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    "I'll whip you into shape."
    Vera Linus



    Music Teacher

    4 Years

    Vera wanted to feel an odd sense of excitement, but also something that allowed for a thrilling experiment. Let's not forget that she also wants to help those who actually needs it but through a very, very different way. Not only will this be challenging and fun, but it would also involve risk, and without risk, there is no reward. It also allows for much freedom in general, and that is one optimal reason for why she is working there.

    Domination, Cherries, Lemonade, Sushi, Strawberries, Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, The Beach, Traveling, Experimenting, Rock Climbing, Jogging, Teaching, Sex, Cats, Painting, Chocolate Cake, Milkshake, Pastries, Dancing, Art, Horror Movies, Fantasy Movies, Chess, Spicy Food, Wine, Musicals, Mystery Novels.

    Dogs, Rain, Spiders, Snakes, Clowns, Greasy Food, Screeching Noises, Roses, Winter, Romantic Movies.

    (1-2) Wall Sex, (2) Spontaneous Sex, (2) Dominating, (1-2)Neck/Ear Biting, (1-2) Shower Sex, (2) Kitchen Sex, (2) Hate Sex, (2) Roleplay, (2) Mini-games (Strip Poker, Chess etc), (2) Collaring (On others), (2) Consent (From Others/Submissive-ness), (1-2) Passionate Sex, (2) Sensation Play, (2) Power Control (Dom/Sub between partners during intercourse) (1-2) Flirt/Tease, (2)Foreplay.

    Bondage, Submissive, Pet Play, Wax Play.

    Scat, Pissing, Golden Shower, Vore, Gore, Furries, Blood Play, Anything Similar/Disgusting.

    Vera is quite the vixen. She is cunning and flirtatious. She may trick you into believing you're on good terms with her, or if you haven't crossed a line in her presence, but that all may come to bite you in the future. She has a professional attitude, but a strict one at that. She is quite blunt and/or straightforward. Can be extremely callous, depending on the situation before her. A smart and pretty woman, who is also quite observant, and can push you to your limit. She is the teacher every student wants.
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    Name: Xenethis Straunnem
    Gender: Male

    Appearance Age: 24-26
    Actual Age: 667

    Aspect of Death: Despair

    Number: Cuatro (4th)
    Tattoo: Left Pectoral Muscle

    Mask: It usually covers the right side of his face, but Xenethis is able to remove it completely.

    Zanpakutō Name: Fiera (Wild Beast)

    Zanpakutō Appearance:


    Pre-Resurrección Appearance:

    Xenethis is a unique Espada, capable enough to materialize the full state of his mask. He can use this state at free will, along with the black crimson flames erupting around his Zanpakutō. He rarely does materialize his own mask to its complete state, he'd rather not. A Shinigami may even consider him a Visored, as his mask is pretty much similar or even identical to theirs.


    General Abilities:

    His general abilities doubles in strength in his Resurrección form,

    Blademaster - Xenethis is exceptionally good with a blade. He is left-handed, and usually has the blade strapped down from his right hip.

    Close Combat Expert - He is able to fight without his blade as well, he may be really good or in other words, an expert at it, but its not something he excels in, but he can still be force to be reckoned with.

    Sonido Master - With his extreme speed, it was only natural that he'd become exceptional when it came to Sonido. He is able to use it to its full extent.

    Enhanced Hierro - Xenethis has been through plentiful hardships in Hueco Mundo. He has been through decades of battles against other creatures such as him. Taking a beating. Never giving up. Having a smile on his face. This allowed him to harden is skin to such a level, that he could tolerate almost every basic or above normal or average attack.

    Enhanced Pesquisa - This is an ability Xenethis has used his time perfecting. Over the course of his time, he has been able to detect various of spiritual pressures/energies throughout Hueco Mundo. He is also able to detect the type of energy he's noticed, whether its a threat/worthy, or not. He was a hunter before, devouring any Hollow's in his path, searching for stronger enemies, hence his natural affinity to perfect this easily.

    Descorrer - A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar, and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo.

    Gran Rey Cero - This ability is given to all Espada. Xenethis is able to use this ability, though the color of this particular cero is pure black with a small hint of the color gold and crimson. Once it hits its destination, it erupts immensely, showing three different colors scattering about. That would essentially be black in its wholeness, along with gold and crimson, which will be similar to small particles flowing about but eventually dissolving.

