The Embrace of Innocence

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  1. A human child so sweet and innocent , grew up to be a beautiful young girl . When her parents decided it was time for them to move to a small town in the mountains. Little did she know her parents had a secret and that her secret would become one with theirs when she turned 18. What happens when the sweet and innocent Akemi meets a older bad boy(werewolf). Who turns her world around.Will they be destined to stay together or will their past rip them apart?
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  7. "Honey its time to go !"
    -Her mothers voice brought Akemi out of her day dream as she gently wiped her eyes and looked around her old room one more time and walked out she held her stuff wolf to her and sighed as she hoisted her satchel closer to her as she walked down the stairs and paused at the door turning around once more before shutting the door leaving her life behind in New york as she knew it-

    -The plane ride to Maine was horrible she hated planes , hated being in the air period ..she wanted to be on land were she could walk and run and be her self , and now she was being dragged to the middle of nowhere away from the life she had once knew. She sighed and thought back to when her mother had told her they were moving how upset she was. They had packed everything within a week and everything was sent to there knew house in maine...since they had to go by plane there dad sold the car and would a buy new one when they landed. She sighed and closed her eyes-

    -Opening her eyes she realized that the plane had stopped and she felt as if she was in a day dream as the exited the plane she rolled her eyes and went to the baggage area and claimed her suitcase she looked down and at her satchel that held her laptop,books,phone and her stuffed wolf and whispered gently-

    "I wish we were home"

    -She sighed as she walked out the door and saw her mom and dad getting into a huge truck she arched an eyebrow at how expensive it probably was and shook her head....Finally after 30 minutes they were pulling into a driveway that held a beautiful 2 story home she smiled and exited the car as her parents and herself started unloading the car her eyes lifted to the house next door seeing a male in the window-
  8. Lupin stood looking out his window it was a bleak day with always seemed to make him sad and cold inside.His eyes were fixed on the forest ahead of him thats the only place he felt free but then ht rememberd the last time he tryed to sneak out the house it got him grounded.

    "Lupin come meet the neighbours" his mother called from down the stairs her voice ecohing around his head

    "Fine" he called out and walked slowly down the staircase that led to his room and no where else

    He reached out for the door handle to open the door.When he got outside his mood lifted it was far better than being stuck indoors it always felt so crampt inside his house.

    "Hello" he called out to them the tone in his voice seemed like he was being forced to speak to them
    his eyes shifted to the girl his eyes looked almost yellow as the sun emerged from behind the clouds.

    "Take it your new here?" his mother said to hers happily she always seemed to like everyone apart from her own son.
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  9. -She turned away from the house and began walking inside as she heard a voices outside she tilted her head and walked and looked at the family that had came over her eyes gazing over them as she finally landed on the male she regonized him as the male she had seen looking in the window she looked to her parents who were smiling as her mother said gently

    "Its nice to meet you as well ...I am Nalea Hales...and This is my Husband Alric and my Daughter Akemi...."

    -She watched her father shake there hands then her father and mother stiffen as the parents shared a knowing look . Akemi arched an eyebrow and wondered what secret was going on now she then reliazed it was her turn to speak and she smiled and said gently her voice like music as her brown hues meet theirs as she smiled and pushed her long lusious brown curls behind her ear as she spoke- "Its nice to meet you ..."

    -Akemis parents nodded and Akemi then took her ipod and waved as she began to run her legs picking up speed-

    -Akemis parents looked to the neighbors and said gently-

    "I see you all are the ever has not transformed yet...she will soon how ever her birthday is in three days..."
  10. Lupin lifted his head slightly seeing her parents had started to talk "That should be fun for you both when she tranforms" he said a slight smirk on his face

    His mother looked at them both then said "Im Rose Young and this is my son Lupin" see has now staring at Lupin who was kicking a rock back and fourth with his foot.

    "Your from new york or am i wrong" he said smiling hoping he was right he loved knowing thing about others but he hated them knowing about him.
  11. -The parents looked ataken back by his honesty and nodded and her mother smiled-

    "Yes...and i fret Akemi has...not been happy...the only thing that has kept her cheerful was knowing the woods are around and the hope that she can get good scenery for her paintings "

    -Her parents smile as Akemi comes running back down the road her eyes full of fear but seeing her parents happy she hides the fear her body shaking gently as she looks to lupin her eyes catching his and holding them not breaking away she felt her eyes flash and she winced and shivers and coughs-

    -Her parents look to her concern then smile to his parents- "Shall we let them talk alone wed love to talk to you more inside"

    -Her parents head towards the door as Akemi looked to Lupin once more and said gently-
    "So....You've always lived here?.."
  12. His parents nodded and went over to there house it was slightly larger than his but most of the design was the same.Lupin took a step closer to akemi and smiled slightly

    "So i hear you paint is it just of scenary you paint or is it animals aswell" he said looking down at her.

    He smelled slightly of wet dog but it was not so strong it would not disgust her.He rans his hand through his scruffy brown hair still smiling.
  13. I paint scenery and animals.....but i mostly paint wolves....."

    -She shivered and growls slightly , her eyes widen shocked and she rubs her head and feels her back jerk she winces and looks up at you her eyes growing then returning to normal as she whimpers-

    "...i feel weird..."
  14. "So you are a big fan of wolves" he smirked feeling something about her she did not

    He put his hand on her shoulder feeling her shiver

    "Are you ok" he asked knowing something was going on
  15. -Feeling his touch she shivered and cried out her bones jerking up and cracking as she growls louder...-


    -she collapsed to the ground her body thriving under skin as her face grew into a muzzle her shoulders hunching forward as she screamed her body burning up from the tempature , her parents come running out and gasp...her father looks a lupin then to his daughter as he bends down rubbing her back he whispered-

    "Its okay...Its okay...."

    -Akemi screamed and then went still as her body formed into that of a beautiful Auburn wolf slowly she opened her eyes and whimpered her brown hues now had a sliver slit through them as she looked up to Lupin she felt electric shocks as her inner wolf screamed "Mate" -
  16. "Oh great" he said to himself bad thing seemed to always happen when he was around

    He tryed to make a growling noice so Akemi would stay away from him. He stared at her after growilng then back away a bit he chucked a bit of rock at her side to tell her to back away
  17. -Akemi whimpered bowing her head as if his words were a order she felt her wolf cry out as if to say our mate was rejecting us she looked away and then sprinted off towards the woods tears dripping from her eyes as she howled-

    "Mate...rejected us"
  18. "Come back" he said watching her run off he did not want her going far she was new to the whole transforming thing

    As he leaped after her he suddenly changed into a massive black wolf knowing it would be faster.

    "Akemi" he howled loudly hoping she had not gone far
  19. -Akemi had gotten to the Red moon packs border if she crossed over she would be in there land she heard his voice and fear ran through she turned back seeing him she hide behind the tree her sliver hues watching him as she whimpered ,seeing his voice she realized her mate was alpha she shivered more and moved away more-
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