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  1. The Elevator.jpg
    Welcome to The Elevator.

    Nobody knows what The Elevator is, or how it appeared.
    The building housing The Elevator has only one floor... yet the little arrow-lights said that it came from a higher floor.
    You do not know why... but you have entered The Elevator.
    You and a few other people, of course.
    You do not know what is in store, but all you can do... is wait for it to reach the next floor...​

    Hello, and thank you for clicking this thread! The Elevator is a comedy-based-roleplay, centered around the strange and predictable nature of this strange Elevator. Every few posts, The Elevator will stop for a moment, allowing for a random event to occur, these can range from harmless, to very harmful, and are usually very strange.

    Due to the nature of The Elevator, any type of character can join, from Elves to Robots, simply fill out the Character Sheet.

    Character Sheet
    (Anything after appearance is optional.)

    Power Level:
    Phone Number:
    Red or Blue:
    Criminal Record:
    Political Party:
    Left or Right Hand:
    Pain Threshold:
    Favorite Weapon:
    Running Speed:
    Home Planet:
    Dancing Skill:
    Longest time spent on fire:
    Favorite color:​
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  2. Hmm! Will you be deciding the events, or will that be up to the other players?
  3. I will be posting the events, but feel free to suggest any ideas you have.
  4. Sweet. I'll have a bio up soon!
  5. How very interesting. I do suppose this would be an excellent role play to be apart of!

    Name: Esamaya J. Cabousa.
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male.
    Race: At once, a human. (Spookius Phantomias)
    Appearance: He's a sickly thin looking fellow, tall and slender. He was as tall as a 6'5" pole, and teeth like a military cemetery. He has (or had) short, black hair that was always spiked up in some way or another. He was notoriously Indonesian, with Asian-like characteristics. Esamaya was young when it died, working part-time at a small book-store to pay his way through college to become an Apothecary. He was known for wearing large, thick-framed glasses, hats and scarves-- dressing as if it was always winter where he lived. He died working the night-shift at the book-store, Mother Necessity, when a large book-shelf holding encyclopedias fell atop of him, breaking his back and crushing his skull. So it goes.
    Personality: Contrary to popular belief, he isn't a vengeful spirit. His death did leave him bitter, but he still does clean up at Mother Necessity. He sweeps the floors hauntingly so, and won't give up on a job till it's done right. He's passionate about medicine and books, and loves to help as much as possible. He is shy as he is kind, though, but even so, the most pleasant poltergeists are known to plunder.
    Power Level: -6 at best.
    Phone Number: 1-404-657-0997, but I doubt you'd get an answer.
    Red or Blue: Blue.
    Criminal Record: None.
    Political Party: Grass and Roots.
    Left or Right Hand: Lefty.
    Pain Threshold: A simple pinch would get him going.
    Favorite Weapon: Mortar and pestle.
    Running Speed: 4 MPH, but his hovering is outstanding. Literally.
    Home Planet: Earth.
    Dancing Skill: Swing.
    Longest time spent on fire: Not long enough.
    Favorite color: Any color, really.
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  6. I hope this is okay. I can totally make a more serious character if you like.

    Name: Pipe Man (PM for short.)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    Appearance: PM has a very irritable look about him, but it's not enough to make him look truly frightening. More like an angry puppy. He is relatively short for a boy his age, and is never seen without his poofy blue hat, emblazoned with a big black "K". Light brown hair sticks out from beneath the hat on all sides; it's always incredibly scruffy, no matter what he does to it. Rounded blue eyes and thick eyebrows give an intense edge to every annoyed scowl he shoots at someone. A blue t-shirt and hand-me-down jeans complete his look.

    Personality: Cynical, sarcastic, and rather bitter. He hates the idea of throwing his life around for the sake of ~saving the world~ but usually doesn't have much of a choice.

    Home Planet: PM hails from a planet called Mundus, which is stationed in a pocket-sized universe known as Zeta. Specifically, Pipe Man lives in Marshroom Kingdom, which acts as the agricultural hub for a good half of the planet and is host to a wide variety of unique creatures not found anywhere else.

    Power Level: Quite high, actually! At least in his home world, where he can use his communion with the Star Ghosts. His five partners in world-saving have neglected to join him as well. Here in the Elevator, Pipe Man is reduced to using the powers granted to him by special Flags, which he keeps in his pockets at all times. The ones he currently has equipped are:
    - Flying Raptor Kick: enables a high jump followed by a flame-footed kick from the heavens.
    - Knuckle Boost: powers up attacks revolving around punching. (Basically lets him punch hard things without breaking his hand.)
    - Fire Failsafe: weakens incoming fire-based attacks.
    - PD Emblem: when activated, changes PM's outfit to mimic that of his brother, Pipe Dude. The blue in his clothes turns to orange, and the K on his hat becomes a Q instead.
    PM also carries around a special weapon called the Pointy Stick of Omega. Unfortunately, with his connection to the Star Ghosts' power cut off, this "weapon" is really just an ordinary twig.

    Phone Number: Phones? Who needs phones? Just talk to him, JEEZ.
    Red or Blue: Blue! Blue all the way. Red is a lame-ass color. The lamest of them all, in fact.
    Criminal Record: None.
    Political Party: In Marshroom Kingdom, either you support the kind and fair Princess Pear, or the powerful tyrant Mowser. Take a guess.
    Pain Threshold: Pretty high. It kinda has to be if he wants to take on the kind of foes he faces on a near-daily basis.
    Favorite Weapon: His own feet! PM specializes in powerful swinging or dropping kicks. Just jumping on people is boring.
    Running Speed: Average.
    Dancing Skill: Euugh.
    Longest time spent on fire: About ten minutes. Mowser's fire breath is a bitch.
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  7. Pipe Man and Esamaya are accepted.
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  8. Sweet, thank you kindly! If you at all need someone to move this along, I would be glad to make some extra characters to fill the gap, or at all make a banner for you to post around Iwaku!!
  9. I'd love to make some more characters, too. It's not too often I get to bust out the sillier side of my worldbuilding. o3o
  10. Feel free to have multiple characters.
  11. ...A banner would be nice...
  12. I'll be sure to make something wicked for this group!
  13. One is edited, the other is a little vague. I can change them if you need something different-- say, a saying of some sort.

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  14. I'm liking the "Going Up?" one.
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