The End of a Dark Family Pt.1 (Sign-Ups/OOC)

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  1. Thank you for all who have shown interest at my Interest Check because I was actually really excited with this one. Does not help that all I been playing was Skyrim and Oblivion the past three months. I hope this goes well, together let's make this one of the better RolePlays we all have done! For those who just got here this RP is full of blood and gore (Yummy!). Though it is the idea from the Elder Scrolls, You actually really don't need to know much about it.

    A dark family has been destroyed numerously due to internal affairs, but now are being called
    to come together for the fourth time, twenty years past, despite their differences for the last time. This family was once known as the Dark BrotherHood, a family of assassins, mystics, and freaks. People who have been shunned by villages or criminals who are looking for a few extra pieces of gold. The Dark BrotherHood follows the path of a Mother known as the Blood Flower, a woman who rarely shows herself to her own people. Though the Blood Flower has not called them together to go on a bloody mass killing spree, but to kill each other to end the Old Dark BrotherHood once and for all to start a new one, with new members. Can you kill your target? Will you survive? What seems to be the catch? All questions you should think about will you keep an eye on your back.

    This RolePlay has a few parts to it if all goes well. The End, The New, and The Last basically is how it would go, as the second part would require new sign ups, maybe a few returners if they manage to survive. As revealed above, the basic goal is that you will be killing each other. You may question it or just do as your told, but the longer you wait to kill your target, the higher your chances are that you will be dead before you get to them. The Mother of the family or Blood Flower may or may not be a real person, but you follow her voice to the end in loyalty. If for some reason you refuse to listen to her, you will be punished with a curse that suits you best. As her children, she wishes you luck!
    **There are loop holes where it is possible to not die, and end the Dark BrotherHood another way. Can you figure it out?

    Setting: You are on a planet similar to Earth, though no one questions what planet they are on as the idea is too advanced for their time. The Era is Old Aged where daggers, swords, shields, and metal armor was popular. There are three Cities, six villages, and a land filled with trees accompanied by dangers. These dangers could be wolves, trolls, dragons, and more.
    Everything has been written out but not typed. Please be patient as I get the motivation to do so, I promise it will be done before we start though. I know I have said in the Interest Check they would be done which they are! But not posted just yet. Sorry~

    Within the Dark BrotherHood, there are ranks like most groups or guilds.

    Ranks in the Dark BrotherHood:
    1. Murderer
    2. Eliminator
    3. Assassin
    4. Executioner
    5. Silencer (N/A)
    6. Speaker (Taken)
    7. Co-Speaker (Taken)
    8. Listener

    //Since the Dark BrotherHood has been around for many of years they eventually stopped taking in new members to keep it's secrets close. There has been only one way to join the Dark BrotherHood and that was they came to you. Ranks One and Two and Five are not available for Part One of the RolePlay. Even though these are not available I will continue with explaining each rank.//

    1. Murderer- One who kills willingly, fresh meat of the Dark BrotherHood. Murderers are ranked even before they join the Dark BrotherHood.

    2. Eliminator- One who kills without thought. After a doing a few contracts within the Dark BrotherHood as a Murderer you become an Eliminator who does more complex contracts that require the target to die a specific way.

    3. Assassin- One who kills happily. You have now officially become part of the family, you get more than one contract at a time, have the gear of an assassin, and follow the path of the shadows. Congratulations you're not dead yet.

    4. Executioner- One who kills Big Game. You kill big targets like kings, captains and all the King's men. When not entitled to a contract of big game, you take on smaller contracts or train Fresh Meat.

    5. Silencer- One who seeks. One of the secretive members of the Dark BrotherHood who is not around often. You seek new members as you watch people commit murders and visit them when they are alone. Silencers have the gift by the Blood Flower of invisibility to prevent being caught by guards. There are only two of the whole Group.

    6. Speaker- One who Commands. You give out the contracts to the members of the Dark BrotherHood, Watch Over Them, Maintain your Hide Away, and are completely Loyal to the Blood Flower. There isn't a thing in the world you wouldn't do for her as she is your mother and those around you are your family. Only one holds this position at a time.

