The Elemental Witches

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  1. We have all read books or watched tv or even films where you will find witches whom are connected to the elements, I along with Eve lilith Angelson, feel this would make a good group rp. And we have come together with making the storyline..making us both GM of this RP.


    Fire, Air, Earth and Water the main elements everywhere. How much fun could you have if you could control one of these?

    Fire springing from your hand to keep you warm or even to protect you from the evil that walks the earth. A dangerous and unpredictable element. But with that it can also heal, heat being a soothing. Etc...

    Air, the air around you doing your bidding weather it be so you can move things in the air or to take the air from someones lungs to stop them from causing harm to you and others or take the air away from your enemy, causing them to suffocate. Make a breeze or float an object. Etc...

    Earth the feeling of making the flowers grow and the grass greener or even to quake under the enemy's feet or to barricade yourself away from harm. Etc..

    Water being able to summon water from anywhere, weather it be from a tap or even a natural source deep down in the earth weather you summon it for drinking or for drowning. Or summon water from the air, Or a person's body. Etc..

    The ability on how you can manipulate your element is endless, depending how strong your ability is to you. It varies. Some are weaker than others, making some more powerful than others.
    For example- Both parents have the water element therefore their baby's element, water, will most likely be powerful. But that doesn't mean you have to have parents of the same element for your element to be powerful. There could be another reason. (If that's not confusing)

    The only rule is you will harm ye none. No innocent shall be hurt by you or your power.

    The Coven is strict on their laws but as a governing body for all witches they have to be sure to keep themselves as well as the protected safe. (The coven is wealthy and can pay witches who work for the coven a good amount. There is a guy who is Head of the coven and such. Some witches, not all, choose to live at the huge Mansion. Picture the mansion huge with training rooms for each element. Inside garden that is huge and the ceiling is windows. Forest surrounding the home with gate to enter the property. Each room for witches who live there is like a small apartment. Etc..) Witches are both male and female.

    Many Witches whom work within the Coven have jobs weather it is to track down Warlocks, finding others who know not of the power within them or are part of the protection team who help to keep every Witch safe no matter if they are in the coven or trying to lead a normal life.

    But as always things are never quite what they seem. Within the Coven there is a prison where any Warlock whom has been captured will be taken to. The prison is protected by all the elements at the same time, No Warlock has ever escaped as no magic can be used inside the protective walls. Be you witch or warlock.

    Witches from the new to the more experienced do not need to use potions or gimmicks. Their power comes from with in. So no matter where they are the power of their element is always with them, all they need to do is summon their element, which sets in their chest. All they need to do is pull some free to use. Depening on how much you need will be how much you should pull. It needs to be gently pulled from you. Pulling to much of your magic at once and ripping it from you, can harm you, depening on how much you pull And how rough you pull it will determine how much you are harmed from doing so. So you need to know how much to use and such. That being said, A water user in the desert or in the middle of an ocean can always call forth their element (and so on for the other elements)

    Warlocks the bane in any witches life weather they are trying to manipulate you into their ways or just trying to drain your power as well as your soul to serve up to a demon they can use for their own benefits. They are powerful in human society and own a Huge company, making them wealthy and everything. (also has a head guy over the company And warlocks. The warlocks is referred to being call the warlock (campany name) cabel)

    The Warlocks are witches whom have chosen a life of doing what ever they wish weather they kill an innocent or not. They only care for themselves. No one is to sure of their reasoning behind becoming a warlock. Is it a greater evil behind them or if they were just to greedy and power hungry. wlWarlocks are both Male and female.

    As with most evil vs good the Warlocks and Witches never agree and never have agreed on anything. But the warlocks know how dangerous it would be if the whole of the human world found out about magic. So they do clean up after them self's when magic has been used. The Witches can work out what the Warlocks were up to from the residue from their spells.

    The war on good vs evil has been going on since the world began but many humans have no idea of what and when these battles happen. They walk around with blinkers on, not seeing the true magic of the world around them but what if some out there are capable of using the magics that do not know of their heritage, their element, or about the magical world for some reason. And they have no idea of their own potential...... until they meet a witch from their opposite element.

    Fire x Air
    Water x Earth
    Fire and Air have always been attracted to each other as well as Water and Earth.That doesn't mean all witches and warlocks are in relationships with their opposite element.

