The Elven Treaty

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    Ezekial The Lithkelu Clan Prince

    "The Lithkelu Clan and the Amonduin Clan have been in a great war for centuries upon centuries, will giving the Amonduin princess to the Lithkelu's save both their clans and unite the Elven forest?"

    Ezekial paced back and forth in his bed chambers. He was waiting on the arrival of the Amonduin Princess. He didn't want the war to end by any means, he wanted to win this war for Lithkelu, but of course his father made the decisions still, and he had to wait until his father had retired or passed on before he could claim the throne as his. He licked his pale lips and heard a knock upon his chamber door. He turned his Bluish gray eyes to the door and wondered who it could be. He called out in his stern yet melodic voice.
    "Come in, and do not waste my time." He told the mysterious person behind his door, and soon the large wooden door creaked open and his father stepped in.

    His father was King Filvendor, the somewhat cruel leader of Lithkelu. Although he was harsh at times, and could be cruel, he was a gentle giant of an elf and tried to make his subjects have the best in life. Though, his son was far different. Ezekial loved to fight, and was stubborn and hard headed. He wanted what was best for his people, but he almost always put himself first. He was cruel and harsh and tried everything in his power to make others bow down to him. He abused his power quite frequently, and his father hated it. But the king would soon be gone, and Ezekial would step into his place as king, and he would rule Lithkelu.

    "Ezekial, the princess is on her way. Please treat her nicely, she has come not of her own will, and is meant to bring peace to the two clans of the Elven Forest. I want this war to end, even if you may not. When I am gone, and you are in my place, I want peace, and prosperity, not war, and hardship." He spoke to his son in a soft, but stern tone. Ezekial knew that his father wanted peace, the war had brought to much bloodshed to the once peaceful forest, and it needed to be stopped. Ezekial sighed and nodded his head. He hoped at least that the princess was as beautiful as they had said, and that she was a kind woman. He didn't need someone as stubborn as he was ruling with him.

    Trumpets sounded in the distance, Ezekial gazed out the large window in his chambers and watched as a gold horse drawn carriage came up the large walk way that led to the front of the castle. His soon to be bride, would be in the carriage; waiting for him.
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    Her mother tried to explain to her that it had to be done, why she had to be given to the prince of the Lithkelu clan. Emaline just shook her head while watching her mother place a dainty silver crown on her head.

    “Trust your father my sweet Emaline.”

    A hand rested on the girl’s shoulder, squeezing it in an action that should have been comforting. Well, the time had come. A maid came in and escorted the queen and young princess out to the gold carriage. Emaline stepped carefully into the carriage and folded her hands into her lap, forcing herself not to fiddle.

    At last, she was off to her new home, her new husband. The whole way, her mother tried to make conversation in order to excuse away the absence of the king, but it made it all worse.

    Finally, they were there. Emaline chewed her lower lip as she looked up at the massive structure in front of her. Nervously, she began to pull at the thin hunter green dress. She had tried to reason with her mom into not putting her in the dress, but her mom said it gave the prince something to look at with a low drop back and material that looked as if it could slip off at any moment.

    “Emaline, princesses do not fiddle. Now, when you live the carriage I expect you to keep your head up, eyes forward, arms at your side. Do not chew your lower lip.”

    With that, the princess stepped out of the carriage and strode up to the big doors. Her face was emotionless, eyes hard as she kept them forward. Her head stayed high, just as her mother said, and her hands stayed by her sides, they were in tight fists, but by her side none-the-less.

    “Welcome!” Her new father in law boomed then reached for her hand, kissing the back of it softly.

    “I hope you are pleased with my daughter, your Majesty. I pray your son will find her pleasing to his eye.” The queen curtsied then the princess followed.

    “Of course I do and of course he will.” He gave a respectful nod to the two females then led them straight to where the wedding would be held, guests already in their seats.

    It was planned that the wedding would be held as soon as the princess arrived so neither the prince or Emaline could protest any more than they already had.

    “Miss, if you would wait here. Once my son is in position I shall send your maid-servant to announce that we are ready for you.” With that, the king nodded and excused himself.