    7. Co-Speaker- One who Enforces. You attempt to make sure that the Speakers commands are followed as you watch from shadows. You are close to the speaker and just as loyal as the speaker. You aid the Speaker in every way possible.

    8. Listener- The Woman Who Sees and Hears All. The Blood Flower is rarely ever seen, those who have seen her only see her in dreams. It is not confirmed if she was human or not let alone real. All the members know is they hear her enchanting voice.

    There are also some small positions for those who may not favor playing a character who may be dying.
    But can they be trusted?

    - Blacksmiths (2): These two should be able to forge different things. You could get along, have no contact, or be allies.

    -Witch: A female who makes potions/poisons and other chemicals. Fantasy or not does not matter. You can hand them to the merchants to sell and make a prophet, sell privately and do not get along with the Mage.

    -Merchant: Someone who sells goods to the members. What they sell is up to them. (Taken)

    -Merchant Aid: Depending on how the Merchant wants to use you, the aid will generally gather supplies, maybe spy around, and do dirty deeds. Probably best to be close to the Merchant through PM.

    -The Mage: The male of the craft, though he does not waste his time creating potions but teaches magick to the members of the Dark BrotherHood.

    -The Lover: An opposite gender of The Mother who spreads her word throughout the guild almost like a dark priest. The Lover often coils with the Speaker because of different ideas.

    There are other open positions available upon approval.

    The Dark BrotherHood Follows The Five Tenets

    1. Never Dishonor the Mother.
    2. Never Disobey or Refuse to Carry out an Order.
    {An Order by the Speaker can be OverRuled by The Lover. Who will you Listen to?}
    3. Never Steal from Your Dark Brother or Sister.
    4. Never Speak Outside About the Dark BrotherHood.
    5. Never Kill Your Dark Brother or Sister.
    All Ideas and Opinions are welcomed!

    ** Rank 7 is open, but requires to have strong connection with the DM through conversations and someone who is trustworthy, active, commited and open to changes in the story as we never know what will happen.

    Place A Pretty Ass Picture Here. No Anime.
    : Name is in quotes because once you become an Assassin, you will no longer have a real name. In the RolePlay Part Two and Three, Ranks 1 and 2 Will have real names.
    Age: Don't be shy. Ages 20+ as teenagers are rarely allowed in the Dark BrotherHood Unless they are special. Special would mean like a Vampire who does not die easily, or Someone with a Valuable Skill.
    There are many species available. Some Ideas but not limited to include, Vampires, Humans, Were-Beast (Name the Kind of Beast. A Human-Like Animal.), Elves. Fairies, Pure-Dragons, and other Fae except Elves are not accepted. Besides a Fairy Assassin? What are the likes of that?!
    HomeTown: This cannot be filled out till the RolePlay Starts. Please be Patient and Understanding, just keep blank till the time comes.
    Special Skill: A Special Skill will include but not limited to, Psychic Powers, Elemental Powers, Heightened Senses or In-Human Skills like Super Strength. Do not over power these as they must come with one downfall. Be specific on your skills, what about Psychic Powers? What Can you do with them? Not everyone has a Special Skill.
    Target: Only the Blood Mother will give your your Target, Leave Blank until the time comes. If you want to go after a specific person let me know.
    Gear: What are you wearing head to toe? Are you carrying any weapons, potions, or equipment?
    Appearance: What do you look like when NOT on a contract or enjoying free time?
    Years In The D.B.H: No matter how long you been there, does not affect your rank. You could of been there five years and still be an Assassin or Eliminator. Ranks are promoted by the Speaker.
    Favorite Way To Kill:
    What is your favorite way to kill someone? Make it bloody good!
    Least Favorite Way To Kill:
    Best Moment:
    Ever had a contract and did an amazing execution? Something that is worth sharing. Not everyone will have one. This is best to give an idea of how your RP violent scenes go.
    How Did You Come To Join the D.B.H: Give a Sample of how you were contacted by the Dark Brother Hood, what did you do to get their attention? Should be at least one paragraph.
    Biography: Simple, in addition to the Biography you should mention what drove you to become a killer.
    Do you plan to participate in Parts 2 and/or 3: It is a basic yes or no question. Though which one you participate in is up to you. People leave and return all the time. But this question is all something you should think about for a moment. This means you will remain active and continue to participate throughout the RP. If for some reason you don't think you are going to be staying on Iwaku, well saying yes may not be a good idea. I tend to stay in "touch" with people. (This is you as a person, not a character.)