    But with evil getting a more tight grip on the other humans of the world, will Evil finally win the battle or will Good over come them when the new witches join there brothers and sisters.Only you can decide????_______________________________

    RULES:The general iwaku rules apply.
    *Any Age can join. Therefore sex scenes should fade to black. So keep in mind there may be youngsters on here. If you feel like your character and the character you're getting romantic with needs to go a bit more into detail you can always use pms to do so, just don't forget the rp ;)

    *No over power character. No character without weakness. No god like characters Etc..

    *No killing off another person's character unless you have permission to do so.

    *No bulling others*If someone say's something your not to sure about please feel free to pm myself or Eve Lilith Angelson

    *Make as many characters you want as long as you can keep up with them.*Enjoy and have fun.
    Character sheet.
    Name: first and last.
    Age: must be 18+
    Element: only one
    How powerful is your element: weak, can only do little. So-so can do ... Strong can do almost anything.(Keep in mind that doesn't mean you are unable to be hurt by another element or something). Also the strength of yourelement Can Not grow nor decrease.
    Personality: (optional)
    Bio/backstory/other: (optional)
    Are you witch or warlock?
    Work for either coven or company?
    Anything else: (optional)

    Also will need someone to be the Head of the Coven and someone to be the Head of the warlocks. Character Must be atleast in your 30s or older for both. If you pick to be the head of warlocks then you can name the company whatever you like.
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  2. Name: Adelaide "Addie" Combs
    Age: 23
    Appearance: See picture
    Element: Air
    How powful: Very strong
    Witch/Warlock: Witch
    Work: Sometimes
    (We'll know more about her as the rp goes. Just on my phone and not easy to put a whole lot)

    Adelaide Combs sat in one of the few comfortable chairs by the big picture window as she read through her worn out book. The library being one of her favorite places to be at is where she chose to read. There wasn't a lot of time that she got to spend there, but whenever she got the chance to she would hide out there.

    She sighed as she flipped the page. Adelaide knew she ought to go see the boss man but she really rather stay here. As she continue to figure out what she should do, the less she actual read. Of course, she'd read the book many times over so it that should have told her what to do.

    Finally, giving up with a groan, she closed the book and tossed it onto the end table. Muttering under her before but not attemoing to stand just yet. Rather putting it off a little longer.

    But she knew sooner or later she had to go. beauty_brunette_piercing_portrait.jpg
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  3. Name: Kelly Nicholsen
    Age: 21
    Element: Earth
    Powerful: About average. She's practicing though. Getting stronger every day.
    Personality: friendly, sweet, shy at first, honest, will do anything for her close friends. Compassionate, Stands up for what she believes in.
    Bio/history: Kelly has been an orphan for as long as she can remember. She always kept her abilities a secret and so she never really fit in with the other kids. As a result, they thought her weak and she was picked on pretty often. She stood up for the others who needed it though, and never let the innocent get hurt around her. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the best self-esteem. So, she stands up for others, but never really for herself. One would say she'dtoo nice for her own good. She doesn't have too many friends and Kelly's struggled with finding a purpose in life so she decided to try to find others like her. Turns out the Witches found her, searching for those of their kind that didn't know of the Coven. She decided to live in the Mansion and has been protecting those of her kind for a few weeks now. They've explained everything about the Witches and Warlocks and she's a firm Witch now. She's definitely still new to the Coven though, so she still hasn't made any friends.
    Witch/Warlock: Witch
    Works for Coven
    Else: The reason she doesn't get too far in her element training even though she works so hard at it is because it hasn't been fully unlocked yet. She hasn't found the right water witch/warlock to free her of this block between her progress and her full potential.
    Also, she's pretty short. Like 5'1


    Kelly hesitantly opened the door to the large library slowly stepping one foot inside the large room. It had taken her awhile to find it, but she was finally here. There was a girl by the window she was sent to come find. "A-Adelaide?" she cleared her throat. "I was told that the boss wants to see you..." She mumbled. She knew she wasn't great with social interaction and that she should work on it, but she's just...shy. People can be very cruel and judgmental. Why get to know them if they don't seem to want to know you?
  4. Adelaide glanced up at her name being said. Kelly, one of the more recent witches who joined the coven, stood by the door. Adelaide didn't know much about the young woman. "I figured as much." She answered, sighing as she stood and walked over to the door. Stopping briefly, she looked over her shoulder. "Did he say what for?" She asked.

