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The sun was so large it looked as if it could burst, the king was please to awaken once again to his beautiful empire. Looking down from his glorious balcony almost 80 feet in the air, he could see the townspeople bustling around they're morning routines. He sighed softly as he continued to gaze upon his beautiful land. Until it was interupted by his servant William, " Sire, we must get you dressed and ready for the Council, they wish to speak with you immediately, it seemed pretty urgent my lord. ", William said this with a bow, and the King came to his side and put a hand on his shoulder, " Well then I guess we should probably get the day started then, ay' William? ", He said this as if he was speaking to an old friend, which he pretty much was. William had been at his side ever since he was a boy, when he took the place of his father.

Achileas wandered over towards the robe room as he liked to call it, he gazed upon the wall to wall closet that held all his regal attire and smiled with pride. It had taken him years to find the materials to make such clothing. Once again he raised his arms, and William began to undress him. He quickly chose the set of clothes he wished to wear that day, knowing he could change them at any time, it didn't take him long to decide.

After getting dressed, he left his bedroom and began making his way to the Council's chambers. And ofcourse the first person his eyes fell upon was his beloved brother Aidan, it had seemed to be ages since he had seen him. Aidan threw his arms around his brother smiling from ear to ear. " Brother! It's been ages, how are you fairing these days? Still ruling the empire with an iron fist? Or are you still the soft man you've always been! ", He said this with a deep good hearted chuckle, and the king replied with the same laugh. " Please brother, walk with me, it seems were needed by the Council. ", as they walked Aidan and his dear brother adored the decorations around them. The walls were adorned with beautiful tapestry from the farthest reaches of the empire, the mages on the staff had even asked him what color he wished his torches to be, and now the halls were a bright blue with color. The flames licking against the walls, it created kind of a play for them as they made they're way to the Council. Smiling from ear to ear as the king passed his staff, he actually stopped and took his time with each person, taking in all the blessings and good mornings from they're smiling faces. He prided himself through his people, if they weren't happy, then he wasn't happy. So he took time out of each day to have personal 1 on 1 time with as many people as he could before retiring at night.

Finally reaching the Council's chambers, they both thanked William as they walked through the doorway, and heard it click shut behind them. Achileas Turned to his current audience as he took his usual seat at the head of the table, and looked down at the dreary faces of his subjects.

" Sire...we have grimm and horrible news from across the kingdom, it seems horrible rumors have been started by the rival empire, it seems they plan an attack. But, we have no idea how or when. We think that they have started these rumors in hope of riots and chaos.. " Roark was a man of great stature, and an elite in the lycan bloodline. He knew his words to be true, and he knew them to be grim as well. At the sound of this news, Aidan bowed his head and a dark look came over to his face, looking to his brother he shook his head in disgust. " This is absolutely unforgiveable, if we find who is responsible for these rumors I will take care of them personally my lord.. ", He then turned his head down to the rings upon his hand, fingering each emblem that was emblazoned across the precious metals.

Looking from his brother back to the council the king made a quick decision, " Then we must reassure our people that there will be no attack, we will find these so called warriors, and cut them off before they even reach our borders, I will share my voice with the towns folk personally to give them these words. And I will promsie them no harm will come to they're homeland.. " He said this with a slight growl, this agitated him deeply, a threat against him was one thing, but a threat against his people and land was far worse than what anyone could even think of. He rose, his regal stature seeming to overshadow even the largest men in the room, Aidan stood closely behind his brother, showing that he agreed with his brother's words.

" Come my subjects, let us get our plan in motion and get our greatest minds to come to our aid, my brother and I shall return to my quarters, there are a few people we need to speak with when it comes to these matters, and I would rather them be private as not to put any harm hanging above your heads. ", then he thanked them one by one before him and Aidan retreated back to his quarters. Summoning William to his side he made a request, " I need you to bring me Vertigo, the three of us need to speak of this matter personally William, so I will have you wait in your quarters or the grounds until I need you once more. ", as he said this he rested his chin upon his hand as he went into deep contemplation. Aidan on the other hand took his place out on the balcony, watching over the town closely, and taking the scent of the land deep within him. Wondering if somewhere the scent of the soon dead men were lingering there.
Vertigo was in his quarters, as was typical of the strange, pale man from Hell. He was absorbed in a battle strategy, mapping his armies on a small map. He was trying to take all factors into account. There was no war, not yet. He had heard rumours, of course, and there was always some ruth in rumours. That worried Vertigo, and Vertigo was not an easily shaken man. The high general was plotting any strategies that might be nessecarry to defend the people of the Empire from whatever that rival kingdom might be planning. We should have conquered them long ago... He thought to himself, frowning slightly at his battle strategy, but he shook his head. We are benefactors. Not conquerors. The man looked at himself in the tall black dresser mirror. He was tired looking, more tired than usual, and his already thick stubble was growing in fully, nearly becoming a beard. He rubbed a hand across his face, but halted abruptly, cold blue eyes going wide. There was a speck of grey in his stubble, and that frightened him more than any battle plan he could possibly imagine.

