The End, The Middle, The Beginning.

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  1. I want this story to be about a post-apocalyptic time, after cities have been demolished and the electricity is gone, a time where people steal, kill, and revert to cannibalism just to survive. I want there to be a romance between the heroine (Amanda/me) and a man she meets (or is possibly rescued by) on her way to New York. Here is a short character sheet for Amanda.

    NAME: Amanda Michelle Sage
    AGE: 18
    APPEARANCES: 5'7", athletic, Likes to wear t-shirts and cargo pants, but has more feminine clothes as well
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    CHARACTERISTICS: Feisty, a bit of a smart-ass, does what's right without caring what happens to her, loves playing with weapons, thinks romance is a waste of time.
    HISTORY: Amanda was born in a tiny town to two loving parents. When the Disaster came, her mother and father were killed by looters and she was left with no one, so she survived by stealing from others and living off the land. Jonathan found her at the age of 8 and she's been with him ever since, learning how to live without stealing.

    “THE END IS NEAR! REPENT AND BE SAVED!” Amanda looked at the sloppily painted white ply boardwith its running rust-red spray paint letters dripping onto the dusty groundbelow it and splattered onto the wide tree trunk it was resting on and rolledher eyes. A bit late for that, seeing as ‘the end’ had already come and goneabout ten years back. As she thought of the far-off apocalypse, she raised herhands to her shoulder blade-length brown hair and tied it up using a rubberband she kept on her wrist. She sighed deeply to steady herself and slid herhand down to her waist, pushing up the hem of her dark dusty gray t-shirt and reachingto the belt of her pants, smoothly pulling out her newly polished Colt and takingstep after step backwards, liquid dark brown eyes locked on her target as herheavy black combat boots made impressions in the gravelly sand of the dried upriverbed. Once she was far enough away- about fifty to seventy five feet- sheaimed, took a slow, even breath, and popped off five or six rounds to the oldsign. She felt the jerk of her slender, tanned arms as the Colt bucked back inher hands and her adrenaline level raised a fraction, but she kept her cool,keeping a concentrated expression. Smiling in satisfaction, she let her armsdrop and her stance break before she jogged back to the now jagged andsplintered sign to inspect her mark. There was a cluster of bullet holes, allin the same general area, making the board look battered, cracked and on theverge of snapping. Just as good as always, she thought to herself as shecollected the spent bullets and shoved them into the deep pockets of her wornblack cargo pants to discard any evidence of her being there. After kicking inthe board ad breaking it to hide the bullet holes, she looked up to the dark,nearly black sky with its huge stark white moon. She wiped the sheen of sweatfrom her brow with a swipe of her arm. What time was it? She decided to headback to the campgrounds to
    check on everyone.
    Amanda Michelle Sage was 18 now, and she was only one of six people inthe group of survivors. The group’s mission, since they had met up a year ortwo after the Disaster, was to travel westward, looking for other survivors torestart a colony. The small gathering was led by Jonathan McQuary, a stout, 48year old grizzly of a man. He was kind, but when it came to rules he was no stickler. In the ten years since Jonathan had found her in a demolished barn she had foundherself spiritually and learned to hunt, fight, and survive. When she turned 14, she began realizing that it was time for her to leave the group, toform her own brigade, to make her own rules. Amanda had been thinking of leaving for a yearnow, ready to run on her own, but on the other hand, the group had grown to beher family, so she couldn’t just disappear without any word to them.

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