    To Make Things Interesting Here Are Some Additional Information You can Throw in There:
    These are in no order and you can use at your will.
    Mental Illness:
    Theme Song:
    Favorite Saying:
    Pets: Yes you can have pets, no they cannot be power animals nor usually fight for you. Example: A raven does a little spying. Just something to keep you company.
    Opinion of the Mother: Unless you speak out your Opinion, she will not know!

    If you can think of anything else go ahead and list it!

    Before You Begin!

    I don't want to get into rules because I believe we are all grown people and been doing this long enough to know the basics. But there are a few things I want to point out.

    RolePlays die quickly because partners are not active and people are waiting for them. You got to be active! I don't want to see a few posts then you vanish out of thin air like a gas bag. Now I am not saying you have to post everyday because we all have real life things to attend to, but maybe 5 days out of a week? Think of it like a school where you attend five days a week except these days are of your choosing. For some reason you are going to be gone for a couple of days, I don't mind but PLEASE you need to message me first. Don't have to tell me why just say, "Hey I am gonna be gone for three days."

    Another way an RP dies quickly is when people don't do decent size posts or do one liners. I understand we all have out moments but writing a paragraph or two maybe three is not super hard. If you need help or ideas for a post, message me, I can help you out. I been teaching literature three years.

    A problem that a lot of people come up to me about is someone overpowered their character. Do not confuse this with god-modding. Basically if you are going to have a power, find a negative trait or effect or even a downfall to your power. Each power should have some balance of negative. They don't have to be super big negatives.

    Any questions or comments, don't hesitate. I rarely bite.

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  2. This Is absolutly amazing. Ill be posting a character later tonight.
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  3. The Speaker

    "Name": Lieear Zoe
    Age: 38
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half-Orc (An Human and Orc Mix)
    HomeTown: Gorange
    Special Skill: Rage Force

    This skill was passed down from generations of her Father's side of the family, the Orcs.

    This allows who to go into a berserk rage and send out an invisible force that can push her enemies out of her way or destroy buildings. Few people who have been hit with this Force made it out alive, those who did were severely wounded. Though this move is powerful, it is also very draining and can hurt Lieear if someone was to hit her in mid Force.
    Target: -
    Gear: Lieear wears unusual heavy gear for an assassin that protects her from most light damage from a blade or something similar though it slows her down in some cases. This gear is made by a metal specifically used by Orcs of Beryllium which contains an Emerald compound giving it a green-like tone. This armor is decorated by precious jewels and dragon textures. Lieear also carries duel blades that match her armor and proves to be the sharpest of all the land. Underneath her armor is fishnets.

    Attitude: She is very aggressive and not your average "Mary Sue". She would rather stick a blade in your chest before she says her greetings to anyone. But when she is with her Dark BrotherHood family, her attitude softens lightly. Though she is still aggressive and prefers to not be bothered much.

    Appearance: Lieear is uniquely shaped for being an Half-Orc as she has the skin tone and for the most part the features of an human. Her pointed ears, blood-filled eyes, and oddly shaped feet are her Orc features she got from her father. Her hair is a dark brown that can be mistaken to be black and is short with five long braided strands in the back. The strands are symbols of rank in some Orc Communities.

    1 Braid: Youngling
    2 Braids: Apprentice

    3 Braids: Warrior
    4 Braids: The Wise
    5 Braids: Jack Of All Trades (A Warrior and Wise)
    6 Braids: Chief
    7 Braids: Master

    Years in DBH: 16 Years
    Rank: Speaker

    Favorite Way to Kill: Lieear is know for her lies hence her name. She will convince someone she is in trouble asking them to meet her somewhere to help with whatever it may be playing "Woe is me". Once she lures the person to where it may be she will drive her blades into them opening up there stomach. If the person happens to still be alive she will pull out some organs and show them their own organs. Eventually they will bleed out and die or go into shock. She tends to still do some extra stabbing releasing built up anger from her past. She will wipe their blood on the walls for fun.