    There was always something she was doing but she planned to get to know the new comers better. There wasn't many who lived in the coven that she didn't know. Of course, there were few she knew more about than others. But she always welcomed everyone. Except the recent ones who had joined the past month or so. That would change soon.
  5. Adelaide seemed unhappy to talk to the boss for some reason. She seemed like the kind of witch who's been here for awhile though Kelly wasn't sure. Kelly moved out of the way swiftly, backing up to let Adelaide out of the library.
    She responded to her question with a slight shrug and a shake of her head, biting her lip. She was a little nervous because she'd heard Adelaide was a very strong and experienced witch. Kelly listened to everything since she didn't speak unless she had to and she knew gossip and rumors were hardly true, but this particular sentence she'd caught seemed true.
    Kelly gulped, wondering if she was supposed to escort Adelaide to the office or not..
  6. Current Alias: Jack Sullivan
    Name: Christopher Hennessy
    Age: 24
    Appearance: (will add when I post)
    Element: Fire
    Elemental Power Level: Strong
    Witch or Warlock: Warlock?
    Coven or Company: Neither

    Backstory: Chris has a bad history with fire. He burnt down his home when he was fifteen. It's assumed that his parents were killed in that incident, but nothing has been proven and he escaped. He changed his name after that. When he was twenty-one his aunt disappeared while in hospital care. A relative of hers was rumored to be in the area, and the smell of smoke was noticed in the room when a nurse found the room empty.

    He is wanted by the Coven and has been surprisingly hard to locate. That may be due to his regular name change and long stretches of lying low, but who really knows. Few have met him as an elemental magic user.

    ((I'll just post this now and start roleplaying tomorrow or the next day.))
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  7. Name: Cohen Kintari
    Age: 23
    Element: Water
    How Powerful: Very Strong
    Personality: His most feared, and least know attribute, is his innocent lack of guilt or most 'feelings'. Although he does enjoy pretending to have them on many an occasion.
    Other: When he was young, he got almost anything that he wanted purely from his innocent appearance and wide, imploring eyes. This still works quite well, given that he looks much as he did all those years ago. However, he became spoilt to the core and now takes whatever he wants when asking does not work for him.
    Witch or warlock: Warlock
    Coven or company: Works as a double agent for the Company, pretending that he is a Witch. (( If that is allowed...? ))

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    Cohen was stopped, as he so often was, by the cold rush of adrenaline that he got whenever his eyes had been caught on something minuscule and generally viewed as unimportant. This time it was voices that were coming from the library as he passed in front of its doors as he made his way down the hall. The word 'Boss' had slipped through and his interest had been immediately piqued. He stopped walking and leaned casually outside of the door, flipping through the pages of an advanced text book that he had been assigned to read by his true boss. He was always very eager to see that his Warlocks were ahead of the Witches on at least some level.

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  8. ((It's fine :))

    "Thank you." Adelaide smiled faintly, noticing Kelly's nervousness. Then, she turned and headed to the boss's office.

    On the first floor was where Theodore Jackson office was located, Off from the main entrance. Theo was a great guy and really good at his job. He never rubbed being the boss in anyone's face. Although, he had an air around him that let others know he was in charge. A powerful witch in his element: Earth.

    Adelaide enjoyed talking to him but others may find him too intimidated. It could be she knew him since she was little. And he was her cousin.

    As she left the library she saw Cohan out of the corner of her eye. A small chill ran over her. She didn't know much about the guy and didn't think anyone else did either. Not having time for anything, she shook off the strange vibe and continue down the hall.

    Later. Deal with it later. She told herself, putting a remainder in the back of her head to try getting to know the man. When, she wasn't sure but soon. Hopefully.

    She came to the top of the stair leading to the first floor and started down. Dreading having to hear what Theo had to tell her, but knowing it was probably important, made het quicken her step and hurry. She lightly knocked on the door before entering.

