The Escape

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  1. Jim Ansone, known to most people as 'Dark' was sitting in his sell under the bright lights they constantly used to keep him at bay. It was tiring being in such high contact with it though today at least they didn't focus a beam onto him which was a relief. Dark sat up on his wooden bench that they called a bed and tried to look around but seeing as his cell was designed to play light tricks to make everything completely lit, so he wouldn't have anywhere to hide, he wasn't able to see into the hall. After listening for the door to close on the other end of the small cell filled hallway he whispered "Anyone sick of this place yet?" They could see him threw the glass that reflected the light onto him like they were looking threw a window. The guards had to have constant visibility to the prisoners as they walked by. He waited for an answer, hoping that at least one person will speak up.

    He had been sick of this place since day one. It was out of control, the prisoners were mostly animistic and followed their 'masters' like it was the only reason why they lived and the guards were extremely abusive. He had some street credit however. He was known for being the first one to escape and two of the people he had ran with got away safely, while he gave himself up to protect them. He didn't regret what he had done however, he did get a couple of people to safety and at least he knew they could start new lives and hopefully would keep their promises to come back everyday to pick them up at the spot he had held off the guards, the last place they had talked, though he doubted after all these years they would still be coming.
  2. Chained like an animal.
    That was what he was – an animal, chained up, immobilised, and on his knees. Adam Stone, a boy made of Golemite, forced to his knees, with his arms chained to the walls either side to him. An electrical charge flowed through the chains, and through Adam – to any normal person, it would pose an annoyance, maybe a severe one. However, to Adam, this kind of electrical current was enough to keep him on his knees. Golemite was conductive to the highest degree, and having a body made out of it would render the user highly vulnerable to electricity.

    They had to keep him chained. With enough physical strength to lift eighty tons, a box would never be enough to keep him. They had seen him punch straight through layers of steel, what good would their prison do against such brute force? It had taken much deliberation for them to decide not to put him underwater, so he’d have to swim up as well. He heard speech – only faintly, mind, but speech nonetheless. He did not know it was Jim, but he managed to force out a response A pained cough, a hack – he was being weakened too much to speak. He had tried to break out by himself before, but the current had kept him subdued.
  3. Julianne was curled up in one corner of her 'ice castle' as some of the guards so lovingly called it- not. They knew that the mere thought of the amount of cold she felt in here alone always caused her to shiver. But it truly was just that, at least in the ice sense that is. the most her cell resembled to a castle was if she was in the lowest dungeon it held. She let out a wavering breath, she was even able to see it as the cloud emitted from her mouth then dissipated as the heat dispersed. Julie was trying her best to conserve as much energy and best as she could even though she was slowly freezing half to death- but to death, oh if only she could be so lucky.

    She tightened her grip around her legs, wishing her clothes were thicker. All around her the walls were covered with a very thin layer of frost, the floors slippery from ice. It was true that any normal human would be able to withstand the cold much better than her but she couldn't help it, heat was her greatest strength and weakness. She breathed into her hands, hoping to warm them and draped her long hair around her body so as to block the frozen air. Her head fell against the wall beside her, her ear pressed to the wall but she didn't notice the sharp pain which came with the ice, her ears always were the first to go numb…

    She froze however when she heard a voice. It seemed to be slightly familiar, someone who was in a cell next to her? She never really interacted with the others but she still heard them and of them. This was the one that had escaped years before yet foolishly came back. 'Why he would do that is a mystery…' She thought to herself. SHe was able to make out the words he spoke, though they were a little muffled but she definitely heard his question. She cleared her throat softly then spoke back quietly, "Who isn't?" Her voice had been fairly quiet but it pierced through the air, forming small clouds of warmth as it exited her mouth.
  4. Rina sat in the corner of the room in her straight jacket, hitting her head against the thick glass. "Even if we are sick of this place... there is no escape." She said negatively, not caring if a guard heard or not as her white hair long hair fell from the motion of her hitting her head. She blew some of the hair out of her face, as the special straight jacket made it impossible for her change into a weapon and break herself from it. Suicide, that was the first thing she'd do when she got a chance if she was stuck in this cage. But the guards knew better then to let her get that chance.

    "Whose there?" She added narrowing her grey eyes towards Ice Girl's cage, as she called her. "You know exactly who. Mr.I Have A Plan To Escape... give me a break. Your always saying things like that, talking about the 'American dream.' Dream, that's exactly what it is. You know it as well. You tried to escape and what happened... you winded back here. I bet the people you think you saved were hunt down and murder. Skinned alive and dipped in alcohol." She said cruelly but once she said it she wished she didn't. "I'm sorry." She added quickly in a whisper after she said it. She was always saying cruel and mean things to them. Always so negative but she never meant to say things like that to them but the more experiments she went through, the more she couldn't help it. "I didn't mean it.." She trails off, hitting her head again harder against the glass.