    Least Favorite Way to Kill: She does not like a simple kill especially when there is a lack of blood. Lieear would rather bathe in blood, naturally due to her Orc instincts.

    Best Moment: Lieear's best moment since she has been in the Dark BrotherHood was when she 5 years in the group. She defended the location of the DBH when a nearby's city sent a few guards to inspect a mysterious location. Awaiting the guards was their wives and mothers on pikes covered in their own blood. Each person on the pike had their eyes cut out and jaw ripped open to look like a ghoul. When the guards were in state of shock and misery, Lieear attacked them from behind with a few others as the guards now joined their loved ones. Due to this Lieear has gained the nickname, "The Murderer of Love"

    How Did You Join DBH: Lieear has a few connections with the Dark BrotherHood as she once was an outside informant. She did not deal with contracts but pointed a few of them in the right direction. Eventually she began deceiving each and everyone of them. The Blood Mother did not put her head on a poster though for the DBH to go after, instead was visited by a Silencer and spread the word of how her pity lies were welcomed. Her past was well fitted and her hobbies of murder was accepted.

    Biography: Lieear grew up in the mountains of Gorange where most Orcs resided. Unfortunately due to a bloody battle between the majority of them, Gorange is a bit empty. She was only 14 when the first bloody battle took place as her father led the battle trying to defend his family and friends. Her father's side successfully defended their home but not without major injuries. His injuries left him incapable of doing the things he liked. At the age of 19 her father committed Suicide from depression. When a group of Orcs heard about his death they attacked, but Lieear took her Fathers spot and defended their home. Out of rage she murdered each and everyone of them in the most brutal way. This was not enough to her, she went to their homes and killed their loved ones as she spread their blood all around. Coming home from her rampage she found her mother dead on the ground with a note. While she was out and about getting her revenge, someone swooped in from behind. Till this day she has yet to learn who killed her mother, she traveled the lands in search of the killer but when she was offered a chance in the Dark BrotherHood she decided to hide away in hopes to lure the person out. After 8 years in the Dark BrotherHood, there was a ceremony held by The Lover. According to the Blood Mother, she wished to see such a strong person like Lieear to be a speaker. There was many debates on this as others were wary of her habits of lying. Eventually after a few months they all agreed allowing her to take the place as a Speaker. Now she works with her Co-Speaker Robin who have been loyal with Lieear and they appear to have a strong mysterious bond.

    Mental Illness: "None" according to her people, but because she has an odd fascination with murder due to her Orc instincts, many believe she has one... or two.

    Favorite Saying: "Lying is my specialty, but truth be told I am kinda bad at it. Isn't it strange that it's always the truth seems the most suspicious?"

    Opinion of Mother: Lieear is rather suspicious of the woman who calls herself the Blood Flower since no one has ever met her. But learned to never questions her until recent...

    Theme Song:
    The Speaker

    Additional Skills/Info (open)

    Useful Skills
    >Muffle: Even though she wears heavy armor, "Muffle" lets her move around in the shadows quietly making the clanking her armor unheard.
    >Reflex: The separate pieces of her armor followed by her fishnets allow her joints to have free movement. Gives her the chance to dodge more effectively.
    >Blood Site: Her bloody eyes are not only for show, but come with an ability to find vital points in someones body. Though she can only use this in darker places.

    >The scent of fresh blood.
    >Patrolling, even without reason. She enjoys just walking really.
    >Silence, she is not much of a talking unless its about a contract. You are considered lucky if you could get close to her.
    >Reading. Believe it or not, reading is one of her favorite things to do despite the way she is.

    >Serious Romance
    >Being bothered.
    >The Lover
    >Getting a contract that isn't worth her time.