    (Sorry..will write more in a few.)
  9. Cohen felt the power that Adelaide gave off as she walked past him, like the antennas of an insect as it carefully poked and prodded a creature of similar size. He pretended not to notice, head bent low in the pages of his book, until the very second that she was out of sight. He looked around himself from left to right and, satisfied that no one was approaching, silently clapped him book shut and entered the library. As expected, the girl who had been talking with Adelaide was still inside. "E-excuse me?" he started softly from behind her. There was a mixed look of worry and fear in his eyes as if he had intruded upon this other girl and was extremely apologetic for it. "You wouldn't happen to know why the boss called for Addie, would you?" He had been very careful with the use of her nickname so that the girl might find it easier to believe that he and Adelaide were good friends.
  10. Name: Clarity Shields
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Brown-eyed, five-foot-ten, blonde
    Element: Earth
    How powerful is your element: Powerful, but dormant and, when revealed, uncontrolled
    Personality: Roleplay to find out.
    Bio/backstory/other: Roleplay to find out
    Are you witch or warlock? Neither. She is not currently aware of her powers
    Work for either coven or company? Neither.



    The female bartender turns her head at the sound of her name, her hazel gaze peering towards its source from behind golden locks. Caroline, her friend, offers a wink as their eyes meet before tilting her head toward the busy establishment's entrance. Clarity's line of vision follows the other's direction with an inward sigh. The male's arrival is no surprise; she has seen him more regularly as of late and he always appears with the same air of confidence. As their eyes meet, his smirk seems to speak louder than all the clamour of conversation, music, and general late night rowdiness. Clarity keeps the eye contact only momentarily before she turns back to her task at hand: pouring a beer for a customer.

    Caroline is beside her in an instant. "He's kind of cute. And dressed up. Maybe he knows it's your birthday," she whispers, barely containing her giggle.

    "Well, that would be creepy."

    "Awww, c'mon. I think he's interested."

    "He doesn't even know me. " A pause. "Did -you- tell him my birthday?!" Clarity appears suspicious, but doesn't give her friend a chance to respond as she dons a smile to give her waiting customer his beer. "Is there anything else I can get you?"

    She can see the man making his way to the bar from the door from the corner of her eye and, in an attempt to avoid conversation with the other, she maintains her focus on the current customer she is serving. Caroline, in the meantime, is watching with quite the interest while pretending to wipe down the countertop.
  11. Kelly tensed at the sound of a timid voice behind her. She swiftly turned and met cold blue eyes with her own gray pair. The man seemed very boyish and unintimidating as he asked her if she knew why Addie had been sent to see the boss. His facial features told Kelly he was worried that he might have interrupted her, but his eyes didn't say anything. It was....chilling.
    "Um no...who's asking?" Kelly bit her lip, afraid that her asking for his name that way overstepped some sort of boundary. She hadn't been doing anything, just dawdling in the beautiful library.
  12. Cohen forced a blush upon his cheeks at the girl's inquiry for his name, shaking his head 'no' quickly, as if he were embarrassed by her asking. His name was a liability, he always told himself, as were any people -witch, warlock, or other- who tried to get close to him on any level. He was tempted to simply tell the girl that he and Adelaide were simply friends, and run off, but thought better of it. Most here already knew that he didn't have any friends, or if he did, he was never seen with them. Besides, if this girl were to tell the other that he had claimed to be Adelaide's friend and he happened to bump into both of them together, it would cause major complications for his persona. "N-no one," he answered quickly in a humbled tone of shame. "I'm nobody." Already he was walking backwards to the door of the library, attempting at a smile for the lack of information. A pointless gesture, but one that he had seen others do often enough. "Thank you though."
  13. The sudden blush on the man's cheeks seemed very strange to Kelly...almost forced. But she flung the thought out her head, scolding herself for being so suspicious. No one can force a blush to their cheeks! Then he shook his head, refusing to give her his name. She understood. She used to refuse to give out any information about herself to anyone, but then she realized the people here were only trying to help and it became easier to trust people even if her social skills didn't improve.
    He started to back away and told her he was no one and nobody. Those words reminded her of her years in foster care. Those were the words young children used when they were sad that she had gotten hurt defending them. Kelly always refised to believe it and she did the same in this situation. He thanked her, but she tried to stop him by cocking her head. What would make him believe he was no one in this beautiful place? "Nobody? But surely you're someone. Where are you going?"
  14. The girl was trying to reassure Cohen that he was someone, but he knew that that wasn't something for her to decide. His worth was solely based on his usefulness, which was in turn based on his actions, which were chosen on his reactions to different situations, which were determined by his body language and personality. And right now he was weak, timid Cohen who's self-value was low, seeing as how using this act left him with no new information from the girl. No. For now, he was nobody. "I w-wouldn't want to take up anymore of your time..." He was looking down at his shuffling feet, making sure they weren't trying to leave at a suspiciously anxious speed. This girl was making him nervous with all of her innocent inquiries, a feeling that he attempted to quell but knew would not be stilled until he was away from her.
  15. "Close the door." Theodore commended, not looking up from the paper work scattered on his desk. "Have a sit." He said, as she followed his demend.

