The Elder Scrolls V: The Dark Brotherhood (OOC/Sign ups)

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  1. The Elder Scrolls V: The Dark Brotherhood


    "Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your child onto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptised in blood and fear."​

    The Dark Brotherhood. Once an infamous group of assassins, now slowly diminishing into the past. The regard the Dark Brotherhood once held was something to be reckoned with long ago, but in these times, the Dark Brotherhood is nothing more than a myth to most. Ever since the events of the Falkreath sanctuary, the Dark Brotherhood has been receiving less and less prayers to their Night Mother. Over a decade has past and only those who witnessed the Brotherhood in action still believes in their talents. The Dragonborn, whom was once the proud leader and listener of the assassins, has left Skyrim for his own reasons, leaving behind an organization that no longer has any fame.

    The Dark Brotherhood. Without a leader, without a listener, and without contracts. A Consensus was made through out the evil society, the one who will assume the role of the leader is J'vaarr, a merciless killer who worked with the Dark Brotherhood for many many years. J'vaarr is held with high regard throughout the organization, being titled the most efficient killer since the Dragonborn left. J'vaarr, currently leading the brutal assassins, has a goal in mind. He plans on reclaiming the infamy and glory the Dark Brotherhood had once long ago. He plans on making sure the words "Dark Brotherhood" sends shivers down the spine of every mortal being in Skyrim. His first step to his master plan, is recruiting some new blood into the Brotherhood. Someone who is trained and experienced in the way of the dagger, someone who get in and out quickly, some one who doesn't show mercy when fulfilling even the most horrible contracts.

    J'vaarr is looking for someone who will bring the Dark Brotherhood back to it's rightful place in Skyrim...The fear in peoples hearts.

    * * *​

    Well, now that that's out of the way, some information:::

    This is roleplay is set in Skyrim, I was thinking of making it set in other provinces too, but I wanted people to stay close for interaction (Also Skyrim seems to be the most popular, and well known). It takes place after the the Events of the game Skyrim, approximately 15 years after. You will be playing an Adventurer who is currently travelling the landscape of Skyrim. Or You will be playing one of the assassins who have already joined the Dark Brotherhood.

    Much of Skyrim is the same as the game, except for the war. There is no longer a war between Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks, that is long since finished. It ended with the Stormcloaks killing General Tullius and bringing an end to the Chaos. Nothing more, Nothing less. Oh yeah! Dragons! Yeah, they're still around. They aren't abundant as they were 15 years ago, but on the odd day you might see one flying over bleak falls barrow, or the plains in Whiterun hold.

    I want this to be really Sandboxy and player driven. Because it's going to be player driven, I wont be there to post something about the plot very often. At times I might want to create a plot post and have something to do for a bit, but that's it. The world, the people, events you undergo, will all be up to you.

    Well, now that that's out of the way, some rules:::
    Show Spoiler

    -No Op characters. You're not the perfect assassin, who can take on 30 people and live.

    -GM and Co-GM's word is law.......

    -No Dragonborns.

    -You must be able to write at least a paragraph at a time (7-8 sentences). More is always welcome.

    -Creating NPC's is fine, but don't create them to benefit you only.


    -If you've read the rules, put "Hail Sithis!" in the Other section in your bio.

    -You don't have to stick with the magic spells and skills set in the game Skyrim. If you decide to have a skill that's not in the game, make sure it still works with the setting of Elder Scrolls.

    -No Metagaming, No godmoding, bunnying. yada yada yada.

    -disagreements are fine, but arguing isn't. I'll settle it if I think it's gone to far.

    -if you want to kill a player, make sure you have their permission first.

    -I expect you all to know proper grammar and spelling and all that stuff.

    -I may add and/or change rules at anytime.

    Well, now that that's out of the way, a CS skelly:::
    Show Spoiler

    Name: (Make it fantasy-esque)
    Age: (Above 16)
    Race: (only the cannon races of Elder Scrolls games)
    Appearance:( Picture or description, it doesn't matter to me.)
    Skills: (1 mastered skill, and 3 side skills. Schools of magic go here too)
    Weapons: (If you wield any)
    Bio: (Short or long it doesn't matter, as long as it explains something about your past and why you wanted to
    join the Dark Brotherhood)

    Well, now that that's out of the way, accepted characters:::
    Show Spoiler

    J'vaarr Volista - Leader

    Nysa Illuminas - Listener

    Zavire Grim - Assassin

    Dar'jzi - Assassin

    Divayth Fyr - Assassin

    Dreekius - Assassin

    I don't have a number in mind, but I don't want to many people. Just a nice group, that's not to small but not to large either.

