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  1. A Brief Summary
    Panathamin is a world created by the gods, but is now abandoned by its very creators. Creatures called the devas rule most of the lands for they harness the very power of the gods they were spawned by, they can come many different forms and varieties. Humans are the beloved creatures of the gods, their very first living creation. The enlightened were humans at some point in time, but are introduced to a god's blood which grants them special powers.

    The whole plot is the power struggle between "good" and "evil". The devas and the enlightened. The humans are stuck in between this battle, some siding with whatever force they choose or are captured by. Who is good? Who is evil? Or is this world just different shades of gray.

    Now the important question left is which side will win?
    Only you can decide.

    *Cue the dramatic music.*

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  2. Elric Carnet

    The only remaining Carnet was climbing the mountain, a taxing task that required much effort from his fellow enlightened as well as himself. He knew they looked up to him as a leader, and he did not want to fail their expectations. They were mostly new recruits, some he decided to pick up along the way after hearing a rumor about a deva misusing their powers.

    Like many other humans, the recruits seemed to believe all deva were bad. In Elric's perspective, they couldn't be any more wrong than what they assumed. The deva, much like humans, had free will and the choice to do whatever they wanted. If they wanted to blow up the villagers, they very much could, but they would have to deal with the consequences for their actions. It was just that most deva decided they didn't care much for the humans and enlightened and threw their warning to the wind.

    The enlightened were made exactly for those deva, for they were meant to put them down like the rabid dogs they were. These were thoughts instilled into his brain by the more mild of enlightened, for Elric could not withstand the fanatics nor overemotional. He knew it was hard to make the right choice and protect the humans, he had suffered many a losses, but he did not let that rule his mind. No, he had people looking up to him for his protection and he would not disappoint them. Or at least, he would try not to.
  3. Finally having made his way to the top of the vantage point he had positioned himself at, Milo's father found a young man sitting under a solitary tree, staring out into the white void. The boy was clad in white and gold, with hair as white as the mist that surrounded them, and eyes as blue as the sky. Protruding from his head were two short horns sat above a pair of black caprine ears. On a clear day, much of the world below could be seen, but no amount of wind could clear the thick clouds that enveloped the mountains on this brisk morning.

    "I thought I'd find you here," he said, addressing his son. "How have you been keeping?"

    He pivoted his head to meet his father's gaze as he spoke, before standing up to embrace him.

    His father smiled, but quickly got to the matter at hand. "Listen, we've been finding tracks." His face had formed into a concerned frown. As captain of the scouting party, it was his job to notify the village of any incoming threats. "As you know, travelling merchants and other wanderers occasionally stumble across the village from time to time, but this is different. From what I can tell from the bootprints, there are at least five people, but most of them are missing, like they've been covered up. Whoever is heading this way doesn't want to be found. I don't want to alarm you, but you're up here a lot, so if you see anything..."

    "I understand."
    He lingered for a second, his face returning to the solemn expression he had before his father had arrived, then sat down against the tree once again. His father, feeling sorry for him, took off his bow and quiver and sat down beside him.
    Placing a hand on his son's shoulder, he said "I know it's hard for you. After you were born, your mother and I... we didn't know what to do. We tried to give you the best life we could, but it could never have been normal." He looked down. "I'm sorry."

    "I don't blame you for this. What could you have done? This isn't something I can hide." Milo sighed. "As much as I wish it was..."

    "Hey, maybe you could come join me and the scouts sometime, do some exploring? I could arrange it with your mother, get you away from the monastery for a few days," his father offered.

    "I don't think so. Last time I camped with the scouts, I woke up surrounded by rose petals with a guy beside me trying to feed me breakfast." His father laughed. "I remember that! Three of them woke me up fighting over who got to do it. I nearly put them all on dung duty for a week."

    At this Milo giggled, a smile finally forming on his face.

    "Keiel!" a voice called from several meters below them. "We've found more tracks!"

    His father stood up, picking up his things and re-equipping them. "Looks like I've gotta go. Stay safe, Milo, and say hi to your mother for me."
    With that, he began to make his way back down the ledge.

    After his father had left, Milo returned to staring out into the void. He had hoped his father would stay longer with him, but he knew he couldn't just neglect his duties.
    "Who would come up here that would cover their tracks?" he wondered, both intrigued and concerned.
  4. Meanwhile, on the other side of the rocky mountain, a beach of thick, coarse sand spread out into the ocean. A village was positioned along the coast, many of the buildings constructed on top of sturdy docks embedded into the tightly-packed sand. As the mountainside rose from the beach, houses dotted the landscape. Artisans and fishmongers were hard at work producing the goods that were once exported nearly in their entirety, earning the village its keep.

    Lately, however, a sizable chunk of those goods had been going to the tyrant Cerulea. The Deva was seated atop a throne carved from bright white stone that jutted out of the ocean, overlooking the village and nearby coast. It was surrounded with water, making it one of the safest places to be for one that could control the sea.

