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  1. Years ago there was a select group of mothers who were picked to have there children experimented on at birth. The mothers who were selected denied the opportunity. However the children were absolutely needed. The mothers were picked for a reason. Each mother had some how been radiated by something while [SIZE=4]being pregnan[SIZE=4]t.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]For exa[SIZE=4]mple my character[SIZE=4]'s m[SIZE=4]other was [SIZE=4]the wife of a scientis[SIZE=4]t who [SIZE=4]had discovered a [SIZE=4]UFO. It [SIZE=4]was kept in a hanger at an army [SIZE=4]base. [SIZE=4]He had taken her into [SIZE=4]the hanger where they were k[SIZE=4]eeping it and didn[SIZE=4]'t just look at [SIZE=4]t[SIZE=4]he U[SIZE=4]FO[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE], but [SIZE=4][SIZE=4]wen[SIZE=4]t[/SIZE][/SIZE] inside [SIZE=4]and [SIZE=4]took[SIZE=4] a look[/SIZE][/SIZE] around[SIZE=4]. Nothing happened to the [SIZE=4]mother[SIZE=4], but the baby wa[SIZE=4]s [SIZE=4]affected.[SIZE=4] Basically we ar[SIZE=4]e [SIZE=4]now teens kept in [SIZE=4]a[SIZE=4]n exp[SIZE=4]er[SIZE=4]imental [SIZE=4]facility[/SIZE].[SIZE=4] [SIZE=4]We know nothing of the outside wo[SIZE=4]rld,[SIZE=4] [SIZE=4]and barely know the full [SIZE=4]exten[SIZE=4]t of [SIZE=4]the power[SIZE=4]s we [SIZE=4]received from the radiation[SIZE=4], [SIZE=4]but we do know that we are sick and[SIZE=4] tired o[SIZE=4]f the way they treat us. We don't know how, but we will find a[SIZE=4] wa[SIZE=4]y to escape[SIZE=4]. Even th[SIZE=4]en, we won'[SIZE=4]t be safe.

    (([SIZE=4]Chara[SIZE=4]cter sheets aren't needed, but put them [SIZE=4]if you want, romance is allowe[SIZE=4]d, however [SIZE=4]godmoddi[SIZE=4]ng[/SIZE] is[SIZE=4]n't. [SIZE=4]Have fun!))[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Rusti was thrown into his cell[SIZE=2] roughly. H[SIZE=2]is [SIZE=2]face hit the wa[SIZE=2]ll so hard it was le[SIZE=2]ft bl[SIZE=2]eeding[SIZE=2]. The impact left his hearing [SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]muffled[/SIZE], b[SIZE=2]ut he could easily distinguish the laughter of the guards as they shut the cell door and left. [SIZE=2]Rusti sat there in anger wanting to punch [SIZE=2]the wall he wa[SIZE=2]s leaning[/SIZE][/SIZE], but [SIZE=2]he kne[SIZE=2]w if he ha[SIZE=2]d do[SIZE=2]ne that he wo[SIZE=2]uld probably break it down then he would be electr[SIZE=2]ecuted then later sever[SIZE=2]ely punished, for th[SIZE=2]at's how it always has been. He clenched his fists[SIZE=2] cursing[SIZE=2] to himself. He wan[SIZE=2]ted a change, and he wanted it now[SIZE=2]. [SIZE=2]It was time for him to plan so[SIZE=2]mething[SIZE=2], but he did need help[SIZE=2]... he crawled to the front [SIZE=2]of the cell l[SIZE=2]ooking at the other p[SIZE=2]risone[SIZE=2]rs, some crying, [SIZE=2]some sleeping, and others[SIZE=2], like Rusti, in [SIZE=2]deep[SIZE=2] [SIZE=2]anger[SIZE=2]. [SIZE=2]"Who wants to get the hell [SIZE=2]out of he[SIZE=2]re[SIZE=2]?" he whispered.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  2. for the last 8 years i was torturered, beaten, and harmed by these doctors and scientists. I was a freak. hell, i didn't even know what normal was anymore. Nor did i ever, as all my life i was a caged rat, doomed to this hell. What have i done? Why didn't i have a family that loved me like i would read in the small amount of books i had to read... It was terrible in itself to read them, probably prosperously planed like that as well. I wondered if beyond these walls of hell, these stories could be true. I put my pale hand on my cell wall, and look down. I began to sob. Tears slowly dripping off my face and hitting the dark black ground. I wore pure black jumpsuit, just like most of this place did. I was sometimes taken away and contained in a glass tube area for testing, for days upon days, with no food. I wasn't fed much at all. They hated me, i once got out of the normal cell, but now i wear a dog like shock collar. My unnatural power probably the most hated part about me, was that, i was able to transfer into the 4th dimension. In this world, it seemed to look like i was split apart into partials and then formed a 3D shadow. It was unbelievably painful the few times i did this. They used to make me, or they would beat me until i did. I learned that the pain they put on me had to stop before i died. The pain of the dimension twist was far worse.

