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  1. jason was tired, he had been on the run from the mothers and fathers for 3 days. he was also getting hungry so he allowed himself some time to sit and eat. while he was taking food out of his bag he heard a sound.

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    Alice carefully peered around the corner and inwardly swore. Another person. At least he didn't look like he was infected. Yet. She, too, had been on the run for several days. Figures that the freaking Zombie Apocolypse had to had while she was visiting a major city, for the first time, filled with a thousand or more people.
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    jason turned to were the sound had come from. "hello" he whispered "is anyone there" he pulled out his baseball bat, ready to attack anything that tried to eat him
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    Too late, Alice wondered if he was one of the people who had turned to cannibalism in the recent line of events. She slowly moved back up the hallway she had come in from, her hand moving towards the sharp machete tucked in her makeshift sash. She was luckier than most survivors. What better place to be during an Apocalypse than a weapons expo? Unless to get to that expo, you travel into big city crawling with your new found enemies, but hey, beggers can't be choosers.
  5. Dj had been doing a little parkour conditioning when he came upon a man in thedistance or what seemed to be a man. He'd watch closely as the man pulled out the bat dj would quickly begin to make his way toward the man as he grew closer he would draw his shortest blade of three and extend it behind the man sweat dripping from his face half blinding him "are you human" .. Dj looking past the man to see what he was looking at..
  6. jason heard the man directley behind him. he quickley turned around and smashed the man in the leg with his bat. unfortunatley the man was holding a knife, it cut him right in the chest. fortunatley the knife wasnt to big so it didnt cut to deep, still it hurt like hell.
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    Alice retreated further upon hearing the person engage in a fight. She turned and started running up the hallway, approaching the exit door. She looked out of the window and swore bloodly. There were hunters about, forcing her to stay inside the building. She couldn't take the elevator, it'd attract too much attention and if she took the stairs, there might be even more of the infected on the other levels. She'd have to stay as she was.
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    The kid would turn quickly as I finished speaking not knowing what to do I lunged lunged foward unaware that he swung a bat as he turned im hit in my left leg just under my knee as id fall my sword would graze his chest not doing tomuch damage.. At that point I would kno that amy and I were not the only humans . As best I could id stand and look at him making distance "what were u looking at ... Is it safe too talk here "dj having a scared look in his eyes.
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    Alice stealthly made her way back down the hallway, determined to find a way out of this mess. She was surrounded on all sides, but with luck, she could slip past the possible humans. If they are human than they should be easier to fool with their weaker senses and if they aren't, well machetes don't make much noise anyway.
  10. Before Jazson had time to answer dj would walk aroun him in the directio he had been looking . "anyonethere" his sword in a strike ready position . As he approaches the doorway hes looking back at the guy .. Who sturck him with the bat worried he would try again. Noticing that the sun is begining to dim...
  11. He closed his eyes as he laid back on a rooftop nearby, savoring the taste of the last twinkly left.
    He envisioned the chaos happening below through the hundreds modified wire taps he littered below days ago. Each one sends out a short sonar burst that allows him to accurately map out his surroundings.
    Noticing a small zombie horde approaching the area of the three survivors, he explodes a couple of his wire taps to direct them away.
    "Stop being foolish, and find somewhere to hide," he mutters in annoyance, he doesn't have enough wire taps to spare.
    Suddenly, he stops all sound, and glances to his left. A zombie had got up onto the rooftop while he was distracted. He sighs, before silently rising to his feet.
    Without even a breath of sound, he gathers his equipment and leaves, the zombie unaware of even his presence.
    "This may get tricky," he sighs again as he detects a large horde of zombies approaching the area, "should I help them or not?".
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    Alice was starting to think it would have been easier to face the horde. These idiots were going to get her killed with all the pointless noise they were making. The adults were surely starving by now and a couple of kids would be at the top of their priority list. She was sure she would be able to outrun these humans and the adults, if it came to it. She prided herself on her speed and strength, even if she wasn't the brightest kid in class. However, she was desperately hoping she wouldn't have to tire herself out before nightfall. It would be suicide.
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    And just as more zombies began to swarm the area, Damien spies from an adjacent building with his binoculars. He spots the two men, making a huge ruckus and drawing more zombies close. "Perhaps I could go and help" he says to himself, looking down on his 'camouflage' which was rotten zombie flesh and blood covering him from head to toe. It worked on a few zombies before, Damien had escaped death a couple of times using this 'camouflage', but he was never quite certain that it would work on large numbers of zombies. "Will it work this time?" he thought.
  14. after hearing what seemed to be a person making noise dj would veer his attention from both the door and the guy .... "hey kid are you ok you've just been standing for a while " as he says this he jumps on a near by car and places on his gear. he would have equipped himself with gauntlets spiked on the knuckles and over his arms and legs he puts on knight in shinning armor, armor.. and around his shoes a adhesive he made made to be like spikes on climber boots he returns his sword to its holster and waits as he only knows to fight to survive. the first zombies would com in to view. the area they had been in had three buildings about 6 stories each. they were all connected by a chain of bridges . there were alleys between the buildings where the zombies were coming from. the main street had been barricaded by cars and no longer used corpses. which way could they escape to..
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    "this is getting complicated," he sighs as he detects another person out on a rooftop.
    "I'll leave him for now, priorities," he mutters as he taps on his computer, attempting to access some type of tele communication near the people.
    "AHA! I got it," he exclaims in triumph as he starts a phone near them ringing, "pick up you fools."
    Suddenly he hears a connection sound and a voice say, "hello?"
    The girl.
    Luckyyyyy, he has more chance with her then those idiots near her.
    "One question. Do you want to live, or do you want to die?"
  16. "Oh yes, living would be nice," Alice said saracastically, "Can I order a pizza with that too, now that I've got you on the line?" She lowered her voice as the boys' volume increased. "Man, I'm doomed," She whispered fiercely, "I'm going to die in this rat hole because of a pair of typical idiotic boys who think they can take on an entire horde and live to tell the tale!" Alice was furious, in a word. She had come this far, killed her own murderous parents and sister, just to be killed like this? How cruel was the world to it's children.
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    "Heh, temperamental are we? Yes, I can hear you," he says, a small smile playing on his lips.

