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The Elrynth Empire

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  1. The Elrynth Empire has ruled over the land of Westfall for hundreds of years. The largest of the 3 Empires. Elrynth has the most to offer when it comes to lifestyle, economy, and military expertise. The surrounding city is beautiful when it comes to scenery, and offers the best in merchandise, food, and entertainment.

    The great Emperor Achileas Andreas has ruled his land for over 400 yrs. His rule has been known as a grand and magical time of prosperity for his land. His small family lives with him on the grounds, along with the servants and laborers that spot the Imperial grounds.

    oOC - Dont really have a main goal yet. But after we get a few posts in ill probably decide more on what I want to do with this. Any spot is open, except for The Emperor ofcourse. You can play a member of the family, the personal gaurd, a grounds keeper. Anything your little heart desires. :) Post some character sheets, and i'll be more than happy to get this story started.
  2. I CALL PRINCESS! I'll edit my character profile into my post later~

    Character Name: High-Commander Vertigo
    Name Meaning: Most hellbred are named after a torture they endured in hell, in Vertigo's case, it was constant vertigo sickness, as well as heights and the constant fear of falling off the minuscule needle point of a mountain he was forced to inhabit.
    Alias/Real Name: (Doesn't know it himself) Benjamin Sachs
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Hellbred, formerly human.
    Age: Indeterminate. Appears roughly thirty.
    B-Day: Indeterminate. He's guessed that its sometime in early December.
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.
    Place of Birth: In his present form and state, he comes from the plane of Stygia within the Nine Hells.
    Current Residence: The Elrynth Empire
    Occupation: High Necromancer-General of the The Elrynth Empire's army.
    School/Grade: Originally a lowly Sergeant in the military that took command of his men and the army in the absence of the original High General. He rose through the ranks on pure ego and a commanding presence - not to mention his no nonsense attitude.
    Family: Unknown.
    Gemstone: Onyx.


    Height: Tall, roughly around six feet.
    Hair: Closely cropped black hair.
    Eyes: Blue.
    Distinguishing Marks: A pair of black horns that jut out from the sides of his forehead, heavy circles around his eyes, presumably from a lack of sleep, and a heavy coating of black stubble around his chin and jawline.
    General Appearance: (picture to come) A tall, tired looking man with a square jaw and sharp facial features. His hair is short, black, and curls around a pair of small, spindly, black horns that jut out from his head. His eyes are a very light shade of blue, and the irises seem to glow of their own accord, though this could possibly be because they are rimmed with dark grey shadows from exhaustion or illness. Despite that, his face is very confident, though somewhat stoic, seeming to lack empathy.
    Strengths: His military training enables him to use a sword well, as well as be an excellent rider. He is proficent in heavy armor, and utilizes this.
    Weaknesses: He's not particularly swift, and unless he's got a rod in his other hand, his sword is mostly useless. He had to use his magic to compensate for his lack of physical power. He does not use shields at all, finding them unwiedly, and Vertigo already needs both hands.


    Allies: The Elrynth Empire - The Emperor and his Family
    Enemies: Those who would oppose them, the forces of Hell, other necromancers, and anybody who gets in his way.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Expand The Elrynth Empire substansially, another sucessful campaign with his army, the destruction of his prison in Stygia, and to continue his service of High-General.
    Aspirations: Use necromancy for the force of good and turn it from an inherently evil act to an inherently good one. To re-deem himself and not return to the plane of Stygia.
    Hobbies: Train, talk with his men, re-enact past battles with miniatures, reading, and train others in the art of necromancy.
    Likes: Religion, for the most part. Military structure. Spending time with both nobles and his fellow officers.
    Dislikes: His enemies, mis-used necromancy, false knights, paladins.
    Talents: He's an excellent necromancer, a much better necromancer than he is a knight. He's also fairly decent at military strategy and politics, a much better speaker than he often lets on. Very persuasive when he wants to be.
    Inabilities: Most animals, other than horses, feel incredibly uncomfortable around him. Despite his better efforts, he cannot control his temper around paladins who live by the holier than thou attitude. He's an excellent commander, but when it comes to fighting in the front lines, he's rather apathetic. His command is passionate, his own physical abilities are not.
    Fears: Heights.
    General Personality: A stoic, commanding man who doesn't let his own personality interfere with his military techniques. Somewhat strict, as well as very forceful. He is very persuasive, and even sometimes comes across as intimidating. His command, however, is very passionate, and he's not a general that considers himself higher than the common solider. He is often seen with his men, though he is not entirely personable.
    Inner Personality: He's quite unable to relate with other people in a lot of ways. Coming from Hell has obviously had a profound effect on his personality, making him somewhat detached and cold. He's deathly afraid of heights, and often reconsiders his own judgments. He's also terrified that people will see him as evil, despite his own desires to be seen as good, and his own motivations. He is worried that he will not succeed in making necromancy something to be proud of, and that the act of raising the dead will send him right back to the hell he fought so hard to escape. In truth, he's a highly emotional, volatile person barely held together.
    Fondest Memory: The only memory he has of his past life, celebrating his birthday sometime in winter. He collected the early blooming crocuses with his mother, in a village that he infers must be his home .
    Biggest Regret: Whatever happened to him that caused him to fall into Hell.
    Secret: Most people assume that he has no desire to human relationships and romance because of his current state and personality. That's not true at all. He often feels the need to get close to somebody, but he's not sure how to express the feeling.
    Another secret would be that he got out of Hell through means one might not find ethical.