    Cero - Like any other Espada. Xenethis is able to shoot off a regular cero, which is quite normal, and is not black, but dark red.

    Bala - This should not come as a surprise. Like most of the Espada out there, Xenethis is also able to use Bala in succession however he sees fit. Shooting them out like condensed bullets in quite the speed. May it be burst or not. However, the color of his Bala is unique only to him, being pure black with a hint of the color gold and crimson, just like his Gran Rey Cero.

    Unique Abilities:

    His unique abilities doubles in strength in his Resurrección form,

    Enhanced Strength - Xenethis has been one for his strength, honing it throughout his life as an Hollow and before he even became an Arrancar, let alone a Vasto Lorde. It is exceptional and this also goes to show that his brute strength is also quite devastating.

    Extreme Speed - This is Xenethis' forte. He was a beast, and a rare breed at that, being a mix of a Sabertooth and something else, even in Hueco Mundo. He was unique, and had a natural talent in being extremely fast, along with his reflexes that grew gradually with time. If anything, his speed is said to be unique only to him, and how he utilizes it.

    Sombra Abrasador (Scorching Darkness) - Unique only to Xenethis. As the Pre-Resurrección picture shows. His blade can be engulfed in dark and red energy, which will flow around his entire blade, and extend even further from his Zanpakutō's length, as it is shown in the picture above. It can be used to deal burning or frost damage to his target or opponent. The burning feeling will last for a while. This energy has almost a mind of its own, wrapping the energy extending from the hilt even around his arm, like a chain. If anything, it would almost seem as if the darkness around the Zanpakutō has a mind of its own, looking for the right moment to lash out fiercely.

    Cero Bóveda (Arching Cero) - Unique only to Xenethis. He is able to charge a cero before his chest, at the center of it. It requires slightly more time than a normal Cero before the energy can be released. Once it is released, it will gradually, but quickly, as it approaches its target, it will start arching and widening itself in length. You could say its similar to the Getsuga Tenshou in that regard. However, the color of this particular Cero is unique unlike the others. Its color is pure dark golden, with the outlines being black instead.

    Muriendo Empuje (Dying Thrust) - Unique only to Xenethis. He can point a finger at an enemy or a target, showing a small black sparkle right before his fingertip, before releasing the energy. It is extremely fast and quite thin. Once it hits its target, it will create a small hole, but the penetrating power behind this is devastating. If anything, it could even be seen as a beam.

    Focused Healing Regeneration - Xenethis is able to heal his wounds to some extent. Though it takes time for his wounds to heal back normally, unfortunately its nothing like High-Speed Regeneration. Xenethis is also able to focus his healing ability in a certain area to amp the healing factor increasingly, quickening the healing process. If he does this, he can only focus on one part.

    Terrifying Spiritual Pressure - Xenethis is able to release his spiritual energy to such extent that one would feel some sort of hopelessness and definetely his bloodlust.It can even be able to make weaker opponent freeze wherever they stand, or fall down on their knees. His spiritual energy represents fear and despair. It may even make his targets shake or sweat almost immediately. However his spiritual energy is on par with some of his own kind, the Espada.

    Esconder (Conceal) - Unique only to Xenethis. In his life as a beast or an animal, hunting his prey or stronger opponents allowed him to experiment with his own Spiritual Energy. He is able to decrease his reiatsu to such extent that it would be undetectable by his enemies, may they be his own kind or not. This is mostly used to toy with weaker enemies. Startle them, or to be as stealthy as possible. Hiding in plain sight, perhaps.

    Rasgando Arroyos (Ripping Streams) - He has the ability to shake the foundation of the surface, or in other words, the ground, without using any gestures, or rather without motioning his hands or anything in that regard. He essentially manipulates the spiritual energy in his surroundings, especially beneath the surface, which allows him to make the latter into something dangerous. The spiritual energy rips itself away from beneath the ground and erupts, like a beacon, shattering the surface, almost as if an earthquake destroyed the ground. He has the ability to create upto six Rasgando Arroyos, ripping themselves out from wherever he wants them to come out from. This ability can be dodged, but if one is caught, they'll be shredded and the impact is way worse than a Bala, Cero or anything of that standard. The spiritual energy must charge before its unleashed. Eventually, the area above the energy will start to shake.

