
    Demons are difficult and dangerous to combat on one's own, no matter how low ranked or stupid they are. A minimum of three people, and a maximum of five, one of them having to be a Bachelor, are needed to preform a mission. They are posted on the board and renewed every week, and every finished/taken mission is marked with a red dash on the upper right part of the paper. Sometimes all the missions are taken and one would have to wait until Saturday for a renewal.

    This is the list of mission ranking, the highest is Class A*** and the lowest is class C-

    A***- This group of demons is thrown to the oldest, wisest, and most powerful demons. They have been around since the imprisonment. It would take an entire army of people and monsters wielding the Ethereal's full power and to tolerate it for long to kill one.
    These ranked missions are never seen on the board.
    A**- These demons are not too different from the previous rank, aside from a large strength difference.
    A*- These demons are ranging in at even smarter than humans. They know methods to get their food and do their ways without having to even lift a claw. They're masterminds in manipulation.
    A- These demons are intelligent, and quite tricky. They know better than to lumber around and crush towns, marking these demons as the more elusive crowd.
    B*- These demons are straying towards slightly higher intelligence, probably an IQ of 60, their activity mostly pointed to property or possession damage.
    B- The demons in this category only have enough intelligence to know how to speak, and only cause mischief and are quite annoying.
    C- These demons only have a scrap of human behavior, though mostly roam haphazardly like a rabid animal.
    C- - These demons have no humanity, no motives, only know to roam around, eat souls, and destroy things.

    Every member of the Esper falls under a certain rank, may it be achieved by skill, the power of their weapon and bond with their Ethereal, or having an idenifiable personality trait.

    A male or female under the age of 14. They're not exactly a part of the Espers yet, though are training and close protection of them. They cannot do missions.
    A male or female of the age of 14 or a little older. They have just started official work as a part of the Espers. To prove they are ready, they must take an entrance exam; working with their Ethereal to summon their weapon, and show they've evenly split their power. They are able to preform only up to B ranked missions.
    A member of the Espers who is recognized for a great deed and is then promoted. The Bachelor is able to lead their comrades on missions.
    The Bannerette is a much more recognized member of the Espers who has shown great leadership, control, and power. Their position is to watch over the missions and report any saved people or horribly injured people. They are able to go on missions, though their current job is funded by the government, so it really isn't needed unless they need some more Euries in a short spurt of time.
    A member of the militia part of the Espers that go to the front lines. They frequently leave through portals to save humans and monsters from demon-caused destruction. Consideing they're frequently at the front lines, they are funded by the government as most of their income.
    A commander is promoted solely on how powerful their weapon and Ethereal are. The four of them are deemed the most experienced and powerful out of anyone in the militia aside from the Grand Master. They sometimes are even able to wield the full power of an Ethereal for a short spout of time without their soul extinguishing.
    Grand Master
    Considered the most powerful of the Espers, the Grand Master has definitely earned their title. They oversee everything in both the military and normal ranks, deeming those who are worthy to become the next rank.

    Sometimes, people's weapons aren't made for fighting. They're healing based. Those with weapons as such are appointed as medics. They are taught about how to properly use their ability, and put it to use. They cannot go on missions, though are quite fairly funded by the government because of their scarcity and how much they would need healing magic.
    With some people, a weapon isnt even created. It's just a ball of any color light. These people are ranked as Elementals. They have some defect within their soul that prevents their weapon from forming properly and forces it to remain in what seems to be it's simplistic form. They cannot be wielded for combat, but can be used for practical things, such as lighting a fireplace, kickstarting an engine, even bring life back to a garden. They are treated on the same level as Citizens because they fear if they're allowed to go on missions, the demon would easily eat them.
    Just normal, law-abiding people of the various towns. Majority of them are unable to wield an Ethereal's power for plenty of reasons, or are children too young to take up Page work. Others are just retired Espers or those too injured to continue their work.

    Not too much to say about monsters; they're actually very similar to humans despite looks. They normally take the appearance of a humanoid animal. They take up some of the army, being viewed as valuable allies.

    Ethereals are creatures who are truly the animal equivalent of angels. They act as guardians, trackers, and even companions.
    Ethereals aren't chosen; they chose who their partner will be, in a sense of sensing their spirits and knowing their compatibility.
    Ethereals abilities vary, from being able to change their form, to healing people with a nuzzle.
    They never harm unless told to, or knows it's an evil force. They are completely against harming people without a proper reason.
    Ethereals are tiered determining their abilities, size, and strength.
    Tier 1
    The usual tier of Ethereals that Pages obtain. They are fairly small, one could even call them babies or children. They don't have quite the amount of strength yet, but they are the easiest to train with for children, since both of their souls are around the same level of weakness.
    Tier 2
    Ethereals in this tier take up majority of the Espers. They are just one bump up in power, and they can do much more with their power than before. They appear larger than before, to match with their soul's strength.
    This tier is considered the majority/average.
    Tier 3
    Tier 3s are considered the most powerful form of Ethereals. Not many have succeeded in becoming so powerful. They are also considered rare, since mostly only the Grand Master owns one. They have been known to be able to fully merge with their partner's soul, creating a temorarily powerful being, almost as powerful as a full-fledged angel.
    Ethereals all look different; from what could look like a housepet, to a divine beast. They could even take the form of a humanoid, but it takes a lot of magic to succeed.

    There are two ways Ethereals reproduce.

    Reinarnation- Ethereals don't truly die; they only revert back to their first stage with no memory of what happened before.