    Relationship: Single

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  4. Merchant
    "Name": "Bloody Good Blade" or just "Blair"
    Age: 36
    Gender: Female
    Species: Blood Elf
    HomeTown: Unknown
    Special Skill: Blood Puppet
    As long as the opponent is bleeding, Blair can simply take control of the wounded opponent. While she has
    control of the person or animal, she can have them bend to her will and do anything she forces them to
    even if it means killing themselves. Though Blair cannot control plant life or anything that does not have red blood cells, after using this skill for a long period of time the opponent will eventually die due to blood loss. If Blair does not end her skill before this, she will be drained of all her strength.
    Target: None
    Gear: She wears black and blood red leather top armor along with red tight pants. This armor was specially designed to prevent any sort of physical control by other Blood Elves and many others of the species wear similar armor or something with a similar skill.. This armor has been named as Dark Blood Armor. Blair carries many of different knives, though this is due to being the Dark BrotherHoods Merchant and may have the will to use them herself. She also sells or trades poisons, medical equipment, and information for a price.

    Appearance: Blair never steps out of gear unless bathing. She has long black hair that turns to red at the ends. Blair also wears a mask every moment of the day for unknown reasons as it reveals her, well she has no eyes. The holes that were meant for her eyes are covered by a black cloth. Her mask matches her skin tone and was made to look like she has a creepy smile from ear to ear.

    Years In DBH: Eighteen Years
    Rank: Unknown/Merchant/Collector of Contracts

    Favorite Way To Kill: Blair loves to take control of her opponent any way she can. Once she has control she has an odd fetish of making them try to seduce her. Once she feels adored by her opponent, she will make them try to make a "move" with her leading to their death. Each opponent dies a little differently. It is unclear why she enjoys this.
    Least Favorite Way To Kill: Blair despises killing by hand like strangulation and will try to find any other way to kill a man without placing her hands on them. She believes touching someones skin is gross.
    Best Moment: Being in the Dark BrotherHood for eighteen years, Blair claims to have nothing worth sharing. Though others may say otherwise who have seen her work.

    How Did You Come to Join the DBH: Blair was once a freak of a village after her parents disappeared and was constantly teased or made fun of for being weird. She only was considered weird because she would play by herself with imaginary friends, but adults would say that she was playing with the dead. Finally she picked up a knife and started to murder her whole school including any who were in her way. Upon doing this, she claims that the Blood Flower herself came to Blair in her young age but no one knows for sure. She is no assassin however but a merchant, and collects contracts from citizens for the Speaker.

    Biography: Blair was alone at the age of 12 when her parents disappeared, though she will say that they abandoned her. She continued her life with severe depressions issues as she went to school, lived at a now abandoned house and scavenged for food. During her times at school, other students would tease her for seeing "Spirits" as Blair played and talked with these spirits when she thought no one was looking. Many people assumed this was due to her parents leaving her to fend for herself though none cared to help a strange elf as the village she was currently in was mostly human. At the age of fourteen, Blair went on a murdering rampage at her school and throughout the town when Blair was tired of being made fun of. She claims that a female voice told her to do it and she obeyed. After her incident she was chased out of town by any who were still alive, making her way to a lonely cave she rested for the night. The Blood Flower personally visited the child offering a place for her to stay and food, of course with a price. Blair desperately agreed and now is a merchant for the Dark BrotherHood.

    Mental Illness:
    >Number of Anxiety Disorders Like OCD and PTSD.
    >Impulsive Control : Addicted To Sexual Desires
    *With many illnesses, people find it rather hard to be near her at times. These also had proved that fighting for Blair is extremely difficult since she could not focus on holding a real fight.

    Pets: An Imaginary Bear (It's Apparently Bloody)

    Favorite Saying: "Touch me, Love me, I dare you."

    Opinion of Mother: "She is my one and only Mother. I know no other. I love my mother!"

    Theme Song:

    Additional Info (open)

    >Blair is severely messed up in the head, but no one knows how she ended up like that. Because she is unstable, fighting is unlikely but killing without reason is common.
    >She does not rely on her strength since she does not have much of it. Her skill is the most that can save her.
    >Her imaginary friend cannot do any damage or such. It's "Imaginary" not invisible.
    >She can be found roaming around aimlessly.
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  5. Sarah.jpg
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    (Becuase gender Fluidity is cool like that)