    Tears stung the girl’s eyes. This was truly happening. Her breath caught in her chest as she blinked rapidly, forcing the tears to stay in place. The thought that in a few hours she would have to share a man’s bed terrified her, terrified her even more than marrying a stranger.
  3. Ezekial watched as the princess came out of her carriage and walked to meet his father, she was decent looking enough from his view point, he just hoped she would be pleasing enough when they were face to face. He waited for his father to come get him as he disappeared into the castle, and presumably went to fetch him and place him in the ceremony hall. He sighed and straightened out his white ruffle shirt and matching pants. They had gold fittings on the side and he wore a cherry blossom crown upon his dark brown hair. He heard the knock at the door and muttered a soft "come in".

    His father stepped in and his eye went wide with pride as he clapped his massive hands together.
    "Ezekial! Don't you look handsome, my son!" He wrapped his arms around his son and squeezed him. Ezekial chuckled lowly and patted his father on the back, although he wanted his throne, Ezekial loved his father very much, they had gotten closer after his mother died. He smiled slightly, not hinting at what was to come, but he wanted to keep his mean persona on, no one ever saw him like his father did. He chuckled and walked by his father side, his father's robes dragged across the floor, and Ezekial shoes made an echo in the hallway that led to the ceremony hall. To say the least, Ezekial was in fact nervous, but his face never showed it. His face was a slate of stone.

    His father placed him in the front of the priest and in front of the podium that held the prayer book that the priest would recite from. Ezekial bit his lower lip and shook his head, clearing it of any thoughts that would persuade him to turn and run. His father told him to stay put and he turned to a maid and told her to go get the princess.

    The young maid ran off in the direction of the front of the castle, and Ezekial's heart beated very fast, he sighed and waited for his bride to be.
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    The maid came in the door and just simply nodded. This was it. It was time. Emaline shook her head and looked at her mom, heart beating so hard it felt as if it would burst through her chest. Her mom just nodded, faced her towards the door and nudged her gently out of it. Why did this have to happen? Couldn't there just be war? Now, she had to stay forever attached to a man she may never love.

    The walk from the castle to the ceremony hall was only a minute, but it felt like an hour. Everything was in slow motion. The wooden doors swung slowly open, each head turned in slow motion, every step she made feel like her feet were encased in concrete. Her eyes fell upon the prince and her heart jumped into her throat. She couldn't help but find him rather handsome which made this all that much more nerve racking. Would he like her? Was she just as attractive?

    Swallowing hard, she came to a stop in front of him, gave a shallow curtsy then met his gaze. His eyes seemed calm, emotionless while hers clearly showed her fright. Quickly, she looked from him to the man performing the ceremony. The priest was dressed rather extravagantly with gold just dripping off of him. He had his hands planted on either side of the podium and looked down at the soon-to-be couple with a solemn face. Everything went quiet, then he began to talk.

    "We have come here today to unite the Lithkelu Clan and the Amonduin Clan" He nodded, swallowed and continued, "This young couple's marriage represents the peace that will come to our nations!" The priest bellowed and raised his hands, allowing a shout to ring through the crowd before again silencing them. "Now, would the young prince and princess take hands."

    Emaline nodded and faced her groom, placing her hands in his. A maid came over and tied a loose white satin ribbon around their hands. Then, the ceremony continued. All the noise faded around her as she chewed on the inside of her cheek and looked at their bound hands. She followed from his hands up his arms, across his shoulders, up his neck, over his lips and then to his eyes, holding the gaze a moment longer than she had earlier.

    "Queen of the Amonduin Clan!" The queen stood. "Do you agree to give your beloved daughter over to the love and care over to the Ezekial, the prince of the Lithkelu Clan?" The queen nodded her consent then sat back down. "Ezekial, do you take young Emaline as your wife, to love and care for, a union to declare peace among your clans?"

    This part frustrated Emaline. Why did the man only get to be asked? She knew she wouldn't be asked. Her feelings didn't matter and neither did her opinions. Why couldn't she have a say in her future? A moment later, a cool ring slid over her index finger by one of the maids.