    Splitting- Ethereals, when at a certain stage, are able to split part of their being into a new, living Ethereal. The Ethereal born from it can either look exactly like the parent, or be an entirely new species.

    Demons are rather mysterious, other than the fact that they're wicked, smart, and eat souls. People have been trying to figure out exactly how they work, only a few things being found out:
    -Certain demons give certain diseases
    -Certain forms of demons can determine their intelligence
    -When a demon is in attack mode, they have to reveal their "heart"

    Demons are classified depending on size, shape, strength, and intellgience. Though they sometimes may not fall into one category, their intelligence may vary, but they are described by any other similar in species, so an intellgient demon in what is a class of normally dim-witted demons may be underlined as rare.
    Beast - Demons who trod on four legs. Looks the most like an animal. Not very intelligent
    Walker - Demons who walk on their hind legs. Sometimes they use front arms to assist in balance, but it mostly is their hind legs. Somewhat intellgient, mostly the mischievious ones.
    Flight - Demons who are able to fly. They normally have the intellgience of, well, a bird.
    Beast - Walker - The mixture of these two classes can hail a much stronger hybrid. They can walk on both four and two legs, and are rather fast in their movements. Intelligence varies.
    Beast - Flight - This hybrid is both able to walk on fours and fly. They are deemed very intelligent. Tricky, even.
    Devil - These demons are about the strongest, smartest, non-ancient class out of all of them. They can bear several different characteristics and are normally the class to transmit diseases.
    Ancient - This class is the most dangerous group of demons to exist. Only the militia deals with them.

    - Afflicted by insect-esque demons. If they have an egg sac, they are able to inject one of it's eggs into a human or monster via attack. It takes the next time the person falls asleep for the egg to hatch, so they could end up doing whatever until they fall asleep, and when they wake up they have an extremely pale complexion and feel rather drained. This is caused by the hatching having successfully latched onto and consuming the soul. The process takes an entire week within several steps. The Larva stage, the Post-Larva stage, the Chrysalis stage, and finally the Adult stage. The Post-Larva stage's signs are high fever, memory problems, Loose bowels, and over-eating. Normally after this stage is complete, the victim is taken into the hospital. They are unable to remove the parasite after it hatches, since it would cause severe damage to the soul. When the Chrysalis stage begins, the person's eyes seem to become duller and duller, their skin getting rougher and flakier, like a molting reptile. Their chest has a darker hue as the demon continues to feed on the soul, even in it's chrysalis form. At this point the victim appears to lose their humanity. They cannot remember anyone who they see, even if they reintroduce. Their ability to retain memory or display emotion is completely gone. The Adult stage begins when the victim's body finally gives out. The adult breaks from the chest area and attempts to fly around and eat any souls it can find, which is dealt with immediately.

    Madness - This is caused by higher-tiered demons, normally those associated with the mind or emotions. This has a broad spectrum of effects; though it all draws down to one thing; the victim loses their mind or their humanity. The only treatment for this disease is therapy and pills, though the afflicted are still convinced to go on missions.

    Terror - A rather bothersome and potentially fatal illness. It can be casted by either mental demons, or certain types of poison. This instills terror in the victim, hench it's name. It can be accompanied by fever, weak muscles, and constant sweating. The afflicted is forced into a state of paranoia and panic, anxiety being their root personality during this illness's take. Their chances for an ulcer, aneurysm, heart attack, or any stress-caused illness are spiked. The only cure is to keep them in a calm environment until the symptoms pass.

    Paralysis - A disease inflicted mainly by poisoning. The victim is unable to move their body for an uncertain amount of time, may it be temporary and quick, or last for months on end.

    Unknown - Any disease that doesnt fall into one category of known afflictions. They are having to be thoroughly researched and come with a cure, but sometimes they only happen once, so they have to make a cure for specifically those afflicted.

    Human souls
    - They are both the closest in connection to 'the creator' for a mundane creature, and the way for a demon to become powerful via consumption. Though they are close to how an angel's soul is form, because of the human's granted free will's ability to go down a bad path, their souls are basically a not-so-pure version of an angel's soul. Even so, they can easily bond part of their soul's power with an Ethereals and produce a weapon.

    Monster souls - Monster souls may not be as powerful as a human soul, but they are both less of a target for demons, and can easily bond part their soul's power with an Ethereal's, even can take having an Ethereal's entire soul within them than a human. This is because they were not created the same way as humans, and thus did not have the same expectations in life as them, making them more pure of soul. Majority of monsters are peace-lovers, leading researchers to believe their souls are mostly made of positive emotions, rather than a mix with humans.

    Ethereal souls - Ethereal souls are best described as a simple angel soul. As their power grows, so does their soul. They are able to bond with humans and monsters, creating a sort of holy weapon for them, which is the only way to slay demons.

    Angel souls - Angel souls are completely potent and pure. They are both people who have died holding onto good intentions, and those who have lived up there since the beginning. They have a fair amount of power, more than a Tier 3 Ethereal.

    Archangel souls - Archangel souls have immense power, as they were created to be the ultimate guardians of their realm. They have enough joined power to create, or even destroy a dimension.

    Demon souls - The exact polar opposite of an angel's soul; both powerful but impure. This negative soul is thought to be the source of negativity in the world.

    Ancient demon souls - Basically are demon souls powered up by the continuous consumption of many, many human souls, and having lived a long lifespan. These are deemed the ultimate evil, the most powerful evil beings to exist.


    Credit to Rusty for rules 1-5! >u0

    1. GM has last say. If you and a GM are in a fight, (stop breaking rule 2, and) ask the main GM, and they decide.

    2. Don't fight, especially with a GM, if you find something unfair, just ask a GM. Don't like their answer? Step up to the main GM, still don't like the answer? Explain why in one, clear, very specific PM to the main GM, stating your reasoning. Main GM still has the last say, though.

