The End of a World

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There are too many of them.

This is the one pervasive, oft-repeated statement that holds consistently to be true. All other facts seemed to revolve and twist around this one truth. They can be killed, one at a time, but they always came back. You could run, but there are always more to find wherever you went. You could hide, but despite their glowing eyes they did not track by sight--it wouldn't do any good.

You could fight, but there are always too many of them. On close examination it would not be proper to refer to them as having skin, or fur, but they are covered in something black as oil. They moved sometimes like liquid, and pieces of their forms could tear off with attacks and be replaced in a couple of minutes; yet their teeth and claws are sharp, and there is strength and solidity in every blow they deal.

And those they kill did not merely die. It is horrible to watch, and surely moreso to experience, one of the black things tearing into a body, pulling something out that no physician has ever seen, and tearing it to pieces, causing a shadow to envelop the body and raise it up as another.

Rumors are inconsistent about their origins. Whether they existed before or not, it is said that bringing them into the world was fully the work of one very powerful mage, whose name is unknown. In conversation he is universally called the Defiler. They spread, from their first appearance, like a plague through the kingdom he lived in, and some say they consumed him as well. At first it seemed like a local problem, so nobody did anything. Then there were more, and more towns and more countries being swallowed up in no time at all, and by the time they were recognized as a real threat there were few nations still standing, none of them with the power to stop them.

By some miracle, there are still many people. Those who have always wandered the world, and a lucky few from nearly every settlement that has been consumed, still survive. A few fall prey to the dark ones every day, but only a few groups have attempted to set up shelters, and these led by the gods themselves. Those who believed that the gods could stop the dark ones were proven wrong when Eromus, the god of the sun, was swallowed up and became something even worse, even more powerful and destructive than several normal dark ones combined. Since then their numbers have dwindled as steadily as those of the mortals they sought to protect.

Now there are rumors of someone else. His name is unknown, but he wears white and is said to be able to move, at will, instantly from one place to another. He alone seems to know the secret weaknesses of every variety of dark one, as if he had trained against them his whole life; yet his first known appearances were sudden, and none seem to know him. He is on a quest that seems in vain, impossible: He wishes to bring everyone who still lives, every god and wanderer and refugee, to one place, and build a city, fortified with walls and many protectors, one that can survive any attack by the dark ones. Rumors of the man in white are not enough to bring hope; he is not the first one to have such an idea. Yet the gods he has met so far have thrown their support behind him, as if in some secret agreement or pact. Whether his plans will succeed, or lead everyone who is left into a trap, remains to be seen...
Recovered Lore

Here goes everything we know about the dying world--the races, the gods (and whether they have been consumed yet or not), the lost nations, bits of history or legend, and so on.

Note: In general, there's usually one or two gods per race. That isn't to say they're always race-exclusive or all-inclusive of one race, in fact that's really rare. Some gods are gods of light and some of darkness, and some are morally ambiguous, but most of the gods of darkness have already pretty much fed themselves to the dark ones for reasons not entirely clear.
The Survivors' Trek

Here goes a summary of the story so far--once there is a story told to be summarized.
Refugee List

Here is the application form for joining:
[noparse]Name:(Most people have a first and last name.)
Age:(Racial lifespans vary from around 100 to around 1000, usually nobody lives longer than that.)

Appearance:(Detailed description or link to a picture is acceptable.)

Personality:(How your character generally interacts with the world.)

Abilities:(A general idea of what abilities your character possesses, magical, martial or otherwise.)

Possessions:(Any important items your character is carrying around with them. Include weaponry.)

History:(Anything special you want to share about your character's past goes here.)
Other:(Anything I may have forgotten; put N/A if there's nothing else to add.)[/noparse]

I should probably make a note here on the technology level: Think around early Renaissance, late Medieval. There's a little technology, but we're nowhere near industrial-revolution levels. And of course, higher-end tech of the day is probably abandoned for the most part.

Refugee List:
[None yet]
On the Dark Ones

This purely OOC information; it's things that may well be necessary to properly narrate a fight against Dark Ones. More information may be added if/when characters discover new things. For now, it's just the really important stuff.