    Resurrección Appearance:

    As you can see, his entire body changes. His hair extends, is spikey and longer. His eyes are however, still gold, and not red like in the picture. The mask here is actually the perfect and the original state it always was in. His Zanpakutō changes drastically, and is a mixture between a glaive, scimitar and a katana. He also has claws extending from his fingertips, just like a Sabertooth, or a general beast. He also has a black spikey tail, which is not shown in the picture. Other than that, he has two blade like wings, sharp extending from his back, with them pointing to the left, as it can be seen in the picture above. He is half naked from his hips to his face. His skin is black and hardened extremely. His knuckles show a hint of the color crimson. His chest has a black spikey metal like armor which is a part of the body. The picture should give you a general idea.

    Resurrección Release Command:
    Torment, Fiera!

    Resurrección Abilities:

    Solicitantes Feroz (Wild Seekers) - This ability can only be used in Xenethis' Resurrección form. Two blade-like wings appear on his back facing left. He can retract them at free will and they are extremely sturdy and hard. Xenethis can release the silver blades sealed within them if he so wishes for. They are quite heavy and bomb-like. Once they are released they are extremely fast and can track their target to a certain degree. They seek what they want to destroy. They are usually covered in black/red reiatsu. However, wherever they end up, a small, but devastating explosion will occur, creating a big crater on the surface. The black energy will not immediately dissipate, it will stay and swirl for a while before dispersing. These Seekers will be generated by his blade-like wings, and can be used again.

    Lagrimeo Raudal (Tearing Torrent) - This ability can only be used in his Resurrección form. Xenetish is able to tear the spiritual energy in his area, whether its in Hueco Mundo, Soul Society or the Human World. His hand will be in a claw-like form, as shown in his Resurrección picture. He can use his hand to rip inside the spiritual energy right next to him, only a very small fragment, before he scratches forward, towards his said destination. His own reiatsu , which is dark/red will mingle and blend with the spiritual energy he rips forth, which will create a devastating torrent, or in other words, a fang shaped tornado. It will blow everything in its path away, and rip through buildings. It can damage his target or opponents as well. One can clearly see it coming, but one would not know the extent of damage or destruction this can create. It will also gradually become wider by sucking in the air/wind around it. The color of this ability is a mix of the normal blue spiritual energy found everywhere, which Xenethis rips forth, along with his own dark and red energy. His own energy will eventually take over.

    Mentira (Deception) - As seen in his Resurrección form picture. Xenethis' blade drastically changes, becoming a mix of a glaive, scimitar and obviously a katana. Mentira will allow him to, if he misses, or if his attack is blocked, after a brief moment, another, invisible attack, in the same way as his last one wil occur. Mentira wil basically imitate the way Xenethis swung his blade, towards his opponent. However, the damage from Mentira is there, but it is weaker than his original. One may not be able to see it coming, but it is something his target or opponent can predict, if they've experienced it before.

    Sombra Mordaz (Eating Darkness) - This is the next version of his other ability, Sombra Abrasador, which can only be activated in his Resurrección form. His entire blade, unlike shown in the Pre-Resurrección picture, will be wrapped in pure but black energy, and not a mix of red and dark. If an attack with this ability active is a success, it will allow Xenethis' Zanpakutō and its energy to suck the spiritual energy away from any spiritual being, or spiritual aware people. It can only suck a small portion of his target or opponents energy, but if his attacks are keep on succeeding, more will be drawn out. It is almost as if the energy around the Zanpakutō is in a frenzy. Xenethis can activate this ability at free will, but only if he's standing still, to allow his reiatsu to extend to his Zanpakutō.

    Xenethis is cunning, playful, manipulative, smart and a patient man. He can also be cocky. However, he is also the type to toy with weaker enemies, or enjoys being amused by them until he gets bored. Xenethis is fearless as well, meaning, he takes crap from no one, even if they are his own kind or not. He usually does as he pleases, and is pretty much careless. He can easily get bored, and quite blunt with words no matter who he talks to. His bloodlust is immense, and fighting an opponent who is a threat or on par with him, would only create a smile, or an evil grin on his face.