    3. We're all here to have fun and enjoy the RP. Don't powerplay or metagame, that's simply not fun for others.

    4. I can't stress enough... Do not fight. If you do, both sides are at fault for not taking it to PMs or asking a GM. If you think something's turning into a fight, keep it to two posts each before you take it directly to PMs and let others enjoy their fun.

    5. If for some reason, you'll be away for a bit, or even just feel so opposed to posting that you won't post for a couple days or more, tell someone, please. If you don't post for two days and you're holding someone up, you will be skipped and others will act as if you weren't there in the first place.

    6. Please do NOT try to do or find any loopholes in the rules so you can make with your mischief. Even if it may not technically be against the rules, if it is a bother to the community and you are acting out of malice, we will ask you put a stop to it, or you are out of the rp.

    7. Please do obey the Iwaku forum board rules.

    8. Keep anything 18+ to spoiler (WITH A WARNING OF EXPLICIT DETAILS. IF YOU FAIL TO ADD THIS YOU ARE OUT IMMEDIATELY.) or pm ONLY. This isn't a Liberteen/tine rp.

    9. Please do have your posts be a reasonable length. If we notice you're only putting two sentences of effort into it when you could be putting more in the situation, and are constantly posting shorter than 5 sentences, we will brief it with you to be more detailed. Failure to improve results in a kick. The favored length of a post is 1-2 paragraphs (Detail and character movement ALONE, without dialogue as a stepping stool.)


    1. Your character can be a monster, human, or a hybrid of those two ONLY. Angels and Demons cannot reproduce with humans or monsters, so don't even bother pulling that. Don't try to pull some nonsense like your character was infused with demon/angel blood so that makes them part- No. No. Angels and Demons aren't solid, blood-carrying creatures to begin with. Demons may carry pure malice, but that is impossible to collect, considering it sizzles away in seconds on any surface. Even if they could have some form of essence extracted, it would kill someone within seconds of holding it within them.

    2. Your character cannot start out in a rank higher than Bachelor without consent. Anyone of any age over 11 or so can be a Page, Squire, Balchelor, etc., so your age is not rank specific.

    3. If your character is just starting out, their Ethereal HAS to be a Tier 1. Tier 1's maximum size is a miniature pony. Don't complain.

    4. Don't try to make your character have "Main Character Syndrome" or "Special Snowflake Syndrome". What I mean is, for example: "Oh, Nalia was born with an extremely powerful soul!" or "Edwin was able to attract a Tier 3 Ethereal, what luck!" and most certainly "Riena was promoted to Commander at age 8! She's such a talented kid!". These are all lazy and bullshit reasons to have your character be powerful or talented early on, and to have them have an excuse to be above everyone else. That is not going to cut it here.

    5. Don't be bullshit with technology here...
    Even if it's the distant future, don't be bullshit with the technology such as whipping out a cellphone during battle. Espers do not use technology on duty. Things like TVs and computers exist and are used, but nothing like motor vehicles or huge machines were able to be brought over or used, when really they don't need to be used.

    6. No Mary-Gary sues! You know what i'm talking about, so you know what not to do here.

    7. Be reasonable with it if your character is affected by a demonic illness. If your character is afflicted with Madness, don't have them going through the streets, killing people and crap. There has to be a build-up to them losing it, and besides, everyone will recognize your strange symptoms and bring you to the hospital, with or against your will, so don't pull the "But she/he never got checked at." excuse just for your character to go wild.

    8. Your summoned weapon is not able to kill anything but demons. It's mainly why there isn't many murder cases in the Aether; The weapons can't harm angelic or mundane beings.

    9. Your summoned weapon has height limits by rank and experience. Your character can't possibly have trained with their weapon for 1 year and expect to even be able to whip it out when it's needed.
    Page: Probably unable to summon all the time - 1 foot long at maximum
    Squire-Bachelorette: Normally 2-5 feet
    Seargent-Grand Master: 6-9 feet

    10. Your summoned weapon cannot be a gun or a bow an arrow. Projectile weapons are impossible in this world and they aren't formed.

    11. If your character is a monster, do not have them be half vampire or whatever. Mythological creatures do NOT exist in this world. You can have your character have batty traits, but stuff like burning in the sunlight is not possible, which goes onto our next rule...

    12. If your character is a monster, or even HALF monster, THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY SPECIAL ABILITIES. A monster has just as much power as a human. Never have I stated that monsters had powers of their own. That would put them on an unequal ground, since a special ability, plus a weapon, plus an Ethereal would unbalance EVERYTHING.

    13. Im sure some of you may be confused, but if your character is part or completely monster, do NOT HAVE DISCRIMINATION BE A HUGE PART OF THEIR BACKSTORY. The harsh racism stopped before their grandparents were even spermed, and monsters are VERY heavily valued as a part of the Ethereals due to them having better control of their weapons, even hybriding is encouraged. This rule kind of tacks onto the special snowflake rule, so that gives you even more of a reason to think it's a bad idea. DON'T DO IT.





    (Items marked with * are optional)
    Appearance: Description/Anime/Realistic-ish drawing please!
    Species: (Human, Monster, or Human-Monster hybrids ONLY)
    Age (+Date of Birth):

    Current Residence:
    History: (At least two paragraphs)
    Personality: (At least 1 paragraph)

    Demonic Illness?: (DO NOT ADD TO UNLESS YOUR CHARACTER HAS BEEN AFFLICTED IC OR HAS A REASON IN THEIR HISTORY AS TO WHY THEY HAVE IT. Put yes or no, stating which they have, but remember, Chrysalis is process-fatal.)

