The End of Dethklok!

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  1. NO

    Brendon small, took two of my most favorite things in life and Put them together in one thing. Metal and Cartoons.

    He claims that The Doom Star Requiem is NOT the end of Dethklok but he needs support from his fans. While I know My cup of tea isn't like everyone coffee, I still think that Metalocaplypse is a one of a kind Masterpiece.

    While I was on twitter I noticed alot of people were confused by Small's Latest release of Dethklok's adventure to save Toki and abigail. To Fijo's Relief, it was all about bringing the band together in attempts to show that they actually do care for each other as this is the entire basis of the show.

    As far as metal goes, I am amazed. Fijoli fan-girls hard over this show with a religious zealous.

    Who Else here follows Metalocalypse??

    Share Videos, Articles, and anything that you Love about Dethklok.

    Who is your favorite character in the show?

    Did you watch the Pilot when it aired?

    What is your favorite Song?

    NSFW Video Content may appear in this thread, so Heads up >;]

  2. I got into this show way later than I would have liked. My losing interest in television in my mid-teens made me miss out on a lot of programs. D: I really really like Metalocalypse. The music is wonderful, the humor delights me, and I like the art. Also, I liked how Mark Hamill got involved with the show. And! The intro is one of my favorites to sing along to. It's too bad that they're coming to a close. I'll be hopeful about seeing some more in the future.

    The music's so amazing, too. I have a close friend who likes to listen to Dethklok for funsies and I enjoy it all the time.

    Favorite song:

    Favorite character:
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  3. The Making of DETHABLUM III Documentary

  4. The whole Dethklok Movie on youtube
    Not sure how long it will stay up so
    watch it while it's hot. o.o

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