    Special Items: His armor - heavy steel plate that is heavily ornate and well gilded. His desire to protect himself doesn't go against his minor vanity, and he has obviously spent a small fortune building up an impressive image of himself. He also has a thick blue cape that came from the tattered flag from the Keep he defended once in a past battle.
    Weapons: The sword and rod. The rod is made of black onyx and is capped in silver floral patterns. The sword is an exceptionally long longsword, made of steel with a silver alloy. The hilt is wrapped in fine black leather. Int he place where the crosspiece meets the blade, Vertigo's heraldry (http://www.geocities.ws/konstanbogdan/Image104.jpg) is engraved. Along the blade the words: "Life's Greatest Illusion is Death" written in Celestial, the tongue of angels.
    Magics: (all of this magic is channeled through his rod)
    Necromancy: Raise Undead, Turn Undead, Rebuke Undead, Slay Living, Ray of Enfeeblement, Gentle Repose, and other assorted abilities.
    Conjuration: Summon Undead, Teleportation, Greater Teleportation, Dimension Door, Planeshift, Gate and other sorted abilities roughly the same in nature.


    TO COME.

    General History:
    Show Spoiler
    High-General Vertigo was born Benjamin Sachs in a small village in the northern part of Westfall. His father had been a certain John Sachs. John was a guardsmen - a military man who had been stationed in the small town with no real likelyhood of ever being thrust into conflict. War was not a reality yet, war came when Benjamin Sachs became Vertigo. However, for the moment, there was peace-time and John Sachs decided to start a family. He married Lydia Sachs, who was to become Benjamin Sachs' mother. She gave birth to him in early December, in the middle of a snowstorm. His mother was a weaver, who collected herbs in a nearby forest in order to dye the clothes she made. The young Ben often went with her on these excursions, originally carried in her arms, until he toddled after her on his own feet. When they went on their ventures out in the forest, she sang her child small folk songs.
    One day, John went drinking, as soldiers do. And returned to his home very late at night, as soldiers do. He didn't go into the house and merely stared at the door, before deciding to go into the woods for a walk. He was not seen again. Benjamin Sachs was five years old. The local talk was that he had abandoned his family, though his wife never lost faith in him. She believed that he was trapped by the Wild Hunt, the fae creatures that wandered the woods of Westfall, stealing away children and drunken husbands. The songs that she sung to Benjamin became a tune that was sung and repeated through the generations:
    John was not an evil man
    Though far from perfect true
    And he spent his days a rovin’ though
    He’d a wife and daughter too
    He staggered home one drunken night
    And paused beneath an oak
    To warm himself and rest a while
    He’d move on when he woke
    And though he’d built a fire to ward
    Off the evenin’ chill
    The embers slowly died from sight
    The woods grew cold and still

    And then, the chorus that echoed through the woods:
    Run for your life John
    The Wild Hunts comin’
    Comin’ after thee
    Run for your life John
    The hounds are callin’
    Callin’ out to thee
    Take to the hills
    Take to the woods
    Hie through the brambles and see
    If you can’t outrun them
    Until the morning
    See if you can’t get free

    When Benjamin turned ten, there were no more songs for him. His mother had been steadily going mad since her husband had left her family. The weaving on her cloths became more and more sparse and patchy, and the dye she made less and less vibrant. She aged prematurely, her flaxen hair steadily turning snow-white. Her son was concerned about her, naturally, and took care of her as best he could. He began to experiment with the plants that his mother had used in dyes mixing them together he figured that some of them ought to be medicinal.
    Nothing he tried ever came to anything, though he tested them all on himself. he was, afterall, very young and very foolish. He ended up slightly addled, partially insane, from drinking thinks that were more toxic than beneficial. To be truthful, it probably should have killed him.
    It, in truth, sent him into a long coma that lasted a year and a half. He had taken some of the flowers that led to a beautiful blue dye, but also led to his poisoning. He was awoken by a priest looking over his body. His town had changed since he had seen it last, the military had acquired a larger presence within the town. His first thoughts were for his mother, who had apparently passed away months ago. The priest told him that most boys his age were undergoing military training and preparation. Apparently, the new High General of the Empire was interested in expansion efforts, and needed a large military base.
    Benjamin, figuring that he had no real choice, signed up with the military. He had a lack of experience in almost every regard, being only elven, going on twelve. He had no real physical strength, and was scrawny, even for a boy of his age. But he was determined, and given a sword and a suit of light armor. He found, however. that though he wasn't a great solider in terms of physical prowess, he had a lot of capability to follow orders and and healthy respect for the structure of the military. In this way, Benjamin thrived. He was fifteen when he was finally given the rank of private.