    Sitting alone in my cell, i was secluded because i once transferred a guard into the 4th, and he was never heard of again. I was a danger to everything if i was let to be free. I look down, and my longer white hair drops down over my face to cover my face. I did not like being seen crying, it only ended in me being beaten again. My body trembles from the scars, some still bleeding. I was whipped, and cut open, tested on, and other things that i did not want to ever speak of. My body was starving, and i could feel nothing but the cold ground, and my body asking for food. I starved , and got little food, just enough to keep me alive. My body almost to weak to hold myself up. My eyes once a dark brown, now a light blue from something that may have happened in a lab. I feel to the ground, and hold onto the cell bars in front of me, looking to the ground.

    "I d-do..." I said softly trying to hold back sobs.
  3. It was for 16 years that Miye had to put up with the pain and suffering of the lad demons in which she often called them because it seemed like had no sort of soul. Miye sat in her cage with otter pity and defeat on her face as the scar on the thigh of her left leg bled down to her feet. Miye dark brown hair covered her olive green eyes that shown pain, remark, sadness, and anger. She was reminded of her first lab experiment.

    Miye was only 5 years old and they placed her in a darken room with a light shining in her eyes. She remember looking around the room as shadows moved around the room that frighten her. She wasn't really use to her power yet so all she could smell was the scent rubber as one of the shadows came closer into the light. It was a man with big black bulky glasses around his pupil, he wore a bleach white long lab coat with a blue stitch on it. He wore a single pair of latex rubber gloves, as he bent closer to get a good look into her face she flinched a little. The man touch Miye's face caressing it to the reach of her eye and he pulled it open, she wailed in pain moving her face so the man would let go of her eye. He let go and went straight for her throat "You Move, You Die!" he mumbled to Miye, she choked out a breath as the man's fingers were around her neck. He started to laugh as he released his fingers from around her neck and moved his fingers back to her eyes. Miye control the pain that was coming from the Man's tight grip to her eye, he slowly took his fingers away from her eye then took out a clip board and wrote down something. Miye watched as he wrote down something she didn't understand, as he pulled out a communicator and before Miye knew it she was getting whisked back into her cell.

    That memory was scared permanently in her inside her fragile mind. As a tear dripped down Miye's cheek she heard a boy whisper "Who wants to get the hell out of here?". Miye spoke in a soft voice "I really want to get out of this Demon Hole" she laid back on to the wall of the small cell wondering.

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  4. Razi looks up, the barest graces of another's voice reaching her ears. It was just a whisper, though she could hear others responding. Brushing back her light-colored hair, she placed her hands on her knees, and tried to stand up. She tripped a couple times, but that was expected, from the malnourishment she had experienced most of her life.

    Earlier, as she had been taken back to her cell, she had nearly gotten electrocuted again, because she had said something along the lines of, "Mmm, this is exactly how your mother was holding me last night," when a guard had needed to pick her up because her legs stopped working. She knew it was a low blow, but it was worth it, especially since she got to see how much it riled up the guard. However, they had been none too gentle when throwing her back in her cell, and she had been wiping the blood from her mouth, ready to kill the next person who came near when she had heard the voice.

    Immediately, she thought it had to be a trick, a ploy, just another of the stupid games the scientists would try to play. Like, let's drip water on her forehead for hours and see how much it bothers her. This one seemed along the lines of, let's see how much we've broken them. Still, the idea of getting out of this wretched was too good to pass up, even if it was a trick.

    "I want to get the hell out of here," Razi answered, cursing herself for her bad habit of repeating something that's already been stated. "Count me in," she continued, in order to make her answer different from the question.
  5. ((Dose anyone mind me being in first person?))

    I began to look up at these voices, i only see the figures of the people. I start to sob softly again, my hands covering my beaten and torn face. I start to run my soft hands down the hardness of a scar across my face. Starting above my left eye, and ending below my right eye. An odd looking scar, but it was one of many. I start to think of what may happen, i don't want to be locked in the glass room again. I hear a confident voice.

    "Count me in"

    I look up again, to see a figure of female behind bars as well. She sounds so fed up, but filled with anger. I want to go with them, but i don't want anymore pain. Last time i got out, i was punished greatly.

