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  1. Basic Plot Outline

    The year is roughly 2570. The world has changed significantly since the year 2000. Cities are now built as tiered mountain-like structures. Most of which are built with only a few layers. There are however, some exceptions. Namely, the great city of Haven. A large city, built on 10 separate sectors. The first being on ground level, and the poorest. The nobility live on the 7th and 8th sectors, with the middle class being about the 5th sector. At the top of it all, stands a large palace, where the Emperor makes his home. The Emperor runs a group known simply as "The Order". The "Emperor's" exact history is unknown, and he has only been in power for at most 25 years. Regardless of the speculations, his word is law. This group is ruthless in it's rule, and runs the large city with an Iron Fist. Within the Order, and outside of it, unbeknownst to them, are people known as "Psychics." These people possess otherworldly abilities, and are used as the enforcers and soldiers for the Order.

    Even though the group was run on bad intentions, many of the people in service of the Emperor did not know of them. Many were mislead to believe they were doing what was right, swayed by the words of the Emperor and his advisers. During the next few months, the city was shaken by attacks from a psychic by the name of Wisp. Several high ranking officials for the Order were being assassinated, and it needed to be stopped. So, the Emperor sent out a request for aid from any and all willing to help, offering them great rewards for the capture of Wisp, and more importantly, the rescue of his daughter. Those who heeded the call of the Emperor would soon discover the truth of the world they live in.


    Psychics are virtually human, but, have special powers and abilities. It is common for psychics to have a single power that develops at puberty. However, there are reports of a few psychics throughout history that developed multiple abilities. One such psychic is the current emperor of haven. Additionally, some psychics develop a "familiar", an entity that shares a life with the psychic in which it is linked. This familiar can take the form of a weapon or an entity of some sort. Weapons are common, entities are exceptionally rare. If the familiar is destroyed, the powers of the psychic are also destroyed. However, the only known way to restore a lost familiar is by killing another psychic and draining their powers. If a psychic is killed, their familiar then either fades from existence, or is absorbed by another psychic. In some circumstances, this has been known to increase the power of the psychic.

    Any psychic outside of the order is considered criminal, and is punishable by imprisonment, torture, and potentially death. Those psychics who are discovered are brought into the order after a rigorous "training" process in which free will is sucked right out of them. In most cases, these psychics are "inducted" in childhood, but the process is much more severe for adults whom are less malleable.

    Familiars themselves are rare. Only about one in a hundred manifest one, and no one knows how or why this occurs.
    Living Familiars are extremely rare, only seen in about one in a thousand. This is often eradicated early, as The Order targets psychics, especially those with Familiars. So, I'll only allow a few players to have one. Sorry.
    Secondly, familiar are much a reflection of their hosts, growing now powerful as the host does. As such, a young living familiar is likely to be very small, and easier to conceal. More powerful psychics and Familiars are far easier to discover, as their energy is greater and the familiar is larger.

    Familiars have been known to augment their host's abilities, enabling them to use their powers through three item, or simply making the abilities more powerful with contact.

    Living Familiars, on rare instances, have even been observed using powers similar to that of their hosts.

    Lastly, be aware that since The Order targets psychics, having a familiar is likely to keep you in the run our just cautious. Having a living familiar is akin to having a bullseye on your back.

    Even the psychics that The Order takes in with living Familiars are at the very least heavily watched and mistreated. Some have their powers stripped by killing the familiar.


    With the fallout centuries ago, most weapons technology was eradicated. However, over time, some firearms were created, and are exclusive to either the wealthiest or specifically trained of individuals. These are most commonly in pistol form, though semi-automatic rifles and shotguns as well as a few automatic rifles. However, weapons are normally archaic, and include weapons like swords, spears, axes, bows, etc...Transportation technology, on the other hand, has managed to evolve. Most vehicles are operated by repulsion technology that enables them to hover and fly. Some land vehicles remain just that, but are usually only afforded by the poorer citizens of Haven.


    1. No godmoding/powerplaying​
    2. No Perfect Characters​
    3. Please Be Dedicated​
    4. Please Post at least once ever three days​
    5. No More than 2 Player Characters at a Time​
    6. Have Fun ^_^​

    A character template is below. We will be using a minor point system to determine character abilities. This will allow for both player skill and statistics to determine combat. More importantly, this is intended to prevent overpowered characters.

    Character Sheet

    [Picture Here, Art or Photo]


    (Good, Neutral, Evil)
    Occupation: (What do they do for a living?)
    Personality: (Optional)
    Attire: (What are they wearing most of the time?)
    Traits: (Anything unique about their appearance? Scars or tattoos?)