    She hadn't seen him this serious for some time now. Things had calmed down a couple weeks ago. For him to be this....worried meant something has come to his attention that needed took care of now. "Theo, what is it?" She asked, sitting across his desk, leaning foward. Adelaide had learnt to read upside down over the years though she wasn't very good at it.

    "There's a woman who I was informed was in danger. We need to get her here now. Clarity Shields." Theodore looked up at Adelaide finally and then went into detail on how to go about picking her up and where to locate her.. Once he finished, he sighed. "We don't know much on her. Just that she has no idea about the magical world and that her element is Earth. You have to get to her before the warlocks do. Take someone to help."

    "Of course." Adelaide said, nodding once. After talking little more on the matter, she excused herself and left the office. She needed to get on this mission as soon as possible.
  16. Kelly watched the man deflect her questions entirely in such a nervous fashion that she almost felt bad for him. She took a cautious few steps toward him and gave him a half smile. "But the reason I asked is because I want you to take up my time. I really don't have anything else to do. M-my name is Kelly." She was a little hesitant about meeting new people but she usually did better with young or fragile people because they tended to look up to her. She didn't feel as weak around children or others who were nervous.
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  17. The man walked up to the bar and took a seat. He flicked his gaze over the bartenders, waiting to be attended. His eyes lingered on the blonde, and he flashed a mischievous smile before lowering his eyes to the counter. He looked somewhat amused, as if the counter asked him a riddle. 'Maybe I overestimated them,' he thought. Having been in this town for so long, he was surprised that the Coven hadn't caught wind of him yet.
  18. "No, that's all...for now," the served customer replies with a quick wink. Clarity maintains her smile for good customer service's sake, but as soon as he turns back to his own friends, that smile disappears to give way to a roll of her eyes. The female bartender then gives a quick glance to her friend, Caroline...a look that implores her colleague to take care of the familiar stranger. Caroline, however, appears intently busy with a stubborn invisible stain on the countertop.

    With an inward sigh, the Shields dons yet another smile to turn and address the newcomer. "Welcome back. You look dressed up today. What's the occasion?"

    The girl's hazel eyes meet with the other's, trying to read through his mischievous smile and perhaps gain some insight to his regular presence. Her powers of observation has had plenty of practice in the bar over the years and something within her seems to sense that this male isn't altogether...well...normal.
  19. Cohen pursed his lips together and gave Kelly a nod of understanding. He had heard a little about her from his 'employer', if that was the appropriate word to call him, as he had about almost everyone else within the Coven. It was for a sense of protection, being that most surprises led to nothing good. Kelly... Newcomer... Not long, only a few weeks maybe... Earth... 21... he was thinking a mile a minute behind his mask, noting that he should brush up on her past. If it was available.
    A sudden thought caught his breath. A rather... mischievous... thought. He could use her to his advantage, if he played his cards right. He looked up from his feet, ceasing their movement and offering a small smile of his own as his blue eyes met the girl's gray ones. "My name is Cohen. It's a pleasure t-to make your acquaintance, Kelly." He timidly stretched out his hand, not having done something like this -being so reckless- since he was very young. Those times it had been to his parents and servants, shortly before they died. Well, most of them.
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  20. Kelly watched him shuffle his feet and hesitate to meet her gaze. She stared, a little concerned for him, until his icy blue eyes met her gray ones. His gaze gave off absolutely nothing but cold calculation. She almost shivered until he outstretched his hand and timidly introduced himself. There was something about Cohen that made her hesitant to reach out and hold his hand politely, but she ignored the strange feeling and gave him a smile. "Nice to meet you Cohen. How long have you been here? I haven't seen you around before." She gave his hand a small shake then let it drop. This had been one of her first formal introductions to any of the members of the Coven at the Mansion and she was glad to have finally made an acquaintance she was comfortable speaking to since he seemed so similar to her friends in foster care.
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