    A famous mage one day came to the village, to search for students and soldiers that could be taught magic in order to help with the war effort. The mage eventually saw Benjamin struggling with another private in a combat-improvisational training activity. The mage continued to watch their training, and was there the moment that Benjamin showed he had a talent for magic. Benjamin was hopeless out-matched by the older private in terms of physical strength and capability. Thus, Benjamin reached deep within himself, or perhaps, did it subconsciously and from his fingers sparked something black and dangerous - a ray of enfeeblement that rendered his sparring partner into nothing but a jelly-legged, surprised, private that didn't seem able to move.
    Benjamin was surprised himself. He had never shown signs of being a mage, and his one experience with alchemy had ended terribly for him, and his mother. He didn't consider himself a mage - he was a solider, and had been since he was eleven. The mage took him aside, and explained that what he had cast was necromancy- some of the blackest magic a mage was capable of, and that he required serious training to wield it without ensuring his own destruction.The mage was not certain how he had done it, and was under the impression that the young Benjamin was not only talented, but dangerous. It seemed as if the coma he had been in as a child had instilled a sort of magic within him, unlocking the part of his mind that was able to use it. The mage then teleported them both to the Magical Academy in the capital of the Empire.
    Benjamin was furious at this. He was taken away from his homeland, and from the only life he had known. He hated the lessons he was taught - petty magical tricks that were far less powerful or useful than that ray of enfeeblement, and none of it seemed to be helpful in accordance with his combat talents and military training. He spent a lot of the time in the library reading tomes of necromancy, as if in some attempt to understand his talent there, and eventually learning more and more powerful spells. He became disllusioned with organized magic. There were rules that didn't seem to make sense, and a discipline that had no bearing on him. He was already goverend by military techniques and tactics, and the rules for magic did not match up to those expectations of being able to use anything and everything to defeat the enemy. He read more and more tomes on necromancy, moving from the relatively tame Libris Mortis to darker and more overtly evil texts. He eventually became powerful- but it took the toll on his already addled mind. He took a leave of absence from the college for 'medical reasons' but in truth, he went to the recruiting offices and applied into the army.

    He went about getting his rank underhandedly. He and his battalion were sent to a small country to conquer it in the name of the High General. When the battalion was finally there on the steps of the country's capital, holding up their own flag, only one of them was alive, and that was Private Benjamin. He had killed most of his brethren and raised them as undead, as well as raising the corpses of the enemy and making them fight for him. With another flick of his hand they fell dead on the ground, and Benjamin was the sole conquerer of the country. it looked as if the other men had died trying to take the city, but Benjamin was the one who had taken down their flag and replaced it with that of the empire. He was awarded several medals, and upon other occasions such as this, more ranks.
    Eventually, he rose through the ranks only to rival that of the High General, his title being General. He was still ambitious, and power hungry. Necromancy had taken over his life, it was the only thing that he valued any more, more than his home, more than morals. He wanted power, and damnit, he was going to get it. He proposed a military campaign to the High General. They had conquered most of the neighboring countries (mostly due to Benjamin's twisted machinations) - why not make sure that all the outer villages and towns were loyal to the legion? The High General agreed, and he said that the affair should be public - a parade of the generals through those cities to raise morale. He was going to go, along with two other generals - the most powerful military personnel in the Empire.
    Their tour went well, though there was no opportunity for Benjamin to murder the high general, until they came to a small village in the North that had become a military outpost. His home. Where he began and where he would take the title of High General. He suggested a private walk in the woods with the High General. He wasn't going to refuse Benjamin - the man was a national hero. So they walked in the woods, and a stray slay living spell went off. The High General crumpled to a heap. Benjamin made a move to return to his home when he ran into a man he recognized. He was older, yes, much older, but he knew that face, even now. It was his father, a thin, wandering version of his father that didn't seem to recognize his own son. His eyes were milky with age, and his skin was liver spotted, but it was certainly him. His father saw the corpse behind Benjamin, and said, "By the Gods, you murdered the High General!"
    So, it was with much regret, the first he had felt in a long time, that he killed his father, to hide his own guilt.
    A guilt he came to realize he couldn't live with. He looked at the two corpses lying side by side. It made his stomach churn for the first time in a long while, the first time he had genuinely felt sick. Guilt filled him from the tip of his steel-toed boots, all the way up to his steel helmet. He drew his sword and landed on it.