    (Rate on a scale of 1-100; remember this will normally change throughout what your character does IC.)
    *Mental Health:
    *Physical Health:

    YOE: (Years of Experience; Basically how long you have been working in your position. Page years do not count for Espers)
    Weapon: (Remember, your weapon doesn't have to be one that exists irl, you can find a strange looking one online, as long as it doesn't hit the length limits for your rank.)

    Ethereal's Appearance:
    Ethereal's Tier:
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Camellia "Nelly" Rogers
    Gender: Female
    Species: Hybrid (Only monster-ish traits are slitting pupils, small white horns coming from her head, and sharp teeth. Cat/Goat-like)
    Age (+Date of Birth): 19 (3/23)
    *Sexuality: Straight

    Birthplace: Earth
    Current Residence: Eironis (Middle-class district)
    History: Camellia was rescued from a fire somewhere in Ireland as a 4 year old girl. She was under severe care for a couple of days, due to having inhaled a lot of smoke to the point of passing out, and was suffering from shock. The day she woke up, the medics were relieved she was alive, a week later putting her up for adoption because her parents had died in the fire and she had not a sibling in sight. She was adopted by a retired member of the Espers, an elderly man named Joseph. He had discovered Camellia's compatibility with Ethereals when she was trying to connect with one after seeing a demonstration as an 8 year old. He put her up to begin training immediately, which she was thrilled for.

    For the next couple years, she trained hard, and could properly connect with her Ethereal, Eltra, at age of 12. When she was promoted to Squire after the test, she did remarkably well in her years, even when the missions got rough. She was proven to be worthy of the position of Bachelor by the age of 18, just in time for her birthday to be rolling around. She felt pride, and so did her father, though Joseph was losing his years. She visited him every day in the hospital, for the man was dying, mainly from old age. Though him seeing her day and day again brought some life to him, even if it was a little.

    Though, in her first mission leading as a Bachelor, something unexpected had occurred. Though she was facing a B demon with two other people, an A** class showed up, which only appeared weak, even so frightening their Ethereals off. It was a mind orientated demon, and they weren't prepared for it. All three of them were struck with horrors as the demon had preformed something that jammed a huge amount of information into their minds, which caused panic. Being more experienced however, with what little conscious strength she had, turned her blade and struck it where it could be touching. It pulled her from the trance, but she still had her mind ablaze with the over abundance of information. Even so she struggled to get her comrades out, crying out to Eltra to open the portal.
    That was the last thing she could remember until she blacked out.
    When her consciousness was coming to resurfacing, she had a surplus of horrible, terrifying dreams at once, which instantly woke her up. It was in the middle of the night, and she was hooked up to life support. She left the hospital, rather exhausted, after an hour.

    The next day she was mailed a report saying her comrades had died from shock the next morning. She didn't see the note until a week after. After she got home, she couldn't stop thinking... She had so much shoved in her mind that she had to write... And write... And write...
    She was extremely obsessed with writing for majority of the week, not even taking a break to use the bathroom or eat, despite her Ethereal's worried words. Since she was off duty for quite a while, two Esper members were sent to her home to discover her predicament. They urged her to leave the house with them but she violently refused. It took them dragging her out of the house and telling her that her adoptive father had died to make her come.

    She was later diagnosed with Madness, and was prescribed experimental pills that were originally made for her dying team mates, to suppress the flow of the infinite knowledge. She was to take them every 8 hours, and to never let the pills run out. She agreed, even if it made her feel strange. She still wasn't able to sleep, but lapse into a gentle half sleep, so she got some sort of mental rest. She wasn't able to directly access the knowledge, either, but her memory skills drastically improved. She went back on duty a month later, Apri 21rst.

    Personality: Before the incident, Camilla was a spirited, prideful young girl. She loved taking action, but put everyone before herself in a serious situation. She strived to protect everyone from demonkind, even if that wish was at first undoable. She tried her best in every single action, every single event, everything. After she was inflicted with Madness, her previous personality seemed to be erased. She takes now a nearly emotionless stance and a bleak outlook, it would be enough to say having all that knowledge stuffed in her made her almost completely forget how to be human. She cannot even cry anymore, though can display weak shows of happiness, sadness, and sternness. Though she still seems concerned for everyone's wellbeing, even if she's lost care for her own.

    Off the pill, she is a completely different person. She's obsessed with answering her "questions", even if it means harming or killing something else. Shown in the first outburst she had, she can go days and days, doing nothing but writing down every thought that ran through her head, for weeks, months, until she dropped.

    Demonic Illness?: Madness (Knowledge-based)

    Mental Health: 75
    Physical Health: 100

    Rank: Bachelor
    YOE: 6 years
    (First 5 swords are the entire evolutionary line. She is currently at the 3rd one)

    Ethereal's Appearance:
    (She's completely white, though)
    Ethereal's Tier: 2 (About the size of a young male lion)
  3. Appearance:
    Name: Talon R. Malvinus
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Age (+Date of Birth): 23 (5/7)
    Sexuality: Open to any offers

    Birthplace: Earth
    Current Residence: Erionis (Small home-Lower Quarter)

    History: Talon at a young age had an adventure's soul loving to wander around his small town which forced him to use his imagination as not many interesting things happened within the quiet little hold. Never really having a parental figure in his life Talon grew up fending for himself which included learning about the world, creating his own style of swordplay to battle imaginary demons, and how to earn a free meal by putting on a wide smile and coaxing a few coins out of a sympathetic townsfolks purse. Then all of a sudden these happy times came to an end when a dark figure invaded his home and destroyed his entire childhood within what seemed to be seconds as once by one this entity mowed down all he knew with a sick, perverted smile upon its face. He was only spared the sweet embrace of death by panicing and hiding within a cluster of bodies of former friends until the nightmare was over. A day passed before he was discovered by a team of Espers who were sent out to inspect the village, but sadly arrived too late. The Bachelor in charge, James D. Rollo, Took the boy on as his charge seeing the obvious fire and burning rage within him to get revenge for what was taken from him, and with that Talon was introduced into the order of the famed demon hunting coalition, The Espers.