    Divide 50 points between the following
    Max for any stat is 20

    Strength: (How physically strong your character is)
    Speed: (How fast your character can move. How agile they are)
    Energy: (How much energy your character has to use their powers)
    Durability: (How efficiently your character can withstand damage)
    Power: (How powerful your characters powers are)
    Control: (How efficiently your character controls their powers)
    Intelligence: (How intelligent and/or wise your character is)

    Powers: (What power/s do they have?)


    Weapons (What weapons do they carry on them?)
    Familiar: (What form does your character's familiar take if any?)

    History: (Optional)​

    Feel free to ask any questions. I may make this into a group if enough people show interest. lol More information will definitely be added.

    Haven's Structure (open)

    Notable NPC's (open)

    Artemis (open)

    Name: Artemis
    Nicknames/Aliases: Judicator
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Alignment: Good
    Occupation: Soldier/Seeker
    Personality: Kind, Gentle, Loyal, Protective, Carefree, Vengeful.
    Bio: (Revealed in RP)

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  2. So..I stumbled across this and the point system is awesome, but I assume there is a max? You said to distribute but normally someone has a ability slot almost maxed, so what is the max number you can put points into an ability?
  3. Thanks, mate. I added a maximum for each stat. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. ^_^
  4. Another question...would the characters we make be in the Order or some freelance that decided to help the Emperor since he asked for assistance?
  5. I will make a character template im curious to see how this goes.
  6. The players are meant to be people brought in to help the Emperor. Volunteers, of course. I suppose players can work for the Order as well, though.

    Edit: Nice. Welcome. ^_^
  7. Alright, Thanks. I will make a CS soon...

    Oh yeah, Real Pictures or Anime?
  8. Damn, I'm forgetting a lot of things. Umm, I'll say either. Its a fictional world, so, I'm fine with art or photos.
  9. What is the average if 20 is godly would like 8 be average?
  10. Yeah, I would say 7-8 is about average.
  11. So, what will the plot of this be like?
  12. It'll start with a group of volunteers seeking to locate and rescue the Emperor's daughter. It'll branch out from there though. I may allow for additional "quests" to be given during the rp.
  13. So, thinking about it, this concept is more leaning towards an anime format. So, anime pictures are preferred.
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  14. Aww are you sure? Cause I have a real life picture that fit my character's appearance nearly perfect.
  15. lol Like I said, I'll allow either. ^_^ Feel free to use a real picture.
  16. Would it be alright if I just wrote a description?
  17. Sure, if you'd like. ^_^

    Just move appearance down under ethnicity.
  18. Man....the hardest part so far about the CS is what I want to do with the points lol
  19. lol Remember that your writing is more important than the points. I trust you guys to write your character efficiently within the stat parameters.

    But, I know how that is. Don't worry about it. Take your time, Mate. ^_^
  20. Excellent, thank you! :3


    Name: Carl Savette
    Nicknames/Aliases: N/A
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Carl is a Caucasian man with slightly tanned skin and quite the intimidating build. He's a full six and a half feet tall and generally very square-looking, with thick muscles, broad shoulders, and a firm, masculine jaw. His eyes are small and brown, while his nose is large and square. His wide mouth only helps his overall intimidation factor as well. The only thing that offsets his intimidating appearance -- and quite efficiently at that -- is his hair: it's a nice golden blonde, and he styles it in a large, immaculate afro. Every hair is always kept perfectly in place.

    Alignment: Good

    Occupation: At the moment, Carl is just a mechanic, specializing in electrical wiring (he has to use delicate tools to make up for his large hands) but his dream is to be one of the Emperor's personal guards. He's hoping that this quest will prove that he's worthy for the job.

    Personality: To someone he doesn't know, Carl is cold and forceful. He says everything with a tone of authority, making it clear that he is someone worth listening to, lest you suffer an...unfortunate accident. Among friends, however, he warms up a little; he's still quiet, but he shows a side of himself that's deeply caring and protective of his loved ones. He enjoys feeling useful and always makes sure he has a job to do.
    Attire: His default outfit is a camo muscle shirt and tan cargo pants. He prefers not to wear shoes when he's hanging around the house, but if need be, he goes with a pair of hiking boots.


    Strength: 12
    Speed: 4
    Energy: 3
    Durability: 10
    Power: 8
    Control: 8
    Intelligence: 7

    Powers: Carl possesses superhuman strength (in addition to his already-formidable muscles) that he can switch on and off at any time. When it's "turned on," however, he becomes much heavier, and his speed suffers drastically as a result. (He's basically a sitting duck.) He doesn't like to use his power unless the situation absolutely calls for it, so when he does activate it, you know things are dire. All the extra strain on his muscles means that when his ability turns off, he is immediately hit with a wave of exhaustion and soreness.


    Weapons: Carl carries a tall steel hammer. One side of the head is spiked, and the other is blunt. Think a giant one-sided meat hammer.
    Familiar: None.
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