    Unsurprisingly, Benjamin Sachs went to hell. He was sent to a very high, pinpoint of an iceberg, where the constant vertigo sickness began to affect him, where he swayed on his and his ears rang It occurred to him in one of those rare moments where he caught his footing that he could do what he always did when he was in a rough spot and sheer physical ability failed him. He could cheat.
    He looked over the edge of the pinpointed mountain, holding on for dear life. He could jump. He could get away from the vertigo. And so he jumped into the air, seeing no end in sight. He ended up falling through a stained glass window and infront of a block of ice. In that ice, was imprisoned a man with dark eyes and dark hair, and small horns - Levistus, Lord of the Fifth layer of Hell, Stygia. Benjamin had trouble pulling himself up, but a hand came down, as if to help him up. It was an exceptionally tall man with dark skin, hair, and red eyes. He held a ruby coloured rod in one hand, a sharp pair of small horns making a crown on his head. Benjamin stared at the man, before looking back to the block of ice. He rested a hand against it, but quickly drew it away, nearly burned by the cold. "hello?" He said to Levistus, and there was no reply.

    The other devil looked down at him, "He can't hear you. He's been there for some time, and will remain there. The ice is very thick." The man looked down at him, "You are one of the imprisoned mortals. You did some great evil in life, and now you're down here with the rest of us. You escaped from your prison by cheating." The devil crouches down to his level, "We do not tolerate cheating here, Mister Benjamin Sachs." The devil smiles slightly, "You cheated Levistus, and I suspect that when he finally gets free, he will come after you, right after he comes after me. What shall we do with you?"
    "Let me go."
    "I'll make a bargain with you. You've demonstrated great capacity for evil, and perhaps you have great capacity for good inside you as well. We've had this problem before." He taps the rod against Levistus's prison, and a fresh layer of ice grows anew, "You really shouldn't be down here if we're not absolutely certain. We are a bureaucracy, after all. All the little cogs have to fit together, otherwise we end up in the same place as Levistus here. And yes, you may have murdered your way to where you are but then you had to go ruin it all and kill yourself. That was hardly subtle. That bordered on martyrdom, and Stygia is not a place for martyrs. So we'll have to do something with you. I'll send you home. Perhaps you can do something useful with your life. It truly doesn't matter much to me. Sign here. On the dotted line."
    He offered Benjamin a piece of paper - a frighteningly thick piece of parchment with minuscule red lettering. He peered at it, couldn't make heads or tails of it, but figured he had no choice, and signed his name on the dotted line. The devil rolled it up, and it disappeared within his robes. "No more name for you, my pet. No more of that. I shall change you so you are unrecognizable, an entirely new person, and you shall know nothing of what you did in life. You will be nothing more than another mortal toy, and perhaps something a little bit more. That's rather up to you, isn't it?" He grinned, "I will tell you four truths. You will be High-General. We will meet again. Your necromancy has not abandoned you. You will awake, naked, cold, and fully grown in the last place you expect."

    Within a moment, he was awake, jolted into consciousness in the middle of a summoning circle. It was the mage's academy. He shuddered into being, and the mages looked terrified at this naked, devilish looking man who had appeared from nowhere - obviously not their intention. The man who had been Benjamin Sachs was draped in a cloth to hide himself, and interrogated about who he was. He only remembered the four truths that the devil had said, and signing the contract, though he couldn't remember what his name had looked like. He said that he was a necromancy, a man in the military, and that he was very confused. The mages said that the country was in turmoil and that they needed all the help they could get in supporting the military - that even necromancers were needed. That the High General was dead, and all the nations he had conquered were rebelling with that news.
    He joined with the army again, this time going through the ranks honorably. He gave his name as Vertigo, and signed up as a warmage - his own necromantic abilities becoming more and more obvious. And useful. Another High-General came and went, as they often did. They seemed to be running through them fairly quickly. His necromantic abilities proved very useful - he raised the dead of the other nations and made them fight their battles, before putting them gently back to rest. He was originally given only three of four men to command, and a strange mage. The mage became... meaningful to him, and sort of restored a faith in his own magical abilities, and a confidence to be the leader, and the better man. It was because of the mage (known only as the mage) that he became who he was today - the High General, defender of the royal family, Necromancer, and Lord Vertigo.

    Present Life: Currently, he's committed to the protection of the royal family, and making sure that he is capable of re-deeming himself in the long run. He lives a solitary existence in some of the rooms within the Castle, but spends very little time there, most of it is spent in the company of his fellow soldiers. His presence is sometimes requested by the mages, but for the most part, he tries to ignore them, seeing himself as more of a military man, rather than a mage. In addition, he's worried about the answers he was given by that devil....
  4. K :) Cant wait to see the Characters you guys create. I wanna get like 5-6 people in on this before I actually get started.
  5. I found this template. Its seems nice enough. So no one gets confused.


