The Epitome of Horrible English Grammar

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  1. Well. I'm pretty sure that we, as a community of writers, have come across some pretty bad grammar in our days. Some people just refuse to use proper punctuation, spelling and capitalization!

    And *le gasp* some people even use cht spk, or even worse, 1337 speak.

    But quite honestly, some people take it one whole step further. This is called the "Jejemon" phenomenon that started in the Philippines. It was an innocent thing at first, and we had some laughs about it, but it is spreading, at a horrible rate too. Their "subversion of the English language to the point of incomprehensibility" is called Jejenese.

    Jeje pertains to the spanish version of "hehe" or the equivalent of LOL.

    Moving on. Prepare to have your brains bleed dry at what you are about to see. This is a prime example of Jejenese. To follow it will be the translation:

    EOW P0WH THeRe~ P0wh. NicE MEEtNg u~ JEjEjeje~ p0Wh. WTZ Ur nME, N0H?~ H0W ZarezU 2dAy JeJeje DO U THnk~ thAt~ we~ ShOuld~ Go sOMEwER, n0H?~ ur GoiNg 2 go aLREaDY,~ n0H? nicE~ mEETnG~ u JejejEjEJEJejE

    Translation (open)
    Hello there. Nice meeting you. What is your name? How are you today? Do you think that we should go somewhere? Your going already? Nice meeting you.

    How's that for terrible grammar?

    Post your thoughts and weep for the future of the English language. xD.
  2. ive seen worse :P
  3. When I read this, I was all like:

  4. My eyes are bleeding or my brain is weeping, I know not which.

    Probably both.
  5. When I take over the world, these people will be the first to die.
  6. I don't see what They're problem is, how can they not type like everyone else?
  7. Oh. Guys. *shakes head in sorrow*

    That's not even the worst of it. That's Jejenese written by someone who isn't a jejemon... Wait until you see a true one. They tend to go:

    3oWHzzZzZ Pf0uhzZZz!!
  8. Oh c'mon, how much dumber can they get? It's not like its so bad it'll k

  9. I will take the man who first came up with the concept and break him.

    Then I will put him in a pit.

    Then I will take every person who writes like this and put them in an English class. They will not be allowed to leave until they have mastered the English language and can write at a proper level for their age.

    Then, only when Jejenese is ashes, will the man have my permission to die.

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    I intend to do that for all these stupid internet dialects.
  10. Ha ha, writers are getting trolled hardcore. XD

    Why ELSE type that nonsense. Totally for trolling!
  11. Diana: Totally not trolling. xD.

    Here's a picture of some Jejemons

  12. That is, indeed, one of the most vile uses of the English language I have ever seen, but at least it is so terrible I can just shake my head at it and not attempt to read it. However, I believe that the most terrible use of a language is when you can actually read something, but it does not make sense, yet you can still see the faint glimmer of a good idea inside it. That is what truly destroys me.
  13. >:[

    What the Fu-?
  14. It will... hopefully... die...
    Stop paying attention to it and acknowledge no one who types that way...and it will die...
  15. Looks like a bunch of trolls to me. D:<

    backwards and sideways hats are a dead giveaway to trolls!
  16. But I want a snazzy hat T_T
  17. ... I kinda want their hats too.

    That... that language is horrible....
  18. The Executions/Violations shall begin shortly