The Eldermire Vault (High fantasy dungeon RP)

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3 days ago, a great chasm mysteriously opened up just outside the capital city; Velikas. This in itself wasn't a particularly abnormal event, it was what was inside it that drew interest. Hewn into the bare black stone of the northern wall was an incredibly intricate gate decorated with precious minerals of a never-before seen quality. Clairvoyant scans show at that the area has at least 3 floors, but there are spells of concealment past the second making further foresight impossible. With the bulk of the city's military away fighting a war, it was decided that the vault would be opened up to registered members of the city's adventurer Guild, on the condition that a portion of the wealth found inside was to go to the city.

Essentially, this is a generic dungeons and dragons style environment. Note, we shall not be using dice or anything. I prefer to trust that people will balance themselves appropriately. If they don't then they can expect bigger dragons and more skull-crushing pendulum traps :D I would like this to be relatively fast-paced, so joining up will be little more than jump in. All you need information-wise about your character is their name, race, appearance, and a few arbitrary values for comparison purposes. Other information may be added if desired, but it won't affect your chance of joining either positively or negatively. The only things that will be rejected are obviously OP characters and characters with guns, since the tech level is pre-guns.

Not open for further replies.