    Character Name: The name of your character.
    Name Meaning: If the name happens to have a special meaning.
    Alias: Other names or nicks your character might be known by.
    Gender: Male or Female.
    Species/Race: Human, Demon, Etc. Or even Race and Nationality.
    Age: How old is your character.
    B-Day: When they were born.
    Zodiac Sign: Zodiac sign for "personality" help.
    Bloodtype: Also interesting for personality types.
    Place of Birth: Where the character comes from.
    Current Residence: Where the live right now.
    Occupation: Their job.
    School/Grade: Their school grade or college major.
    Family: Any living or dead family members.
    Gemstone: For birth month or even a favorite!


    Height: How tall.
    Hair: Hair color and style.
    Eyes: Eye color.
    Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.
    General Appearance: Basic physical description and clothing style. Pictures are also good.
    Strengths: These are the thing your character is physically good at doing.
    Weaknesses: These are things your character physically WEAK at.


    Allies: Friends and trusted people to the character.
    Enemies: Their foes.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda they would like to accomplish.
    Aspirations: Personal dreams and desires!
    Hobbies: Things they like to do.
    Likes: Things they enjoy. Stuff, food, music, etc.
    Dislikes: Things they hate!
    Talents: Little things your character is good at. This can be anything from cooking to playing Sudoku.
    Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.
    Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even small events they don't want to happen.
    General Personality: This is the personality that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How the interact with other people.
    Inner Personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
    Fondest Memory: A memory that stands out as a favorite.
    Biggest Regret: The one they they really regret about their life.
    Secret: That one thing they don't want the world to find out.


    Special Items: Any items that might be precious or important to the character.
    Weapons: Weapons they might carry or know how to use.
    Magics: Kinds of magics, spells or abilities they might have.


    General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.

    Present Life: The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!

    Special Historic Notes: A quick checklist of the major "events" in the character's life.
  6. *stares at the Character Sheet*
    Uh... When I can focus again, I'll attempt to face this.

    Character Name: Princess Avilon Andreas
    Name Meaning: Where King Arthur was buried. (This is a different version of how it can be spelled)
    Alias: Avi, Princess, Loni
    Gender: Female.
    Species/Race: Lycan
    Age: 19
    B-Day: October 31, 1239
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    Place of Birth: Westfall
    Current Residence: The Imperial Castle
    Occupation: Princess
    School/Grade: The complete level of education she requires.
    Family: The Emperor (Father) The Empress (Mother) Adien Aoife (Uncle)
    Gemstone: Topaz


    Height: 5'4"
    Hair: Redish Orange
    Eyes: Blue
    Distinguishing Marks: A small scar on her upper arm from a childhood injury. The Royal Bloodline mark also rests upon the right of her upper back.
    General Appearance:
    Human Form (open)

    Wolf Form (open)

    Strengths: Avilon is built more for speed than she is for fighting, being how her father is over protective she has only even been thought how to run and to run fast. However, she can throw a punch or too, thanks to the short little teachings of her uncle, she is especially good at using her strong legs in a fight.
    Weaknesses: She is not built for sever fighting or for carrying anything heavier than a dagger on her person, she also cannot carry heavy things for long times, she becomes easily winded from that.


    Allies: Her Family and the Allies of her Father.
    Enemies: The enemies of her father.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To become the best Princess she can and to serve her father well.
    Aspirations: To Marry a man her Father approves of and that she personally loves.
    Hobbies: Playing the lute, Singing, Walking the gardens, Studying and learning.
    Likes: Beautiful clothing, the company of those she loves, Sweet food, Preforming and success.
    Dislikes: Failure, Bitter food, Being forced into things, being teased, Being looked down upon because she is a woman or because she is young and being spoken to rudely.
    Talents: Can sing rather well and has a great ability for playing the lute. Also had a knack for learning other instruments quickly.
    Inabilities: Does not know much about taking care of herself since she is spoiled by her father, being his only and youngest daughter. Also had trouble with weaponry for she is not very strong.
    Fears: Spiders, Not living up to the expectations of the empire and her family, and being forced to marry someone she does not love.
    General Personality: Avilon always sees the positive side to things, seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. She seems to be wise beyond her years, often saying something that a philosopher might say, though not in the exact way they might say it. Since she is so young she is rather playful and terribly loyal to those she loves. She holds a gentle and kind attitude towards the people of the empire and often holds then responsible for the peace and success of the empire for without them then all of her father's plans and idea would never have been made into reality. Around close friends and family she is just like any other young woman, excitable and giddy and eager to chatter away.
    Inner Personality: On the inside, Avilon is less bubbly and more thoughtful, seeming to hold an almost knowing air in her mind because of her constant learning. She is also very very critical about her actions and is more likely to put herself down than praise herself, almost coming off as pessimistic when it comes to her own personal traits and abilities.
    Fondest Memory: The day her uncle and her were running around as wolves, him teaching her how to hunt small animals and how to track them.
    Biggest Regret: Having failed at an exam that had been given to her by an adviser to see if she could be advising material.
    Secret: She wishes had been born a boy so that people would not look down upon her for being a woman.