    Theme Songs:
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    Name: Sakoto Azuha

    Age: 318
    Gender: Male

    Previous Affiliation: Kidō Corps

    Division: Fifth Division
    Rank: Lieutenant

    Zanpakutō Sealed Appearance:
    The image above will give you an idea on how it looks in its sealed appearance. It's a black katana with light purple to white runic symbols along its center, and they are all connected together. It's like a language. Though the inner background color is dark purple. From the hilt and to the tip of the blade. The runic symbols are black, or rather greyed out, as if there is a purpose for them being the way they are in their current state. It is an odd Zanpakutō, having a black string hanging down from the hilt, along with three cube-like bells, which can also been seen in the image above.

    Zanpakutō Shikai Appearance: "Pick your opponent, Koyoko-surei."
    Again, there is not much change in the way his blade looks in its Shikai form. Rather, the only difference is that the first two runic symbols starting from the hilt and up, will permanently glow in the color purple. They were greyed out in its sealed appearance, and now, in its Shikai appearance, they are rather "active". There are three cube-like bells hanging down from the hilt as it can be seen in the image above, as mentioned before. But now, the first cube-like bell out of the three, closest to the hilt, will have a sharp glow. In the same color as the "activated" runic symbols, which would be purple. Though in its case, it will rather fade out and in, or pulsate quite slowly.

    Another thing worth mentioning upon Shikai activation is to the fact that a magical symbol, will appear beneath the opponent chosen by the wielder of the Zanpakutō and the latter itself. This magical symbol will glow in the same color as the runic symbols. The runic symbol will pulsate and glow in the color of purple, while the circle itself around the runic symbol, will be light purple. This will happen immediately and then disapper. There are no cause and effect in regards of these "magical" circles.

    Shikai Abilities:
    Nejimageru (Distort) - There is only a certain way, an ability such as this can occur. If the runic symbol representing Nejimageru appears beneath the enemy upon Shikai activation, then only this ability can be used, nothing else. This Zanpakutō is quite tricky, and rather wants it wielder to work for it, in order for it to comply to Kihan's wishes to a certain degree. Nejimageru requires the wielder to feed the Zanpakutō. There has to a certain amount of attacks, that has to be successful against the opponent, or almost successful. A simple example to "almost successful" would be where the blade clashes with another blade. It would take approximately about eight to ten hits against the enemy who was "targeted" by the Zanpakutō upon Shikai activation, as mentioned earlier. Once the runic symbol is completely drained, it will be greyed out, as it usually is in its sealed appearance. However, the energy drained from the runic symbol passes on over to the first cubic-like bell. Which will be glowing brightly. That would mean that the conditions have been met, and Nejimageru can be used whenever the wielder wishes for it.

    The cube like bell will start to "ring", and once used, a sound wave will emanate from it, passing through anything. No harm will be done, however, it will distort the opponent and their perception of time. Or rather, this ability will interfere or work like a jamming device. This will only happen for a few seconds. He can use it in a way where this ability may make the opponent believe they made a fatal injury on Kihan, or if their attacks were successful. This ability can be used to trick the enemy, or to land a successful hit.

    This Zanpakutō's main elements are both Sound and Manipulation.

    Kido Spells:

    Bakudo #62: Hyapporankan
    Bakudo #9: Geki
    Bakudo #9: Hōrin
    Bakudo #37: Tsuriboshi
    Bakudo #?: Hakufuku
    Bakudo #73: Tozanshō
    Bakudo #39: Enkōsen
    Bakudo #4: Hainawa

    Hado #31: Shakkahō
    Hado #96: Ittō Kasō
    Hado #4: Byakurai
    Hado #58: Tenran
    Hado #11: Tsuzuri Raiden
    Hado #63: Raikōhō
    Hado #33: Sōkatsui
    Hado #73: Sōren Sōkatsui

    Other Skills:

    Zanjutsu - He is capable of using his blade like any other Shinigami out there, however he is above normal, and has some exceptional skills within Zanjutsu itself. He is no expert, or a master, but he knows his way around it fairly well. If anything, he would be a great Zanjutsu user.

