The Elemental Witches

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  1. We have all read books or watched tv or even films where you will find witches whom are connected to the elements, I along with Eve lilith Angelson, feel this would make a good group rp. And we have come together with making the storyline..making us both GM of this RP.

    Fire, Air, Earth and Water, the main elements everywhere. How much fun could you have if you could control one of these?

    Fire springing from your hand to keep you warm or even to protect you from the evil that walks the earth. A dangerous and unpredictable element. But with that it can also heal, heat being a soothing.

    Air, the air around you doing your bidding weather it be so you can move things in the air or to take the air from someones lungs to stop them from causing harm to you and others or take the air away from your enemy, causing them to suffocate. Make a breeze or float an object.

    Earth the feeling of making the flowers grow and the grass greener or even to quake under the enemy's feet or to barricade yourself away from harm.

    Water being able to summon water from anywhere, weather it be from a tap or even a natural source deep down in the earth weather you summon it for drinking or for drowning. Or summon water from the air, Or a person's body.

    The ability on how you can manipulate your element is endless, depending how strong your ability is to you. It varies. Some are weaker than others, making some more powerful than others.

    For example- Both parents have the water element therefore their baby's element, water, will be powerful. But that doesn't mean you have to have parents of the same element for your element to be powerful. There could be another reason. (If that's not confusing)

    The only rule is you will harm ye none. No innocent shall be hurt by you or your power.

    The Coven is strict on their laws but as a governing body for all witches they have to be sure to keep themselves as well as the protected safe. (The coven is wealthy and can pay witches who work for the coven a good amount. There is a guy who is Head of the coven and such. Some witches, not all, choose to live at the huge Mansion, which I will.explain later.)

    Many Witches whom work within the Coven have jobs weather it is to track down Warlocks, finding others who know not of the power within them or are part of the protection team who help to keep every Witch safe no matter if they are in the coven or trying to lead a normal life.

    But as always things are never quite what they seem.

    Within the Coven there is a prison where any Warlock whom has been captured will be taken to. The prison is protected by all the elements at the same time, No Warlock has ever escaped as no magic can be used inside the protective walls. Be you witch or warlock.

    Witches from the new to the more experienced do not need to use potions or gimmicks. Their power comes from with in. So no matter where they are the power of their element is always with them, all they need to do is summon their element, which sets in their chest. All they need to do is pull some free to use. Depening on how much you need will be how much you should pull. It needs to be gently pulled from you. Pulling to much of your magic at once and ripping it from you, can harm you, depening on how much you pull And how rough you pull it will determine how much you are harmed from doing so. So you need to know how much to use and such. That being said, A water user in the desert or in the middle of an ocean can always call forth there element (and so on for the other elements)

    Warlocks the bane in any witches life weather they are trying to manipulate you into their ways or just trying to drain your power as well as your soul to serve up to a demon they can use for their own benefits.

    They are powerful in human society and own a Huge company, makes them wealthy and everything. (also has a head guy over the company And warlocks. The warlocks is referred to being call the warlock cabel)
    The Warlocks are witches whom have chosen a life of doing what ever they wish weather they kill an innocent or not. They only care for themselves. No one is to sure of their reasoning behind becoming a warlock. Is it a greater evil behind them or if they were just to greedy and power hungry.

    As with most evil vs good the Warlocks and Witches never agree and never have agreed on anything. But the warlocks know how dangerous it would be if the whole of the human world found out about magic. So they do clean up after them self's when magic has been used, and if they don't the Coven normally send a Witch to do it as sometimes the Witches can work out what the Warlocks were up to from the residue from their spells.

    The war on good vs evil has been going on since the world began but many humans have no idea of what and when these battles happen. They walk around with blinkers on, not seeing the true magic of the world around them but what if some out there are capable of using the magics that do not know of their heritage, their element, or about the magical world for some reason. And they have no idea of their own potential...... until they meet a witch from their opposite element.

    Fire x Air
    Water x Earth

    Fire and Air have always been attracted to each other as well as Water and Earth.

    That doesn't mean all witches and warlocks are in relationships with their opposite element.

    But with evil getting a more tight grip on the other humans of the world, will Evil finally win the battle or will Good over come them when the new witches join there brothers and sisters.

    Only you can decide????

    The general iwaku rules apply.

    *Any Age can join. Therefore sex scenes should fade to black. So keep in mind there may be youngsters on here. If you feel like your character and the character you're getting romantic with needs to go a bit more into detail you can always use pms to do so, just don't forget the rp ;)
    *No over power character. No character without weakness. No god like characters Etc..
    *No killing off another person's character unless you have permission to do so.
    *No bulling others
    *If someone say's something your not to sure about please feel free to pm myself or Eve Lilith Angelson
    *Make as many characters you want as long as you can keep up with them.
    *Enjoy and have fun.

    Character sheet.

