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  1. This isn't an RP about a masked ball. Rather, the term "Masquerade" refers to the trope in modern-fantasy settings wherein the world looks much like real Earth on the surface, but there are actually lots of different sorts of magical people hiding through various means from the eyes of the normal-human populace.

    The idea is to take a general modern-fantasy earth that employs that trope, and suppose something very newsworthy happens. Specifically, suppose a bunch of these magical people step up to the white house or several news stations and announce and prove irrefutably that they have magic powers. Imagine the kind of chaos this revelation brings to the world.

    But, rather than trying to play the incredibly complex part of important politicians, etc., this RP will focus on a small group of high school kids, a tight-knit circle of friends, some of which are magic-ignorant humans, and some of which are not; most of which believe the others to be human. Sometime a few days, maybe a week after the world-shaking events described above, one of these player-characters is forced to out themselves to the others by dire circumstances; perhaps their lives are threatened by something.

    The RP itself is to focus on the days after that; particularly, what happens to a group of friends when it's discovered a few have been lying to them for years. Due to the nature and intent of the RP, I need to do some things that I don't usually do in character creation. I need only one player per character; I need at least 5 and no more than 10 characters. And I need dedicated players who can promise they will at least try to stay in as long as it takes. For someone to disappear without a replacement would probably wreck the entire RP.

    So, rather than just putting up an OOC like usual, I'm putting the concept here. I need to know if I can find at least 4 people who are interested enough in the idea to at least give it a go. So..questions? Interested, anyone?
  2. I have had a lot of experience with disbelieving slightly sarcastic prolly gonna dismiss it as a hoax an get his ass saved normals lately. Though I'd have to ask how they fantasy races have been hiding, talking the ones that don't look human. Spell of appear human?
  3. My assumption would be that each race, or perhaps even different groups of individuals, came up with their own way of hiding. Werewolves would have it easy; elves would have it hard. I would generally leave it up to the player of a fantastical person to explain how they hide their non-humanity. Probably most magical races would have to at least be very close to human appearance, or have a form that is such.
  4. Oooooo can I play my vampire role? She's in my blog if you want to look her up
  5. Shes badass. I can see our characters getting on well, for a vamp and bloodbag that is.
  6. well of course she's baddasss. just like me. <<
  7. Well, this RP is supposed to be about a bunch of teenagers in high school. I'm not really sure what someone from the 1800's (if I'm reading the right character profile, and reading it correctly) would be doing hanging out with high schoolers, pretending to be a teenage human. It would seem more fitting for someone that old to be some kind of Vampire-clan elder or something. But if you could explain it all well enough it's surely possible to make it work.