The emotion in an RP post, transfered to RL?


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As I sit here, RPing with Psy as Sephiroth (Shut up, he's my favorite egotistical villain) and as I get into character to RP this EGOTISTICAL, MANIACAL, ASMO-LIKE person, I'm finding that even while waiting for her to post in reply, I AM STILL SOMEWHAT IN CHARACTER. Even now.

I feel smug, and self-righteous. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a case of personality issues, merely an inquisition of whether or not others get into this situation of when they get into character for an RP, does it affect them in RL for a small amount of time?

Untill this wears off, call me Sephi-K....
Happens to me a lot...when it's a character I really like.

...but it mostly stays in my head. More of a feeling than playing out their actions in my own life.

For some reason I used to play smug, egotistical, manipulative, sadistic bastards and I'd totally love it.

But it's just completely different from how I really am.

Get done playing a sadistic bastard torture scene...then go feed the kitties and play with them.

I think it was more of just that (maybe pathetic) little thrill I got playing someone like that? I'm not really sure how to explain it...

That and I thought those characters were really really hot.
Haters gonna hate.


I've had this happen every once in a while when I was just starting out with a new character so I could really boil down the personality details of the character & then keep that feeling stored in my memory. Usually I'd even save the first post somewhere as a reminder too so that I could get back into that flow even more so that to ME it felt like a more accurate portrayal.

But that's usually when I'm not playing the mostly silent emotionless drifter types.

I think I play those well without trying.
Happens on occasion but for me it is like that song stuck in your head. Goes away once I sleep. Best way to get out of it when you really do need to is try to describe yourself as if you were making a character sheet for yourself. Then you get back into your own character, weird but true. It is easy to get back into a groove you spent your whole life making.
I've been the same, Epic DnD game, Character's name was Takklin Gaeason.
I understand despite never experiencing it. I get it more often in my Table Top rp games....I throw so much psychological development at the characters that afterward my friends aren't quite the same for awhile. They act differently, react differently, and sometimes bemoan an event from the story for weeks afterward. Getting into true character and feeling the tug of emotional strain is a sure sign you're playing a character that really melds with you. It is both frightening and exhilarating at the same time. While I can't recommend running around feeling the same as some of your most messed up characters, not many who've done it that I've met can deny it as a helpful means to 'get into character'.

Shame I haven't experienced it yet the storyteller my NPC's are wide and varied, sometimes hard to focus on just one in the story.
When I'm playing I am always IN to character. Just fully immersed, crying tears, growling mad, everything! I love it! And it's way worse when playing a chatrp and it's real time, compared to forum rp where you go long periods of dead time. I get so focused on what's going on in the rp, I kinda tunnel vision everything else out.

But I always know how to shut it off. Roleplaying is over, there's still that happy-high of good RPing, but the "character mode" is turned off. o__o Characters act like me, not the other way around. XD That would get scary.
I like these answers! I MUST HEAR MORE!
I have to say though. . . I have seen the downside of these emotions transferred into real life. People I've RPed with in the past were so attached to a character cause they thought the thing they created WAS SO AWESOME that they could not let them die. Or even lose a fight. It really got in the way of moving the story along sometimes. A couple times I saw it go beyond the bemoaning Jack mentioned & got to have people actually hold grudges against each other and myself.

Wasn't fun. >_>

Let's hear more answers!
I have the opposite reaction to RP posts, actually. When I write my characters, I first reenact the scene in my mind and see whether the dialogue and actions make sense when I try to perform them in real life. I have the emotional impact of my scene before I even write it, and in this way, I get much more in tune with the characters who I write for. The only downside to doing it this way is that a lot of my characters end up being sarcastic silly sorts with a penchant for mass destruction.
Well to explain my earlier answer, I'll be posting in Art and Writing Tomorrow.
I have to constantly go back and reread what I posted because when I play a character I tend to use an "aspect" of my personality that I've kind of sectioned off. I tend to let that "personality" take over and post. I even forget what I put down because I'm so in character with my posts.
Hmmm I'm not sure if I get this or not..

I often find myself 'acting out scenes, usually potential but sometimes past ones of my characters while im walking from place to place.. ie: the lounge to the kitchen.. or most commonly while im pacing around waiting for the kettle to boil (trust me that is a LARGE section of my day) But I'm not sure if I really get all that emotionally involved..

Probably cos In my online rps (cos ive been in all of uh.. one for about 2 years now) I really only play the one character who's basically me anyway.. And when I'm tabletopping there are too many people around for a shy, low-self esteem, reserved brit like me to start getting emotionally hyped..

Also there's probably the fact that I'm not a very good writer xD Yeah that probably has a fair amount to do with it...
When I was writing a post once in ICSYL I can't even remember what I posted all I remember was about a death of a loved one and I felt that. I cried through the whole rp post. I had to go back to the start and grammer check everything. But it was my best post thus far.

I did tend to play myself as I wanted to be. This strong, independent, rough and tumble girl which I wasn't at the time but was me on the inside. I was shy then and now I'm trying different things out mostly from tv shows I like
I have this happen quite frequently, actually. Partially, I assume, because my characters tend to be "funhouse mirror" reflections of me - I take my personality and exaggerate different aspects of it to get a character's personality. Usually doesn't last too long afterwards, though.