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    When you least expect it, an adventure will find you.

    Under the tyranny of her Uncle, King William, lived Princess Noel. Experiencing the untimely death of her beloved parents, the late King and Queen of Rosemore, Noel had come to love the kingdom her parents built and cared for. However, Noel had come to the realization that her uncle had no interest in anything other than exploiting the kingdom for his own comfort and greed. As a result the kingdom is collapsing morally and financially. Because of a plot to get rid of Noel, she can no longer wait until her coronation to save the kingdom from desolation. Creating a plan to dethrone her evil uncle, Noel began searching the historical archives to look for her fathers Life Book; a magically self written book that documents their every living moment. When death comes, the books' pages are ripped from the binder and scattered throughout the worlds, never to be found.

    While reading, she discovered a story about a care taker of a magical beast that has the ability to travel through different worlds and bring others with it. Noel's father told her stories of such a beast throughout her childhood, but she never expected the stories to be real! This beast would hopefully be able to take her to the different planets so she could retrieve the pages. With a clear plan in mind, Noel then begins her journey to save her kingdom, not realizing the impact her travels would make on her surroundings.

    Your Part in the Story
    Your characters will be the people that join the group through out the story. They could be joining for any reason, maybe they want to help Noel, maybe they're in it for money, or they need to go somewhere, it's up to you really. Through out the adventure
    Well, to start off the list I will state the obvious. Iwaku rules apply.
    @FruitsBasket and I are co-creators of this Role Play. We both will be game masters and what we say goes.
    Though this is an epic quest roleplay, it is meant to be mostly light-hearted and funny with some seriousness or drama sprinkled throughout. So don't be to serious about everything!
    Romance is encouraged, however, it isn't the focus of the Role Play.
    Cursing is allowed, but don't use it in every other sentence or anything. Use it just when needed.
    Posting expectations would be no less than a paragraph, do your best with grammar and spelling. If your just not good at that, at least try and make it coherent.
    Very Important! You must post at the LEAST, every three days. If you've got writers block or you'll be gone for a while, let us know!

    Cast (open)

    {-Name- Gender- -Species- -World- -Played By-}

    {Ambrose♦Female Angel/Elf New Termania CuccoLady}
    {Noel Female Elemental Earth FruitsBasket}
    {Honey Lemonade Female Dragon Draconia Azula}
    {Saya Femlae Kirin Earth Greenie}
    {Jet Female Cyborg Sastade Spectator}
    {Oliver Male Cat N/A CuccoLady}
    {Dante Male Dream Master Utopia CuccoLady}
    {Rafa Male Monster Mirrored Earth RafaDark}
    {Hesperus Male Fallen Star Aster girlabot}
    {Bjark Male Berserker Estes Squee}

    Worlds (open)

    New Termania

    New Termania is a humble village found in the mountains that shelters a small population of angels. The village is small, surrounded by fortress walls, and has only one entrance for people on foot, which is often kept closed. The people are quite friendly to one another and live a quiet life going about their days comfortably. However, due to past events, these people have become unfriendly, if not aggressive, to outsiders. Their over caution of anything new is the only way they know how to protect their peaceful town from being over taken again.


    Draconian is the home for dragons, human dragons precisely. Surrounded by lot of mountain and forest, Draconian is a 'traditional' world where no technology has been discovered. There are no fancy building here, mostly just simple huts or normal buildings built with medieval style. There is one big castle where the Ruler of Dragons, Piato Hasengard, lives with his family. Hasengard family has been always have the ruler position for they are known to have unlimited wisdom. Dragons live their life by gathering, farming, raising animals, and other traditional way. Dragons still using barter method to get their things, or just give it freely. Their kinship is strong and unbreakable, but their number keeps decreasing over years. Now, there are 2789 dragons in total with 70% of it are dragon-in-training.

