The End Is Near!

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  1. December 21st is fast approaching!
    What do you guys think of the supposed "end of the world"?
    How do you think it's going to end?
    Do you believe in it?
    Do you like Role Playing about the end of the world?
  2. End of the World is depressing
  3. I suppose in some ways it could be to different people.
  4. It kind of helps my depression issues to think that the world's about to end... that way I don't have to be disappointed that I haven't gotten anywhere with my life! On the other hand, things just started picking up for me, so... not sure. I don't actually take it seriously. But a tiny part of me would like life to be over rather than as hard as it is.
  5. I must say it's quite hard to believe or not believe what is said about the end in 2012. Earth seems to show signs of deatruction but they hint off that its not as soon as people think or say. I might be wrong.
  6. I've got my .357, Mosin Nagant 91/30, .22, more rounds than any one person should probably have, a gerber, survival knife, ACH, IOTV, bugout bag and a safe place to head with my buddy. If the world is going to end, I sure as hell won't just sit back and accept it or even end my own life. I'll fight tooth and nail to stay alive.

    But the world isn't going to end so I will probably just chill at my house, drink a glass of wine and do some gaming while my snake and/or cat watches.
  7. I never believed in it. The idea's preposterous. Also, it's not a tragedy that's meant for us. Mayan historians said themselves that they think it's funny how America has believers. It's just a thing for the Mayans... There's a "This is our prophecy, make up your own, you lazy fucks" attitude there. Bwaha.

    I've embraced it for trolling purposes, though. Oh man. All the Facebook statuses... 8D
  8. Apparently it's not just Americans. Our crazy has infected Russia too.
  9. I don't think the world will end, but just in case I and my friend will watch the movie 2012 on that day ^^ Then we'll see if the world ends while we're watching it xD

    If the world ends then I think it will be because one or more super volcanoes will erupt, earthquakes on all places that its possible for earthquakes to be in. And a hell lot more. I have no idea though what will kill us here in Sweden.. I mean we don't have earthquakes nor volcanoes nor anything like that... hmm... I guess either flooding (though I don't think the whole country can be flooded that fast xD) ooor a big as f*ck meteorite x3

    So all countries that doesn't have earthquakes and volcanoes either get flooded or get crushed by meteorites x3 Let's see how many tries to tweet about it before they die x3

    The earth will probably live a bit longer and humanity will probably live until the day robots turn against us x3 That's what I believe:D Since the Maya calendar has 144000 days and has already been going around 13 times, I don't see why it would be the end of humanity this time when it wasn't the other times x3 Has it to do with the number 13?
  10. Okay... Personally, I think the world is already ending. However, I don't view it as literally -- as in physically. It's more like a transformation into a new era. It's really kinda correlating: look at the world as it is. The world isn't going to end, but it's definitely changing. Be it for better or worse, it's definitely changing. So in terms of the world we know that is going to be lost in that change? Sure, the world definitely is ending. In terms of a mass extinction? Not likely, but there's no such thing is 100% -- there's always a chance that something catastrophic could happen.

    End of the world type RPs aren't my cup of tea. ...not much else I can say in regards to that. However... this Tazo Zen tea is. -sips happily-

    Being the romantic sap I am, if the world really does end on the 21st all I'd really want would be some nice, good, old fashioned cuddle time with some wine before it's lights out.
  11. World or humanity destroyed? No way. That is indeed very ridiculous.

    Heralding in a new era for life? Yes. Already see the signs, we're going in to a crazy new age... Parson said it well!

    I also happen to loooooove roleplaying end of the post, or post apocalypse scenarios! It's a lot of fun to roleplay the ethic and emotional struggles of those kind of situations. 8D
  12. I've already double checked with my boss - I don't get apocalypse pay for working the 21st, so there goes that idea.
    As I don't believe in afterlifes or anything like that, and since the world ending it probably going to mess up the whole reincarnation bit even if I did believe in it, I'm just going to figure that if the world ends... well, nobody's going to know, are they? We'll just cease to exist or something. Maybe a bit of pain beforehand and then nothing. Yay? What could we do about it, even if it is to end? Better to not dread those things we cannot change, as it'll only cheapen the rest of the time.

    I do not, however, think that the world is going to end and have heard a dozen different and better explanations for the Mayan calendar anyway. But even then, how all-knowing can they be? They're dead. If they were so omniscient, then they probably would have done something about their own doom first.
  13. I'm a Christian so I don't believe that nonsense. It says in the Bible "No man knows the day nor the hour." So obviously nothing will happen.

    Besides, my school Christmas party is the exact same day! :D No superstitious Mayan prediction is gonna ruin that for me!
  14. World is not
    going to end. If it does, well I had
    a good run!
  15. I will be alive next year. I have plans for next year, plans that I have been building up to for most of my adult life and if 2012 wants to be a bitch and let me build up for that long with my balls all blue and not give he the satisfaction of a climactic resolution I'll punch it in the face, go out, but a pair of stiletto heels, and use that to stomp it's face in. Same for Cthulhu, Yog Sothoth, Aztec gods, Aliens, Asteroids, Your mom, fate (that uptight bitch), or all the tea in china.

    I will make my plans happen even if I have to face the hoards of hell to do so. Actually being able to appeal for refugee status would make things a lot easier...
  16. Total BS.

    Nonetheless, I am heavily armed and have a pack ready to go at a moments notice. Stocked up on canned food, water and bleach, too!
  17. Is the bleach so you can commit suicide or to keep your hair that mysterious animeesque shade of completelyscrewed.
  18. I really like all you guys have to say about this. I mean in my own opinion, I think the worlds not going to end, like Vay said, I have plans for next year and the on coming years. It would be a waste if the world was to end now.
  19. I don't think it will end on that day... Perhaps some catastrophic event but humanity ending completely is out of the question. HoweverI do believe it will end soon. The earth can only bare so much. Just in case I got my guns ready and water stocked. Come get me zombies!