His surprise was interrupted by a knocking at his door, and he opened it to see William. He nodded, frowned, understanding the meaning of his visit. The king had called him, as the king was fond of doing. He plucked his rod from the vanity-dresser, holding it tightly in one hand as the other buckled his sword around his waist. He never left the room without the rod. He was useless without it, without a means to focus his necromancy, nothing would ever be raised, and their army would lose. He began to walk through the halls, until they came to the enormous door of the Council. He entered, with an air of confidence that could not be faked by anybody but Vertigo. He had to be confident. It was his nature to be. He was the damnable High General, and he was going to do what had to be done.

As he entered, he gave a small bow to those of the royal house, "My liege," He said, in a tone that was unshakable, "I trust that you have reason to summon me. The threat of war, no doubt." he frowned, his knuckles turning white on the black rod.
The king and Aidan turned towards Vertigo as he entered the room. " Vertigo, its a pleasure to see you again. ", Aidan said as he walked to his brothers side, " Vertigo, glad to see you made such haste, and you are correct about the rumors, we need to do something about this quietly and quickly. Before it has a chance to spread any panic through-out the kingdom... " The king spoke in a darker tone than usual, almost a fearsome tone, something he was known for in these times.

The king rose from his bed, and walked to the nearest window. " It seems that the Decrenia empire has been starting rumors of an attack simply to cause chaos. We need to find this band of people quickly, but we need scouts. But..I fear it will still take to long before their plan actually plays through... ", the king turned towards Vertigo and Aidan. " We need to figure out who could find these people quickly and quietly, and then they will be publicly executed in the courtyard... " He then turned back to the gorgeous view of his empire. Aidan quickly snapped his fingers as if he had gotten an idea, " I know exactly who we could call upon. The royal seer, he is a very gifted man who lives in the outer villages. Aksel is his name, he's known for his abilities as a seer, has actually helped the empire before for smaller matters. He is a terran so it shouldn't be hard to find him. I could send a messenger to his estate by tonight my liege. ", Aidan looked from Vertigo back towards his brother, a look of hope coming across his face. The king quickly made for the door, peeking his head out he called William to his aid. The boy quickly rushed down the hallway, " Yes my....liege.. ", he said while trying to catch his breath.

" I need you to get a messenger to the Terran Seer Aksel, we need his assistance immediately this is very urgent. ", as soon as he heard the word urgent William quickly turned and began sprinting towards the messengers office with this vital imformation. The king then returned to the room, looking at both of his most trusted companions. " Gentleman, now all we can do is wait.. " He said as he turned back to his view.
Vertigo tapped his rod against the side of his leg, thinking for a moment. The process of thought on his face made him look ever more haggard, very more sharp. He frowned slightly at the mention of the seer. He had no real love for mages. He had his magic, and clinging to it like a man clinging to a life raft. He hated those with magic who thought themselves only as mages and as nothing else. They were not just mages, they were people, and people had more than a few parlour tricks within them. The high general abruptly stopped tapping, and looked out on the view himself. It was a beautiful empire, an empire that he had helped shape. He was the high general, after all. He had restored necromancy as a proper school of magic. And he was going to save this empire if it took every last bit of him.