    Mirrored Earth

    It's a mirrored Earth, instead of being like the normal Earth we live in, it have four giant continents all focused in a little one right in the middle, were the prison is. The real prisoners inside there work on the prison, earning money as they buy drugs to not get high, to get non-lethal, the world has turned into an 'peaceful' one but not too much, below the continents there are the 'underworlds' each of them with the worse of the worse scum of the planet, thieves, killers, anything that is worse, they don't got arrested and live in those sewers like an normal living, the main city, Hrath is right below the 1st continent named Primer. There are some who found portals to other worlds everywhere in the 'underworld' but those are quite rare in these days, the Primer's sanctum banished them with the elders powers but they let sometimes friendly beings open portals in they HQ but just there, if you aren't too friendly or they didn't recognize you as an friendly being, they will put your portal randomly in the continents or on the 'underworld' but if you are not friendly at all, they throw you in the line to the prison and they just let you rotting there if you can die, their 'drugs' give the prisoners eternal life only inside the building, some even go crazy or broken but nothing so serious that their hi-curative drugs can't cure.


    Sastade is similar to Earth, but much more technologically advanced. There's more land than water. Mostly just large lakes that connect to each other in some way shape or form. There's hardly any law enforcement, but most people are extremely laid back. There can be only one child per two parents and houses are held in enormous towers equivalent to appartment complexes. There's only one large continent since the planet itself is much smaller than Earth and much of it is open plains. There are cities that dot the continent but there is one major metropolis where most of the population settles.


    This world's appearance is dependent on the specific persons imagination. The race on this planet have the ability to alter thoughts and change the appearance to their liking. However, for every person, the world is different except for the base landscape. The people are not particularly friendly to one another or to outsiders, often preferring to live in their own minds. To any non-Dream Master, this is a barren landscape covered in green grass and mountains. You can see the Dream-Masters while they live in their own worlds, but they cannot be touched or hurt.

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  2. Oliver opened his Jade green eyes to be greeted by a dim light and damp cave-like walls. As he took to his paws, the Oliver perked his ears and looked around him. Though it was dark in the cave, Oliver was able to see fairly well in the dark. The first thing he noticed was that his friends and traveling companions were not around him. Meaning they were scattered across this world.

    Oliver flattened his ears. This had happened before, the cause being his lack of strength when teleporting, and it took him weeks to actually find his partners. Of course, that was on a huge world. Oliver began walking through the cave, towards the light that hopefully meant the end of the cave.

    Ambrose sat up abruptly, her wings sprawled out on the ground behind her. "What..." She breathed, staring forward at nothing. Every time she was teleported to a new world it took her a few minutes to come to her senses. A side effect from traveling via teleporting cat she assumed.