    Kidō Expert - Previously affiliated with the Kidō Corps, he knows his way around both Bakudo and Hado spells to an exceptional level. It is one of his forte, whereas he has an arsenal of skills within both Bakudo and Hadō. Giving him the ability to use it in unique combinations, and in other varieties. He may be the only lieutenant in the Gotei 13 who is capable of using plentiful of Kidō spells.

    Great Endurance - Despite his great aptitude for Kidō, he is also capable of dragging a battle against his opponent, thanks to his stamina.

    High Reiatsu - A simple but neccessary for him. It is one of the reasons why he is capable of utilizing a variety of Kidō spells. Wheras his reiatsu has gradually grown as the man has been honing his skills both in long range, and obviously close range.

    Sakoto is blunt and straightforward. He is quite loyal and obedient to those in higher authority, and very well knows his own place among the Gotei 13. He can be seen as callous due to his attitude against people, but usually, he is a productive man. Quite the analytical and an optimist. Other than that he is as social as he can get, among friends or even to those who doesn't see eye to eye with the man. He also holds the aura of integrity around him, because thats a very big part of him.

    Sakoto Azuha is from one of the noble houses in Soul Society, or much more specifically, in Seireitei. The Azuha are known to have their family members be a part of the Gotei 13. It's a tradition and has been in many generations. Most if not many of the members end up becoming a Shinigami, or somehow contribute to Seireitei and the realm they all live in; Soul Society. There is a certain reputation the Azuha has, and thats honor and discipline. Most if not many of their members would be teachers at the Shin'ō Academy or a part of the Kidō Corps. They also marry within the family or arrange one with another noble family.

    Sakoto was much more interested in becoming a Shinigami, even if he did have the talent to be one, however, his aptitude and skills were much more suited for Kidō than anything else. Therefore, as per traditions within the Azuha family, he became a practictioner and joined the Kidō Corps. Though his talent within the Kidō Corps grew exceptionally, but the Sakoto never felt it was a place he belonged to. They were a different branch within the Soul Society, or in other words, Seireitei. They were only affiliated with the Gotei 13, but were not actually a part of the latter. Many years later, he was automatically assigned to a division within the Gotei 13.

    He became the Vice-Captain, or a Lieutenant in the Thirteenth Division, under Heizo Ozaki. Sakoto did not pay it any mind, because now, he essentially got what he originally wished for, to become a Shinigami, or rather, work for the Gotei 13. He is probably the only one with experience both in being a practictioner of Kidō to an exceptional level, and in being a Shinigami, who prioritizes in the ways of using Zanjutsu. Thanks to that, he can go about in a fight in two ways, and we very well know what they are.​

  4. [​IMG]

    Miguel Theodore Selestino







    Art & Design



    173 LBS



    Light Brown


    Tongue, Right Ear



    Other than what is shown above, Miguel can pretty much wear anything that would suit him. Either it's formal or casual. It also would depend on the season, the weather and so on. He has an expanding variety in terms of clothing.

    Miguel has a rather cool attitude towards most if not everyone. It isn't hard to approach him, nor is he anti-social. Friendly as ever, there isn't much that would really make him a negative person. If anyone he knows needs a friend, he'd be there. He's thoughtful, and a good listener. He has his flaws, but he makes it up with his charming personality. Filled with energy, he is an enthusiastic, adventurous person. Other than that, yes, if something is annoying him, he will confront the problem, so he too, can get serious from time to time.

    Social, Fun, Charming, Intelligent, Friendly.

    Stand-offish, Vague, Somewhat Selfish, Rude-ish.

    Horses, Cats, Partying, Northern Lights, Cheesecake, Winter, R&B, Thriller Movies, Chess, Gaming, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate Ice Cream, Sport Cars, Football, Motorcycles, Strong Alcohol, Good Spicy Food, Strawberries, Scorpions, UFC, Oranges, Lemonade, The Beach, Great Sceneries.

    Liars, Backstabbers, Dogs, Bees, Snakes, Rain, Cherries, Hydrangea, Messy People.

    Graduate, Travel the World.


    Heights, Snakes.

    Tends to go off campus to find a peaceful place to relax at.
    Does very much enjoy reading, and especially Mystery Novels.

    Used to be in one too many fights back at home. Doesn't really talk about it.


