The Empire of Udreria (IC)

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    On Elbauthin and Udreria When I asked the Mortal God Elbauthin where he had been born, he went quiet. Not quiet as if trying to recall, though; it was the silence of a man deep in thought, appreciating the nostalgia brought on by the topic. There was a smile on his face, and when he finally spoke, his words shocked me.

    I was born in the Ancient Empire of Udreria.

    I was unsure about this answer. As a scholar, I had studied the Empire of Udreria. It was a massive chunk of land on which a number of small villages had been built. These villages lived together in harmony until, eventually, they were conquered. One-by-one, the villages of Udreria fell, and today, what was once Udreria is now a number of different countries, all sharing a single quality: the fact that they had forgotten their Udrerian history.

    So, I asked him. The Empire of Udreria fell over a thousand years ago, how can you have been born there? His answer was quite simple.

    I am three thousand years old, my dear. I was born in the Empire of Udreria before it fell, but after the war.

    That intrigued me further. I knew not what war he spoke of - many minor wars had been waged, which was how the Empire had fallen, but he spoke of it as thought it was one major war, a war of great importance. So, I asked him.

    The Empire of Udreria was an ancient Empire. It took up a massive amount of land. Unlike a traditional Empire, Udreria consisted of many small villages scattered all throughout the land. Each village had a leader - some chose to elect their leaders, others were chosen by birthright, while others still chose their leaders based on their skills. Each leader had an emissary whose job was to communicate between the villages, and so these emissaries spent much of their time on the road. The villagers mostly lived peacefully.

    Long ago, however, peace was not the norm in the Empire. A massive war was raging between the two sides of the land, the East and the West. In the West of the Empire, the villages had come to value the home and the family, as well as the fruits of hard work and labour. In the East, however, villages felt that value should be placed on strength and material wealth. Their values soon clashed, and though they tried for years to settle their differences peacefully, they found their disagreements growing into an inevitable war.

    This RPG takes place during the Udrerian War. Set about four thousand years before the events of PrincessLala95's Kingdom of Evertrue, it is an ancient fantasy slice of life RPG that lets you join in on the action. This RPG follows the same open-world setup as Evertrue does, so users familiar with Evertrue will find themselves comfortable in the Udrerian setting. All are welcome to join.

    The OOC/Sign-Up/Info thread can be found by clicking here. Please make sure to read all rules before signing up.
  2. The hot sun was beating down on the small village of Masgani. Its young leader, Kaylessa, could hear the waves crashing against the shore and the rustling through the leaves of the palm dress further up the beach. She was sitting on a small chair near the door to the house she'd inherited from her mother, reading one of the books that the emissaries had brought for her. She'd read this one at least a dozen times, but she only had so many to choose from, and so she had to reread them when emissaries weren't bringing back new ones. She sighed to herself, twirling a black curl around one finger while she read. She was waiting for some hunters who had gone further inland to return, as tonight was meant to be a festival in Masgani, but nobody had bothered to mention it to Kaylessa until that morning. She had sent additional hunters to bring back extra food for the village to enjoy that evening, and now she could do nothing more until they returned. The rest of the village was preparing decorations for the festivities.

    Kaylessa had never been a fan of the festivals. Too crowded and with too many people, Kaylessa would always much prefer to stay inside. She usually did, but her mother had often forced her to come out - at least for a little while - so that people could see her. She was destined to be their leader from the moment she was born, and it had always weighed heavily on her. Now that she was the leader, she was even more stressed out, longing for nothing but a way to pass on her position to one of her sisters and leave. To explore. To be free.
    In the small village of Bosowor, the soldiers were hard at work training. Each gripped a long wooden sword and a wooden shield, and the weaponry clunked together as the soldiers, who were paired off, pretended to fight. Overseeing them, walking between the pairs and lending advice here and there where it was needed, was their leader, Corim. Even though he had become the leader, he still wanted to train, to be strong. Now, he even had the opportunity to train his men himself. He wanted to make sure they were in the best shape possible, despite the fact that he was trying to keep them from battle. He didn't want to take part in this silly war, and he certainly didn't want to lose good men in battle. There was no need for it.

    You there. Chin up. Don't be looking at your feet, he snapped at one of the men before him. If you're not looking at him, then you're dead. Corim didn't say anything else, didn't even give the man a chance to respond. Instead, he simply moved on, watching the rest of the pairs as they fought.
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