    "I-i, d-dont think this is a g-good idea, i d-dont.." i murmur before breaking down crying before saying "a-again" over my tears.
  6. "Trust me on this one ok guys. I don't know how this will play out, but..." he was interrupted by the sound of the door to the cell room being opened. Rusti scooted back to his spot quickly and pretended to sleep, then looked back to the rest and motioned them to do the same. Rusti swallowed and tried not to make a sound, but only the sound of breathing. He kept his eyes opened and faced the wall. "I heard talking!" the guard yelled. He wipped open Rusti's cage and yanked him up. Rusti pretended to wake up. He smirked and spit in his face. "So what if I was?" the guard immediately through him down and kicked him in the stomach. In rage Rusti tripped him and in mid-air punched him in the ststomach and slammed him to the ground with that punch. He was immediately shocked, and the door closed quickly. Rusti yanked at the collar as it shocked him. He breathed heavily and about after a minute he recovered. The guard was killed by impact he could tell. He stood up straight and walked back to the front of the cell. "We need to escape now!!" he said loudly in great anger.
  7. "You don't say?" Razi answered in the most sarcastic voice she could muster. Though she hadn't feigned sleep like he had, she had moved to a darker corner of the cell, knowing that if she sat down again, she might not be able to stand up. Indeed, as the guard came in, she had almost called out to him to say something terribly mean and cutting. Almost. But she couldn't afford being placed in solitary again, not when she might be able to get out of here.

    "Well, we're not gonna be able to do anything with the damned collars on," she explained, drawing upon her expansive vocabulary mostly learned from the guards. They weren't afraid to curse in front of children like some people were, and the words she learned from them had only given her material against them. "Shame the guard didn't come into my cell. I'd've given him a piece of my mind..." She almost smiled at the thought, but the slightest movement of her lips that wasn't to form a frown hurt slightly.

    Sighing, leaning against the bars, she said, "Any genius plans, then? Or are you still raging from the guard?" She hadn't meant to sound hurtful, but it simply came out that way, a frequent guard's use of sarcasm rubbing off on her from an early age. "We're not gonna get anywhere if we try to escape without a plan."

    ((Soul, I don't mind at all))
  8. "So what if I was?" I heard the brave guy say.

    Almost right after, a guard rushed in only to get punched and knocked out, i stand up straight and look down. The guard was now dead, i could see it, his face looked dented and bleeding. This guy had some kind of inhuman strength, i mean, none of us were "human". I start to cower back into my cell, and i'm not sure waht to do. I think to myself for a sec, contemplating what could happen. I decided that it was now or never. I stand up and look at the ground.

    "Can i p-please come?"

    I look at the bars, and i knew i could shift out, but, the pain was to much, and i haven't done it in 4 years. I look at the strong escapee, trying to show him i'm not strong enough to get out by myself.
  9. Miye heard the sound of grunting in pain as she looked out her cell to see a guard on the ground unconscious 'He really did it' she began to think 'He punched out a guard!'. She banged on her cage "I'm ready to get out of this demon hole!"she began to say when she had a brief premonition that there were some two husky guards on their way to the room. "Hurry you need to think of a plan quickly there are two guards on their way!"she screeched out through the bars.