    "Where are we now?" Ambrose asked, at last blinking and turning, expecting to see Noel or their little feline friend. However, the only person she met eyes with was Rafa. The newest member to their group. Also the scariest. "Where is Noel?" She asked, getting to her feet and stretching out her wings. Of course the first thought that crossed her mind was that they had been cast to a different planet, alone. ​
  3. Rafa was sat in the ground for a time now, he was wanting to know a little more about her but he needed to wait to see if she was fine or not, he looked at her and scratched his head "We are in another planet... the bad thing is that our only escape from here is Oliver who is missing like Noel..." he looked at her and said "We are stuck in a cave of some sort by the way..." he was still in his human mode, changing for his monster mode, he looked to his sides, his eyes slowly turning red as he jumped from the ground and shouted "I HATE THIS PLACE!!! THERE'S NOTHING TO DO HERE!! HEY YOU WHAT'S YOUR NAME? AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN HERE?" his eyes slowly turned black and he closed his arms and sighed "Don't you remember her? She's Ambrose, the one that helped us in the first time we get out of here... don't you remember?" he was talking with his other personality, he thought that if his own normal mind couldn't do the trick, his 'wild side' could break free from this place but he was wrong "So sorry Ambrose but I think we will have to wait... maybe someone will come to save us this time right?" he asked "Don't be so happy about it, we will need to wait for that stupid little pet to come here again... *Growl* He will pay for letting me in a CAVE, I will break him in half..." he said as he made with his hands how he would punish Oliver "NO! we can't do that and you know that! He is the only thing that can help us so be quiet and wait patiently like Ambrose, ok?" his human side was more self collected and smart then his monster side who was brutal and a little dumb "Besides let's just wait, it wouldn't take too long for them to know that we are inside a cave and not with them... Noel and Oliver will come to help us out... yeah... l-let's just wait..."
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  4. Finally Noel became conscious the first thing that came to her mind was why did she feel as if she was underwater? cant breath! Noel suddenly panicked her body jolted up in a upright sitting position. Noel was in a foot deep pool of water, in cave water "..yuck!" she exclaimed and stood up sopping wet. water dripped from her long red hair "why in the world did I have to be set in a gross pool of cave water?!"she exclaimed. Super annoyed at her situation which some how was totally that stupid cats fault, after all he was the one that teleported them. she sighed,displeased and made a quick hand gesture as if pulling something away from her body and the water quickly followed the hand then poured back into a puddle, a place other than were she was standing. Finally it was time for her to look at her surroundings, she stood in a dark dingy wet cave with what looked like no immediate way out. "Hello? anyone else here?" she called out hoping at least one other person was with her. It was to dark to see anything at first, until her eyes adjust she is stuck with no visibility. "Hello ?" Noel repeated a few moments after the first, when silence was the only thing that replied she frowned and waited in the same spot until her eyes adjusted to the darkness at last she saw the tiniest bit of what seemed like it could be light, then slowly started towards it trying not to trip or fall by carefully examining each step first with what she could see then with her foot feeling around and her arms stretched out in front of her. After what seemed like forever Noel started to hear something in the distance Noel stopped movement and listened to try and figure out if it was a foe or friend. It sounded like two things having a conversation of some sort. she decided to get closer and investigate before she made herself known. she started her slow and careful movement towards it. once she got close enough to distinguish the sounds into voices and voices in to Rafa and Andbrose's voices "Andbrose? Rafa? " she said perking up and walking into the cave where they were.
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    Honey hummed her nationality song while she walked across the small huts, watching as the her kin busy with their own business. Today was the third day Honey, accompanied by Armez, set her foot to unknown journey. Her goal was clear, but Honey honestly didn't know how to achieve it, so the last three days wasted by moving from one village to another. As soon as she felt her feet started to weary, Honey stopped for awhile and looked at her only companion, Armez, "I'm tired, Armez! We are walking without direction..." she paused while Armez started to babble in language that only Honey could understand, well he wasn't 'talking' actually, more like growling in a chirpy voice, "I know I know, I shouldn't have left the village, you've said it like, one hundred times, Armez, one hundred times!" Honey stomped her feet impatiently and brushed her long maintained hair with her right hand.

    In her desperation, Honey saw a dark cave just not far from her, tickling her curiosity to explore it, "Maybe that cave can lead us somewhere~" she said in melodic tone and skipped to approach the cave, while Armez shook his head in disbelief but still trailing her from behind. The cave was big and dark, nothing can be seen from outside. Instead of being afraid, Honey felt her chest filled with excitement, she has feeling that this cave would lead her to unanswered questions. Stepping inside, her eyes finally accustomed with the dark surrounding so she was able to see the cave vaguely. Honey kept her steps closer to the wall, so she had something to hold on, while Armez dangling on her back. After several minutes seeing nothing but emptiness, Honey's ears captured a sound, a tiny foot steps coming from the front.

    Honey hadn't walked too far from the entrance and now she already found something. She stopped her steps and waited for the sound to come closer...
  6. Oliver continued walking towards the light until he also heard foot steps. Perking his ears, Oliver began to slow his footsteps and make little to no movement. He hoped his black fur would blend him with the surroundings. After turning a corner, then climbing up a small hill Oliver saw a strange looking silhouette. It almost looked like a female human, but then agin it had some growing on it's shoulder. Crouching down, Oliver raised his hackles, narrowing his green eyes. If it approached him, he would attack, but he would prefer not to get in a fight, so Oliver waited to see if it would leave.