    Several years passed by within the blink of an eye as Talon pushed his body, mind, and soul to their limits to advance along the path of reaching higher status and power to get his chance to one day challenge the demon who robbed him of his life, and pay it back with interest. Finally at the age of 18 Talon had proved himself worthy, after many trials and tribulations, of the title of Bachelor which he wore with pride. One day on an outing with a fresh group of squires Talon stumbled upon a most pecuilar sight which was this tiny little mouse doing combat with 2 cat like beast and was holding its ground fairly well. Even with that fact stated it was still 2 on 1 which hardly seemed fair, so Talon jumped in fighting side by side with the little knight as they took on these beast together with surprising chemistry as if they had done this a hundered times over. Sadly tragedy struck in the form of Talon losing homself in the moment leaving himself wide open, and in an attempt to save his life his previous Etheral sprung out taking the blow giving up its life in turn for his. After the battle was done the mouse looked up judging Talon for a long time before giving a squeak of approval as it informed him that he was the only human it has seen preform with such honor, cohesion, and grace therefore dubbing him worthy of being its partner if he so chose to accept. Seeing the same great qualities within this little life form Talon agreed shaking its paw as they struck an accord promsing to fight alongside one another until one of their lives gave out.

    Over the next few years Talon has started to mellow out with age as his recent drive of anger and revenge was sated with the feeling of a companionship he had not felt in years. Now after letting go of his dark past and learning to put it behind him Talon had decided to live in the moment and enjoy today as tomorrow is the least assured things in the world today. That being said his new brother in arms, Jasper Steelsong, keeps enough caution and seriousness for the both of them which has most likely aided in this sudden change within Talon's new lifestyle. This being said his dream to destroy the demons hasn't changed, but hanging onto such negative feelings feels like a victory in the books of the demons that Talon refuses to pen his name towards.

    Personality: Talon is a sarcastic, witty, hearty soul that takes great pleasure in enjoying all days to their fullest from sunset to the rising dawn once more. A man driven by his instincts Talon prefers to think too deeply about his choices as one only lives once, so experience all you can now and question is morality at a later date. Taking a page out of his mentor Jason's book Talon tries to impart any and all wisdom he can spare to the up coming youths under his charge and try to get them to stop being so serious 24/7. Won "Most Likely to break into song" during his years as a squire as he fancies himself to be a bard which seemed only natural as the stories come effortlesy to him, and the fact that he has a decent pair of pipes doesn't hurt either. Though many would scarce believe it when told, Talon can actually grow to be quite serious when times are dark especially when demons are involved as they are the only beings alive that he would not spare a second glance before ending their lives.

    Demonic Illness?: N/A

    Mental Health: 100
    Physical Health: 100

    Rank: Bachelor
    YOE: 9 years

    Ethereal's Appearance:
    (Jasper- The Littlest Knight)
    Ethereal's Tier:
    Tier 2 (Prefers the tiner form for its mobility and surprise factor when he strikes.)

    Character Theme:
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  4. Appearance:
    Name: Rayan 'Ray' Crestfall
    Gender: Male
    Species: Hybrid (Half-Lorelei)
    Age (+Date of Birth): 16; April 10
    *Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Birthplace: Lasinir
    Current Residence: Lasinir

    Ray's place was of a modest house common in Lasinir. Gray bricks, flat roofs, three windows and two doors, this house is where he spent most of his years on. He never grew tired of this kind of lifestyle, few toys, few male friends, and few coins. Even if he has the wiles for attracting women, he knows it's because of his face, his power..... his heritage. He's deprived, but with his family, he can resist the thirsts of this world. He's glad he had such loving father and mother. He would do everything for them. Everything.

    Education is the only redeeming quality Rayan Crestfall considers. He became a Page, an Esper. Not many of the nobles in his age got accepted in this kind of pleasure. Yes, he's happy with his family, but thinking about this leverage he got on the nobles, he's pleased that he can finally experience the luxury, the honor of being an Esper, the slayer of demons.

    His mother was proud, his father was proud. They were happy for Ray, glad even. They were glad that he won't have to persist in the society anymore now that he's an Esper, he has a place in this world for humans. Ray knew they know, even if he won't tell it to them, they knew it. He avoided the topic whenever it was presented, the same as that of when he avoided those judging glares everyone on their town give him because his mother was a monster, a Lorelei.

    Rayan's father was a sailor, the pride of the Crestfall family- a family of sailors and explorers. He saw the beauty of the world through his eyes. Diverse races, various monsters, he saw nothing but their beauty. Unfortunately, for Ray's father, not everyone in the town share his thoughts. So when he impregnated a Lorelei, they both were shunned, by the Loreleis and by humans. Both neglected them, only the Crestfall family embraced this heretic couple with open arms, but it comes with a price. Generations of sailors and explorers in Ray's family was kicked away of their jobs. Crestfall's investments lost, properties were sold until their wealth was no more. Each family of their noble clan dispersed, forced to live their own lives. Once noble, now rags. Because of his father, his mother. Because of him.