    Special Items: Her lute, given to her by her mother on her 16th birthday.
    Weapons: None
    Magics: None


    General History: Avilon was born to the Emperor and his wife, the man having decided to finally start a family after many long war campaigns in the name of his country and wishing to have an heir if it ever comes to the point that he may die in battle. After she was born, she spent most of her life within the imperial grounds, her father becoming rather over protective for his one and only daughter. She has been outside though, walking amongst the people and learning from them as she grew older and older. However, unlike many who would learn to fight, her father forbid her from doing so believing that it would instill a brash thought of mind in her as well as make her wish to participate in the battles that he has fought. Instead she was taught in the arts of politics and science, becoming one of the smartest, if not the smartest, people in the kingdom. She continued up into the ranks of knowledge before finally completing her education and retiring to the castle to wait out her time before she became queen.

    Present Life: Currently, Avilon is of age to be married, something that her parents are thinking rather hard about. Though she if of Lycan blood and in truth could go a long while without being married, the fact that she is a princess could open quite a few doors for the empire treaty wise. She does not seem to think much of it though and only hopes that she is able to marry someone she loves, not matter who they may be. Other than that, Avilon as taken up studying that arts musically to pass the time as well as study philosophy and newer science.

    Special Historic Notes: Avilon is referred to most often as the People's Princess for the way she often speaks so highly of the common folk, believing that they are the key to the empires success. Also this name is used because of her unyielding passion for taking care of the citizens and offering new ideas to improves their lives, such as homeless shelters or larger additions onto older building to lengthen their life span.

    Character Name: Aidan Aoife
    Name Meaning: Fiery Life
    Alias: Uncle Aidi
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Lycan of the Elrynthian Heritage.
    Age: 230
    B-Day: August 17, 1014
    Zodiac Sign: Leo
    Place of Birth: Born on the Imperial grounds.
    Current Residence: Palace of Elrynth
    Occupation: Head of the Royal Council
    School/Grade: Trained by the Royal Gaurd as a Child
    Family: Member of the Royal family, Brother to the Emperor.
    Gemstone: N/A
    More: Aidan has resided upon the Royal Grounds all his life.


    Height: 6'1
    Hair: Sandy brown, shoulder length. Very well groomed.
    Eyes: Blue
    Distinguishing Marks: The Mark of the Royal Bloodline rests upon his upper right shoulder.
    General Appearance: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Strengths: A ridiculous amount of speed and strength, stemming from his Lycain heritage. Also he's a socail genius, always on top of the conversation.
    Weaknesses: Water, absolutely hates the water. Also, Aidan has always had a small downfall with close quarters combat, wielding a War Hammer has given him some advantages, but also, never really a great defensive weapon. Having to wield it with both hands, it kind of keeps him in a certain rythym. If anyone were to catch onto this, it wouldn't be to hard to take him down.
    More: Aidan watched his younger sister drown when he was a child, too scared to help her because of the fact he could never swim. This is why he's so afraid of water.

    Royal Coat of Arms: [​IMG]


    Allies: The Royal Family/Council
    Enemies: The Empire of Skingrath, smallest of the three empires.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To Keep the Kingdom at the top of the Three Empires.
    Aspirations: To stay where he is for the rest of his life. Maybe one day start a family of his own. He especially enjoys Architecture.
    Hobbies: Weapons Smith.
    Likes: Hunting, Riding, Archery, Weapons Smithing. He's especially good with enchantments.
    Dislikes: The Water.
    Talents: Weapons Smithing, Black smithing, Enchantments.
    Inabilities: Jousting. Absolutely horrible with jousting.
    Fears: Drowning. His biggest and only fear is drowning. Or not being able to help his family.
    General Personality: Aidan is the most warm hearted and caring person you will ever meet, hence the name " Uncle " Aidi. Always a lending his ear to the less fortunate of the empire, trying to keep everyone happy. Never putting himself first. Also he has a great sense of humor.
    Inner Personality: The most observational person in the Empire, learning everything he can about anything at all time. Has a small OCD Problem when it comes to new people.
    Fondest Memory: His brother, mother and him cooking a family meal in they're private kitchen.
    Biggest Regret: Not learning how to swim.
    Secret: That he was the reason that his younger sister drowned when they were children. His toy, it was all for his toy. He had screamed and cried until his little sister promised him that she would retrieve his toy from the pond.
    More: N/A


    Special Items: Aidan carries whats known as the Key to the Royal Seat. In fear that someone would try to Assassinate his brother for the throne, Aidan decided to wear the Holy Seal around his neck.
    Weapons: Small stature put aside, Aidan carries a Warhammer that stands a foot higher than his head. The Hammer on one end weighed in at almost 100lbs, the spike on the opposing end was made of Crystal from the Royal Treasury.
    Magics: Weapon Enchantment. Mainly in Elemental areas.
    More: The rings that Aidan wears signifies the Assassination attempts he has thwarted, each holding the seal of the Noble Family responsible. As not to forget.