    If you have any questions about the Rp, or suggestion, feel free to post them. The feedback is appreciated [/spoiler]
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  2. Appearence (open)

    Name: Zavire Grim

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Race: Nord

    Skills: One handed weapons (Master). Illusion magic, Destruction magic, Sneak.

    Weapons: Zavire carries two scimitars on his person at all times, and a small set of throwing knives.

    Appearence: Usually Zavire wears a black cloak with a hood that conceals most of his features. On the off chance that he is seen without it, one would see shoulder length black hair, and strong masculine features. He has a long jagged scar coming down from his left eye.

    Short bio: Zavire is a man of many talents, born into a family of magicians near the town of Riften in Skyrim. After murdering someone innocent, he was contacted by the dark brotherhood in the form of a mysterious note. That was a year ago, and ever since then he developed a unique, yet profound love for the organization. Zavire uses a combination of stealth, and intelligence when taking on contracts, his illusion magic often proving useful.

    Other: Hail Sithis ( Will write more when I'm home, and not on my phone.)
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  3. So I'm guessing the Unchild, Keeper, and Redguard are not part of the group? (Babbette, Cicero and Nazir?)

    Also, is there a Listener or are we gonna avoid that? I'd volunteer, but I don't have to.

    Name: Nysa Illuminas, Dark Brotherhood Assassin and Listener.
    Age: 18...or at least she used to be. Now more like 33.
    Race: Vampire Bosmer
    Appearance: Nysa is small and lithe, which unfortunately makes a lack of womenly assets to be had. Pallid complexion with red-hued eyes and very thick, wavey dark hair. She's fairly lean, well muscled (a bit like a large cat), and usually refuses to take her hood off, still mildly vain about her now undead visage. Very short in stature, and light (as to be able to lift her own body weight).
    Skills: (1 mastered skill, and 3 side skills. Schools of magic go here too) Mastered Stealth, side-skilled in archery, one-handed and Alchemy.
    Weapons: One Deadric Bow, Various arrows (mostly Orc-make), and two Dwemer Daggers.
    From the southern end of Valenwood, Nysa's family made the pilgrimage to Skyrim around 25 years back. At 8, she befriended a pale looking boy near Whiterun, another Bosmer, up until her parents discovered they were living in the shirne to Clavicus Vile as Vampires. They made him leave when she was 18, as he looked to be ready to propose.

    Angry, she made a wish that they could somehow be together. The lord of Insidious wishes heard and gave her the having one of his subjects kidnap her, kill her parents, and turn her into one of the undead. In a fit of anger, Nysa killed her former crush, along with several other Vampires in an escape from the cave. It didn't take long before she realized she had to kill to feed; getting good enough to finally earn the eyes of the Brotherhood. Realizing, by now (after several dead bandits and curious children) that death seemed to be the only real justice, and perhaps truth, she agreed and has been an assassin for the last 15 years, along with the Listener.

    -Became the Listener after one fateful encounter with the Night Mother, all alone, around when she was 20. There was no contract and no one up at the sanctuary when Nysa, still relatively new, was exploring the walls of her family. She heard a voice, one telling her to come to the room of their unholy matron. Once there, she saw someone attempting to break into Mother's coffin, likely thinking there were a few sovereigns inside. One dead thief later, she was told the proper pass phrase, revealing that she was her chosen Listener.

    Other: Hail Sithis.

    (all subject to change, if need be)
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  4. @Azul Accepted. I assume from your bio that your character is already a member of the Brotherhood, correct?

    @Ravenwoodwitch I like your character, also accepted.
    To answer your questions, No. There isn't any cannon characters still in the Brotherhood (other than the Night Mother), maybe it was because they died or felt that they weren't making money any more. Who knows?

    I don't mind you being the listener at all. If you want to be the listener, we can make the contracts revealed like they were in previous games. The listener, you, tells "Speakers" ,NPC's, the contract and the speakers distribute the contracts to the assassins best fitted for the job, this way let's other roleplayers make up there own contract.. Or you can just make up contracts and tell assassins directly, this allows you to interact with other players more and create NPC's for us to kill >:D. It's up to you.
    Although, for either option, you're going to have to edit you characters bio.

    Now that I know this has some interest, I'll create my character. :P
  5. Aw, I'm going to miss Cici. Still, Listener Position accepted. Let me know if there's any edits I need to make.
  6. For editing, you should just add in your bio how you first became aware that you were the listener. Also, to be the listener, you must be in the brotherhood, so possibly add something that may indicate you are in fact a member. That's pretty much it.
  7. Name: J'vaarr Volista

    Age: 26

    Race: Khajiit

    Appearance: J'vaarr Volista, wears the Dark Brotherhoods signature amour (not seen in picture) that has been modified to his liking. The sleeves have been cut off at the shoulder and the legs cut off at the knee, this help with maneuver purposes. He is usually seen without a hood on, but when he goes and fulfils a contract, it is quite the opposite. He only wears his shrouded hood when on a job, or out in an area where he has bounty on him. Unlike the picture, his coat of fur is a dark brownish colour with orange streaks coming through. He is fairly tall, and quite built. Although his muscles are quite defined they look small and non-existent while under his armour.