Truth be told, he was worried about this war. The spot of grey on his face seemed to have been a sign. He was getting old at the age of thrity and he would be dead soon enough. Would he go back to hell or would there be some arrangement with good? Vertigo blinked, and bit at his lip slightly, drawing a tiny pinpoint of black-blue blood that ran down the side of his lip. He wiped it aside, and gave a smile - albeit a smile with an edge, "I am not a scout, sir. I am a general. I have no grasp on subtlety nor see a reason for it. Usually." He thought for a moment more, indicating this with a tilt of his head, "Public execution sir? That will just feed the fire. Make it small and discrete. Simply say there is no threat. Because there is not. If they bring war to our doorstep, they would be foolish." He does a small bow of the head, "Because they would not be fighting the Elrynth Empire. They would be fighting the Legions of the Dead."
Achileas turned to his general, a look of contemplation crossing his face, " Your very right Vertigo, it would simply feed the fire, show the people that we were worried about these rumors. Simply kill them, but if this is the way it should be done, I want them out of my empire before they are killed. I don't want anyone stumbling across they're bodies. ", He scratched the full beard that he had been growing for years, he was proud of the beard. It was regal, and showed wisdom to his people. He turned then to Aidan, " I want you to gather a small group, I want them skilled and quiet, assassins if you would. You will be in charge of taking these people out, I trust this to you Aidan because I know what these threats mean to you, and I have entrusted you to situations like this in the past and you have finished them off without fail... ", turning back towards Vertigo, a smile crossed his face. He could see how troubled his subjects were, and it gave him hopes. He knew they loved this empire more than there own lives, and that gave him ease. He knew they would succeed in they're endeavours.

He rose from his bed and turned to the two men, " Well regardless of the threat, I still have a kingdom to run. I must tend to my duties gentleman, I leave this matter in your hands. Im going to need some time to myself to contemplate what may happen in the near future, so please do not send anyone for me. If its truly important, then send for me, but if not, then please leave me be... ", the king then left the room, relieving william as he came running to him, he then retired to the kingdoms royal yet private gardens.
To say that it was a beautiful day would be an understatement in Avilon's eye's, the princess herself feeling that nothing could compare to the peaceful bustling of the city folk and the chirping of the birds as they fluttered around the strong castle she called home. However, the loveliness of the day was not what she was needing at the moment. One again her father, the Emperor, had skipped out upon his breakfast, leaving both her and her mother to dine together quietly. Though neither were terribly upset about it Avilon was the sort to worry about her father's health when he did not think it to be an issue. He wasn't as spry and young as he used to be, Avilon was proof of that as she was no longer the tiny little daughter that trotted around his feet. In hopes of finding her father she wandered all over the castle, from the royal library to her parent's chamber but had no luck. In the end, she could only think for him to be in once place...

The garden.

He had taken to going there rather often as of late, something that Avilon rather enjoyed since it made spending time with him all the better. After all, the garden had been put together in honor of her birth, or at least that was what her mother said, so why shouldn't she be fond of the place? She looked all over the garden, trying to stay and lady like as possible. She did not want to seem rude or impatient. Then again, if she knew her father she'd probably spend hours and hours searching for him...On that thought, She adjusted her pale pink dress and tossed back her long red hair from her face before taking a deep breath...

"FATHER! WHERE ARE YOU~!?" She loud yelled shrilly, the sound slightly unattractive but effective in its purpose.
Aksel had spent his day with his childhood friends, the Terran Angel simply enjoying himself... his friend Markus has become a member of the town guard, and had been telling them of his training and showing off his uniform. The outfit had looked very good on Markus, prompting Aksel to a very secret jealousy: even if he wanted to try it on, his wings would have gotten in the way. Another friend, Tommy, turns and looks at him: "Are you sure you're not going to be able to come to the wedding? It seems that you should at least be allowed to see us..."

Aksel lay, splayed across the grass under the tree... this tree was once his 'throne'... this hill was once his 'kingdom'. It brought back memories in the angel... he sighs sadly. "No, Tommy... I'm afraid that I really have no choice in the matter. I won't be able to see you get wed to that shrew woman." Tommy whacks the angel in the arm, "She is not a shrew," protests the man, "I love her."

"It's bull that you can't do what you want!" Sierra, the lone female in the group nearly screams, "...And Tommy, she really is a total shrew." Tommy folds his arms and huffs, mumbling something. Sierra looks to Aksel, "Why can't you come, anyway?"

There is a long moment of silence as Aksel closes his eyes. He releases a shuddering sigh, opening his mouth... when he is interrupted. "Royal Seer Aksel!" A voice called, a man running up to see them... met with the glares of the circle of friends, the nervous man looks to Aksel. "...The King desires your presence." Aksel rises from his relaxed position. He smiles softly, looking to Sierra. "I... I think it would be terrible to have the wedding interrupted by something, right?" He rises to his feet, patting the grass from his rear end.