    Personality: He dislikes the negatives of this world. So he decided he would always smile, be an optimist. He is also very kind, to both the races, humans, monsters who knows, maybe that kindness can extend to demons. He can be very well-spoken and seductive if he's using his ability. He likes being an Esper that's why he's very strict with protocols, but for the sake of others, he would willingly drop these rules, even if it risk his life. Don't mistake this for bravery, because sometimes, fear can overtake humans, and so is he. Because even if half of his blood isn't one, his morality is what makes him human. That's why he is so kind and optimistic, because he doesn't want to become the monster everyone in his town expects him to be. The monster they never knew, was them all along.

    Demonic Illness?: N/A

    *Mental Health: 40
    *Physical Health: 93

    Rank: Squire
    YOE: Less than half a month

    [is it okay? LOL] Special abilities (due to parentage): He can influence anyone that is sexually attracted to him. It may be channeled through linking the power of his soul to his voice and directly give the command. Erotica and libido are the main leverage of this ability. Otherwise, any female, male, monsters that don't hold any sexual attraction to him might have less effect or none at all. (2 PERSON MAXIMUM FOR NOW)

    Weapon: 3rd Form

    Ethereal's Appearance:
    Ethereal's Tier: Tier 2
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  5. Okay, five things wrong with this.

    1. From what I can tell, a Lorelei is a mermaid. Sure, it would be fine if it was just that but... Monsters and humans have no special abilities or powers, so you're going to have to knock that out of the water.

    2. Rayan would need to move to Eironis to do any work with the Espers, since it would be easier to have all of them in their base city rather than scattered about, so include that in your history.

    3. Humans and Monsters are not affected by a weapon's powers, sure, demons, but for the type of weapon this is majority of the ones you'd be facing now would be more entranced by the shininess than the siren's call ^3^.

    4. Your Ethereal is a little too humanoid. I don't mind you use a mer-person, but make it seem less like a human with a tail taped onto it and more like a literal fish person.

    5. Your character wouldn't be shunned for being born part monster. It's actually very encouraged since a monster has much better control of their weapon than a human, and in the Espers and majority of Aethians, they welcome monsters. So just clip those out and you're good.
  6. Just two things you can fix over me looking it over again.
    Every member of the Espers is given a place to stay in the city if they have no family with a place for them to stay already, though it may be a small house, they can buy their way up.

    Also, you get your Esper as soon as you become a Page. Just fix that lil blip too and it'll be fine. ^^
  7. Holyyyy! :mindblowing::mindblowing: "they were accepted into society, though having some racism on their backs. They still had a lot to learn of this new world they hadn't stepped into for a long time." You said it here, so I guess, a hybrid would be discriminated too. LOOOL! Can it be a case for Lasinir only? LOOOL! XD Cause his whole personality is based on that discrimination part >.< Otherwise, if it won't do, then fine XD

    And that Eironis part, I guess I will make his higher up assign him to Eironis. Is it enough?

    Also, can that be my Ethereal's Tier 3 form? And this as her Tier 2 form?

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  8. That racism thing settled down in a course of several years, and it settled down even more since monsters and hybrids are valued members of the Espers.

    From when he was a Page, he would have been held in protective custody of the Espers and his entire family relocated to Eironis so it wouldn't hamper training.

    'Fraid not. That more Wraith-ish appearance is fine, but the previous picture looks way too human. Only angels looks remotely that human, so that's a no, sorry :(
  9. Added to the Rules Tab.
  10. Appearance:

    (She is rather muscled for a young woman due to the weight of her weapon. Her arms and core are most defined, with her legs being less muscled, but still powerful. Her skin is actually not skin, but thousands of tiny scales that are fairly pale. They shimmer in sunlight and in other sources of light. Her pupils are thinly slit and her tongue is split a little.)

    Name: Anya Spear-Shepherd
    Gender: Female
    Species: Hybrid
    Age (+Date of Birth): 19 (12/23)
    *Sexuality: Pansexual

    Birthplace: Earth
    Current Residence: Eironis (Middle class district)

    History: Anya was born on a little island of little description located in the Pacific Ocean. Her family of fishermen owned the islands only fish farm, which allowed good trade between the denizens of the island and Anya's family. Anya grew up spear fishing and showed that she had quite the talent for it. Born to a human male and a draconian female, the young Anya was usually in charge of harvesting and protecting the fish from poachers and predators alike for hours on end. Keeping in line with the island's naming customs, Anya was given her own last name at 7, which would reflect her skills and future job as an adult.

    However, Anya would never make it to islandic adulthood. Before she reached 10 summers, she and her mother were kidnapped by pirates to be sold to a butcher for their scales while their homes and people burned. When they ship they were on landed in Hawaii for supplies, the two were rescued by a seasoned esper whom saw the girl's Ethereal perched on the crate the girl was stuffed into on the deck. Anya and her mother, finally reunited, were taken to the medics for healing and rehabilitation. Slowly, Anya learned the language of the land while her mother made moves to secure Anya's safety. She arranged a test with their rescuer to show that Anya would make a good esper candidate. She coaxed the girl into showing the man how she would protect the fish from various birds of the island. The two moved to Eironis while the esper made his own moves, and the girl became a page within the week.