    Ambrose wrapped her arms around herself. "But, what if there are animals here?" She asked, her imagination suddenly sparking. "What if there are monsters in here!" As soon as the words left her mouth Ambrose gasped. There literally was a monster in here...luckily he was supposedly on her side. "I don't think we should just stay here." She said, turning back and forth to see if it was lighter on either side. "If they're on a different world, or even somewhere else on this planet, how would they know where we are?" She babbled, starting to mess with her hands nervously. ​
  7. As Ambrose started talking about being worried if there was wild animals or monsters in that cave, Rafa looked at her and slowly raised an eyebrow as she gasped, the monster was there and it was him, one side of him felt hurt but the other felt angry like always. Once she got back to saying, he heard something, it looked like something was echoing from somewhere in the cave, he looked around him, he knew he was in a cave but he didn't saw that it was that dark and wet, he didn't liked it, well both parts of him didn't liked that. he let Ambrose talk as he heard something coming from behind him, he tried to hear it again but nothing happened, he turned back and walked looking to the ground and up as his hands were trying to touch the nothing in front of him leaving Ambrose alone in the dark part of the cave. It didn't take long for him to touch one of the cave walls in front of him, he looked back and said "Hey Ambrose, you... Where are you?" he looked around just to find himself alone in the dark and damp cave until he noticed something coming from his side, he stood there waiting for the worse as one part of him was almost shaking with fear and the other was excited for a fight.
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    Honey heard the footsteps stopped suddenly. She rubbed her eyes so she could see better. Putting Armez down from her back, Honey moved closer to the dark figure she saw, it was so tiny that Honey thought it couldn't be harmful. With careful steps, Honey moved closer and closer until the distance between them was gone. Her eyes widen in excitement as she found this cute little cat right in front of her thought he didn't seem so friendly. The cat was on his guard stance just like what cats did when they thought they were in danger. Armez quickly flapped his wings, ready to strike the tinu creature, but Honey stopped him and threw Armez away from her. Armez grumbled, but he didn't move an inch from where he landed.

    "Hello, little cat, are you here alone? I'm not gonna hurt you..." Honey tilted her head to see the cat better, he was cute yet misterious. Carefully, Honey stretched her hand to him, but she was already prepared that he might scratch her because of her sudden move. Honey didn't mind at all for she really wanted to touch that soft fur.
  9. Oliver watched as the suspicious form moved closer to him. Oliver jumped slightly and hissed as Armez drew his wings in attack then was tossed to the side. He crouched, ready to attack, when the silhouette spoke. It sounded like a female, and she spoke English, meaning the chances were it wasn't a dangerous creature.

    Oliver stepped back as she reached down towards him, growling slightly as a warning. Should he trust her? She was probably a native of this planet, meaning she would be able to help him. Oliver lowered his hackles and stood normally, looking back and forth between Armez and Honey, waiting for their next move. This would decide the out come of their meeting.

    Ambrose sighed, the silence of the cave taking over. She could hear movement, however, she assumed it was Rafa wondering about with her. Suddenly Ambrose heard her name, and Rafa's, called. It was a familiar voice, a girls voice, but she could not tell the direction it came from due to the echoing of the cave. "Hello?" Ambrose answered back, not thinking that it could be a hostile person. "Rafa, did you hear that?" She asked, but no answer came. "Huh? Rafa, where did you go?" She called, turning in circles. Great. This was just what i needed. Ambrose thought, starting to panick.​
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  10. "Ambrose ..Rafa its me, Noel, where are you? ..I cant see you." Noel stopped when Ambrose was calling for Rafa " where did he go?" she asked as she stumbled forward towards Ambrose's voice and presence. When she reached out and touched her, she exclaimed "Oh Thank God! its so creepy not seeing I have somewhat stability" she stood next to Ambrose her arm interlocked with Ambrose's--or what she thought was Ambrose's-- *well its not really stability but its better than cold wet walls* Noel thought and clenched the arm tighter.
  11. Somehow he heard Noel's voice coming from somewhere, the echoing of the cave made his hearing bad as he turned to the side he thought that was were he could hear Noel's voice. He froze in place when something touched his arm, his human side thinking the worse, he thought if he was going to look to that side he was going to see something horrible... "Oh Thank God! its so creepy not seeing I have somewhat stability" he heard Noel saying, he was going to say to Noel that he was not Ambrose but she clenched his arm tight as he stood there quiet looking to the nothing, also it hurt a little making tears form in the corners of his eyes, he was going to stay quiet but it seemed that every second her hand was holding his arm she was pressing it tighter and tighter, he bore the pain until he got the courage and said between pain and awkwardness "U-Um... I-I'm not Ambrose..." he tried to move his arm but it looked glued to Noel's fingers, for a princess like her, she was pretty strong on holding his arm.
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    "He looks scared," she said to Armez followed by Armez nodding in agreement, then Honey leaned her head to Armez, whispering to his big ear, "It's a male, right? I'm afraid he will be offended," Armez shrugged, telling that he didn't know either in his growl. Honey also shrugging before looked at the cat again. Smiling as wide as she could, Honey saw that the cat was more relax than before as he put down his defend stance. She looked at the cat with the most gentle eyes she could make so he would feel comfortable, "Do you wanna go out from this dark cave? It's not safe for you to be here alone, I will help you out."