    Skills: Acrobatics (Master Skill), Conjuration, One-handed and Enchanting

    Weapons: An Elven dagger for emergencies, He usually conjures himself bound weapons to fight with.

    Bio: Like most Khajiits in Skyrim, J'vaarr liived the life of a merchant. like a shark he was born on the road, non stop travel ever since. He was born and raise in the harsh environment of the trade business, witnessing first-hand how brutal people can be. J'vaarr was ignorant of the fact that his parents had hook-ups in the skooma and moon-sugar business. Because of said business, J'vaarr's parents were slaughtered in cold blood right in front of him. J'vaarr caravan was looted by the murders and left him with nothing, all he remembers was watching them cheer as they rode away on their horses. From the event that unfolded that day, J'vaarr came to one conclusion: It was easier to kill and make money rather than barter and make money. J'vaarr took it to heart, practising the way of the assassin and eventually joining the Dark Brotherhood.

    Other: Hail Sithis.
  8. Excuse me I'm very interested in this rp but am horribe playing in groups. Would you guys be fine to teach me how to do so?
  9. As much as I'd love to sign up for this, seeing as how my own Dark Brotherhood RP thread fell off to page four of the forum, I'm quite hesitant.

    It feels like most Elder Scrolls RP is plagued by lethargy and people dwindle from posting twice daily to once a week and then never. Or maybe its a thing with group RPs..
  10. Question: may I make a character already within the Dark Brotherhood? I don't mind if he's been there for years or only days, I'd just like to start within the DB. Thanks!
  11. @Amberlin Go right ahead! I don't mind XD

    @Windsong I know what you mean, but that is the reason I made a Dark Brotherhood rp instead of just an "Elder Scrolls" rp. Unlike regular Elder Scrolls Rp, The Dark Brotherhood always gives you something to do. I've noticed when I played Elder Scrolls Rp's on other sites, I find myself bored and not knowing what else I can do while staying in character. The Dark Brotherhood on the other hand, there will always be a client out there, and there will always be coin to be made, no need for mindless posts about selling loot for coin.

    Assassinations can be unique every time and if you do find yourself feeling indifferent about killing NPC's all the time, switch it up and make a contract that'll be particularly difficult for your character. Seeing as you made this sort of Rp of your own, I hope your picking up what I'm putting down.
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  12. It's funny you say that, I've been a part of three dark brotherhood RPs since joining Iwaku. The elder scrolls is the setting of course, but of course people still ended up just loitering about the sanctuary or RPing alone while randomly murdering random people without cause.

    Even tried throwing in a twist by sending private messages for members to fulfill unique contracts. But that fell through when the RP fell off.

    And I do understand what you mean, but it seems quite the opposite. While an open ended RP in the setting has so many more possibilities (scholars, mages, merchants, etc) the DB is home to strictly aassassins who do only that with some dark activities between all while being centered around a single home (the sanctuary).
  13. Welll, I guess you're right.

    All I can say now, is to have faith in the Rp. I have a few plot ideas up my sleeve that I can't wait to put into play, you're just going to have to trust me when I say I'lll do my best to keep this going. :P
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  14. I've got faith in any RP with an established setting that follows lore well. But believe me as well when one person can only RP with themselves or bump a thread so much before you simply quit bothering.

    Should have a cs up by tonight as well to help play my part.
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  15. @Ravenwoodwitch Have you decided on how you're going to play the role of the listener? It would be nice to know before we start roleplaying, that way players know who they should talk to to pick up a contract; You or an NPC.

    If you want to tell assassins their contracts directly, your're going to have to make them up yourself and be a dedicated roleplayer. If you do it the other way, you don't have to make up as much. You'll have to RP as if you told an Assassin (NPC's) the contract, then players can just interact with this NPC and make up their own contract. The second option pretty much renders your Character useless when it comes to the practice of being a listener, all you'll have is the title of Listener and people in the Brotherhood will treat you with high regard.
  16. I was thinking she'd be told contracts, and give them to a speaker; kinda like with Nazir. That way everyone can get an assignment, even when she's not in the sanctuary.
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  17. Edit: goodness that was ALL WRONG.
  18. Edit: BB code failure again. Cmon now.
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