He then turns, looking to his friends... He then moves forward, hugging each in turn. The confused looks on their faces as they return this hug. Markus states, "Hey, you never do stuff like that, man... y'know?" Aksel shrugs with a very muted smile. "I think I'm going to be at the castle for a long time. I don't know when I'll get to see you guys again..." He takes a deep, quivering breath, "...Be safe, guys." He then turns, putting on a featureless porcelin mask and nodding to the messenger... following him.

Sierra's voice could be heard: "I think he knows something we don't know." Aksel was glad that the mask saved those around him from witnessing the look of sorrow threatening to drown his eyes... For the first time in a very long time, he wished he didn't know.
Vertigo grumbled something to himself, but resumed tapping the rod against his side. If gave him a metronome, a rhythm that he could follow and relate to. It was orderly. He looked at Aidan. His feelings toward the man were... mixed, to say the least. He did not like, for instance, that the king was entrusting this task on him. He was not the high general. He was nothing more than a private guard, and with that, he was not an assassin. Vertigo despised assassins. They lacked order, they lacked intelligence, and they tended to lack results, when it all came down to it. But most of all, he hated what the king had said about Aidan ; I know what these threats mean to you. Did that mean they meant nothing to Vertigo? Vertigo was the damn high general, wasn't he? It was his job to eliminate threats of war upon his nation in whatever manner he saw fit. Aidan was still beneath him in the feudal system that they were existing in, and Vertigo would be happy to inform him of that.

"Solider." He said, looking at Aidan. His blue eyes were said to be rather unsettling, but everything about him was rather unsettling. He had no escaped from Hell unscathed, and his face had paid the price. It wasn't that he was unattractive. it was that every feature of his was incredibly intense and sharp, almost like he had been drawn with straight lines rather than curves, "I have no love for assassins and even less for a compromised chain of command. Tread lightly, solider. Tread very, very lightly.' He folded his arms across his chest, rod still gripped tightly, "Our king simply wants to see some corpses. I thought his majesty would have had enough of corpses at this point, but no matter." He leans into Aidan's face. Aidan's only a bit shorter than him, but its enough to make an impression, "I would rather know what they're up to rather than simply have them become dead. If you do end up going in there, bows blazing, and murdering your way to your position, save some of their person for me, in case I have to make up for your mistakes." He frowns, "Perhaps that seer can tell us more." He scoffed.
Aidan was actually a bit suprised to hear these words, he had never had past quarrels with Vertigo, he was never around long enough to do so. A small smile came to his lips as he began to reply, " Vertigo, do you really believe that I wish to go in there bows a blazin? Give me a little more credit than that, come on now. ", he actually gave the man a friendly thump on the arm after he said this, and followed with a hearty chuckle. " Please my friend, listen closely. ", his face grew cold and serious, " I am a member of the Royal family, they're blood runs through my viens, and if I was just going to kill them, then I would have myself thrown in the dungeons for injustice. I plan on finding out everything I can about this group. Where they come from, who they are, why they came and who sent them. So before you go making accusations about my work, please take some time to think before you speak. ", a growl actually emitted from his chest as he looked away in disgust. Does that man really think he would threaten the lively hood of the kingdom just to simply put a few more corpses under his belt? Despicable...That was the only word he could think of it. He then turned from the man and made his way t the courtyard to await the seer.

As he made his way down, he heard a sudden scream come echoing through the halls, ofcourse he knew exactly who it was and a small chuckle eminated from his lips. " She's never gonna change, my dear niece.. ", a small smile replaced the chuckle as he continued down the hall.


Achileas sat in the center of the garden, in the same seat that he had placed to tell his beautiful daughter stories of the kingdom when she was a child. He smiled as he reminisced the older days, when things were simpler. Suddenly his peace was interupted by a shriek that could only be made by his daughter, he was used to it by now and a smile crossed his face as he began walking in the direction of the scream. There he came upon his beautiful daughter Avilon. He rushed to his daughter, and picked her up in a huge hug and swung her around, he knew she hated it, but he couldn't help but pick on her from time to time, now that she was a woman, he knew that she wanted to be treated as such, but she would always be his little girl.