    "Well that's good to hear at any rate, I hate rescuing suicides. A waste of time. So, listen up. Right now, there are over 500 zombies approaching your area. Yes, I did just say 500. Don't move, panicking won't help. Now, you can't run. You can't move quietly. You can't hide either." He takes a deep breath before continuing,

    "You only have one chance, you see those zombies you just killed? Yeah, well there's a funny thing about zombies. They sense live flesh. So if you cover yourself with the zombie entrails and blood, theoretically, they shouldn't sense you."

    "Get to it, tell those fools near you to do the same. Once you've done, continue up the corridor and take a left. You'll be outside, facing the zombie horde. yes, your going through it. Good luck."

    He closes the line, and stares at the zombie lying next to him.
    "Theoretically," he mutters as he gets to work.
  18. Damien decides to roll the dice and starts to make a move to the horde. He creeps past two zombies, and pauses just before quite a large group of zombies. About eight of them, at least, huddled together and slowly shambling towards the noise. Damien grips tighter on his wrench, and moves at zombie pace toward the group.

    After what seemed like forever, he found himself standing in the group. Damien bites back a grin as he moves along with the group into the building. He parts from the group and starts searching for the people trapped there.
  19. dj noticeing the increase of speed by the zombies he maps out an escape route he quickly notices a broken window above the street he sees that it being on the third floor he would have to jump from the dumpster swing off the flag pole and hopefull make it 5ft to the broken ladder leadin in .... Sounds easy enough except for th 5 zombies blocking the way pluse the ones still coming out .. "hey follow me or you'll die..." Dj would jump off the car roof running he would slide past the first two zombiesgrabbing their anklles tripping them with space between him and the other 3 he draws is sword beheading them all with I swift swing .. Not knowing what it is he feels a hand on his shoulder scared he kicks back ..
  20. "He says that, but that plan a little bit....risky," Alice muttered.

    She thought about those boys near her. Why the hell should I help them? It's their fault I'm in this mess! Idiots like them won't survive long in this crisis anyway! She argued with herself back and forth as she covered herself in the sickened intestines and infected blood. She really wanted to leave them to die, but, in a way, if someone went through trouble to help her, she might as well do the same. As this thought ran through her mind, she flung the zombie's stomach at the nearest boy, hitting him square in the back of the head to get his attention.