    Armez flew closer to the cat and moved his hands, asking the cat to follow them outside. Honey started to walk while Armez was still with the cat, asking him to come with them nicely which actually sounded like a low growl. His wide eyes blinked several times as Armez waited for the cat to follow Honey.
  13. Oliver perked his little black ears at the mention of leaving the cave. He took a few steps forward when Honey began walking away then followed Armez. It would be great if they could help him find the rest of the group, but could the little dragon thing speak his language? Oliver looked at Armez and purred, expressing his peace at the moment, then followed Honey.

    Ambrose began walking in the direction she heard Noel's voice, taking slow and careful steps. The cave had gotten lighter, specifically in one direction. "Noel? Answer me if you can hear me!" She called loudly, hoping to catch up with her. "Rafa, where did you go?" She added, looking behind and around at every small sound. Now that Rafa had left her side she would certainly be the most venerable thing in this cave! ​
  14. Noel nearly jumped out of her skin when Rafa said that he wasn't Ambrose "ah!" Noel let go of his arm same time she stepped back stumbling over rocks and then promptly landing on her butt in another puddle of cave water ending her dramatic decadence with an abrupt and loud OW! A moment later she heard Ambrose calling to her from behind "Ambrose? over here ..I found Rafa..." she added looking up in the direction she and been a few moments ago. she started to get back on her feet, while doing so she started to realize that her back was kind of sore ...and it felt wet but she just assumed that it was wet from the water she fell into, she must of landed on her tail bone wrong of something.. no big deal it will feel fine in a bit. "sorry Rafa.."she said "man you really startled me.." she added slowly
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    Honey waited at the outside and finally saw Armez and the cat walked out the cave casually,"Heh? Are you friends already?" she laughed and took Armez to her shoulder. Armez always loved to dangling on her shoulder, thankfully he wasn't that heavy so Honey didn't mind at all. Honey crouched and smiled at the cat, "Listen, I don't speak your language and I wish this useless dragon, Armez..." Armez bit Honey's ear in no time, making her shouted in pain and grumbled, "You donn't have to do that! Urgh, I wish this dragon can understand your language, but yet again, he doesn't," Honey tilted her head and put her forefinger on her lips, she was clearly having something on her mind.

    She snapped her finger when an idea struck her mind, making Armez and the cat jumped in aghast because she did it all of a sudden, "I know! Since you're lost, I bet you're lost and I'm sure you're lost, you should come with me! You are lucky that you meet this beautiful dragon that will help you to find your way~ You can tag along with me and Armez, we do need some companies beside each other, I'm getting tired seeing his face all day," Honey shrugged while Armez bit her hair in anger.

    Honey stood up and raised her hands to the air as she was so excited to have cute cat as company. Even though she didn't know whether the cat wanted to tag along or not, Honey already decided that the cat was her new company. Before taking more steps, Honey turned her body and crouched down again so she was almost on the same height with the cat, "Umm... Can I... touch your fur? It seems so... fluffy~"
  16. [​IMG]

    As Oliver exited the cave he squinted his green eyes at the unpleasant bright light. It took a few moments before his eyes adjusted and by that time the girl had put the dragon on her shoulder. He took this moment to get a decent understanding of the world around him. It was mountainous all around him, a few green fields down in the valleys of the mountains with some village huts in circles. That would probably a good place to start looking for the group, plus he could sense a familiar energy like that of a page that Noel had been searching for.

    At the moment the lady knelt down and began talking to Oliver. He twitched his little black ear as she spoke to him about they lack of communication between the three. Oliver tilted his head and flattened his ears when Armez bit Honeys ear, confusing him. Wasn't that her pet? Why didn't she scold him?

    The three were silent again as Honey began to think, about what he couldn't guess, then suddenly she snapped her finger, causing Oliver to jump. He "meowed" in complaint as she started talking again. Oliver tilted his head again as Honey told him he was 'lost', then offered to take him in like a lost pet. And now she had the nerve of asking to touch his glorious fur? Oliver hissed, staring at her with an irritated expression as an answer.

