The elephant in the room

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  1. So... Cockcake day.
  2. Wait....


    Did I miss something here?

    Damn me for trying to sleep! I miss out on all the good stuff. :(
  3. i think i need to give my wife some cockcake then
  4. Icwutyoodidthar.
  5. I found a website with the URL "". Unfortunately, it wouldn't load. Or rather fortunately, I'm supposing.
  6. Funny. I was just talking about this in the insanity thread.
  7. when i was you guys age, we called it mouthmeat
  9. haha
  10. I prefer pie.
  11. poontang pie?
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  12. Especially poontang pie.
  13. I laughed too hard at this. My inner pervert is pleased with this nickname.

  14. :o <=====8
  15. And keyboard porn to boot! It must be my lucky cockcake day!
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  16. Raz, you drew it wrong.

    :o <==8
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  17. no i didnt

    yours is just tiny
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  18. Eenie weenie!

    Remember Raz, you don't havt to be ashamed of it. It's not the size the boat, but the motion of the ocean.

    Just avoid waterbeds....and I will not elaborate any further on that.
  19. Doesn't that lead to motion sickness?
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