    Species: High Elf
    HomeTown: (A blank space speaks Volumes)
    Special Skill: What is an assassin in the night without the shadows to hide in? Robin has a unique ability, she is a shadow within a shadow, some belive she is made of shadows. The truth is diffrent, Robin simply manipulates shadows. She can travel between them like an open door, able to travel to ones 15 feet away without being able to see them. She may also be able to travel to any shadow she can see. Robin is able to bring shadows into the pyhsical world for a short time though the effort drains her of strength, They come into the form of tendrils and may use any shadow for this ability. She is a Shadow Dancer.
    Gear: As you would excpect of a Dark Brotherhood member she wears dark clothing. Leather armor died black covers her shins, torso and Forarms. He leather boots have rough soles made for traction, useed for scaling sudden change in direction. She wears a black cloth with a painted with a white robin in flight, her name sake. Used to cover her face so anyone unlucky enough to see her will not recognize her face. On her hips is a sheathed silver short sword. Within her right sleeve is a scroll for magical barrier and heidden in the waistband of her leggings is a knife, known only to her as "Blood Letter" a 8" dagger without a hilt.

    Appearance: Off the job she wears the clothing of her trade a frilly colorful dress a patchwork of sky blue, white, and a deep bloody red. She is a bard, drifting from town to town singing and dancing for a few days before vanishing.

    Years In The D.B.H:
    4 years
    Rank: Co-Speaker

    Favorite Way To Kill: Bloody messy, a normally bright and smiling person, the moment she sees her mark it changes, with Blood Letter in hand, she enjoys stabbing the victim over and over again, finally ripping the targets tongue through their neck.
    Least Favorite Way To Kill: Poison. She Ditests a kill that no skill is needed. Anyone can slip something in a drink. It takes skill to shoot an arrow from a hidden location or slit a throat without anyone seeing.

    Best Moment: Her first kill was her most magical. Never could she believe that she could do something she always fantasized about and be paid for it. She was timid at first, unsure of her abilitys but as she followed her mark home one moonless night, her apprehension faded. She waited listening in the shadows just outside his house intill finally the light of his candle blew out. The longest five minutes of her life elapsed intill it was time to strike. Her ability nicly honed, she moved into the shadows of his bedroom with ease, now standing before the man as he slept. Her stability, kindness compassion deserted her, replaced with cruelty. She moved toward the man and with a bright smile claiming her face, flipped him off his bed. He awoke on the floor before he could even mumble the curse on his breath, he stopped. A beautiful women before him, straddling his hips. Was this a dream, she proved it a nightmare he would never awaken from when she pulled the blade and stabbed his chest, no where near a vital spot. HE screamed, and screamed as she stabbed him over and over. twenty times before he stopped, 13 more before the dumbfounded guard broke into the room, no other exits every window intact, but a dead body just recently alive, his chest carved apart.

    How Did You Come To Join the D.B.H: A somber night one frightful winter, the inn this time particularly uncrowded, for most did not find the worth to travel through the biting winds to hear a women sing. She left the inn (for she never slept in the place she worked) and saw a man His pants low over the form of another. He walked into the night and upon further investigation she found the naked form of a dead women. Unfortunate for the killer the night belongs to her, she found him and in the end and in the morning, they found his body, his chest cavity ripped open the blade buried in his now visible heart. The next night A dark brotherhood agent found her sleeping peacefully in her bed. The rest is history.
    Biography: Life in this world is hash. No one knows that better then the young Robin. Whether that is her real name or not, she will never tell, it is the alias she goes by since her acceptance into the family.
    She began her life with death. Her mother she found out from the guards and owner of the orphanage she grew up in, was a whore. Brutally beaten and raped by a man no one could ever identify, she suffered nine months to die in labor birthing her daughter. One lif extinguished as another comes into being.
    She grew up knowing she was a product of a monster, several times in her childhood she tried to end her existence before finally coming to terms with her own life. One of these frightful attempts were she learned of her gift. A cliff by the sea were she grew up, she found herself staring into the crashing waves, another step forward and she disappeared. As she fell her thoughts drifted to the apple tree beside the orphanage and as her body fell into the shadow of the cliff, she fell onto the ground beside the tree, completely unhurt.
    As she grew in the harsh environment of the orphanage, in secrecy she trained her ability and to sing. She admired the migrating birds and their voices. But most importantly their freedom. She soon grew of age and was realesed from the prison she called home. With nothing to make a living on, she roamed around singing at inns and quickly establishing herself as a bard.