    By the time she was 12, Anya was a Squire whom had quite the affinity for combat. She participated in hunts alongside her rescuer and mentor, and he gently but firmly guided her in her training. Now, her mother has married their rescuer and Anya is a newly promoted Bachelor with her Ethereal, Asus, still in his Tier 1 form. Alongside Asus, Anya hopes to have many adventures with her comrades.

    Personality: Anya is quite cynical of the world, though she struggles to hold onto her naive sense of optimism. She is very protective and loyal to the few friends she has, though she has a bit of an...overconfidence due to her weapon. She is quiet in the sense that she likes to watch other people and analyze them. She doesn't have much trouble communicating or just talking to others, nor is she stand-offish. She just enjoys reveling in the companionship of others, something she didn't have much of for the first few years of her life due to her skills.

    Demonic Illness?: No

    *Mental Health: 90
    *Physical Health: 100

    Rank: Bachelor
    YOE: 7

    Tier 2 (Glaive, top right)
    Tier 3 (Scythe center)
    Tier 1 (Bardiche, bottom right)
    She is currently on Tier 1, due to just becoming a Bachelor.

    Ethereal's Appearance:
    Ethereal's Tier: 1
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  11. Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Cayne Brent
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Age (+Date of Birth): 18 05/18
    *Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Birthplace: Lasinir
    Current Residence: Eironis (Middle district)
    History: At a young age, Cayne was on the receiving end of many people frustrated with the loss of friends and family in the battle against demons. He had to defend himself against bullies taking out their frustrations every day. He started off losing every single attempt to protect himself from those who couldn't control their emotions, but slowly began to win fights with them. He began to figure out how to fight properly, to keep his head protected and to use his arms and legs to redirect punches. He eventually started to seek out these fights, hoping to prove more and more how strong he truly was. Eventually, the bullies became the bullied, but Cayne didn't even know that he was doing anything, as he had just turned the tables.

    As Cayne was growing to be about 11, his family noticed his behavior, pointing out that he was doing exactly what he had fought back against to start with. Cayne didn't want to hurt people unnecessarily, but fighting had become more than just defense. The adrenaline and the moment-to-moment uncertainty of what could happen had become a game, of course, he wouldn't go over-board with it, but it was enjoyable to him. His family, trying to get him away from a reason to keep fighting, caught a lucky break, finding that he was capable of connecting with ethereals. Because of this, and wanting to focus Cayne's fighting towards good, the moved to Eironis. He then began training with the espers.

    It was obvious that Cayne loved to fight as he began his training with the espers, agreeing to any sparring or training they threw at him without hesitation. Eventually, he was done with the part that was mostly training, and moved on to actual work with the espers. His combat style started off a little bit reckless, leading to scars from fighting demons as he began to raise in ranks, but knowing that the stronger demons would be able to cause diseases, he had to train himself to avoid hits better. As he started to work his way up to fight slightly stronger demons than he had been previously, he began to be less reckless and more evasive, taking attacks when the opportunity arose instead of going straight for the kill.

    Cayne, having experienced fighting demons, has learned to keep his love for combat to simply when necessary or when both parties agree wholeheartedly and without hard feelings for the winner or loser. He has developed a very agile fighting style, as his weapon allows for mobility, but doesn't allow for reach. With this fighting style and his restraint of his wish to fight, he's proven he's worthy of his rank.

    Personality: Strong-willed. Cayne doesn't like backing down, and when someone tries to put him down, he'll fight for the freedom to live the way he wants to live. He wants others to live and be happy, but has the strong urge to fight whenever possible, and if he can find someone willing to do a brawl, laugh about it, then return to their homes, he'll gladly keep them as a friend. He's pretty friendly so long as no one tries to keep him from being who he wants to be.

    Demonic Illness?: No

    (Rate on a scale of 1-100; remember this will normally change throughout what your character does IC.)
    *Mental Health: 100
    *Physical Health: 100

    Rank: Bachelor
    YOE: 5
    Weapon: [​IMG]