" My beautiful daughter, i'm so sorry I couldn't make it to breakfast this morning, I know how much my health means to you, but matters were called to my attention that I could not hold off, please accpet my dearest apologies. ", he said this as he looked down and admired his young daughter.

He was so proud to see the glorious woman she had become, and he knew she would one day rule the kingdom even better than he had all these years. The gardens were especially bright today, the condensation amongst the flowers and plants put a type of magical back drop behind her, which made her shine even more in his eyes. He was a proud father, and thats all he ever wanted out of his family.
After causing a wave of birds to flee from the garden, Avilon searched around the garden a bit more. She knew her father would be on his way over but she could never tell when. He was much sneakier than her at times, even for a man of his size. More than once he had come from behind and picked her up-

"AH! Father~ Stop it~" She laughed as he grabbed her and pulled her into a hug swinging her around like he had done when she was very very little.

Once she was back on the ground she gave her father a skeptical look, his apology not even effecting her in the lightest. She did not even care if a herd or fire breathing dragons were descending upon them at that very moment! Her father had to eat his breakfast or else he could never focus on the tasks at hand. She crossed her arms and looked up at him, a look that her mother and developed into her long ago once she learned that her father's unhealthy habits were effecting his work. Though it may have been unfair to double team against him he would not be as healthy as he was if they had let him be.

"I don't want an apology father, I want you to eat! You always get grumpy if you don't have something in you by mid morning and we can having you getting grumpy while you are working on important documents! Must I remind you of the near destruction of the hunting ground when Uncle teased you and you had not eaten all day!? Now off into the dining hall with you father, or I shall tell mother that you bought new outfits without letting her come along to the tailors." She said, a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she grabbed her father's arm and started to pull him along.
A smile came across the king's face as he saw that look she gave him, a spitting image of her mother, he thought to himself. But, then suddenly he heard the threat of the tailor and a chill actually climbed up his spine, he knew what would happen if she said that to his dear Eloria. She would smack him around the castle like a rag doll. He smiled softly and took his daughters hand, " And just whats on the menu for this morning? ", he said as he led her out of the garden and back into the castle. The families personal dining hall was where the immediate family liked to gather and drink merrily most of the time, but it was also where they had they're meals. The servants and other members of the staff had they're own personal dining hall as well.

The two walked down the hall hand in hand, he was actually humming a song his wife had sung to they're darling daughter whenever she couldn't sleep or night, or bad dreams woke her into a horrible fit. The song brought back more memories of when she was little, and a bit of a chuckle came to him while he was thinking of these. Her uncle teaching her to ride and watching them both fail horribly time and time again, yet still they always got back on with a laugh. The chuckle soon died and was replaced with a simple smile as they made there way into the dining room. Soon after he sat, the servants brough out a huge breakfast for they're king. Lamb, eggs, and large thick strips of bacon. A loaf of bread and a special juice they had been giving him to keep his strength up. He began eating merrilly, not just for himself, but to keep his dear family from worrying about him to much.
"The usual father, nothing fancy since I know that you don't like things to be too complicated." Avilon said with a smile as she walked with her father.

Hand in hand, she led the way to the dining hall, feeling almost as if she were a child again and clinging to her father's hand when he would take her somewhere special. a smile grew on her face as she heard him humming the song that mother sang to her when she was very very young and could not sleep. She joined in for a moment before they arrived in the dining room, Avilon sitting near her father to make sure he ate all that he needed. She knew that father ate both to feed himself and to keep his family calm and she only wished that he would do this on his own, not have her going on a hunt every morning to drag him to the dining table for the mornings meal.

"So father, what are the plans for today? Will there be more papers to write or treaties to sign? Oh! Mother said something about looking at suitors...Did you know about this? I'm not sure if she was talking about you two looking or me meeting them...Anyway, I do not mind if that is what she wishes, I know mother is only doing it for the kingdom...Now that I think about it, Where is uncle? Isn't he hungry as well?" She said, looking towards the dining hall doors curiously.
Achileas finished his meal, then wiped his mouth and hands with the silk napkin that came with every meal. " Well my dear, actually today we received a threat against the empire. ", he said this as if it was nothing, he knew it was, but didn't want to give that impression to Avilon. " But, dont worry, your dear uncle will have it taken care of in no time, he's actually working towards the matter as we speak. ", he rose from his chair, offering his arm to his daughter, which she took.