Dark Ones are different from normal organisms. Their physiology is very otherworldly and difficult to compare to anything in the real world. Each "kind" (a kind usually being based on one or two races such as humans/elves) has a specific weak point which will kill it far more quickly, but it's rarely anything obvious such as stabbing where the heart would be. They don't "breathe" and so can't really suffocate, but many have a hard time swimming, and their somewhat liquid-like skin can be eroded off by water. Speaking of which, said skin can be a little hard to scratch injuries into because of its nature.
They don't tend to fall for non-magical deception because the way their senses work is different. For instance, you couldn't fool one into attacking a scarecrow dressed as a person without any magic involved. Illusionary people, however, are treated as just as valid of targets as real people by most, for an example of the other end. I say they "don't tend to" because some things, such as having one person distract a dark one by yelling so another can backstab it, will work.

Generally, if you don't know the weakness of a particular kind of dark one, the best strategy is to beat and/or chop it up until it disintegrates. Things such as pinning them to the ground or throwing them into bodies of water, however, are also generally effective tactics, and have the advantage of requiring less energy. Sometimes the latter methods will, of course, be subverted, like if a certain kind of dark one CAN swim or thinks to dig up or tear up whatever is pinning it to the ground, etc.
I guess I should clarify some stuff since the in-character-ish intro left a few details out...
The world is a general fantasy world, not Earth, and there are lots, LOTS of different intelligent and/or mystical races, even some non-humanoid ones. In creating a character feel free to come up with stuff as far as that goes. There's also a lot of different ways to gain and use magic.
Also, for your histories: it's been at least 30 years since the dark ones' first appearance. I'd say they've taken over completely (i.e. wiped out the last nation) at least 3-5 years ago as of the RP's start. There still might be/have been a few survivor towns, especially in the earlier part.
Name: Amanda Starling
Gender: Female
Race: Human-Changling

Appearance:This tall, rail thin child has angular features. Her golden eyes are not very startling what with the sharp nose and high cheek bones and bushels of silky mauve tinted brown hair. There's just enough hint of hips and breasts that she can be recognized as a young woman unless she tries to hide it.

In these days Amanda is wearing trousers, boots and a cloak. Any shirt she owns is homespun and backless. Being that she can't figure out how to manage her hair it is often knotted at the nap of her neck.

Personality:At first glance Amanda seems to be aloof and impressed with herself. This is actually a combination of having been praised for her talents and her shutting down her natural enthusiasm of life. She is in fact still in shock and only in rare moments does the 'old' playful, free-spirited Amanda reappear. She wants to be lead, she wants to serve, but she is smart enough not to follow anyone, and jaded enough to challenge even those she might think worthy.

Abilities:Amanda has a knack for light and air spells. In fact it is second nature. Her favorite form of mage-light sparkles, and her abilities with illusions are limited only by imagination.

She then has the ability to form wings and talons. She is a deft flier, but seems to not know what to do with the talons other then use them as emergency cooking implements.

Possessions:Amanda has a pack with a few spare changes of clothing and some odds and ends to make a camp. She also has on a choker that may or may not bare more then sentimental worth. All of her possessions otherwise are back home.

History:Amanda is the child-creation of the great sorceress Agustia StarLight. She saw her mother-creator infrequently, and was mostly raised by her nursemaid and tutor. Overall though Amanda felt that she had a good life and when she excelled at a magical task given to her by Agustia, she glowed with the praise, sometimes literally.

Those were the golden days. Before the dark ones.

Amanda is no longer home, she has been teleported to somewhere outside the village and woods near the sorceress' grand manor house. Not knowing how far away from home she is, nor if she will have to face those living nightmares again, Amanda is seeking a moments peace.

Okay, accepted. Sorry for the wait--it had nothing to do with your character.

Now where are the other people who claimed interest...
(( here! but my char is really boring lol))

Name: Summer Ramirez
Gender: Female
Race: Elemental
Age: 19

View attachment 1549 This but with Blonde hair

Summer is sweet, kind, caring, intelligent, creative and fun to be around. She never holds back and always speaks her mind which can often result in her putting her foot in her mouth but shes very persuasive so gets out of it OK. She's loyal to her friends and always ready to defend them, she is a real tomboy and quite tough despite her girlie girl appearance and not afraid to get her hands dirty. Shes independent and likes to do things for herself but still loves company when she can get it.

Abilities: Summer has the ability to morph into any animal she see's fit, she can talk to them and she has their sense's. Which can often result in her acting more animal than human, she can also control water ((think Avatar the last air bender)) and is skilled in unarmed combat.