    "The ring on the index finger symbolizes the innocence of the woman. Once they have consummated their love then it is Ezekial's duty to move this ring onto her ring finger." The priest simply just nodded said something about sharing their bond and how they needed to kiss. Her eyes went wide and she looked quickly to his lips. Slowly, she leaned towards him then pressed her lips softly to his, unintentionally squeezing his hand softly.

  5. Ezekial watched as his soon-to-be Bride strode up the walk, and he just couldn't take his eyes off of her. She was so beautiful! His breath caught in his throat and he swallowed hard. How could he keep his calm if this was to be his bride? He took a deep breath and watched as the maid tied their hands together with a beautiful white satin ribbon. He felt her hands and realized they were as soft as a rose's petals, and he gazed into her beautiful green eyes and his heart almost stopped right then and there. He took a deep breath and spoke at his part.
    " I do.." He spoke softly, his voice wavering only slightly. He listened to her name, it was beautiful.

    Ezekial could only imagine how it would sound on his lips as he whispered it into her ear. He shivered slightly and his ears caught the last part of " kiss her" and he watched as Emaline brushed her lips against his. An electric current flowed through him and he closed his pale bluish green eyes and smiled softly down at her. He winked at her before resuming his stony face and squeezed her small hands gently before letting the maid unwind their hands. The priest spoke then.
    "May this wedding be a show to both the clans that they are know united and will no longer be in war!" He clapped his hands together and the wedding goers cheered and sang in joy. They laughed and whispered amongst themselves as Ezekial led his bride down the aisle. He bit his lip and leaned down into her ear, nuzzling it.

    "Don't be fooled, my bride. I may seem harsh and mean to others, but you, you have captured my heart and soul and have locked it away." He smiled softly and led her down the hall and into his bed chambers. He sat her down on the bed and gave her another smile as he sat down in a chair by the vanity. He spoke then, soft and quiet as he had suddenly had a wave of shyness crash over him.
    "I have not had a woman in my bed chambers before, besides my mother and maids. You probably heard terrible things about me, and I can say some of them are true, but never fear Emaline..." He began and grabbed something off the vanity and walked towards her on the bed. He opened up a box that he held in his hand and inside the box was a beautiful opal necklace.
    "I bestow my mother's necklace onto you, for you and her have a place in my heart," he told her and clasped the necklace around her neck and shyly smiled at her, and gazed into her green eyes. Waiting for her to speak.
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    The ceremony was finally over! She felt overjoyed to be done with it, but the joy faded when she felt him nuzzle her ear. It felt weird to have the affection of a man. Instead of pulling away, like she wanted to do, she smiled and tried to feign a blush as she giggled and pressed against him slightly. All this was an act… wasn't it? His kindness was just a show for the guests that surrounded them… wasn't it?

    Slight shock crossed her face at his gentle words. Was that how he really felt? Once alone, she shyly looked over at him from the bed, fiddling with her dress. What was she supposed to do now? Newlyweds normally give themselves to each other right after the wedding. At least that’s what she was told by friends that have been wed.

    “I have heard rather horrid things about you,” Emaline admitted softly and looked away from him, deciding to analyze the bed spread; it was a rather pretty blanket, soft to the touch. “And, I have never been alone with a man.” She commented then shot him a slight smile.

    His mother’s necklace? She raised an eyebrow when he grabbed something from the vanity. Until now, she had been rather calm but as he approached her, her heart began to make its presence known by pounding against her ribs. When he opened the box, she gave a slight gasp and looked up at him with wide eyes, almost wanting to tell him she didn't deserve it, but she had no sooner opened her mouth then the necklace was placed around her neck.

    “Ezekial,” she whispered and took his hand in hers. “It is a beautiful necklace, and I am very flattered that I have secured a place in your heart.” Her eyes were sincere as she stood just a bit in order to kiss him again. That’s what she was supposed to do, right? “And I hope to be the wife you desire, the wife you deserve.”