He led her out of the dining hall and down the hall towards the exit to the courtyard, where he knew he could find Aidan, most likely sparring with some of the knights for the morning training. " As for the suitor, i've been arguing a bit about that situation with your mother, she wishes to do it for the future of our kingdom, but darling I want you to be happy, and pick your own man. ", he had always wanted the best for his daughter, he knew she would be well taken care of if given to another kingdom as an offer of peace, but he also knew she would most likely be unhappy with an unknown suitor. She may say that she doesn't mind doing it, but he knew deep down she wanted a man who would love and care for her the way he did for his family. " But, all matters aside, your decision is the final say in things in my eyes. " He said this with a smile as he looked to his daughter, " May I ask what are your view is on the subject, now speak from your heart dear. I am your father and I wish to only have the best for you.. " He said as they came upon the courtyard, down in the center Aidan could be seen sparring with one of the knights.
Vertigo snarled at that comment, following him out of the room. “You are not my friend,” He said softly, and his grip tightened on his rod. He was not fond of this prince who claimed to know more than a seasoned veteran of combat, who had come out of Hell a born leader. His own passion had led him to becoming the high general - he wasn’t some prince who had gotten it handed to him on a silver platter. Vertigo had lived a lot longer than this boy appeared, and he certainly had the experience under his belt. He had the single grey hair in his black beard. He grit his teeth in his mouth, heading down the same flight of stairs that the prince had gone down.

“Aidan - my lord, I was merely telling you to be careful, in the way that I do,” It was true. He had made no assumptions. The chain of command was being comprised, and he did not have any love for assassins. That was the truth, “If I may, I will advise you on this matter. I was not merely given my title for no reason. I am a commander, sir, and act as a solider does. I expect others to act that way as well - to the best of their abilities. He frowns, “I am just puzzled as to why the king would not come to me in a matter of homeland security. My title is not one given to...figureheads.”
Adena stood with her back straight, and her old spell book close to her face. She seemed not to care of the wind shear that pulled at the long strands of white hair. The sounds of multiple whistles rang out in her ears as some arrows wiped past her head. Why not practice at the archery ranges she thought inside her mind. It has target dummies in the distance to fry, and normal people wouldn't be hurt. Well until the annoyed whistling got on her last nerve. Adena hated the archers with a passion, "Do you heathens ever take a break?" She wanted to scream abruptly. However, she kept her mouth shut, and tried to focus at the task at hand. The water shield was one of the hardest spells to conjure. Adena removed her right hand from her book, and began to swirl it in small circles idly. The simple range of motion made her hand glow brightly, and a drop of water appeared in her palm. The droplet slowly grew larger as she began to speak. "Apă creşte şi pentru a vă proteja mă rog pentru siguranţă." She said aloud, her voice demanding authority. Slowly the water started to grow forming a see through shield, it went from her head to her toes. She smiled brightly at her accomplishment, before closing her hand. The shield simply fell to the ground shattering, and draining into the soil.
Adena shifted to turn back towards the archers, the sound of whistling had stopped. She already knew why, that had all stopped to watch her. By now they should of been use to seeing her practicing odd spells. Though, it was easier said then done. The strange will always stand out, and at that thought a wicked smile curved her lips. She lifted both hands to snap her fingers at the same time, and with that simple act the dummy behind her burst into flames. All the archers stared in horror, the new pleased smile was glued to her face. "Staring is very rude." She said finally to all of them before striding back into the city.
The room was faintly lit, with the only light streaming in through the windows and from a small lit candle. It was a fairly small room, adorned with only a desk, a dresser, and a bed. Shadows skipped across the pale walls, created form the small flame crowning the candle. In the pulsating light from the fire sat a woman. She had strikingly white hair that was tied into a neat bun on her head. On her body was a thin dark violet dress that curled at the end. Her eyes were rested on the book she held in her hand.

Anila Witroth. The Royal Family Bodyguard.

Anila, reading her book, had been the Emperor and his family's bodyguard for three years. Even she was surprised at how time had seemed to pass like that. In all that time she wandered by the Royal Family's side, protecting them from anything that would try and harm them. Still, she couldn't help but wonder what the Emperor saw in her. What were her strong points? What were her low ones? These questions had always gnawed at her. Though now she was simply resting and reading, a favorite pastime of hers.

