The Empty place

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  1. It was dark, it was cold, it was nothing.

    A light suddenly shined in the distance.

    "HEY! Anyone here!"
  2. this again...
  3. it was a nice day to be a light in the distance.
    and suddenly someone screams.
    "Hey anyone here"
    The light feelt offended by the sudden call out, and decided to go back the way it had come.
  4. "WAIT! I cant see anything. And I have lost my matches." Footfalls could be heard moving towards the light, splashing sounds like if the one who was running was doing so in shallow liquid.
  5. The light considerd stopping, but decided just to slow down enough for him to follow. And started leading him towards the nearest maintainence station.
  6. Following the light, whoever had lost himself in the dark eventually arrived at the maintenance station. It took only a few minutes to find the huge lever that hopefully would turn on some more lights.


    A huge globe above the station blazed up in a clear white light. Illuminating the two beings, as well as the nearby surroundings.
  7. The light now quite supprised of the sudden light.
    "how ironic it thought to it self"
    The now visible man, was quite the disipointment. With avrage looks, and ragged cloths.
    The light made a vissling sound and started to float higher towards the large globe to see what it was.
  8. As the light floated upwards the man took a look at himself, his clothes seemed to have been dragged through the mud... which was probably the case, he had wandered aimlessly for god knew how long before the light had appeared.
    Searching through his pockets came up with no more than a pair of sunglasses and an empty water-bottle.
    He bent down and scooped up some of the water covering the ground in the bottle to see how clear it was. It was murky, and tasted like oil.
    walking around the station showed him that it was basically a metal square with a door and the lever he had already pulled.

    "Hey! Light thing, Ill go inside and see if there is anything there." The door had a simple spinning handle that creaked annoyingly loud when turned, which meant the man didnt hear the distant rumbling, like thunder.
  9. The sound of something big moving, made the light stop dead in its tracks.
    "oh this can't be good, atleast not for the caveman down there" it thought to it self.
    As it contenplated on wether it should get closer to he orb, or maybe warn the ugly guy down below, since he seems to have missed the really loud sound of a tunnel drake approching.
    "ah oh well maybe the human could prove for some entertaniment" it thought to it self as it started floating down again to warn the unsuspecting oaf.
  10. The man had already gotten inside the station, and was searching through the tools and equipment gear hanging on the walls. Changing from his ruined clothes into some kind of light suit and putting a wide coat on as well made him feel a bit warmer, and filling some satchels with what light-sticks, first-aid packages and emergency rations he could find filled him with a reassuring satisfaction.
    Though the lights bopping presence at the door made him wake from his slight inattentiveness. There was something roaring outside, and by the tremors under his feet... it was coming closer.

    Running his eyes around the room again showed him that the only thing that might be remotely used as a weapon was a mechanic cutter, its blade rusted in some places. Fastening it to his left hand and by chance noticing the loose cables that looked to fit in some holes in the suits arm made a little yellow lamp at the cutter start glowing when he inserted them. Throwing some wire over his neck the man rushed out of the station addressing the light.

    "Can I kill that thing?" He couldnt see anything yet, but hopefully the light was more knowledgeable than him about this place.
  11. "oh he is not as stupid as he looks then, since he now managed to notice the entire cave shaking". The light flew over to the man and placed itself near his face.
    "Starting user interface program" said the pre recorded voice in the light, and started scanning his face. "This is degrading" thought the light.
    "user unknown, registrating new user, please state your name",
  12. The man got a bit startled as the light showed up directly in front of his face, and the scanning of him didnt exactly lessen his bewilderment.

    "Umm, what, I... Do I need to have a name?" He absently scratched his head, looking around him, still trying to make sense of the lights system-sounding question. *Some kind of information-interface?*. The man didnt think he even had a name, so he would have to think of one.

    "Lets see... how about, Cold Oil?" He wasnt sure the light would accept the makeshift name, but the rapidly approaching thing was making the watery ground have small ripples.
  13. "user registrated, hello Mr Cold-oil". "info about the giant monstrosity you stupid software!" the light thought to it self.
    "Information regarding tunnel drakes, their species was first found out the year 2100, and later geneticly modified to reach greater size, to be used as effective tunnel diggers, after the core breakdown the year 2190 most of the tunnel dragons went feral". The light started to feel a headache comming. "He Wants To Know How To Kill It"!
    The interface took a moment before awnsering. "killing a tunnel dragon will not be possible with your current equipment, to stop a tunnel dragon nothing less than a mark 4 mech equiped with heavy ordinace would be required, running would be adviced Mr Cold-oil".
  14. The man gave the light a sceptical look when it accepted the utterly ridiculous name. And he became increasingly stressed when it went on to give him information regarding the "tunnel drakes" that only made him more concerned for his chances of surviving them. And his fears were confirmed in the most cold-hearted and detached way he had experienced.

    "THEN WHY DIDNT YOU SAY SOMETHING SOONER?!?" Cold-Oil screamed as he made for the direction the drakes were not coming from. He tried starting the cutter in hope of sawing the drake apart once it got close enough, only to have his hopes crushed. The damn thing was barely spinning, he could even stop the blade with his own hand.