  7. Ezekial smiled down at her before she kissed him. He thought she was so beautiful, he adored this woman, even though he barely knew her. Maybe this whole peace thing would work out, and he would get a beautiful wife as a plus! He winked at her and then stooped down to kiss her passionately. He pulled back and looked at her, holding her in his arms.

    "I would like you to know, we have a library, and a garden, as well as many rooms for you to explore. But one thing I must ask.."
    He began and licked his lips, and stared straight into her green eyes. His voice acquired a harshness to it, and his eyes yielded a harsh glint.
    "Never, go into the west tower, Never. Do you understand me?" He squeezed her wrists and he waited for her to respond. He licked his teeth and glared down at her, his eyes looking different; somehow more evil looking.

    Then everything changed and his eyes glazed back to the beautiful soft blue-gray they always were.
    "Come dear, we must get you some food, you are probably starving!" He smiled down at her, any trace of the episode before, was gone. He pulled her along behind him and open his bed chamber door and lead her down the hall, past the ceremony hall and into a door, where savory aromas wafted past their noses. He gestured to the kitchen and the food that was being prepared there.
    "Anything you want, you may have!"​ He smiled and waited for her reply.
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    A huge smile broke over her face as he held her close. There was just something so comfortable about being sa.... his grip tightened around her wrist, and it hurt. Panic filled her eyes and she twisted her wrists in his hands slightly, hoping to free herself. She refused to look at him, already frightened by how he changed. Once he released her, she held her hands close to her chest and looked up at him with frightened eyes. What happened? How could have changed instantly? He started out as such a sweet person, someone she could see herself being with but in a split second, doubt began to creep into her mind.

    “I-I understand.” She nodded slightly then started to shake her head. “Oh n…”

    Emaline was then pulled out of the room. She wasn’t hungry! All she wanted to do was to stay in that room with him. Soon after a yummy aroma hit her, her stomach growled. What did she want? Finally being able to separate from him, she folded her arms around her stomach and carefully looked at all the food.

    It all looked so good but what really called out to her was a plate of sweet fruit that came from her kingdom. Her whole face lit up as she reached for the fruit. The skin was so soft under her fingertips; the aroma seemed to fill her whole body. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breathe in, treasuring that sweet smell. At last, she bit into it, the juice flooding her mouth some dripping from her lips to her chin.
    With a soft giggle, she looked over at Ezekial with shining eyes before grabbing a napkin and dabbing at her chin. Taking another bite, she walked over to him, just realizing how tall he actually was compared to her.

    “This taste really good. Thank you. It is all I really want. I am not entirely too hungry at the moment.” Emaline took another bite and sort of swayed side to side with her eyes closed and a smile on her face, showing her complete enjoyment. “Ezekial?” She asked after finishing her fruit. “What are we going to do tonight?” Emaline took a step closer to him. “Are we… uh…” She cleared the throat then fiddled with the front of his shirt. “Are we going to become intimate?” Her voice was almost a whisper, a bright blush coloring her cheeks once the question was out.

  9. Ezekial watched his bride take a bite into the sweet fruit of the Amonduin kingdom. He smiled and eyed her curious as she came towards him and fiddled with his shirt, it stimulated him slightly and he laughed at her and hugged her close to him. He winked at her and nodded his head.
    "Only if you want, Emaline. I won't make you do anything you won't want to do. He gazed softly into her deep eyes of green and he planted a quick kiss on her lips. He could imagine spending every day with her, and loving her to bits. He would enjoy this marriage to the extent.

    He chuckled deeply and went over to a bowl of fruit and grabbed a soft plum, and bit into it. It's juices ran down his chin and he laughed and winked at her as he bit into it again, before wiping his chin with the back of his hand. He returned to Emaline and took another bite out of the plum and finished it off before he gave her another kiss.

    "So, what would you like to do? The gardens are quite beautiful, and we still have a little day light left before we return to my chambers, which are now yours." He told her and smiled down at her and licked his lips, tasting Emaline's sweet fruit. He laughed and held her close and nuzzled her neck, grazing it slightly with his teeth. He pulled back and winked and waited for her to give him a response.