The door creaked open slightly. Anila didn't even look up from her book. It was a servant, a slightly chubby one with a nervous expression on his face. "Mistress Witroth..."
Anila turned the page with a finger.
The servant cleared his throat and said louder "Mistress Witroth?"
"Do you know how much I dislike being interrupted from my hobbies?" She replied back calmly.
Already sweat began to form on the servant's forehead. "Um, this is urgent..."
"Oh really? How urgent?" She turned around in her chair, facing him but still not looking up from her book page.
Taking a deep breath, the servant said with faked confidence "There are rumors from a rival kingdom. Nasty rumors. There might be--"
Anila shut her book suddenly, letting a loud thud ring out in the room. The servant jumped. Anila got up from her chair, book still in hand. She eyed the boy. Already her ominous aura began to spill from her and bathe the boy, making him anxious. "Do you think I not know that? Do you think I would not be aware of such news? Well, you've served your purpose to me. You're excused."
The boy lay trembling in her wake, before he realized what she said. "Have a good day, miss..." Then he sped off down the hallways, eager to get away from the woman.

Anila couldn't help but smile. The Emperor didn't like the fact she tended to scare the servants. She considered what the young one had said. These were tense times. Putting the book down, she decided to seek out the ruler. It was a time to be by his side. She exited her room and headed for the one place he's probably be...In the courtyard. She tended to know where the Emperor and his family were at.

After walking throughout the palace, she entered the courtyard. The hem of her dress seemed to swim as it brushed against the ground. Already she spotted the king talking with Aidan.
"My Emperor and Princess," she greeted, bowing slightly. "I've come to your side."
Avilon nodded her head at what her father said, he would not be so calm if it was a major issue and her uncle was always able to handle anything and everything. She took his arm when he offered it and smiled as they headed into the courtyard and towards the training area. When he asked about how she felt about all the talk of suitors and marriage she just smiled and looked up at him.

"Father, If I marry a man whom I love and loves me in return than I would be the happiest I am sure...But if I must marry another from a different kingdom for the sake of peace then I will not utter a word of protest. I am sure I would come to love them in the end, especially if they were chosen by you and mother. My point is that it does not matter much to me, as long as I can help and know that you are happy then I shall be happy father." She said.

Avilon was speaking the truth...mostly. To be honest, the idea of marrying for peace made her nervous. Though they intentions were kind there was no way of knowing if that person was really as kind as they seemed. She feared that in such a relationship the man would turn terrible as soon as her parents looked away. Also, the idea of leaving her precious home was not appealing. She would do it though if her father asked it of her, if it made his life easy she would do anything.

"Let's change the subject though, I am only 19 after all and the number of suitors that have shown interest is still very very small. I do not think that I will marry any time soon." She said with a small smile.
"-and that's why I wonder if it's some sort of curse... Sir? Sir, are you listening?" Aksel is brought from his reverie as the messenger who was sent to get him stopped talking. Aksel looked to him with the blank expression on his mask. The silence unnerved the messenger, who continued to walk. Finally, Aksel states, "For hills where there were once plains, the answer lies in the haze of barely and hops." The seer states, looking to the messenger... who blinks, asking, "What?"

Aksel sighs, "Nevermind. Just... I'll fly the rest of the way." With a mighty flap, the angel leaves the messenger behind, speeding towards the castle... His powerful white-feathered wings bringing him within view of the castle within a few moments. He looked down upon the civilians below... going about their day to day lives in ignorant bliss. He envied them.

He lands calmly on one of the major towers of the castle, his wings outstretched. The angel's second sight identified the location of those who he would speak to a few moments before, but... he chose instead to delay the inevitable as long as possible. He enjoyed the calm, warm wind as it ruffled against his feathers, the sun on the side of his face... finally, he drops off the tower, gliding down into the castle's courtyard in a gentle, slow descent.

He chose to land a good few paces away from the King and his daughter, his mask gleaming white... it was a uniform color, along with the light grey and soft orange of the position of royal seer. His wings rustling slightly as he entered, he stepped forward... before kneeling. "My leige," she states, "I apologize if I intrude upon anything..." He tilts his heads, "As well, I apologize to you, Princess Avilon." The monotone, uninterested voice echoed within the confines of his mask, taking on the calm and emotionless personality he faked when there were servants and others nearby. He rose his head from his kneeling position, gazing upon them through the eyes of the mask.