Possessions: She carries a bag which contains food and spare clothes along with a book printed in her native tongue. It's one of the last things she has from home. She also has a sliver charm bracelet with symbols of her people given to her by her parents, she never takes it off.

History: Summer was just a child when her town was destroyed by the beasts, her people fought valiantly but they were ultimately defeated. Her parents were slaughtered but she was saved because she had/has a direct link to the Goddess Mother Nature, she was chosen before she was born by the Goddess to carry out her work and to one day be a hero to her race. She was raised by an elder in her village who escaped, he helped her develop her powers and taught her how to control them. She lived peacefully with him until he too was taken from her by them, that was the day she left her town and swore a personal vendetta on the beasts and the mage who unleashed them. Along the way she searches for other people of her race, hoping she's not the last.

She is known As Natures Warrior and is a Vegetarian
Eh, doesn't seem too boring really. Accepted, anyhow, or at least will be once you've got an appearance.

Meanwhile, I had a flash of inspiration and wrote up this book of a character:

Name: Razorin Karn (rah-zor-in)
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf
Age: 52

Appearance: Razorin is a pretty big guy. He's bulky and strong, and it shows; what also shows are a good many scars from healed injuries, even a few so near vital organs that one wouldn't expect recovery. He wears a torn-up shirt that's lost its sleeves and has a few holes here and there, and similarly abused-looking tan pants. He has brown hair that's a mess, a full yet fairly short beard, and bright yellow eyes that seem to glow, even in sunlight. His ears and teeth are nearly always in wolf-form, which for the latter means even his smiles look menacing; he always has a tail, which is missing a couple of inches on the tip but seems to have healed over the stub.

Personality: The best word to describe Razorin is "gruff". He's usually loud, his voice sounding like a low, gravelly growl, and he tends to come off as angry, even when he claims he isn't. Despite likely first impressions, Razorin is a brilliant tactician and survivalist, both skills gained through long years of practice, and he has his share of wisdom. There are some subjects, such as his pack, that will cause him to instantly clam up, putting on an almost threatening front. It's a little hard for him to warm up to people, but anyone who earns his trust will find an extremely fierce protector.

Abilities: Razorin is strong. He is very, exceptionally strong, enough to tear an average human apart. He knows how to punch and when to dodge, and can use just about anything on hand as a weapon, though he prefers his fists and claws and teeth. Naturally, "just about anything" isn't always used the way it was intended--he has been known to beat people with bows and stab them with arrows, and is generally better with things whose skill requirement is "grab this end, hit with that one". He has no finesse, and knows no magic, but he is as resilient as he is strong, and very hard to knock off balance. He can shift into a werewolf form that is less susceptible to cold and even a little bit more resilient than his usual shape is to physical assault. His senses are fairly sharp, though not as much so as a young werewolf might be.

Possessions: All that Razorin has is the clothes on his back and one somewhat...bloody sack he keeps raw meat in from animals he hunts for survival.

History: Razorin is a warrior, and he's always been a warrior. When he was young, he helped defend his pack from many assaults by hostile humans who lived near it; he made a good many mistakes, but learned from them and eventually became looked upon as almost a second alpha when it came to fighting. He declined to actually take the leadership position, because he believed the present alpha was far better for the pack in times of peace, but he certainly could have taken it.

Unfortunately, Razorin's pack lived very near the kingdom from which the dark ones first emerged, and when they came and attacked, the werewolves were caught completely off-guard. The first who were lost were still recognizable, and many of the would-be survivors refused to fight their friends, instead being swallowed up. The few survivors, including Razorin, were those unafraid of killing those who had become monsters, and they were too far scattered in their flight to even hear each others' howls of mourning.

That he did not hesitate is not to say that Razorin was not affected emotionally by the event...after his escape, he dedicated years to trying to warn nation after nation of the dark ones' approach, to little avail. Often his rough appearance and blunt speech led the leaders of those nations to look down upon him, or even lock him up (though none of his incarcerations were decidedly brief thanks to his own strength). Now he is at the point where he sees little hope and is only trying to survive himself; at the same time, he is looking for a new source of hope, something to make his survival mean something.

Name: James Rollins
Gender: Male
Race: Winged Vampire
Age: 20

Personality: James is tough, brash and hard, but he does care and very loyal and protective of his friends. He is kind and intelligent, despite his rough exterior is really quite sweet and gentle on the inside. He hates being crowded, and bottles up his emotions and can be quiet and reserved as he has immense amounts of self-loathing.

