The Escape

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  1. Years ago several children were chosen to have experiments done on them. Of course the mothers refused and instead of respecting their decision the group went about and kidnapped them. You see these children were not randomly selected, they had been touched in some way, shape or form by a special radiation wave while being developed in their mothers womb. Each child has the possibility of being mutated and if that were the case they would deem you unsafe for society and lock you away. After that however is where the real problem starts. As soon as one starts showing signs of powers they are no longer considered humans which means they are no protected by the humans rights laws and this agency can do as they please with you.

    This agency is really only in this business for themselves, not to protect others. They start off testing the powers and forcing new ones to come up, then they deem the uses of it and put the 'mutants' to work, if they can't, they dispose of them. The tests are usually painful and consists of various steps. Most remember the first tests they were put though, the scientists would smile to the small child and tell them to open their eye nice and wide while they hold a little light like a doctor. The scientist would proceed by touching the eye and 'examining' it. For most of the children it gives extreme discomfort and makes them try to wiggle away, though that's a large mistake.

    You were one of the affected ones and now you are locked away in a cell alone, told not to talk, partially starved, put under constant tests to keep you from getting enough sleep and abused constantly by the guards. Most of you are put in special cages to keep you from breaking out, such as a solid container to keep you from turning into goo and flowing thee the bars. This particular room is the worst off. The guards are given all rights over you and were told to treat them however they wanted just as long as the 'freaks' don't dies. The guards in charge of you are not friendly. In fact they would place bets on who could take the longest beating before passing out.

    Most of us are tired of this constant treatment, as are many others, so we will find a way to escape. Even then though... we may never be safe.

    Special thanks to @Agent Rusti for the idea!

    Q/A (I will expand it if I get a question that I have not answered)
    All characters have human figures. You can look like a normal human or you can have fur and claws, but you have to have the human form.
    Most affected had discovered their powers at young ages but not all do.
    At 18 if they have not fond your power useful in some way they kill you otherwise you are brought to a new location.

    Please delete everything in ( )

    Age: (12-18)
    Personality: (Optional)
    History: (At least try with this)
    Weaknesses: (Use it to balance each power, you need 1-1)
    Extra: (Optional)
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  4. I am planning on making this a bit of a longer posting slower moving RP. So you can always try! I only ask for 1 post ever couple of days =P

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  8. This rp seems really cool and I want to join but could you post an example Chara sheet? I'm not quite sure how you want some of the things to be filled out...
  9. Sure, I'll have one posted before long. Just as soon as I get to a computer...
  10. Name: Adam Stone
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Standing in at exactly six feet tall, Adam’s build befits his powers – he’s built like a human tank, when you take into account the conditions he was put under, and the treatment he received. There does not seem to be excess fat upon his body, and though this is mostly down to the fact that he has been starved into submission, it also has something to do with the fact that he holds a naturally fast metabolism, and gaining weight (for him) is not an easy task at all. His shoulders are broad, and his legs are a little shorter than usual – his low centre of gravity thus presents an advantage in combat.

    His hair, cut short in order to minimise interference with combat, is a dark brown in colour, a colour almost black – yet still recognisable as brown. No one hair is longer than one, maybe two inches - long hair would be impractical for him. His eyes are a jade green colour, bloodshot and weary, with the eyelids closed slightly. Whether down to sheer lack of sleep, or just the fact he has been worn down so much – mentally and physically – is not determinable. Whatever the cause is, the bags under his eyes don’t lie, and neither does the clouded, exasperated expression perpetually on him.

    Despite his immense power and durability, Adam despises fighting. He has grown weary of violence over the years, tired of being made to exert his abilities. ‘Adam, punch through this wall’ they had commanded him, ‘Adam see if you can endure this.’ He was isolated, a case too dangerous to allow out of sight. He didn’t even function like normal humans, his metabolism yo-yoing, his body constantly under some sort of strain. Things were poked into him, needles forced through his skin – only for him to be welded back together again, with him feeling every iota of the agonising pain.

    However, while he may appear weary to the point of indolence, there is one thing you never do to him – make him angry. And, while there is not much that makes him angry, if you hurt one air on any of his friends’ heads, you had best prepare yourself for a death most painful. He will, most likely, rip you limb-from-limb, his eyes burning with some primal form of rage while he does so. There’s a reason why there’s so much security surrounding him- if the right weapons aren’t on hand, it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a handgun to stop him. He managed to survive an anti-tank rifle shot once, with the shot only partially penetrating him. He knows pain, and is not afraid to go through it for anyone he cares about.

    The first thing the doctors noted about Adam, was how much he weighed. He was not a particularly large child, but upon being held, the doctor almost dropped the poor child out of shock. It was like holding a lead weight – in the sense that he was heavy, and he felt like he was made out of metal. This was a strange medical development, but it was still a sentient, living human baby, and the medical staff still had a job to do. In this light, they cleaned him and whatnot, giving him no special treatment – apart from holding him a hell of a lot more securely when they picked him up.

    Then the men in black came.
    Or, to be more specific, the man in a dark-grey-but-not-quite-black suit. His demand was simple – he wanted the child, and he wanted him now. Of course, the offer was refused at first. But then, the big man at the top was ‘forced’ to hand over the child. Conveniently, nobody noticed the large sum of money that later materialised in the same man’s bank account hours later, but who would? The child was taken, with much protest from the parents, though they were swiftly threatened into silence, with the death of their son as a bargaining chip.
    “He’s expendable,” they told them, “We can find ones like this anywhere. You just got unlucky.”