    General History: From the day he opened his eyes to present, Aidan has been loved and adored by the people around him. Always keeping those who he loved close to him. His mother and father were the Royal Seat before his brother, making sure he was given the best Education and Training available across the land. Trained since he was a child, Aidan took to the War Hammer at a young age. His father also wielded the same type of weapon, thus gave him more training than the usual soldier or knight would recieve. His mother on the other hand was an Enchantments Expert. Hense why Aidan is the Royal Enchanter. His mother kept him nearly a genius ever since he learned to read, so ever since he always strived to learn anything he could. For the rest of the family, he never really met them. They were stationed in they're respective homes across the Empire, where they too kept a watchful eye on they're territories. He had visited them few times, but barely remembers anything from his childhood when it comes to those aspects. Other than his family, Aidan didnt have many female takers, always looked at as the older wiser of the men, no woman ever actually took to him sexually. He's laid with a woman, but never for love.

    Present Life: At the head of the Royal Council, Aidan keeps strong watch over the Empire. His brother had placed him in command over the Royal Gaurd as well, and the groundskeeping/servants. Being the kind hearted man he is, the servants and what not have always loved and served him with pure loyalty and admiration. He personally takes responsibility for the Gaurds training from the first day to the last, when he knights the men who he ha trained so dearly. He currently has under his command his own personal gaurd as well, who take care of more dark escapades for him without the thought of a doubt, these men are normally very well taken care of, seeing as how they've done so many nightmarish things in they're past. He personally makes sure they are very well off. When it comes to his own personal life though, suprisingly enough he enjoys the simpler things in life. Riding, Archery, and Weapons Smithing has always been personal hobbies of his, ever since he was a child.

    Special Historic Notes: Aidan has been in nearly every war of his brother's current reign. Fighting alongside his brother for hundreds of years, preserving the beautiful life they have set for themselves and the kingdom. When his father was be-headed at the Battle of Moonshade, him and his brother were devastated, sending them into a battle frenzy they tore through the enemy ranks as if they were standing still. Ever since the battle they have been known as the Fang and the Claw of the Empire, the toughest of battle ready veterans who are ready to die for their empire, and its safety.
  9. And if you guys start to get a little impatient lol, Ill start the storyline once everyone gets there characters done. :)

    Character Name: Rona
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Vampire
    Age: Young Adult
    Birthplace/World: The Marble City, Decrenia
    Occupation/School/Grade: Empress


    General Appearance (open)

    Strengths: Graceful, alluring, and a talented battlemage on top of her vampiric abilities.
    Weaknesses: Physically unimposing and dependent on blood.


    Current Goal/Purpose: For the people of the world to realize that stability and peace only last under an iron fist.
    Talents: Determined, ruthless, She cannot and will be swyed from her path.
    Inabilities: Unforgiving and lacking what some would call empathy, she displays rage when confronted by them.
    Fears: Anarchy, chaos. Elves cannot be trusted, primal races doubly so.
    General Personality: Passionate and committed she obviously believes what she id trying to accomplish is the right thing to do.
    Inner Personality: Her drive comes from deep seated dissatisfaction. Centuries of watching the world wear on. Of heroes rising and falling, great loves, great works. Empires now fallen to ashes. Everything is fleeting. Instead of disconnecting herself from the world she set out to build something that would last. A place with the stability to never crumble and where everyone could be happy and there would be no anarchy or chaos to erode the foundations if this new empire. She would rather die than see it fall.


    General History:
    There was a dark time in Decernia’s history then Alderik the Grey died with no living heir. The high lords declared three month on mourning and began restructuring the government to be run my them, an elected parliament. Yet, on the bay of the signing a young looking woman stepped forwards claiming the throne. With her she bore papers that proved her lineage, she was Alderic’s great grand aunt and yet looked barely an adult. The reason for this shocked the lords. Their prospective ruled was a vampire.

    Still they found no law or reason to deny her rule, and she preached unity and peace, something the people yearned for and so less than a month later she was crowned, but her “condition” was keeps carefully secret.
    Present Life:
    Still early in her rule she gathers the empire and organizes it under her. Crime is down, jobs are opening up and the gates of trade bustle with activity. Her armies swell and act as police and emissaries. She has brought the peace she promised, but her work as she sees it is far from over, even now her small neighbor, Niven’s Dale, a minor kingdom, feels the boots of her soldiers as they keep the peace where they are not wanted.

    Character Name:
    Name Meaning: Celtic - son of the wolf
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Unknown for fact, but believed to be human
    Age: 22
    B-Day: May 26, 1236


    Height: 6'2"
    Hair: Short, scruffy looking blond hair.
    Eyes: Dull hazel green eyes
    Distinguishing Marks:
    Tattoo on his back inspired by the fang found on him at birth
    View attachment 6149
    General Appearance:
    View attachment 6153
    Strengths: Very agile and quick on his feet. Physical strong from wielding the long, heavy sword.
    Weaknesses: Slow to respond to things in his peripheral vision. Coming at him from the side generally guarantees a hitting blow.