    Rubs the back of his neck when he's bored or tired.
    Tends to run his fingers through his hair.
    Drums with his fingers when he is anxious about something.
    Tends to look at his watch on occasion if he is eager to get out of a situation.

    Taking Photgraphs, Working Out, Painting.

    Persuasive, Adaptable, Intelligent, Optimist.

    Ambitious, Protective.

    Passionate, Dominating (Being), Rough Sex, Vanilla, Spontaneous, Shower Sex, Neck/ Ear Biting, Adaptive, Sex Games, Hate Sex, Flirt/Tease, Foreplay, Sensation Play.

    Scat, Golden Showers, Blood Play, Anything Similar.


    Rodrigo Selestino (Father)
    Isabelle Maxwell Santos (Mother)
    Alexis Selestino (Little Sister)
    Quinton Theodore Selestino (Little Brother)
    Mary Ann Maxwell (Grandmother)
    Theodore Maxwell (Great Grandfather)

    Currently Single







    Miguel Theodore Maxwell is mostly Peruvian, and Italian, but with a little hint of british heritage from his mother's side. He had a relative simple, yet good life while growing up. Money wasn't a problem in his family, but they were not pampered by it. They were not super rich, nor were they a middle-class family. If anything, they were just about rich.

    The oldest sibling in his family, Miguel was given the option to carve his own path, however, his father and mother always did encourage him to achive the impossible. To get a really good scholarship and so on. Despite the passive pressure from both his parents, he did exactly what he wanted. There wasn't much stopping him.

    Luck would have it that he had a keen interest in art and design. When Miguel was but a mere child, he always did enjoy drawing. His interest in art and design had expanded ever since then. Eventually, an offer was placed before him by both his parents, however it was mostly coming from his mother, Isabelle.

    She wanted him to be a part of an elite boarding school. Another word for "private". The possibilites were endless for him, but only if he took the offer. Miguel was reluctant at first, but had some time to think. He would get to travel to france, and once he would graduate from college, he could pursue his dream. Travel the world. Exploring, but at the same time, continuing with his passion for art and design.

    Still, Miguel was surprised to know that his family got such an offer. It must've been because of his great grandfather, or rather, the family from his mother's side. It was time to experience something new, something adventurous.



  5. [​IMG]
    FC: Emeraude Toubia

    Lily Montefleur






    124 LBS


    Dark Brown

    Ears, Tongue, Belly Button

    Somnium Magic School - Fifth Year

    Lily can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: one can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons, teleport one's self through massive distances via shadows, etc.

    It is highly affected by light magic, or anything that can negate her magic in general.
    Excessive use of this power can make her perception of her surroundings difficult for her.
    Another effect; It can also go berserk, or out of control, making it difficult for her to keep the balance.
    Tapping into her ability, she can, if not in check, be corrupted by such an ability.
    Obviously, when its dark outside, her power is boosted.

    Dark Arts
    She has the ability to tap into a much more wicked part of her ability. A form of magic typically used for selfish, self-serving and/or nefarious purposes. Though it is not necessarily "evil" magic, dark arts tend to focus toward destruction, harming, cursing and otherwise complicating the lives of other people while advancing the user's own state. Users often reject social convention and the status quo, which some suggest is in a search for spiritual freedom. As a part of this, they embrace magical techniques and practices that would traditionally be viewed as taboo and are generally willing to go farther than most would even consider if it serves their ends.

    This is something she would rarely use, or ever. Even if Lily has extensive knowledge about the dark arts, it has a huge price to pay. It is risky, and something she would use only if she ever does stoop as low as being selfish to a point of no return. Does not even consider it a part of her gift, so she never speaks of it. This ability can greatly expose her to evil thoughts, and or corrupt her on a different level than her original abilty.

    The moment she was able to tap into her ability, her father was mostly proud and happy. To think that his daughter would have the ability to tap into dark magic in general. He made sure she could conjure a familiar from her own magic. Crows are creatures of the night, so it was approrpiate for her to have one appear. It was creepy at first, but overtime, she learned to adjust. However, thanks to her ability, the familiar was almost if not always with her.