    (Premonition is seeing into the future ... And it can give you the ability to read minds and cloud them so don't remember much and you have great senses better then a dog and a cat combined. And you can also talk to people using your mind.)
  10. Rusti didn't like the sarcastic one. He decided not to show it. He kicked the guard under neath his bed which happen to be a slab springs. He looked at the rest who had agreed to escape. "We have to get a guard to open at least one of our cells. The minute that happens, we unlock whoever is left. The rest will have to say. We only have time for us to escape and only us. Ya hear? I don't know where we're going, I don't know how we're getting out of this hellhole, but I'm pretty sure this is a big place so it may take a moment. Let me know if you guys have any ideas I'll be thinking too." Rusti walked up the wall and onto the ceiling. He then sat down and thought. He heard the other girl. " gotta be kidding." He flipped the ground and decided to act natural like there wasn't a dead body under his bed. He gave a look to everyone that seemed to say 'just take them out and we'll go from there.'
  11. (I'm in first person hope y'all dont mind a newbie)
    15 years, 15 years she had spent at the mercy of the doctors here. She didn't want another second of the pain and torture of the regular tests and challenges, she wanted out. When she heard the commotion in the cells across from hers', her bright orange ears stood up in anticipation.
    What was this? They wanted to get out? They really thought they could? Where they crazy? Then again who wasn't in this place?
    "Me too. I'll go with you." She mustered the strength to speak and dragger herself to the edge of her cell to get a better look at the others "but just how do we get out of her?"
    She grasped the bars and stood up looking curiously at the others. They had been in the same place for as long as she could remember but she knew absolutly nothing about them.
  12. Miye smelled them getting closer to the door "Act natural" she whispered as the guard slowly turned the knob to open the door. "Okay what happened to the other guard the was in here?"he spoke to the other guard. While they were having their conversation Miye transported her thoughts to the leader of this escape "Can you hear me!"she spoke in his mind.
  13. Ducks back into the shadows of her cell remembering how she got there.
  14. (sry glitch)
    She remembered only what her parents had told her... Her mom and dad where scientists and there was an accident at the lab where their chemicals to help animals regain lost limbs which would eventually lead to the regeneration of lost human limbs spilt. It was some how carried onto my mother and she didn't notice anything. Then when I was born I had orange fluffy ears and a tail to match. My parents where shocked and when the men with lab coats came to take me there was nothing they could do. I was taken here and stuck in the room with a bright light. The men tugged at my ears and tails and took my blood. They said I was special but they didn't know how. Neither do I.
    If they don't know why am I here?! Why do I have to be here when im obviously nothing special. Fuming to myself i tried to keep calm and act normal. It wasn't going to well.
  15. Rusti heard the last girl and nodded at her, as the guards had come into my cell. I jumped onto the ceiling and left them looking for me. This is a power they didn't know I had. The power to defy gravity. He jumped down onto their heads feet first, breaking both their necks by simply twisting his ankle. He smiled wide as he saw the open cell door. He yanked the electric collar off before it could shock him and then he kicked open everyone else's cell. "Perfect...listen, try to keep the killing to minimum, because most likely it'll attract attention. We need to get out of here with out them knowing, of course eventually they'll find out, but we'll hopefully be very far away by then...follow me." Rusti said. He ran down the hall then kicked the hinges to the door down quickly, and moved the door silently to see if anyone was out there. He didn't see anyone so he quietly walked out telling everyone else to come along also. "Let's go." he whispered.
  16. A sharp sound awoke her from her relapse in memory. That boy that had spoken first was there he had killed the guards and was helping them escape. Quickly rising to my feet following after him ears perked for sound of the gaurds coming.
    "where exactly are we going?" Looks the leader dead in the eye expectantly.
    They may have locked her up but she still had most of her wits and determination to fight to get out. She wasnt running around with no plan though.
  17. Miye saw as the guards fell to the floor with their neck bones sticking out 'Weird' she thought. She saw as the boy kicked in her cell edging to run out of the cell and follow the boy. "Hey Ummm..... Boy! Do you have any particular plan to escape the Demon Hole?"she sent a mind wave of her thought to him. Miye really wanted to get out of there, but she heard that so many has tried but failed on the attempt to escape some even died on there way by getting caught by guards or by there collars. Miye touched her collar using her brain wave she destroyed the wiring of the electricity shockers then disabling the lock and the collar fell right off her neck 'It's so good to have that off' she thought to herself.
  18. ((I'm just used to first person, i wouldn't call it a newbie way to RP, its a style. Also, i decied that i would be better off as a female, so I'm just changing that now before we get to far in.))

    I start to think about how these plans may not work... The guards wouldn't let us all out, and most of the time the ones with keys don't even have the keys for all the cells. I start to figure that some of us may not make it out, and most wont make the chance. I turn and sit on my bed, i can't sleep, the pain of my nightmares were to heavy. I look around my cell, the bare nothingness always made me shutter. I often wondered about the real world, outside this hell. My tears drying up and my face becoming moist. I was looking down at my hands, i used to remember my skin, the texture it held, now all i see is a shadow. After the years of testing, eventually, my vision became lesser and lesser. I remember the lasst time i was able to see myself was in the 4th, though, everything there was weird.

    I start to shiver as my blood turns cold, i feel that there are more guard coming, and i can hear them talking about a missing guard. Would we be caught? I look down and I hear a lot of commotion. Then i hear a snap and the sound of metal hitting the floor. Then i look up as my door opens. Was i going to be hurt again? Then i heard it.

    "Let's go."

    I stand up weakly, and start to stumble to the door.

    "I hope i d-don't burden you." i say before slightly tripping over myself.
  19. Rusti scratched the back of his head. "Uh....tell ya what. One of us go snatch a guard and force him to tell us where to go to get out of here. Now who here is stealthy?" he asked.
  20. Reaches to her neck and breaks off the collar still looking at the boy curiously. Noticing the others turns to take them all in. Suddenly conscious of her ears and tail she steps back into the shadows and waits. Uncertain they where going to make it out. It was written across all their faces.
    Her herself wasnt even sure they would make it out. But she had to have hope. Without it there was no way they would make it out. With these thoughts she stood there and watched them all from the shadows curiously.