    There was a line of peasants waiting waist-deep in the water in front of Cerulea's throne. All of them were carrying goods meant for the matriarch, as was the procedure that took place once a week. A young woman stepped forth without anything in her hands, her eyes cold and defiant. "Foul beast," she snarled, spitting at the throne. "I won't give you anymore of my food. My family needs to sell the fish we catch, so feeding ourselves is hard enough already without you around!"

    Cerulea stared down at the woman with bored contempt. This was something she'd seen plenty of times before. Even killing the would-be rebels was starting to get dull. "So be it," she said, lifting her hands. The water around the woman lashed out and engulfed her head, causing the villager to gasp and suck seawater into her lungs. She thrashed and clawed at the floating orb of water surrounding her, but no matter where she went, her watery prison moved with her under Cerulea's control. The other villagers could only stare helplessly, knowing that if they tried to help the woman, they would be next.
  5. Elric Carnet

    The young man strode forward, his eyes ever searching for any dangers that may approach them. He had heard of devas living in these particular mountains, but they had little contact with the humans and therefore they were not his targets. Elric had met few harmless enlightened over his time, and the few that were labeled as such were too lazy to hurt something or had no interest in even interacting with those they considered below them. Those type of deva often lived in isolated places that required no assistance from the enlightened.

    The fog thickened considerably, enough that even Elric's fairly sharp eyes could barely see ten feet in front of him. He silently signaled to one of the men in his small crew that had a eyes that could scour many yards ahead. It was his feature that was granted to him by being an enlightened, and although it did not serve him well in battle, the man was quite a decent scout. Not all enlightened were battle hardened warriors. Some were scholars, advisers, mentors, or masters in a certain occupation -such as being a blacksmith-.

    The companions were nearing the peak of the mountain, the worst of their journey to their almost over. Dangers came with going down the mountain as well as coming up, but now the trip would be easier in the slightest. Well, as long as they avoided falling off cliffs. The fog would prove to be quite the challenge, but it was a meager task in comparison to putting down a full fledged deva.

    He had heard the cruel tales of a sea witch living on the edges of the beach town, and the mere thought made him worry for his men. The woman did not seem as though she was some weak deva, and his men were mostly new recruits that did not have much experience with battle. If he were lucky, he would have minimal losses of his people. Maybe one or two at the least would die during this mission, Elric was sure of it. At the most, they would all be eradicated and reinforcements would be sent. He could only pray to the gods that no such thing happened and that he was wrong.

    Lord Dain

    The lord of a small land not far from the beach town received news of the deva that held humans under its reign. He at first dismissed the pleas to respond at sending reinforcements for the townspeople, mainly because the lord did not desire to sacrifice his men to a useless cause. It was not intelligent to send humans after such monsters, especially ones that had no background with fighting them. Yet as the pleas became more desperate, and he heard no news of the enlightened going to solve the issue, he sent a small patrol out to the lands.

    That had been merely weeks ago and he had not heard of a report from his men. It worried the older man dearly for he did not want to deal want to send his men on a march, but he also would not leave his patrol's family without confirmation on their deaths. If he had his men march, he would go to in obligation.

    He was not made a lord by standing by and letting the world solve its own problems. He had earned the title by his own blood and the blood of his men, while those who died in that battle long forgotten deserved his place more than he did, they had not lived to take the title. As one of the few survivors of the leading men, he had gained the title and the respect. Yet he received it as well as an underlying hint that he was to protect them from such dictatorship ever again. He was more of a general than a king, and he preferred it that way although his body disagreed with him.
  6. "listen Densehazel human are your friends" a little girl voice echoed. the voice that long lost to this world, the voice of his most trusted human. "i am s'rry. i can not protect'd thou" within the deep forest his voiced echoed. the dream of the past that haunted him more than thousands year ago disturbing his slumber. a gentle wind blowing with the warm of the sun bringing the news of the arrival. opening his eyes, the bird around the Dead tree scattered. "human" a word escaped from the tree mouth. dragging his charred bark Densehazel approached the incoming human.

    "this is nay placeth f'r human. begone" his deep voice echoed inside the forest. surprised the travelers who want to cross the forest. they began unsheathed their weapon. "this is the lasteth warning, human. begone 'r die" showing his form Densehazel spoken tried to chase them away. "" scared by his grim looking one of them began to attack, swinging his mace to Densehazel body.

    "ye are daw, human" raising his left foot Densehazel stomped at the charging man body crushed him to the ground. seeing his friend stomped another person tried to safe him, another fate said different his face met with Densehazel fist cracking open his skull. the last person began to run after seeing his two companion met their fate. using his power a massive root emerged in front of him coiling around his neck and limb. his little mouth screamed when the root pulled his right hand off. "please spare me. i won't coming back i swear" but the root seems not to heard what he said and pulling of his remaining limbs spared the head. "noo...nooo" the root began to drag him down to the earth swallowing his remain.

    "puny human. if thou hind'r'd mine warning, thou won't die" Densehazel walked away with a troubled look in his face. "wherefore art those human art so stub'rn" and he disappeared inside the forest deep.
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