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    The world (open)

    In a world where ash and dust is the new air and the city you recognize is not your home anymore, you realize that it was not the one you dreamed of. 2053 years have passed and everything has been destroyed by the humans themselves, that lives, must die one day. But there was a man who did not give up , his name was Jonathan Lewer. With his own eyes he saw the future itself get destroyed along with him and the rest of his family. Before he died, he came up with a way to build up people, but because these "people" did not have real bodies, his various experiments got called for "cyborgs." But after 30 years of work he got done with his first perfect cyborg, though this one was different. Jonathan Lewer had put in a unusual brain in this cyborg so that he could both think and understand and also have a huge memory to save files that he thinks he needs, but what was lacking was a heart. Jonathan also wanted his new "son" would get to know the real "feelings", but because the risk was so great he didn't do it.

    Jonathan's Cyborg (open)

    Jonathan locked his new "son" in a cylinder filled with liquid, Jonathan's computer got the cyborg updated every day to keep him going. After several years of research, Jonathan died and he did not even get the chance to show off his creations or his perfect "son." Together, he died with his family, dreams and hopes of the world would be better. The Earth is now nothing more than a dead planet where life and death are nothing but words.



    Name: Fukuwa

    Age: Unknown

    Fukuwa (open)

    Family: Jonathan Lewer, his creator and "Father", The Computer KML, Fukuwa's information and "brother"

    Background: Fukuwa's Father designed him when he was 23 years old and on year 2225 in November the 4th, when Jonathan just turned 53, Fukuwa was born and could start his program without any errors. Fukuwa is an cyborg with a very unusual brain his father found in an hidden area. His main thing to do is to get information from the outside world into himself to understand more and help his brain to gain more information. When he was still "young", his "father" always talked about feelings and a heart, sadly. Fukuwa didn't understand anything his father meant and when his father died, he left him many unanswered questions and had locked him in a cylinder for sleeping untill he will one day wake up again.

    Like/dislikes: Since he's a cyborg he don't really know what he likes and dislikes but you could say that he enjoys to find new information about anything.

    Other: Fukuwa is different from any other robots or mechanical beingss, his brain is an alien material form in metal and is much more stronger than a human brain. Fukuwa's eyes turns into two different colors depending on the situation, when the situation is calm his eyes are blue but when the situation is not calm and in danger or he's confused, his eyes turns into red. He doesn't actually need a gasmask but since the air is filled with chemicals and dust, his insides can rust or turn very badly in some days and then he'll have problem to move.


    The story takes place somewhere on Earth where Fukuwa is finally woken up by his deep sleep in the cylinder, his main goal is to find information about the outside world. The humans are very few due to the chemical, dust filled air and "evil" cyborgs and the aliens that has taken the Earth as "their place". What will the humans do? Will they slowly die in their hidden area or are they going to fight back with a little help of a friendly cyborg?
  2. I'm interested in this plot, but I'm still not very sure what's the goal...
  3. That's what I'm not really sure of myself, so I thought. Maybe other people have some ideas.

    Well... I don't know really what the main goal should be, if it should be: find more people and help the Earth return to it's state it was before this
    or: just fight the cyborgs and the alien that are on this planet.

    Not really much, so that's why I thought I could seek a little help from others.
  4. Well, maybe it could be a bit of both. Along the way while fighting the cyborgs they gather up people and survive and return the earth to it's former greatness.
    It's an idea.
  5. Yeah, that could be something. It could work for me but I don't know how you would want it? If you would be interested to join of course.
  6. Oh, I am interested to join. :)
  7. Okay! So... uhm... I don't know... Should I start the rp? ._.
  8. Okay!!! Hmm.... Now I've to figure out how to start it... But I've already an idea of how to start it.
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