    As his powers emerged, more and more security features had to be implemented to keep the boy from escape. A standard box would not do – he was strong enough to punch through sheet metal, what would the box do? However, there was a simple solution. More than one, in fact. Given that he could not swim, putting him at the bottom of a deep pool would have been one idea, but there was always the possibility of him climbing out before he drowned. Unlikely, but still possible. So, they electrified the walls of his box, with the same voltage used to keep animals away from a fence. Given his extreme conductivity, excruciating pain would be felt if he so much as prodded the walls, if he didn’t die first.

    Powers: Adam’s body is made of a material nicknamed ‘Golemite,’ a metal unique to his body. The metal is dense enough to withstand a sea mine at close range, able to endure temperatures of up to a thousand degrees Celsius before beginning to melt, gives Adam enough strength to lift up to eighty tons, and does not impair how well the user is able to move their body.

    Weaknesses: While able to take most attacks, piercing attacks and concentrated fire from anti-tank rifles can go right through him, in much the same way a drill can o right through a metal a hammer doesn’t even dent. Considering his heart is still human, albeit working at a superhuman pace, a well-placed attack can spell his end. Stealth is virtually impossible, given the fact that he makes the distinctive sound of metal colliding with whatever he walks on whenever he moves faster than at a leisurely stroll. And, while movement is not impaired, running speed is. Golemite is an insanely dense metal – even with superhuman strength, Adam can still be weighed down massively, limiting him to below-average running speed. Adam does not have a healing ability, and he is the only known clump of Golemite in existence. If his body is damaged, unless temperatures of over a thousand degrees Celsius are used to weld him together, he cannot heal. Adam can still drown – and, considering his weight, if he’s knocked into deep water, there’s little chance of getting him out and not drowning beforehand. Pain is still felt, even if his body is not damaged by the blow – for example, he’d still feel you torching him, if you held a flamethrower to his face. Even if he endured it, he’d still feel the horrendous burning. Also, it should be noted that Golemite is extremely conductive, to the point where, without alteration, its conductivity is on par with most supercooled metals. This means that even non-fatal electric shocks could put the boy down.
  11. Name: Jim Ansone :Nickname; Dark
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Personality: He seems like he is always sad and serious but he can be kind to those he likes. After years of torture he doesn't seem to care about anyone else, though the feeling is still there for smaller beings especially girls. He is a my way or the highway type of guy though he can be easily influenced by an attractive female which has ruined his last attempt of escape...
    History: He started off as a normal kid until his powers were discovered at the age of three. After that they seemed to hate him more and more as new powers started to come up and they feared him to the point where if they saw him do one action of his own free will they would beat him until he was near death. He had gotten his hands on a book that spoke of the American dream, basically it told him about human rights and freedom. He wanted to experience that so he worked hard at coming up with an escape plan... a couple years later and he finally figured one out.
    Powers: He can hold people by their shadows and shoot dark blasts from his hands, over the years he had learned to fly using his dark blasts and is able to cause pain by staring someone down.
    Weaknesses: He has a large weakness to light, it lowers the amount of control he has over his powers. If put under an exceptionally bright and focused light he starts to feel like he is burning, though it doesn't do any physical damage it is enough to cripple him.

    (Not finished)
  12. Cuddly, so far so good. I think you more than enough balanced the playing field for the science nerds that try to keep us locked away xD
  13. Name: Rina
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: images (1).jpg
    Personality: Very bitter and cruel. She is very angry for what has happened to her and also very depressed because of it. She is very negative, saying twisted and mean things, messing with people's heads, though deep down she is actually a very caring person for those she relates to.
    History: She was born very strange looking for the start and for that her mother and father didn't want her. She when upset, her eyes would turn a blood red color and she would go on a rampage, destroying things and in one case killing their family dog by mistake. Unlike most parents, they just threw her onto the street at age four when she showed no signs of changing. There she lived one the street for two more years before being kidnapped and brought to the agency. Here she was experimented on, horrible things happened to her.
    Powers: images (2).jpg
    Her body can change into any weapon she wants to and she can also control her blood and shape that into a weapon. She also loses all sanity and humanity when her powers are going on she does not feel pain when this is going on. She also becomes animal like, very fast.
    Weaknesses: When it comes to speed she owns but when it comes to strength, she doesn't have much. When she loses sanity and her humanity, everyone becomes her enemy, so she attacks friends and foes. She doesn't think of a plan, just runs and attacks. The only way to stop her is to knock her out, kill her, or wait until she passes out.
    Extra: Idk what to put here. She loves snow and has a soft spot for cute things. She's also terrified since she is 17 that once she turns 18 she will be moved.
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  16. Name: Julianne
    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Personality: Keeps to herself but speaks her mind when not many people are around/ can hear her, shy, kind, childish, worries a lot,
    History: She was born into a very rich and well known family but when she was about four years old, another child stole her toy at her daycare and she got it back by setting his hair on fire with her mind. When her parents found our they quickly knew that they needed to get rid of her in a discreet way so when the government had found out about her abilities and took her, her family barely tried looking for her and were instead glad that they had a good excuse to tell the press as to why their daughter was gone
    Powers: can heat up object/ certain parts of herself until it bursts into flames or just until it's very hot, and produce fire balls/ fire in general, heat-resistant
    Weaknesses: has a constantly high temperature and cannot be in a cold place for very long or she's develop hypothermia faster than the average person and the colder she is, the harder it is for her to produce heat, let alone a flame
    Extra: she can't swim
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