"My abilities are yours to use, as always. What might I see in your name?" He would only rise when told to, bound by the role given to him. His position in the court was optional - some would say ridiculous. As such, he would continue to show this courtesy to those of higher rank... though it railed against him to do so. He was glad for the mask, so that his frown could not be seen.
The king was proud to see his call answered so quickly. Everyone was finally in attendance. He sighed a bit before finally deciding how to start. He turned to everyone, bowing his head in thanks to all as they stood. " Thankyou for coming so quickly to my side everyone. It seems we have a matter that needs to be taken care of. ", the first person he turned to was Aksel.

" Aksel, I hear you are the most talented with your abilities, and I do wish for you to use them for the benefit of the kingdom. I need you to find a specific group of people for me, they seem to be spreading the rumor of attack, in wishes to cause chaos and riots throughout the land, I feel they are trying to cause this panic in hope for a weak point in our defenses, which means that theres a larger attack to come. ", he said this with a smile, he wanted this to be a relaxed environment. He didn't want the rest of the staff to catch on and get worried. " When you do find this out, I want you to relay that information to Aidan and Vertigo here. ", he then turned to the two of them. " The two of you will be working together in this situation, which means you will have to put your differences aside. Vertigo, you will be in charge of the interrogation, and Aidan, you will be in charge of bringing this group to him. Once they are here, and once we have this information. I want them killed, not publicly but secretly. I dont want them to have any chance of getting a message out. Dead men don't speak. And Aksel. ", he said this and pulled him to the side.

" If it would benefit you, I would like to offer you a home here. Your abilities have been spoken of highly by my staff, in fact they are the only reason I know of you. So if after your services here are done you wish to stay, then by all means I will have private quarters set up for you here and family if you have any. ", the king didn't plan on asking this of him if he wasn't going to reward him for his services. The king then turned to his beautiful daughter, " Avilon, while all this is going on I would feel alot safer if you stayed here in the palace, I know for a fact no one could get to you here and I would like to keep it that way. ", after he said this he placed a hand on top of her head, and gazed happily into her eyes. He loved the fact that he knew his darling family would be safe from this danger, and he knew that he would keep it that way.
Vertigo looked at the king, and frowned. How could he know that he and Aidan did not get along? It wasn't as if he had said anything to the king about that particular matter. He folded his arms across his chest, rod still tightly clasped in his hand. He hated that Aidan hadn't addressed him on the issues that he had asked about. The prince-ling, or whatever he was, was ignoring him. Better than him paying too much attention to him, he supposed. The devilish looking man's frown was intense, particularly when he looked at the king. He did not like being in the service of some petty noble, and what was this. The mage?

The mage was not like anything he had expected. He was a seer, Vertigo knew, but he still didnt expect what he saw. An angel. His name seemed to be even a play on that. He was very thin, very delicate, and Vertigo got the sense that should he get too close, he would break the man. it was a strange thing to see. Vertigo was clearly staring at this strange young man, sort of rapt with, well, something. Not awe, exactly. Something else, strange and foreign. He didn't admire him. Vertigo respected strength and order, and this man didn't seem to scream either one of those. But the necromancer couldn't help but find himself wondering about this strange man, no more than a boy really... It was quite unsettling to see the severity of the High General fade, even for a moment.

In an instant, however, he collected himself. He was restored to sharpness, violence reeking from every pore, and suspicion shining clearly on his face. He gave a stiff, military bow to Aksel, "Mister Askel." he said flatly, "High General Vertigo." he didn't offer his hand, or any sort of means for the man to touch him. He had a sickening feeling that if he touched him, something bad would happen. "I think you will find, your majesty, that dead men do speak." He frowns, "I know that there has never truly been a rival necromancer, but one can't be too careful..." He taps the rod against his side, "I would like to be involved in these mens' deaths personally, my liege." He nods at the king, "Not that I don't have completely faith in Sir Aidan, but he doesn't know the way to rid the world of a body, so that it will not be further tampered with." His words come out flat, but stressed. Vertigo is the only real necromancer, the only one in power, and the only one who could do anything potent - but with his desire for necromancy to return to the world, he dreaded the possibility of a rival.