    She just didn't want to be there anymore, but what choice did they have? The only realistic escape to her, was in fact, suicide.
  5. He sat there almost thinking no one trusted him anymore until he heard a grunt then a couple words of agreement. He smiled slightly as he waited to see if more came. The next thing to come peirced him like a spear. His friends couldn't have been hunted down, he had them cover their trail as he tried to fight off the mass of guards trying to chase them. For days the guards had beat him and used everyone of their twisted ways trying to get the location of his friends... but, what if the day they stopped beating him for info was the day his friends were captured? He lay back down on his bench, no point in trying again. He would end up here and who knows how the rest of them would end up. He sighed "Never mind." he whispered under his breath.

    He, more than anything wanted to get out, he had tasted real food at one point and it still made his mouth water, he breathed real air, fresh air, and it gave him strength, he witnessed the beauty of the outside world, the towering trees that danced in the wind, the green waving grass that spouted up everywhere, the crisp streams that flow along the vast mountain side, the silver moon and the golden sun, it all created a perfect harmony. Something no one else here had seen in a long time. Most may not remember it and that's what gave him a second wind. "Guard!" he shouted as he laid limply on the bench. "Guard!"
  6. Julianne was shocked at Rina's harsh words, but before she could find her voice Jim was shouting for the guards, "W-what are y-you doing? Sh-shut up." She stuttered out, the cold affecting her voice. Why in the world would he be calling over the guard? Was this a test? Hero d was reeling with different theories but the one that haunted her the most was her first one; this was a test and the guards put him up to asking if anyone was sick of this place to see who might escape next. Which means that she and the Rock were going to be punished for agreeing! All the blood drained from her face and she visibly paled more than she already was.
  7. Rina listened to him as he called out for the guards. This idiot was going to get himself killed, she thought. Her heart ache like it did every time someone was taken away and every time someone was killed. Just the thought of losing another one; it was enough to bring tears to her eyes. She didn't want anyone else to be taken and a more terrifying thought slipped into her mind with her negative thinking. How many days had it been since her birthday? She knew it must be coming soon. Was it perhaps even today or perhaps in a few weeks? Maybe a month? She was a lot of talk but she always felt a closeness to those that were just as strange and different as she. If she was to be taken away again; she would be all alone just like before when out on the streets that she barely remembered.

    "Quiet idiot! What are you trying to do? Get yourself killed!?" She hissed, kicking the glass that was in the direction of his cell. "Shut up, shut up, shut up! Don't go dying like a fool now!" She scoffed, trying to push down her concern that had seeped through.
  8. It was no use, a guard had run in to find out what was wrong. "Who was yelling?" the guard said looking around at all his little peasants. "Was it you?" he said automatically rushing over to Dark. "You seem to like doing this kind of stuff." he said entering the cell with his flashlight hooked to his side.

    Dark glanced around quickly as the black marks on his torso started to glow. He was not facing the guard trying to hide it. He had been charging himself all day. Everytime a slight shadow would appear on his face or arm it would fill him up a little more. He had to consentrate to hold it in for so long and managed to lock it in before he started to talk. It wasn't enough to knock a man over, but enough to make him drop the flashlight. That was to the extent of his planning so far. Slowly dark turned to his side, quick movements were impossible for him in this kind of light. He raised his hand. "Please go away." he said to the guard to throw him off for a bit.

    The guard has a devilish smile on his face. "I think you need a beating." the guard was a rookie. Just came in that day and was not fully aware of everything yet. That was why Jim picked that day, it was the only flaw in security that had happened since his last attempt.

    Jims hand started to glow with a black aura and just as the guard managed to grab his light after fumbling with the hook Jim fired and hit the guard to his knees. As the guard was cripped Jim tried to get out of the door that was still open while grabbing the light.
  9. Hearing the commotion, and guessing just what was happening, Adam rattled his chains. That was about all he could do, at the moment – that, and let out some pained noises reminiscent of a not-so-pretty death scene, in a B-list film. Not that he knew it – this place was his life. He had been told snippets about the outside world, enough for him to be educated enough to know that he was made of a metal that did not exist anywhere else – but apart from that, he was clueless about what lay beyond the facility’s walls. Desperately, eh continued to rattle his chains, wishing that someone had successfully managed to escape.