    Talents: Juggling and darts.
    Inabilities: Drawing, reading, and writing.
    Fears: Storms.
    General Personality: Although stern, he can smile and loosen up. However, he is quick to come to action and rarely thinks before he does something, no matter how rational or irrational. He is a bit of a pervert, but doesn't force his company onto women should they tell him to leave. An all-together nice guy.
    Inner Personality: He loves children, and is rather childish himself. Rarely does he ever get a chance to just play with young people.


    Special Items:
    Pendent around his neck.
    Weapons: Can use swords and quarterstaffs.
    Carries an Irish medieval sword
    View attachment 6151
    And has a long knife on his leg
    View attachment 6152


    General History: Having been found out in the woods crying by a traveling troupe of nomadic people with only the pendant around his neck, he grew up not being anything like the other children around him. At the age of 10, they crafted him a beautiful sword and trained him to use it. When he turned 15, he was sent to find his own way in the world. Already close to 6' tall for a young man, he looked older than he was and played it up that way until he found himself in Elrynth.

    Present Life: In Elrynth, he had nothing but the sword and clothes on his back. He had made a little bit of money, but not enough to really make a place for himself, so he quickly searched for a job. Given his expertise, he figure the castle was a good place to start. However, he hadn't quite built up the courage to make his way up there...

    Special Historic Notes: Unknown to Weylan, he was born to a lycan family in a different region, which is why he carries a wolf fang around his neck. He still has yet to experience the Change.

    Character Name:
    Auvreaka WIP
    Name Meaning: Blood of the Dragon
    Alias: Other names or nicks your character might be known by.
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Dragon
    Age: 300
    B-Day: January 21st
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    Bloodtype: A+
    Place of Birth: In the desert to the west of the Westfall capital, where the temperature never drops below 50 degrees at night and the wind is always blowing.
    Current Residence: Wanders the empire
    Occupation: Merc for hire
    School/Grade: N/A
    Family: None that he knows of
    Gemstone: Diamond


    Height: 6 feet
    Hair: Black and falls down to the top of his neck
    Eyes: Silver
    Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc.
    General Appearance:
    Human form: My-fave-bishies-again-anime-guys-7720401-453-640.jpg

    Dragon form: dragon.jpg

    Strengths: Developed high stamina and endurance from flying. Melee combat
    Weaknesses: Swimming


    Allies: None at the moment
    Enemies: the enemy of his employer
    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda they would like to accomplish.
    Aspirations: Personal dreams and desires!
    Hobbies: Things they like to do.
    Likes: Destruction, Fighting
    Dislikes: Staying still for to long
    Talents: Magic,
    Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.
    Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even small events they don't want to happen.
    General Personality: This is the personality that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How the interact with other people.
    Inner Personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
    Fondest Memory: Flying for the first time
    Biggest Regret: The one they they really regret about their life.
    Secret: That one thing they don't want the world to find out.


    Special Items: Any items that might be precious or important to the character.
    Weapons: Knows how to use swords
    Magics: Fire and wind elemental magic. Weapon summoning. Ablitiy transfer: allows him to use his dragon abilities in human form. Phyiscall transfer: Transfers phyiscal attributes of his dragon form to human form eg. wings to fly or scales to protect his body.


    General History: Auv's egg was

    Present Life: The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!

    Special Historic Notes: A quick checklist of the major "events" in the character's life.
  13. Umm the dragon...Should I allow that? Its a little beasty. Maybe someone who has the ability to summon a dragon? Or the abilities of a dragon, fire, strength, etc. And could you put a background or back story behind the character. Like where he was born, did he have a good life, a bad life. Just wanna know a bit more about your character, make it easier for the story line.
  14. Is there still room in this RP? If not, that's alright.
  15. I was thinking on the lines of a dragon shifter kind of thing. I can still change my race if I need to.
  16. Honestly, if you're not totally overpowered, I would say go for it.
    Then again, I'm not the GM.
  17. Playing a character isn't like me so I would find a way to make him acceptable.
  18. I might be interested in playing one of the groundskeepers. * O * But I'd like to hear more of the plot first~ :3
  19. Yeah as long as the dragon isn't totally overpowering, then its fine. And were just gonna kinda post everyone kinda living life on in the castle and the surrounding city, just to get the feel for some kind of plot line. I kinda wanna get opinions and see what people want to get out of this Story.

    And im gonna have to go into work fora while today, so it probably wont be until later tonight that I can get everything started.
  20. I'm ALMOST done with my backstory.
    Here's hoping somebody will read it! Since its.... roughly 3 1/2 pages.

    If you want to join, make sure you fill out the character sheet!