    Name: first and last.
    Age: must be 18+
    Element: only one
    How powerful is your element: weak, can only do little. So-so can do ... Strong can do almost anything.
    (Keep in mind that doesn't mean you are unable to be hurt by another element or something)
    Are you witch or warlock?
    Work for either coven or company?
    Anything else: (optional)

    Also will need someone to be the Head of the Coven and someone to be the Head of the warlocks. Character Must be atleast in your 30s or older for both. If you pick to be the head of warlocks then you can name the company whatever you like.
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  2. Name: Augustina Mullins
    Age: 24
    Appearance: see picture attachment
    Element: Water
    How powerful is element: So-so
    Personality: Calm, quit, compassionate, etc..
    Bio/history/other: She doesn't know much about her family or of the magical world. Her father walked out on her and her mother when she was little. After that her mother moved away from the coven and kept everything that had to do with magic, witches, warlocks, demons included, serect from her daughter. When Augustina turned seven her mother died. She was then in foster homes. Barely making it to graduation, she was accepted into the community college, not having enough money to afford the college she'd always dreamed of going to. But she was only able togo for two years of school. Then at twenty-two she managed to get a job waitressing. Over the years she swore off men, deciding they were all pigs and worthless jackass in the few experiences she had.
    Witch or warlock: N/A
    Work for coven or company: No

    Name: Evelia (ev-uh-lee-uh) Carter
    Age: 22
    Appearance: see picture

    Element: Fire
    How powerful is element: Strong.
    Personality: Short-temper, daring, stubborn, dedicated, and talkative, etc..
    Bio/history/other: Both of her parents are fire elements, which is why she is so powerful in her element. She lost her twin brother recently at the hands of the warlocks in a demon circle. The urge to get revenge for his death raises in her, but she knows she won't turn her back on the coven and what they live by, harm ye none. Although she has come close several times. So every chance she gets she hunts them, capures them, and put them in the place that will make them beg for death. It's the only thing that gets her through the day. Her mother, well she hasn't been much of a mother lately since her brother died. Evelia hardly speaks to her.
    Witch or warlock: Witch
    Work for coven or company: When needed.

    (Augustina Mullins)
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  3. Name: Gabriel Raven (Gabe)
    Age: 23
    Element: Air
    How powerful is your element: My power is on rather the strong side.
    Personality:Moody, quite, keeps himself to himself
    Bio/backstory/other: Gabriel comes from two very formidable Air witches, his mother had been just an normal human until his Father had found her hiding from a warlock and it was love at first sight. Gabe came along a few years later, His child hood was as any other witches until his 10th birthday they had gone for a big family picnic but a warlock turned up and killed his mother and father in front of him since that day he has closed himself from most and become the best of the best. His first Warlock he had killed he was at a tender age of 12. Now at the age of 23 he is one of the best hunters the coven have.
    Are you witch or warlock? Witch
    Work for either coven or company? Gabriel works for the Coven he is part of the fighting force keeping the Warlocks at bay.
    Anything else: (optional)

    Appearance: Gabriel.png

    (I will finish this later)
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  4. Hmmmm....I might join :) can their be another fire? Please? :/
  5. Of course lol. :)
  6. I've just done a quick one, I might add more to it later. If it's not acceptable I'm happy to change it.

    Name: Calder Davis
    Age: 27
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Element: Water
    How powerful is your element: Fairly average
    Personality: Kind and modest, though also confident. He's pretty average in most ways to be honest.
    Bio/backstory/other: He's a bit of a disappointment to his parents, both of whom are pretty strong witches. Unfortunately, Calder is failing to flourish, although it would help if he put a little more effort into his work.
    Are you witch or warlock: Witch
    Work for either coven or company? I'm sure he does. Probably just behind the scenes.
    Choosing from a list

    From the options:

    • edit

    Random selection is: edit

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  7. Gabriel if of course accepted. :)

    Calder is accepted. :) Nah nothing needs changed that I can see. This is fine. If you wish to add more later you may go ahead but what you have is also good. :)

    The only way I would ask someone to change their character(s) is if they didn't fit the rp or they were overpowered or something.
  8. Name: Liam Anderson
    Age: 21
    Element: Fire
    How powerful is your Element: Not saying...let's just say +strong+ but weak against Air and Water
    Personality: Short-temper, stubborn, not talkative, caring, protective, dedicated.
    Bio/History/Other: Secret.
    Witch/Warlock: N/A Not human though.
    Work for Coven or company: No, but running from them.
    Anything else: I'm running from both covens....but for some reason...I'm valuable to them..I won't let them catch me!

    (I'll post a picture later. Oh and Clu wears a armored suit, by the way.)
  9. Name: Kelly Nicholsen
    Age: 21
    Element: Earth
    Powerful: About average. She's practicing though. Getting stronger every day.
    Personality: friendly, sweet, shy at first, honest, will do anything for her close friends. Compassionate, Stands up for what she believes in.
    Bio/history: Kelly has been an orphan for as long as she can remember. She always kept her abilities a secret and so she never really fit in with the other kids. As a result, they thought her weak and she was picked on pretty often. She stood up for the others who needed it though, and never let the innocent get hurt around her. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the best self-esteem. So, she stands up for others, but never really for herself. One would say she'd too nice for her own good. She doesn't have too many friends and Kelly's struggled with finding a purpose in life so she decided to try to find others like her. Turns out the Witches found her, searching for those of their kind that didn't know of the Coven. She decided to live in the Mansion and has been protecting those of her kind for a few weeks now. They've explained everything about the Witches and Warlocks and she's a firm Witch now. She's definitely still new to the Coven though, so she still hasn't made any friends.
    Witch/Warlock: Witch
    Works for Coven
    Else: The reason she doesn't get too far in her element training even though she works so hard at it is because it hasn't been fully unlocked yet. She hasn't found the right water witch/warlock to free her of this block between her progress and her full potential.