    On the road she picked up a few things. How to survive on the road, How to use a blade, she picked up as if the skills came naturally. The brotherhood found her without a purpose, and gave her life meaning. And for that she is thankful to the mother, and to lieear, whos accepted her like a sister. Now she stands at Lieears right hand, a mysterious relationship between the two. (Spoiler: Lesbian lovers)
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes: cute animals, Children and the color orange. Dislikes: Provocative men, Flute music, nobility.

    Opinion of the Mother: She know the Tenets of the Dark Brotherhood, for the mother to go agianst them is against all she knows of the dark brotherhood. She has her doubts, though she will follow her commands to death.
    Theme Song:
    For our blood flower.
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  6. It looks really good so far. Let me know when the final edits are done. As for the song, no. It does not have to be modern.
  7. I Hope Robin is Cool enough for you. If Not I could make her a cannibal or something ^^
  8. Note to self. Refresh before reposting.
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  9. Gypsy, I REALLY hope I don't have to fight your character... Seems a little overpowered to me. Lols a tad scary for a simple merchant.
  10. The merchant is not a fighter, just really messed up in the head. The most she can do is her skill then stab them. Nothing more. Ha, I think we all be doomed if she had great strength and speed with her state of mind.
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  11. Reserving silencer or merchant aid. I cant make a CS today but I'll try tomorrow :3
  12. @Vio I listed up there that ranks 1,2 and 5 were not available. Pease read >„< But you can be Silencer in Part Two if you plan on sticking around.
  13. Im to lazt to edit my profile so Ill post this. If everything goes well with this role play I will love to stick around. Cant wait for part 2 & 3

    Id also love, to maybe become the Co-speaker. If we could talk about that, I would very much appreciate the chance.
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  14. Sorry about that! I was looking through on my phone so I was really just skimming through it. xD

    I think I'll stick around until part two to get the silencer bit. I just like the idea of invisibility o3o;

    I either want to be a blacksmith that purposely creates faulty weapons so specific members of the brotherhood dies =w= mewhuhuhu

    Or the merchant aid that is madly in love with his boss despite her insanity and will sabotage other merchants so they don't have any competition. kinda like the how Harley Quinn is to the Joker, as is the merchant aid is to the merchant only insane? Lmao xD
  15. @Vio I love all your ideas. Do what you are more comfortable with or both! But let me know eventually before you post your CS.

    @JextheShadow You rolled a four... No we cannot talk about it. Joking. Though I think I will have the dice be a part of the rap just to control death scenes or when you are after your target.

    I'll explain this when we get closer and think about it a little more.

    -Goes to message Jex-
  16. Signe Slideshow

    Signe, #ff4d4d
    Name: "Signe"
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human / Succubus
    HomeTown: To be determined

    Special Skill: Enhanced senses including but not limited to sight, smell, touch, and hearing... She is very sensitive to the truth, and can usually tell when someone is lying, especially if it's a male. Signe can shift into her demonic succubi form, which gives her enhanced strength, and speed to match that of an aged vampire.

    Target: To be determined...

    Gear: Bone and Sinew bow, made from filed mammoth tusks, and other such materials. It has minor enchantments on it that were paid for by Signe to preserve the bow from damage, and also to enhance its accuracy to a small degree. The draw is estimated at 80 pounds. Much heavier than a woman her size should be able to manage, but years of drawing a bow made her much stronger than the average woman... Signe also carries a bone and iron dagger. The blade is sharpened on both sides, and is also enchanted similarly to the bow. Both weapons are very crude, but are strong and well suited to her purposes...

    Appearance: Signe is short. Only 5'2, with brown/red hair. She usually wears the same outfit for everything, being uninterested in the clothes normal women wear. She will change into the leathery Dark Brotherhood armor whenever necessary, but she prefers to stay in her own clothing.

    Years In The D.B.H: 3
    Rank: Executioner

    Favorite Way To Kill: Signe enjoys leaving her targets with an arrow through their necks, or... When possible... Under the armpit, into the heart.