    The box would prove a problem to people that tried to help him, however – the walls were still electrically charged, sending enough volts into whoever touched them to make a bull elephant collapse. Absolutely deadly to a person like Adam. Still, there had to be a weakness in the walls somewhere, whether it be a console or a carelessly exposed wire, left as it was by time and inattentiveness. Still he rattled his chains, the action itself tiring him exponentially, his stamina draining. Had the charge nto been there, he would have felt like running a marathon – now, he felt more like just hanging there, too sluggish to even rattle loudly.
  10. Rina watched the whole thing from her cell. A slight amused smirk slips on her lips as she did; perhaps her being so hard on him finally paid out. "I'd go get the Big Guy out of his cell; he didn't sound good. And take Ice Girl with you, that cold room must be an annoyance to her and her powers." She called out to him, loud enough so he could hear but not loud enough to alert any guards. She went back to hitting her head against the glass, not expecting to be saved out of how she talked, even if she did apologize.
  11. When Dark finally got out of his cell he instantly felt a pulse of power. It was good to feel that again he thought as he ran over to the icy cell. He tried to force the lock but it was no use, he was fit but not increadably strong. The guard had gotten up by then and ran over with a punch attempting to criple his 'favorite' prisoner however dark ducked it, without the flashlight this man was almost useless. Dark held his hand up and blasted the man back into a wall. Where Darks hand used to be was now a clean hole.

    Dark returned to the lock and tried blasting it still with no luck. He looked around quickly and grabbed they keys fumbling each one trying to open the door. When he finally did he helped the girl up and sat her down out of the cell. "Can you walk?" he said "If you can use your powers burn threw his cell and his chains. He said hoping she could get warm enough to gain enough heat." He doubted it though. Looking around he tried to figure out how the guards would get in his cell.
  12. Julianne's mouth dropped open and her eyes were wide. Was he seriously trying to escape? That whole time Jim was moving around and getting out, she was stuck where she was, shocked by his actions. He got out of his cell! A large grin was on her face, she was very happy for him to finally get out, she knew that ever since his first escape he was probably dying to get out again and now he could! But then he moved toward her cage… and opened it for her. She looked up at him, her face painted with surprise that he would help her too. She stumbled out of the cell with his help (well the main reason she was moving was because of him).

    Once she was out she dropped her head back, an ecstatic grin on her face. Heat rushed back into her body and then she brought her head back to face him, letting out a large breath which was visible, not because it was cold everywhere else, but because the breath was so warm it was more like smoke. She nodded, "Yeah, I'm ok now. Thank you so much." Her thankfulness was very clear in her voice. Julianne then looked to the cell containing the Rock as she so called him, assessing the material. "I should be able to, those materials do not seem fireproof."

    She slowly got up, stumbled on her first step but quickly regained her balance and continued walking toward the door. She placed her hand close to it but had to yank it back when she could feel the electric current behind it. "Ok then…" She mumbled then placed her hand close to the door once again and closed her eyes, focusing on heating up the material. Soon smoke could be seen coming from it and then it started burning, flames were not produced, (she wanted to destroy the door, not the whole facility) but it did burn as if there were. The space where the door once was quickly became an open space instead, ashes scattered on the ground. She smiled at the man who was inside, "Are you ready to get out of here?"
  13. Aryn listened.
    His wings were pinned back painfully, open wounds in his wings that he knew he couldn't heal- they had drugged him after he had tried to escape using his mind. The guard, h has heard, was still in therapy. He struggled to concentrate, to call out, but his lips wouldn't move. His eyes refused to focus, and his limbs were like lead. He closed his eyes, trying to breathe evenly; erratic breathing it was an effect of the drugs, and the scientists could care less.
    He was aware of noises outside his cell, but he was bobbing in a sea of blackness. His eyes closed and he no longer had the strength to control his breathing any longer. His breaths were short puffs of air, and the last thing he heard was a girl's voice.
  14. Though there was still a charge in the chains, it was on backup power. The door had been forced open, as opposed to being opened normally, and this had caused a lapse in the circuitry. Nobody had expected the door to be broken in from the outside – they had focussed too much on keeping him inside. So, with the current reduced to a level that weakened him only enough to inhibit movement, he pulled at his chains, evidently struggling to get them off. But, the creaking of metal was enough to show that he was succeeding. Even inhibited, his strength was immense, his willpower shining through. He hated conflict, but breaking the chains? No problem.

    Screw by screw, nut by nut, bolt by bolt. The chains attached to the wall were being torn off, and with a final cry of desperation, Stone was no longer restricted. Luckily, the floor was not electrified – it was only the walls, and even then, a special suit would have been worn to stop the electricity from even singing anyone touching it. Staggering uneasily out, Adam stretched a little, getting feeling back into his limbs, glad to be free once more.
    “My thanks for freeing me. However, there are others that require our assistance. If you would allow me, I will break into their boxes myself.”
    Granted, he still felt woozy – however, he could still punch. The paltry boxes everyone else was kept in would be nothing to him.
  15. Dark nodded "You read my mind. This is why you were the second one I wanted freed." he said quickly looking at the door. He knew guards would be pouring in any second now. "Just get those two out and then we have to go." he said motioning to two cells, one being Aryn and the other being Rina. He had to keep the group small or they would be easily caught... hopefully this would avoid a fight to get out.