    Lily could use her magic to have it manifest. If it were to go away, it would disappear into the shadows. It had its own mind, and could be used for reconnaisance. The most important part. The connection Lily had with Nero, allowed for her to see through his eyes. Little does she know, that Nero is actually made through Dark Arts, rather than Umbrakinesis itself.

    Lily is a young woman with a rather energetic, and a straightforward attitude. She loves to party and have fun. She keeps her cards close to her heart. It is not easy to earn her trust, but if you're close to her, you have it. The young woman keeps her body healthy as ever. Works out, and does combat training whenever she has the opportunity. Filled with confidence, there is almost nothing that can terrify her, except her father. IIs brave, calm and focused, but has a rather ambitious mind. She believes she has something to prove to her father, and to the others out there, but does not share it. Other than that, she has a rather cunning mind behind the sexual appeal on the surface.

    Great Balance, Agility, Beauty, Sense and Perception.
    Aging is like any human out there.
    They do not possess features such as pointy ears, so it is hard to distinguish them from humans unless you're told.

    Dual Daggers

    Has a great love for cats.
    Tends to use reading glasses whenever she reads a book.

  6. [​IMG]

    Kashiwabara Hajime



    Tenth Division


    It is a unique katana. The scabbard is red with white patterns, and golden roses. The tsuba is mostly black, or grey, resembling the color of a black oak tree. The outline around the tsuba is to the color of bronze/copper, though, depending on the lighting, it can shine bright like the color gold, or be dark as ever. The tsuka is red, but the braiding is white. The kashira is black. The name of his Zanpakutō is Gōka Rensakishin.

    "Sunder those in your path, Gōka Rensakishin!" That is its release command. His Zanpakutō transforms from a blade to that of a glaive. Most of the colors from its sealed appearance is retained in its now, released form. From its kashira though, you can see a long black chain. The chain is wrapped around his arm, almost going all the way up to his shoulder. The hilt is much longer now, as it should be, but it is to the color of red, with white braiding, reaching the tsuba, which has retained the same color as before. But, now, a simple red cloth is tied right before the tsuba. The glaive itself is sharp and silver, with white engraved imprints to that of roses.

    His Zanpakutō can be coated by fire itself, but the color is different. It is blue, and Hajime has the capability to coat either the entire glaive, down to its kashira, or just the blade itself. If his glaive connects with his opponent, or, stabs them, searing pain will course through their body, but mostly around the wound. It will be a burning feeling, but at the same time cold, in other words; freezing. If anything, one could call it frost damage. Continuous cuts or wounds would decrease the temperature in your body, and may eventually make your limbs go numb.

    The chain from the kashira has the ability to act on its own, like a slithering snake, but minus the bite. The chain does not have fangs. It can be used strategically, offensive and/or defensive. The chain from the kashira can be disconnected from the glaive itself, however, the chain will always re-generate from the kashira. Even if previously, the chain was separated from his Zanpakutō, it can be used to capture an enemy. Wrap itself around an opponent like a snake would do against its prey. However, the chain does not have to be separated from the glaive in order for it to wrap around an opponent, an enemy, or to move on its own. It can also be coated in blue flames. Upon Hajime's order, the blue flames can either hurt his opponent upon contact, or not. You can touch the flames physically without being harmed if that is his decision.

    The chain can extend endlessly, if anything, and if Hajime needs to create a path before him to reach a destination in a swift manner, the chain can create a bridge, or rather, numerous bridges for him. It can be used to attain high ground against his enemy if anything, or to swiftly escape his opponent or dodge an attack. Lets not forget that even his chain bridges, can be coated with blue flames.

    Now, he can use his glaive from long range as well. Holding the chains wrapped around his arm, he can throw his glaive towards his opponent, swinging it from long range in any direction, or spin it around like helicopter blades. Hajime can pull it back to his hand whenever he so desires as well. He can also hold his chain with his vacant hand, but then, a simple sphere will appear at its end. Instead of throwing the glaive, he can throw the chain against his opponent, and if the sphere connects, it will damage his opponent. But the damage will only be blunt. Do not underestimate the sphere because of its small size.

    Hajime's Zanpakutō can be difficult for his opponent. It is tricky, but can be used in a swift, straightforward manner.

