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  1. Hey! I'm here looking for role-players. This is where I will put all my plot ideas. If your interested in any, PM me and I will cross it off the list. But first, a few 'expectations'...

    1. This will be advanced, so a few things you should be able to do. First of all, I expect you to write at least 4 paragraphs. Also, you should be able to use proper grammar and spelling mistakes should be few. I will be asking for an example of your writing, so be prepared!
    2. Some of these RPs may include romance, but no further than kissing. I do not with to read about --- and also do not wish to write about it, ok?
    3. Multiple characters? I do kinda want you to have more than one character, just to make things more interesting. You should be able to create and keep up with 2+ characters in the RP.
    4. Just so I know you've read this, please put "Harry, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire!?" in your request.
    Ok, and now for plots.
    Bold are the characters I will to be.
    Italics are the characters I'd prefer to be, but I don't really mind.

    "Really, we shouldn't be here..."​
    Character 1 is a fearless daredevil who will do pretty much anything. Character 2 is his/her cowardly friend. One day, the two buddies go to a 'haunted manor' (despite character 2's begs to not go). They split up, unaware of the dangers within. Character 1 gets killed, and turns into a ghost. Character 2 cannot see him/her, but she/he can hear him/her. Character 2 gets scared and leaves without her friend. Character 1 tries to live with her, but can't. He is trapped...

    Will character 2 come back to save character 1? Or will character 1 live his life as a ghost forever?

    For genders, I really don't mind for this one.
    Forbidden Love
    "B-b-but our p-p-parents?!"​
    Character 1 comes from the Gewel family, a group of extremely good fairies who help humans whenever they can. Character 2 comes from the Lavine family, a group of extremely bad fairies who cause chaos wherever the go. Their families are enemies and therefor hate one-another. One day, character 1 and character 2 meet and fall in love, despite knowing that their parents are sworn enemies...

    Can they keep a steady relationship? Or will their families find out and make them hate each other?

    For genders, you must be a male. Sorry, but I call female on this one.
    Creatures of the Woods
    "Sorry... I'm to dangerous..."​
    Character 1 and character 2 are BFFs, but character 1 has a dark secret...

    I know that was short, I was kinda hoping we could just make it up as we go along. As long as it includes fantasy, supernatural and modern, I don't mind.

    For genders, character 2 must be male. I don't really care to much on character 1, however.
    "These are my crazy friends!"​
    Character 1 is a teenage girl from New York, but she has a terrifying secret. What this secret is, character 2, her pen-pal from <insert place name here> doesn't know. Character 2 is visiting Character 1 from her own country. Will character 2 find the secret? Or will it remain a secret, locked away forever?

    I'll update this when I have a new idea. I am also open for ideas. PM me if your interested or you have a plot that you want to do with me. :)
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  2. Still looking for partners!
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