    Dark ran over to a door and pulled a lever that put on an emergency lock making all doors locked and sealed. He had seen this happen before, a large steel door would block the door and was immovable until the head of security could unlock it. The big guy would have no problem busting thew it however. Dark had read the files on most of the people here after the last time he escaped. Of coarse it was a bit of outdated information but based on that he had developed a plan.
  16. Nodding his head respectfully, and in acknowledgement of what had been said, Adam took a step back, squaring up the glass of Rina’s cell. He did not know much, but what he did know, was that broken glass was sharp. And, on more than one occasion, sharp objects had been forced into him. Glass was not strong enough to penetrate his skin, despite his vulnerability to piercing attacks, but he doubted the same applied to more fleshy beings.
    “Whoever’s in the cell with the glass, please move backwards. Preferrably as much as you can. Thank you.”
    Without waiting for an answer after he had shouted out the request, Stone ran forward, bellowing as he did so. He was not fast, but y gum was he forceful. Striking the glass squarely, his fist came crashing through, further blows creating a large enough hole for Rina to move out of, without getting cut.

    After he had broken open a big enough hole in Rina’s cell, wordlessly, he moved back into position, this time aiming to get a run-up to Aryn’s cell. That he did, and with the sound of his metal feet pounding relentlessly on the floor, he punched a sizeable hole in the cell wall. However, this was not glass – it would not shatter so easily. Not that it would not yield so easily, however. Placing his hands inside the hole, Adam tore the wall open, section by section, his brute strength proving more than enough to overcome the obstacle – even if he was somewhat tired afterwards.
    “Haven’t done that in ages…” the boy muttered, under his breath.
  17. Julianne has a smile on her face as she is witnessing all these things, the main boy, Dark, had shut the guards out so as to buy them more time to get everyone out and the Rock is breaking everyone else out. It's was the greatest thing she'd ever seen while in this hellhole. She then turned to Dark curiously, "Wait, 'those two'? It'll only be the five of us?" She was very glad she was chosen to be one of the lucky few to escape but she felt bad for everyone else that would be stuck in here after they left. "What about everyone else?" Why couldn't they just take everyone? It would be easier to take down all of the guards if there were more of them to fight especially since she was still too cold to produce very much flame- she could still fight and hold her own in a fight it she had to but it wouldn't be very much…
  18. "Listen, we try to get everyone out and they will just nuke the place." He said looking over at Julianne. "They have a higher man that those that are in here and he couldn't care less how many of use or the guards he kills. He is just here to get information that can be helpful and make a free, slave, workforce. This is located far from everything else, no one would ever know what happened here, its like that government place that keeps trying to take this building over. Area... 50 something." He said returning his gaze too Stone. "Do you think you can bust threw that door?"
  19. “I can certainly try. It’s thick steel, by the looks of it, thought. Punches will only get me so far. Use the time to gather yourselves, this is going to be bumpy, and I can only tank so much.”
    With this, yet another run-up was taken, in order to build up force in the blow. He had punched through metal, but actually opening a big enough gap for people to pass through? That was going to be problematic. These weren’t just doors that could be torn off of their hinges. These were doors built to contain super powered youths. But, Stone had been trained well – his fist left a sizeable dent in the metal. With a few more strikes a hole was made through which the alarms could be heard. An inevitability, but he supposed that this contingency had been prepared for.

    The boy began prising the door open, evidently struggling with the steel that barricaded him from freedom. It didn’t matter how much strength he had, if he couldn’t get enough momentum behind something, there were things he could not do, or do easily. Nevertheless, he had a task, and he was sticking to it. With no small amount of effort, he kept pulling the metal apart, enough so that he could tear out a hole big enough to clamber through.
  20. Julianne took a step back, away from him as he spoke. "Oh." Was all she could say at his explanation, she hadn't known nor thought about that… "Sorry." She added. She definitely did not want this whole facility to be destroyed and kill everyone inside. This place may be horrible but few wanted to actually die. She quickly looked away and moved to help those who Stone had just freed get fully out of their cells. SHe knew that she had needed the help even moving so they might too. She kept her gaze down as she did this though, these were her allies and future escapees but she was still too shy to even make eye contact, especially after she had asked to stupid a question just moments ago. She should have thought through her question more before voicing it. She could be such an idiot sometimes…