    Ambrose paused as Noel called her again, adding something else to the sentence. The voice was coming from the darker part of the cave, and she really didn't want to go back there. "Come to my voice! I see light!" She called as loudly as she could. A few bat just behind her opened their wings and flew down passed Ambrose to escape the disturbing noises, starling Ambrose. "Please hurry! Something is going to eat me in here!" She called, kneeling down to avoid any more flying monsters. ​
  17. He widened his eyes as she almost took his arm with her as she fell, he was quiet again as he looked at her with an confused expression in his face "She found us? No, It was more like she stumbled in us!" his monster side said in his head, he shook his head and said "Um... Sorry?" he didn't knew what to say about that "Well... she might be hurt..." his human side thought "Help her then." his monster side answered his little doubt "When did you started caring about others?" he asked to himself as he looked confused "Shut up and do something!" his monster side said and he replied "Alright! Alright!" a little time after they heard Ambrose shouting again now a lot desperate then before, he heard bat noises and flap of wings "Let's go Noel we need to help her!" he said as he grabbed Noel's hand and pushed her with him, it was a little brutal but now he knew where their 'gang' was and he wasn't going to risk in losing himself from anyone of them again. It didn't took long for him to see an light not far away from them, he was running to an side he didn't knew if it was where Ambrose was, when he was getting closer to the light, he said "Be careful to not slip on something and fall..." he then slipped on something making him fall in the ground, face first, his face was inside an little puddle of water as his hand was still holding Noel's hand maybe she hadn't fell with him or maybe she was in the ground too, he didn't knew because he was with water in his face, with an groan that made some bubbles flee from the bottom to the top of the puddle, he got up saying "I'm fine..." he looked around and found that Ambrose was almost close to them, he greeted "Yo Ambrose!"
  18. Noel looked towards Ambrose when she started talking then when Rafa grabbed her hand she nodded but looks slightly surprised ..not that anyone could see her face but it still startled her. then when Rafa fell towards the ground she stumbled down with him but not all the way she landed on her hands and knees *stupid stupid cave!* she thought as she grimaced at the new knee pains. she stood up brushing off her knees and looked towards the light that was there." oh I see the light !" she said grinning. then waited to hear Ambrose's reply to Rafas question/statement.
  19. [​IMG]

    "Ah! No touching, okay!" Honey quickly pulled her hand, his claw could make her smooth skin damaged. She then looked at Armez, "Why you don't have fur like that? I will stroke you all day if you have fur," Armez sighed and rolled his eyes, Honey sometimes could ask for something weird. Instead of keep walking by dangling on Honey's shoulder, Armez flew down and walked beside the cat. He was trying to become friends with the cat since he knew how does it feel being separated from friends. Armez once separated from Honey because of the massive earthquake that attacked their former village, it was so horrible for he didn't know whether Honey was alive or not, didn't know whether she was hurt or not.

    "So, where should we go now... Hmm gotta need to find your friends? Right?" Honey walked to the nearest big rock and leaned herself on it, "Do you know where was the last time you see them? Ah crap! Even you tell me, I won't understand it, should we wait? Maybe your friends was still in the cave?"
  20. Oliver relaxed when she pulled her hand away from him. It seemed she was quite intrigued by his silly fur. Maybe since this seemed to be a dragon sort of world they didn't even have any creatures with fur. When Armez joined Oliver on the ground, Oliver looked at him with perked ears and questioning eyes. He would much preferred to ride someone's shoulder then walk, why did Armez choose to walk with him?

    Oliver began to drown out Honey and Armez, his attention now caught on a unfamiliar presence in the village below. It was powerful but he hoped it was just a important life page of the late King and Queen of Rosemore. Oliver paused his walking and looked up at Honey, meowing and looking back towards the village.

    Ambrose heard the foot steps of Rafa and Noel near her and start to stand when they suddenly tripped. "Oh, are you two okay?" She asked, now able to see the two. Ambrose knelt to help them both, but stuck close to Noel. She felt much more comfortable around Noel and didn't want Rafa's other side to suddenly snap at her. "Yes, there's light and I'm sure we can get out that way! Even if it's an opening in the top, I should be able to fly both of you, one at a time, out." Ambrose explained.​
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