Abilities: James can create fire just by concentrating his mind on an object, he has razor sharp fangs and he has the ability to fly with his large, black, feathered, bird-like wings.

Possessions: James carries nothing but his silver long sword holstered at his hip.

History: James was born with his wings and as he grew so did they, but when he was a young child he was stolen from his family, bitten and raised by a family of vampires. He lived with them in a small town, he hated what he was and longed to go back to his family but they convinced him that they would never love him again now. So he lived with them, he watched them as they hunted down and sucked the blood and life from innocent people. He refused to do it staying alive from the blood he got from animals, so he went to school in the village made an Elemental girl his friend and his secret love and tried to be normal. But the villagers found out about the vampires living on the hill, who were responsible for so many horrific deaths. They stormed the house, killing every last one of them and although they searched the house thoroughly they found no trace of young James who had used his wings to flee the townsfolk's murderous rage. He grew and managed to keep his true identity a secret but he has been finding it harder and harder to refrain from sucking the blood of humans.

Other: ((if this is ok with you Kitty Kat?)) James was Summer Ramirez's childhood friend and he secretly loves her although he hasn't seen her in years.
Name: Abe Simus
Gender: male
Race: Mon-Kong, a race of intelligent, sentient monkey people
Age: 45

See attachment

Personality: A boisterous and proud creature, loves the thrill of combat and the pleasures of the flesh. Fiercly loyal and devout to his people and their warrior code, but does hold a weakness for drink and women. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is more aware of that than him. He can also be quick to anger and his default reaction to troubles is to beat it up the best he can. However, he is more or less approachable and friendly to those he meets, but does tend to look down on the non-ape races. Nothing too severe, just standard racial prejudice of creatures who can't grab things with their feet.

Abilities: As a Kong, he has inredible strength and agility, as a warrior of his species, he is highly skilled in armed and unarmed combat and an experience military tactician.

He can also create earthquakes with his Staff, by channeling his chakra through his staff, he can strike the ground and cause incredible shaking, even to the point of splitting the earth.

Possessions: Besides the clothes on his back, Abe's most beloved possession is his giant staff.

History: Abe was born among the High Ape People who lived in the vast tree kingdoms to the east. In his time he was a powerful and respected warrior and attained the human equivalent of nobility amongst the apes. However, even a warrior as powerful as Abe was completely powerless to hold back the great scourge by the nameless mage. Within days, his entire kingdom and people were reduced to nothing. To Abe's knowledge he is among one of the only survivors of his people. He was left to wander the countryside, with only revenge for his people on his mind.

Other: none
El Diablo: Accepted, pending Kitty's approval of the parts that apply to her character.

vizanto: nearly approved, I just need to know a little more on the extent and limitations of the wind/quake powers of the staff.
There, I fixed his abilities. Made them a bit more coherent.
Sorry I took so long after asking you the question, Xin. I totally lost track of making the character sheet =]

Name: Sephora Flutterswiff
Flower-Child A pixie born from within a flower


Although she can be quite philosophical and intelligent, Sephora prefers the wild side of life. Unafraid of taking risks and doing the impossible, nothing is too small or too complicated for her daring personality. She will do things for others without another thought. Kind and loving, Sephora nurtures those near her to depend on her and always looks out for their happiness. She does not take well to strangers and is cautious when meeting new people, but is a generally friendly person.

As a flower-child, a form of a pixie, Sephora has a natural ability to fly. Aside from that, she is efficient in spreading the pollen of flowers or making plants grow, as long as there is earth with sufficient nutrients at her fingertips. She can repair plants that have been damaged as long as they are still alive. She has slightly extended this ability and is able to heal small amounts of injuries in other creatures as well.

Her Bow and it's Arrows, in a slung-across pouch on her back. (She carves the arrows from old, dead branches of trees). She also has a broad sword in a sheath on her back.

Sephora has lived on her own since she was in her late teens. She rebelled from the community of Flower Children a few years ago when they were attacking nearby species to steal their food to survive. She did not believe that either was right. She wanted them to understand that they could all live together in harmony, but when the elders refused to listen, Sephora fled her own people in search of adventure and survival. She travels simply for the sake of traveling, seeing new things and learning. At this point in her life, she still does not wish to return to her people.

Sephora is quite agile and quick on her feet in battle. Although she prefers long range battling with her arrows, her swordsmanship skills are decent as well.
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