The Enchanted Forest

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The Enchanted Forest


The Enchanted Forest is a place just outside of a small village where many fantasy beings reside in. Fairies, Elves, Pixies, and even Demons, Dragons, Trolls live in the place. The forest is big and full of wooded and empty areas. There are plenty of rivers, caves, meadows, and even some hidden areas like the Sacred Grove where most Centaurs and Elves visit.
However, with all the magic within the forest there have been rumors of the demons and other beings that are considered to be 'evil', trying to steal the magical object of the forest to use the magic for themselves.
There is still some peace, harmony, and romance going on within the Enchanted Forest though, but now most people are more careful with who they come in contact with, especially the demons, never trusting one another as easily as they used to before the rumors started.

Zanna walked throughout the forest as usual. Where she lived in the forest wasn't far from where she was right now. With all the new people coming and calling the forest their home, there as been quite a few more homes built. Some had their homes in the trees, or in the caves of the mountains. There were even a few cottages scattered around where one or more could live in.

She lived in one of the cottages as well, though she lived alone and actually liked it that way. She had many friends in this forest, much better than the last she's lived in, and knew she'd be staying here for a very long time.

Her wings fluttered lightly as she made her way to one of the lakes. The sky was clear with not a cloud in sight, letting the sun shine onto the area. Near the water she let her wings shimmer again as she looked around and wondered is anyone was even up at this time. She knew it was early for her to be up, even though it was only past noon, but there are some that sleep much later than her.

Dark blue optics wandered over the trees around Honiahaka as she walked slowly along a trail within the forest. She had not meant to stumble upon this Enchanted Forest, but it had intrigued her with its many energies and magical creatures. Ebony locks cascaded down her back as tanned fingers pushed them behind slim shoulders. Crimson lips parted slightly to reveal pointed canines. Honiahaka was a vampire; though she was known for being kind to those that she met she still had a wicked temper. Her mind wandered as delicate slipper covered feet picked their way through the under bush of the forest.

As the young woman began to find her way to a lake and a small smile played on her lips at the sight of the water. It had been a very long time she had went for a swim, the last time being right after her wedding to Rikimaru. A soft sigh escaped the crimson lips as long lavender skirts brushed against the grass beneath her feet. The tight bodice of her dress made it slightly difficult for Honiahaka to bend over once she made it to the water's edge. Knees bent as she knelt next to the water, dipping her tanned fingers within the cool water. Already high cheek-bones rose even more as a bright smile broke out over her face at the sight of a small fish.

Black hair fell over her shoulders to curtain around her face as she watched the fish calmly. She could almost remember her father teaching her how to fish with the other tribe children. Chewing on her bottom lip slightly Honiahaka looked up to notice a winged being flying around. She knew the sun was out, but it did not faze Honiahaka. She was not sensitive to its rays even though she was indeed a vampire and craved blood at the most inconvenient times, like when she was in labor. Soft musical tones could be heard as Honiahaka greeted the small beings. "Hello there, beautiful day isn't it?" She could only hope that the female would understand what she was saying, there had been many times that she had come across someone that did not speak the same language as her.​
Unlike most fairies from where Zanna used to live she was actually human size, though only a little bit shorter. The only ones she had found in the old crowded forest were the very small ones that couldn't change their size like her kind can. Being here though, she was able to find fairies like herself and had heard of plenty of other kinds of creatures living here as well. She loved the size of the forest though, with how big and spacious it was and its capablity to fit everyone without becoming overly crowded.

After a few moments and deciding that everyone else was either not around the area or sleeping, Zanna stopped wondering and looked out at the lake. At least until she heard someone speak to her. She understood many languages, and understood the girl when she spoke. Zanna gave a gentle smile before answering. "It's a very lovely day with the sky as clear as it is."
Honiahaka's face lit up in joy at the sound of the fairy's voice. She was rather pleased to find that the woman could understand her and didn't seem to fear her. It saddened Honi when people feared her due to her race. Legs unfolded themselves from beneath her body as she stood to her full height of five feet and six inches. Skirts swayed around her ankles as she brushed dirt and grass from them."Indeed, my name is Honiahaka Kobayashi, but you can call me Honi. Tis a pleasure to meet you." Soft tones filled with kindness escaped the woman's esophagus as she spoke. Blue eyes shined as a soft breeze caressed her skin and made her long black hair dance in the air.

As Honiahaka continued to sweep the dirt from her skirts she stopped to inspect a small pebble, it was beautiful in her eyes and she knew that her daughter would enjoy its smooth surface. As she bent slowly slim fingers wrapped themselves around it as she rose and stared the pearly white surface of it for a moment. Raising her eyes to look up at the fairy once again she realized that she had never exactly met a fairy before. They were beautiful and exquisite creatures. Sure was sure her children would be delighted to hear her recount her travels in the enchanted forest to them one night. Raising the pebble to show it to the woman Honi spoke softly; "Would it be okay if I took this home to my daughter, I know she would be delighted by such a wonderful piece of nature. I usually try to take home each of my children a present from my travels." A smile appeared on her lips as she spoke of her children, Ada, Cayden, and Mingan were her pride and joy in life. "If you don't mind, could you tell me about this forest please? I haven't been here before and I want to know if there are any beasts I should watch out for."
Zanna smiled when given a name from the woman. Her eyes returned to the lake after that. She loved to just stay here and watch the water move as well as the fish within it. It was always so peaceful. She was still curious as to what all this forest had to offer.

After a moment she looked back at the woman when she spoke again, this time about taking a pebble. "Go right ahead." she said to her. There were plenty of pebbles around and in the lake, a lot of pretty ones too, so it wasn't as if they'd all be taken.

Another smile crossed her face when she heard the woman speak of her children. Zanna has always wanted children of her own when she used to watch over the other fairies children back at her old forest.

"I don't really know all that much about it." she soon said. "I've only been here for a couple of weeks, and it's a very big place." She thought for a moment before continuing. "Also, as far the other creatures, there's a lot of different kinds in this forest, so I've heard."