The emotion in an RP post, transfered to RL?

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  1. Clare:
    I nodded and leaned forward slightly "So you're saying if I wake up you'll come but me back to sleep?" I said and feel my eyes get heavy "Good Night Bram."
  2. I am working on my sheets at the moment. Hopefully will get some intro posts done tonight, and have something ready for you to respond to in the morning at the latest.
  3. .....You do use a virus-program, right? (Just checking)

    Even the built-in windows defender is good so long as it is kept up to date.
  4. Kunari look at him, her face a little flushed, “Still.. my favorite...”
  5. "But on what?" Astaroth peaked over her shoulder.
  6. Kunari smirk, “You really love it, don’t you?”
  7. "I love being deep in you." Astaroth gave her another kiss before a hard thrust.
  8. "They're just members of your house and don't know how to cook. They can make things nutritious though." Astorath started gathering ingredients.
  9. Kunari started to tense up, her climax getting close.
  10. Astaroth let Alena go and walked after Kunari.
  11. "But she is an adult."
  12. Belle

    Her head tilted as she shoved her phone back into her pocket "That's useful." She commented, frowning slightly "It'll definitely come in handy in this case."
  13. "There are children who've been alive longer than she's been in position."
  14. “Children who aren’t as capable as she is. She earned that seat, she beat Raphael’s son to get it and you know how bias Raphael is of that brat son of his.”
  15. I have to constantly go back and reread what I posted because when I play a character I tend to use an "aspect" of my personality that I've kind of sectioned off. I tend to let that "personality" take over and post. I even forget what I put down because I'm so in character with my posts.
  16. Hmmm I'm not sure if I get this or not..

    I often find myself 'acting out scenes, usually potential but sometimes past ones of my characters while im walking from place to place.. ie: the lounge to the kitchen.. or most commonly while im pacing around waiting for the kettle to boil (trust me that is a LARGE section of my day) But I'm not sure if I really get all that emotionally involved..

    Probably cos In my online rps (cos ive been in all of uh.. one for about 2 years now) I really only play the one character who's basically me anyway.. And when I'm tabletopping there are too many people around for a shy, low-self esteem, reserved brit like me to start getting emotionally hyped..

    Also there's probably the fact that I'm not a very good writer xD Yeah that probably has a fair amount to do with it...
  17. When I was writing a post once in ICSYL I can't even remember what I posted all I remember was about a death of a loved one and I felt that. I cried through the whole rp post. I had to go back to the start and grammer check everything. But it was my best post thus far.

    I did tend to play myself as I wanted to be. This strong, independent, rough and tumble girl which I wasn't at the time but was me on the inside. I was shy then and now I'm trying different things out mostly from tv shows I like
  18. I have this happen quite frequently, actually. Partially, I assume, because my characters tend to be "funhouse mirror" reflections of me - I take my personality and exaggerate different aspects of it to get a character's personality. Usually doesn't last too long afterwards, though.