The End is Near: A Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay

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  1. Everyone knows the classic zombie apocalypse setting, but most roleplays and movies take place not long after it's beginning, when there's still hope for a cure. This one, I would prefer, took place in North America, possibly five years after the start of the apocalypse, following a group of five - eight survivors. I hope to find a couple of active and willing players to join me in creating this world and playing out their journey to find sanctuary and survive this world.

    Roles I would prefer filled, with only one per are as follows, with a balance of male and female characters;

    The Doctor; whatever kind, but with full medical knowledge and possibly some tools. Carried equipment is to be discussed among us all.

    The Sharpshooter; this one preferably, were just an average kid with a hunter dad who honed their skills hunting zombies. Best shot in the group, never misses the mark.

    The Leader; A military man on a mission; he gathered most of the group together and refuses to leave someone behind.

    Let me know if the idea of building a survivor group catches your fancy! :D

    Character Skeleton


    Sexual orientation: (Optional)



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  2. Why not? :) Never done a zombie roleplay before.
  3. Awesome! Now I've got one :)
  4. I got the doctor
  5. Does anyone want me to put up a CS?
  6. I would love to do a zombie rp could I be a rogue?
  7. A rogue what?
  8. Cams pleaSe and thank you
  9. Rogue human not with the group at first
  10. Maybe, it depends if we can fill the three spaces and get a good group of survivors.
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  11. Cool
  12. I'll take the sharpshooter, I already have one ready. He doesn't fit your request exactly, in terms of background, but that really shouldn't matter, right?
  13. Damn autocorrect cams is suppose to be cs
  14. I'm up for this!! :D I was a part of a zombie roleplay a long time ago and I was the only active player. It fizzled and I was sad.
  15. Interested. Will take any role you need.
  16. It doesn't really so no worry about it. It was an ideal, not a necessity.

    Lol of course, I'll get one up when I can.

    I know the feeling. I've had a huge zombie craving lately and have had trouble sating it. SO I'm back on Iwaku to do that lol

    Right now we don't have a doctor or a leader.
  17. I'm the doctor lol
  18. Welp I totally forgot about that. Thanx for reminding me.
  19. Ok. I can play the leader. Do you want help getting the RP started?
  20. I didn't watch this thread, so I didn't get notifs... oh well. I call dibs on the adorable little kid who isn't completely useless and helps out occasionally, but require help when in a tight spot.