    Also, she's pretty short. Like 5'1
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  10. Oh this is Liams armor.

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  11. Kyle Merricks (open)
    Name: Kyle Merricks
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Dark brown curly hair cropped fairly short. Green eyes. He's got a fairly sturdy build and is probably about average height.
    Element: Earth
    How powerful is your element: On the stronger side.
    Personality: Gets bored easily, spontaneous. He's competent at what he does, which maybe is why he's so quick to judge others. It's easy to get him worked up over something whether that's the good energetic sort of worked up or the really angry sort of worked up.
    Bio/backstory/other: Kyle Sarti has led the relatively normal life. His parents both had the earth element and didn't neglect training him. They were active in the Coven until they had him, at which point, they withdrew to keep him safe. It worked, for the most part, when he was a kid, but he got rather angry at them when he did find out what they had been keeping secret. Not that he went looking for the Coven or the Company once he found out, but that was a falling out point for him and his parents. He's been through college, and took his first job out of college. He made a decent sum, but that's boring now. He's looking for something a little more exciting. He's met a few others like him, but maybe it's time to find out more.
    Are you witch or warlock? Neither, but looking to join up in something
    Work for either coven or company? Neither. Yet.

    Lily Sonnen (open)
    Name: Lily Sonnen
    Age: 27
    Appearance: Blond hair, cropped fairly short, with brown eyes. She stands above average, though not terribly so.
    Element: Air
    How powerful is your element: On the weaker side, but she's out to make it stronger.
    Personality: She's a practical person and believes that the ends justify the means. Her primary tenant in life is that no one should be surpressed. Everyone is an individual, and everyone should enjoy the freedom that comes with it.
    Bio/backstory/other: She grew up knowing about the Coven. Her parents both worked for it and got pretty high up in the hierarchy. It was pretty much only natural that she fell into line. It was around the time of her 18th birthday when she met her first warlock. He was in the Coven's prison. Her parents warned her, naturally, but this didn't stop her from talking to him. Though she wasn't able to save him, she began distrusting the Coven. It seemed that the Coven wanted to limit people. She's gotten an infusion of power from the warlocks having run a mission from them. She doesn't know the truth of how the ritual worked, only that she has more power than she has ever had before (not that it was much to begin with).
    Are you witch or warlock? Witch, though maybe two steps away from Warlock
    Work for either coven or company? Coven, though has had dealing with the Company
    Anything else: I'd prefer that most people in the Coven didn't suspect her, but it'd be interesting to maybe have one person know or suspect. Please ping me to work out details on this account (assuming she gets accepted).

    Since there hasn't been any posts for almost a week, I'm going to withdraw since I'd like to be able to commit to other RPs. Please let me know if this does happen! If I'm not too hosed then, I'll still join. ^^
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  12. Sorry. I've been waiting for a couple people. But I'm posting this in the.jump in roleplays aslo so we can start and others may join anytime.
  13. Name: Callahan Kelly (Cal or CK)
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Picture on side
    Element: Water
    How powerful is your element: Strong but inexperienced
    Personality: A teasing sarcastic type of personality that normally aggravates others. Fairly kind and has his own style of jokes. Quiet and fidgety at times too.
    He had found out about his affiliation to water only about a year before. He was taken in by what seemed to be a hermit, a man on the run from something. He learned as much as he could before the old man died. Before the old man sent him to a group he spoke highly of. Still being the new inexperienced member, he doesn't exactly know how to act.
    Affiliation: Coven. Undecided on whether to be labeled as witch or warlock. (Most likely Witch)
    Anything else: Always has cards on him or something to amuse himself with.
  14. Name: Ace Rayen
    Age: 25
    Appearance: My profile picture sums that up.
    Element: Fire
    How powerful is your element: So-so
    Personality: Careless and stubborn. He rarely takes things serious.
    Bio/backstory/other: Ace is a person from the another dimension that travels to other dimensions looking for interesting things to get involved in.
    Are you witch or warlock? Neither but tries to fit in as a witch
    Work for either coven or company? Neither but passes off as coven
    Anything else: He's not used to the customs or laws of this land. He will move on eventually. He can adapt to most situations.

    (Can I use this? I can make it work with the plot)
  15. Yep. Just go post on the other thread :D
  16. Currently, this roleplay appears to be dead, but would anyone be interested in reviving it?
    (I know I liked it, but... *shrugs* It's up to the GM and majority to decide.)
  17. Yeah it'd be fine with me if at least a few others were up to it. I've been sick lately is why I hadn't replied.
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