    Least Favorite Way To Kill: She hates getting up close and personal... But sometimes it's necessary, and she has to use a dagger, or some other messy means of finishing off a contract. Those are the worst because they require her to work for the kill.

    Best Moment:

    She watched the baker disappear into his shop, past the mob of townspeople that were crowding the street. She decompressed the draw on her bow, and slid the arrow back into her quiver, silently cursing the mindless women below her perch that had blocked her shot. She dropped from the branch, and slid her bow over her shoulder as she walked into town, trying to seem as casual as possible... She managed only to draw a few stares from the prying eyes of some lonely men, and slipped past the gossiping, empty headed, women that she had had her bow aimed at only moments before... She wove her way through the crowd, and followed the baker into his own shop...

    Signe frowned as she looked around. He wasn't in the first room... That meant she had to go in further. She had REALLY hoped this would be an easy contract, but APPARENTLY the baker would be a tougher target than his wife had let on... So Signe followed... Through the main room, and into the back, where she found the baker leaning over, drawing out some fresh baked whatevers from the oven... The long pole was in his hands as he drew the food from the large oven with skill that had developed from necessity... After getting his hands burned, most likely... Signe smiled as she adjusted her bow on her back and approached the baker from behind...

    She drew her little dagger from her belt just in case, and kicked her target, sending him sprawling towards the hot furnace that provided his livelihood. She watched as he flew, hands first, into the oven. He stopped himself by grabbing the hot sides of the tall stone oven, grilling his hands on the hot surface... He screamed and let go as she kicked him again, this time on the rear, pushing him once more... This time into the oven. She grabbed his wobbling legs as he writhed, half inside, half out... She giggled a bit as she pushed the rest of him in, and shut the double iron doors...

    Signe had never cooked before, but she had half a mind to pick up the hobby... She just discovered she kind of enjoyed it...


    Signe was left by her family at an early age, to fend for herself. They told her she wasn't their true daughter, but that a messenger from one of the gods had left her with them. Her parents didn't know which one, or at least they didn't tell her. She discovered that she wasn't even human when her horns started to grow... It was hard to conceal the lumps of black bone growing out of her head, even with all of her hair... And they grew quickly, until one morning Signe woke, and not only did she have horns, but a tail as well. She learned soon after, that she could conceal them with magic when she felt like it, though she was left weakened... Signe learned to accept herself the way she was, even though she knew others wouldn't...

    She had to steal to survive, from just about anyone. She grew to be an excellent thief, arsonist, liar, and a veritable artist at forgery... She learned from traveling priests of the Nine, how to heal wounds with plants, and even a little history. She listened to the stories of bands of traveling minstrels, and eavesdropped on nobles to learn their secrets and sell them for a price...

    One day, when she was about 18, she was caught stealing... Her intended target saw her making off with her steal, and he captured her. He immediately saw her beauty, and intended to rape her and use her as a slave for her crime, but Signe fought and killed the man. She left his body inside his home to rot, while she made off with all of his valuables, and ran for the next town with her loot... She ran but was found by the Silencer... At first she thought he was there to kill her, and she resisted, but he subdued her and explained what he was, and why he was there... She was afraid, and declined his offer to become a family member at first... She left him and continued on her way to the next town to try to forget what had happened...

    Years later, when she was desperate and being hunted, she sought him out once more, and joined...

    Theme Song

    Favorite Saying:
    "Isn't it odd to take a dog hunting?"

    "Yeah, sort of like taking along a brass band. He saved a lot of deer from death.”

    Opinion of the Mother: Signe doesn't believe in the Mother. She believes in what she can see, smell, touch, and hear... And she hasn't seen, smelled, heard, or touched the Mother.

  17. @JextheShadow I didn't agree to that spoiler! .... I laughed when I read it. Alright I'm in!
  18. I get a woman to laugh, she immediately agrees to be my lesbian lover. Today is a good day ^^
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  19. Better go find a necklace of Mara too haha.
    I'm glad you think today is a good day, oddly enough my Orc in skyrim has a lesbian lover too... O.o The first housecarl in Whiterun if you follow the story.
  20. @ZsafineGypsy if only I named my character Lydia. We would be a perfect match.
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