    Bakudō Basic Knowledge (#1-58)
    Hadō Expert Knowledge (#1-73)

    Zanjutsu Expert - Hajime has more than basic knowledge in swordfighting. He can put up a fight against his opponent without an issue, however, if the gap between them is immense, then he's out of luck.

    Sōjutsu & Naginatajutsu Master - If anything, this is Hajime's forte. He has extensive knowledge in the art of spear, or to that of a glaive. He knows his way around weapons similar to them and can fight with extreme confidence against his adversary, or an opponent. His attacks are both quick and heavy, but also devastating. Has trained since he was a young child to reach, or hopefully attain, unparalleled skills in glaive/spear fighting.

    Utsusemi - The only advanced Shunpo ability he has mastered if anything. The art of deception and trickery, if used right. It is also believed that he is one of the few in Gotei 13 who can use this ability with ease. Hajime can move at great speed to avoid an attack, leaving an afterimage which can appear to have taken damage.

    Shunpo Expert - In general, when it does come to Shunpo, he is nothing but an expert at it, and nowhere near the level of a master in Shunpo.

    Spiritual Pressure - Hajime has spiritual pressure to that of someone who is slightly above Lieutenant level, but only slightly.

    Hajime has a rather energetic personality. He is social, cocky, but also reckless. Can be overconfident in some situations, which can lead to some unfortunate consequences for him or those around him. Speaks his mind, and respects most of the people around him. Has a rather protective attitude as well, which can again, make him rather reckless. He is a great provoker, and can instigate his opponent into a fight and so on.

    Has a rather positive, but also a challenging, competitive mind. Hajime can and probably will always try to push others to fight him, but that is only so he can learn and adapt. To the best of his ability, it is to better himself.


  7. [​IMG]

    Selene Maliya Ingrum

    Luna, Meliana


    Club Owner


    Full Shifter



    Darkness, Wings, Bright Red Eyes, Talons, Claws, Fangs.

    Selene is one of the most manipulative woman out there. There is some honor in her, but that is seen on rare occasions. She has a wicked attitude, and her confidence makes that even better. Has an exquisite way of speaking. Observant as ever, the vampiress is also charming in many ways. Selene knows how to talk and reap the benefits presented before her. There is no one who truly is free of her when indebted to her. Naturally, she is a flirtatious and a playful woman with power and sex appeal, and she does not try to hide it. Grants favors for people, and would call upon them when she is in need of something.


    Adaptive. Focused. Fearless, Cunning. Friendly, Social, Fun, Mysterious.

    Callous, Vague, Forceful, Stand-offish, Condescending, Straightforward.

    Selene would not mind it if her partner takes control.

    She can be a dominating woman in bed, but does not mind if her partner is as well.
    Is attracted sexually to both men and women, and she does not hide it.
    A passionate night is always a plus in her book.
    Biting, roughness and foreplay is something she would never pass up on.
    Has murdered more than a dusin people in her life, but they magically disappear.
    Her club, the Red Velvet is extremely popular, but is also a front for her blackmarket businesses.


    Baldassare Ingrum (Father)
    Delilah Ingrum (Mother)
    Acheron Ingrum (Big Brother)
    Alvah Ingrum (Little Sister)

    Selene is the favorite child of her family, but not as much as her big brother. She hates him for it, but has never truly shared her feelings with anyone in her family or otherwise. The family is known for its reputation. They are filthy rich if anything. Pampered from the moment she was born, her lifestyle has been relatively good, or rather, really good. However, Selene was quick to know that it would be for the best if she made her own path.

    Growing up, she made a name for herself in the underground. She decided not to be pampered no more, and was eventually able to become a woman who was a force to be reckoned with. However, she had a knack for having information. From every nook and cranny, she had something in the works. Either she knew something, or wanted something, and knew exactly who to contact, or what to do, in order to get it.

    Red Velvet, a popular club she opened up. It is right in the middle of both the poor part of the town, and the rich part. Selene has her foot on both sides of the town, and that is the most beneficial way to get the information she needs. After all, information is power. The basement of the club is known for its shady business, but only to a select few people. From arms dealing to some drug dealing, she has reaped the benefits for far too long, and its not over yet.

    Her hate for Acheron stems from her older sibling. The reason is simple. Acheron always does try his best to rub it in her face, that she is not the favorite, and that their parents are disappointed in her.