    Ethereal's Appearance:
    [​IMG] (About the regular size of a lion)
    Ethereal's Tier: 2
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  12. [BCOLOR=#000000] Appearance: 8f166052c4e9085b77ad9b9c847be4d5.jpg [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Name: Edward Gardner[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Gender: Male[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Species: Human[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Age : 22 (12/15)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]*Sexuality: Heterosexual[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Birthplace: Eironis [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Current Residence:Eironis[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]History: For the early years of his life Edward lived fairly average life, nothing out of the extraordinary. However that changed quickly when he turned 10 where his parents decided for him to become a Page and send him to training. Packed up and taken away, Edward begun his journey to becoming a Esper. The shift was hard for him at first, but became easier when he met his best friend, Jace the [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]Ethereal. Jace was just a small [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]Ethereal when they met, he could barely move and his wings were almost non existent. The two grew incredibly close to each other for those years, for Edward felt isolated from everyone, a boy that was a shadow in front of them; almost invisible. Edward was not exactly the most social growing up, so making friends was less of a priority. Although he was a bit timid around other's, was very cocky with his abilities and his connection to Jace. Years passed and Edward went through the ranks until reaching Bachelor at age 18. [/BCOLOR]
    As a Bachelor he lead first party to several missions, mostly B and the occasional A. There he created another relationship, this time with a monster in his group, her name was Rosa. Edward and Rosa had a beautifully crafted chemistry together, from being in combat to going out on date. Thanks to her Edward personality became more out going, louder, chipper, and more protective. He was living the good life and he knew it. Like all good things must come to a end and he went on his first A** mission. It was simple, a demon needed to be exterminated, so he and party left. When arriving to the location the group split up to find survivors or take down the target. Unfortunately no one was found alive and the demon was still put there. All was quite until a scream was heard, and it sounded to familiar to Edward's ears. He ran over as fast as his legs could go, then he stopped in place, trying to fight back his emotions. Rosa had been mauled to death by the demon, and it was dragging what was left of her. Nothing but hate and anger, Edward charged at the killer to get revenge for his friend; however the demon was in terms of power leagues above Edward and easily defeated him. Edward knew he as powerless and couldn't defeate it alone, but despite that he tried to avenge his fallen comrade. Jace had to drag Edward away from demon to save his life. Edward fell unconscious later.
    When he woke up he was in infirmary with doctors and his team mates waiting for him to wake up. Everyone was in joy to their leader was alive, but Edward's first question he asked was where was Rosa. He continued to ask until he remembered what happened. From then on he vowed to himself and Rosa that he will find that demon and kill it.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Personality:Edward has always been the silent type, not much of a talker, however if he chooses to talk to you he ends up rambling about random things that go though his mind. For a while in his group he was extremely outgoing due to his relationship with Rosa, but that died with her death causing him to be silent again. His strongest emotions are his hate and anger to the demons, he is ruthless and savage when he fights, he shows no mercy to his enemies. Edward now is a strict leader, enforcing rules and punishing team mates for breaking a rule. He may be hard to his team, he is only doing it not to risk another death.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Demonic Illness?: No[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]*Mental Health: 100[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]*Physical Health:100[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Rank: Bachelor[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]YOE: Page: 4 Years, Squire: 4 Years, Bachelor : Years[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Weapon: latest.png [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ethereal's Appearance: Jace autumn_jester_by_goldenwolf.jpg [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ethereal's Tier: 2[/BCOLOR]
  13. Amazeballs!
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  14. Thanks I'm happy to be on the team :]
  15. Okay just one little itty bitty thing.
    They wouldn't allow someone who's so fixated on fighting to the point it's a game to a rank as Bachelor. XD
    Maybe cover a little more on his time with the Espers?
    Also, if he could control a weapon and connect with Ethereals, the census would eventually find out or his parents/family would report it to the Espers.
    The poor district is really the place where people who have moved to Eironis without having an Esper in their family.
    Espers who just moved are normally in the Middle Class.

    As a side note I apologize for any mixups with how things roll for each town. I'm currently making a geographic description list, and it's going to take a bit to be completed.
  16. Accepted boo >uO
  17. Appearance: The Monster almost entirely holds the appearance of a Cheetah cub, his age lending to the cub part. His coat does not hold the color of a Cheetah that holds onto normality however, as his coat is instead dully Green. He also has two small goat horns growing from the top of his head.
    Name: Calvin Jenn Arlsen
    Gender: Male
    Species: Monster
    Age (+Date of Birth): Fifteen (2/16)
    *Sexuality: Pansexual

    Birthplace: Eironis
    Current Residence: Eironis (Middle-Class District)
    History: Calvin was born to a single mother, with his Father having been absent from his Mother's life long before he had been conceived. He was the only child that his Mother had in her mind, and she did not want anymore. She was a rather somber woman, and she usually kept to herself, whenever someone didn't come to her bakery for food that is. The same distance was given to her son in a similar way. Her own memories of Earth had scarred her, and her partners lack of presence did much the same to her.

    She got Calvin into school, fed him, talked to him very minimally, and did not much else. And Calvin grew up believing more in his friends being "Family" then he did his Mother. But from the age of ten up until he was twelve his mother became even more distant, and more distant, up until one day, Calvin came back home and he found that his mother was not at home. Later, she was found drowned, in an apparent suicide attempt.

    And this was when Calvin first came into contact with his Father, a few weeks later, when he was at one of his friends' houses, (Who he had been living with directly after his Mother's death) a man came knocking at the door. And after that day, his Father took the child away. And to Calvin's lack of wanting, his Father forced him into the Espers, as a page. The reasoning behind this being an almost religious appreciation in the order, but not a want for himself to be in it. His son was the next best thing, and now he used him.

    Calvin's protests did nothing. And he ended up in it, being told to not say a word about his being forced into it, for fear of a beating. And so Calvin kept silent in it, just training to himself. Two years later he is still a page, bordering closer and closer to his entrance exam and becoming a Squire.

    Personality: Calvin has slowly, during his time under the Espers, become a lot less distant then in his beginning. Much with an influence from his Ethereal, who was the only being that he told about the problems with his Father. He now shows much of the same personality to an Esper as he would a non Esper. The boy is an outgoing and caring individual. With a dislike at seeing others unhappy or down in general. A smile keeps itself firmly on his face at most times.

    He is not a leader in anyway, the boy prefers to follow the lead of others. And he has a deep fear for any situations relating to danger, thus his dislike of being in the Espers, in a dangerous situation Calvin has trouble keeping his calm at most times, and that is if he's with other people. By himself Calvin will more then likely break down if he is in bodily danger.

    Demonic Illness?: No

    *Mental Health: 87
    *Physical Health: 100

    Rank: Page
    YOE: None
    Weapon: Calvin's weapon is currently a small Tanto blade, and it is unfortunately, nothing special currently.

    Ethereal's Appearance: Calvin's Ethereal looks much like a frog, with the add in of grey human like hair, and a beard. He looks almost like a Sage frog. Or, that's how Calvin describes him. The Ethereal calls himself a Sage toad
    Ethereal's Tier: Tier one.
  18. Accepted o^o
  19. Accepted.
  20. Yay! I'm right excited for this really!
    It's just going to be great! I can feel it in me bones, all eight of them.


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