    "Damn it. Light, where is the exit!" At that point he noticed that it was completely dark, where was the light?!? Jerking his head back he saw no sign of it, and at the edge of the stations illumination... Something HUGE was moving towards him, making the water splash against his legs.
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  15. "Damn, it light! Dare he address me in such a way!". The light considerd for a short moment about leaving the man to his fate, but since he had nothing better to do, and maybe with the help of some sub rutines, he decided against it.
    "Hey Interface! Tell ugly to keep up, i won't wait for him".
    "Certainly sir".
    And once again the light was stoped dead in his tracks, where was the stupid oil guy?
    "Ehm Interface, where did the moron go?"
    "Mr Cold-oil, is currently in the previous chamber", the Interface responded a short moment later.
    "I take that back, he is way dumber than he looks". The light thought to himself as he hurried back to Cold-oil.
  16. The tunnel drakes were big, and if it wasnt enough with one huge monster, four of them were coming towards Cold-Oil through the stations light. If only he had carried something like a gun... or a rocket launcher, or one of those mark 4 mechas the light had mentioned. Then maybe he could have run away!

    The man spun around trying to find a way out, but the only thing he could see were the drakes moving through the area around the station. He would die here.

    When the little light suddenly showed up in the same direction he had originally been running, it almost made him a bit irritated. He had come to terms with dying for gods sake! Though that feeling was overrun by relief, the light had come back for him!

    "You have no idea how glad I am to see you!" Running and screaming in all but complete darkness proved to be an idiotic idea. Cold-Oil hadnt taken more than a few running steps when his foot got stuck in something and he tried to headbutt the ground. Tried, because the ground didnt seem to feel discomfort.

    "What the fuck! What is this thing?" Feeling the shape of whatever he had stumbled over somehow felt like a better idea than running.
  17. The light reached Cold-oil just as the stumbled over something.
    "Oh he is clumsy as well, wait what is he doing not". thought the light to himself as Cold-oil started digging in the dirt.
    after a short moment the man had uncoverd the stations old maintenance hatch.
    The light watched amused as Cold-oil tried to open the hatch, obviously with out succes since it had been rusted shut since the circutboard knows when.
    "Interface tell him to move out of the way". "Certainly sir"
    "Mr Cold-oil, i would recommend you move away from the hatch". said the interface
    After a few precious seconds and Cold-oil finaly had moved out of the way, The light floated closer to the hatch. "Interface, activate the cutters"'
    4 small beams shoot out of the light, cutting the hatch open, and opening the way down.
    With the way open, the light made a sound and hurried down the hole.
  18. Cold-Oil followed the light down the hatch, the rusted ladder creaking under his hand and feet every time he put pressure on it. The whole hatch shaking as the drakes got closer, and when one of them placed its clawed foot above the hatch it made it shake enough for the ladder to brake under his feet.

    It felt like he continued tumblibg down the hole for an eternity, bumbing into broken parts of the ladder as well as loose bricks on the walls. Fairly early he must have crashed past the light, because he was blind most of the way. The landing was not something Cold-Oil would ever remember kindly, because it probably broke most of his ribs and fractured both his legs.

    He woke up by a weird prickling sensation, along with the buzzing of the light. The man tried to sit up, a throbbing pain shot through his left forearm when he pushed with it. Next he tried to bend his upper body forward, and his chest felt like it would tear apart.

    "Aaaaahhh!" Cold-Oil lay gasping on his back, the notion of getting up didnt appeal to him nearly as much at that point. And his legs felt sore, he could feel every heartbeat course through them.

    "Hey, Light. How bad is it?" The light had scanned him earlier, maybe it could tell him the condition of his body... Which if it was too bad wasnt something he wanted to hear.
  19. "Activating medical procedure software. Scanning".

    "3 Cracked Ribs. 1 Punctured lung. 14 Fractures. Internal bleeding. Possible brain damage".

    "Mr Cold-oil's condition, Critical. Contacting emergency organisations".

    "No response, services currently down. Approxemating time for the services to be back up".

    "Emergency services will be up and running in approxematly Error years".

    "Calculating User Cold-oil survival chances. Minimal. Administrating Emergency medical treatment."

    The light moved closer and placed itself on Cold-oil's chest.


    The light turned red and thought to it self "This moron better be worth this"
    And started merging with the mans chest, Cold-oils eyes went dark and he fainted.
    "Oh boy hope he is going to be in a world of hurt when he wakes up".
  20. Cold-oil woke up with a headache like a hoard of tunnel drakes stomping his head in. His body felt like it had been dragged through a scraper, and his eyes, his eyes burned. Every breath sent fire into his lungs, and with every pulsating heartbeat Cold-oil could feel something molten tear itself through his every vein.

    "I HATE YOU LIGHT!" He screamed with every ounce of breath that his ragged lungs could press out. Because he somehow felt sure that the light was laughing its shining ass of at his expense.
    The last he remembered was falling down the hatch, and then the light had started glowing red and put itself on top of him, the pressure of the thing had made him black out. He had no idea how long he had been out cold, but he was starving, and his bladder was ready to burst.

    He couldnt see his own hand, and it hurt to move, every motion sending a shock through him. But by half sliding and half crawling sideways he got to a wall that he stood up against by pushing on the cutter. Gently unzipping the needed part of the suit he got the single thing of his body that wasnt killing him out. Which he continued to believe until the piss practically made him bang his head against the wall.

    A new huge bumb forming on his head he crawled back to where had been laying unconscious, hoping that his equipment hadnt fallen too far off. Though it was surprisingly hard to look for things when he couldnt move properly, and there was no light in sight.

    "Light? Are you here? I cant see anything." Cold-oil shivered, if the light wasnt there anymore... he was done for.
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