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  1. Background

    Alduin is defeated and the few remaining dragon have scattered to the wind. As if mirroring this, the civil war that has raged across Skyrim moves into it final phase. With the fall of Riften the Imperial war machine now turns hungrily on Windhelm. Through their spy network rumours have reached has reached the Stormcloak high command of a Thalmor weapon being made in Skyrim that will let them win the next Great War. In the dark hours following the fall of Riften a desperate plot was hatched to take control of the only thing that could save the rebellion.

    • Summerset Wolf takes place on 4E 202, 7th of First Seed
    • The fall of Riften ended three weeks or so before the start of the story
    • The Dragon Crisis ended a couple of months prior to the present.
    • The Dragon born has traveled to Solstiem to address the Mirak threat
    • The Blades have been resurrected under the command of Delphine, however the resurrection is very much in its infancy
    • Emperor Titus Mede II was assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood
    • The Falkreath Sanctuary was destroyed after the death of Titus Mede II. The remaining members have regrouped in Dawnstar.
    • The Companions of Jorrvaskr are operational but somewhat subdued by the loss of Harbinger Whitemane.
    • The Thieves Guild of Skyrim is alive, but are mostly inactive as the members take stock of the new state of their home city.
    • IC: The Summerset Wolf

      1. Applo: Tor Gunnarsdotter
      2. Caligari: Ennoc The Gravesinger
      3. Derelict_lilyflower: Logan ey Ravensbourne
      4. Dunruffle: Vruk Grognak
      5. Cerulean: Brollius Umbione
    • This story begins as all good Elder Scrolls games do, with are would be heroes festering away as prisoners, more specifically prisoners in Windhelm dungeons. How you character came to be there, the life they lived, the choices and mistakes they made are up to you. Have fun creating a character and their back story but do keep in mind believability. No one is perfect, everyone has flaws and weakness. These are just as important as their strengths and quirks in creating a fun and compelling character which in turn leads to a fun and compelling story.
    • Nirn seems to have gravity so everything has a weight. Keep in mind that the average real world solider carries around 45kg so you aren’t going to be lumping it round the world three set of armour, five different swords, hundreds of arrows and a small pharmacy of potions. We aren’t going to keep a list of everyone’s inventory but players who do seem to holding on to excessive amounts of stuff may find that the thieves of Skyrim are rather persistent in helping their character lighten their load. When it comes to how effective your equipment is, it is going to be a mixture of your character’s skills and what your equipment is made of. While obviously attacking someone in full daedric armour with an iron dagger probably isn’t a going to go well, a skilled character might be able to slightly level the odds. When you are working out what equipment your character has do feel able to use non game but lore friendly items, the immersive weapons and armour mod wikis are a good source of inspiration. Finally while we won’t be keeping track of your inventory, it is asked that you do. If your character has five potions, make sure they top up before they use a sixth.
    • Unlike the various hero in the video games, normal inhabitants of Tamriel don’t learn spells instantly just by looking at the book and a mage capable of conjuring multiple fireballs has probably spent a good amount of time studying and practicing. That being said a capable magic user is going to be just a dangerous if not more so than other skilled combatants with even glancing blows from spells capable of inflicting serious harm. Mostly mages with such skill are long term members of the College of Winterhold although it is entirely possible that there are some wandering the expanses of Skyrim. If your character is a mage remember that magicka, like stamina will deplete so they aren’t going to be casting hundreds of fireballs (other spells are available) every fight.
    • In this RP our characters are going to be exposed to violence and players are going to be held to a standard of semi-realism. Even skilled combatants are unlikely to come out of combat totally unscathed in a fight. Where they are outmatched they may well come out with severe and lasting injuries or mental trauma from the experience that will affect your character going forward. So now lets talk healing. Spells and potions aren’t going to heal wounds instantly but rather they will promote and speed up healing from weeks to days or hours. This means that basic first aid and infection control are just as important as potions and spells when it comes to recovering from wounds, and if ignored the wounds could well get worse.

      1. All of Iwaku's standard rules
      2. Be respectful towards everyone OOC
      3. No God Modding/metagaming
      4. A minimum of 1 post a week
      5. If your character is getting into anything libertineesk with another character take it into a separate message or thread. Allusions to what happened is fine but lets keep the main thread clean acceptably grubby
      6. The GM has the final say on all content in this RP
      7. The GM reserve the right to change the rules at any time
      8. Have fun!

    • I'd just like to extend my thanks to the following people
      1. Peligrino for the inspiration
      2. Dervish for letting me use his OoC sheet and format
      3. Munchkin for putting up with a veritable avalche of messages from me, thanks for not setting me on fire with your mind.

    • Name: Character's name and any alias they may go by

      Race: (Altmer, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orsimer, or Redguard.)

      Age: Going to put a minimum character age of 18

      Appearance: A detailed description and preferably a picture of your character. The more details given about your character the more the rest of us have to work with. No animae if you please

      Profession: How did your character make a living before they were imprisoned?

      Family Origins: Where is you characters family from, where were they raised, if they are from a noble family or hold and titles. Things like this are going to shape you character’s opinions and views on the world and how other characters might react to you.

      Character Background: Who is your character, how did they come to be a prisoner in the dungeons. You don’t need to go nuts here but a couple of well written paragraphs would be nice so that the rest of us can get a feel for your character as well as your writing.

      Personality: A brief exploration of you characters personality: quirks, flaws and other idiosyncrasies.

      Equipment: What weapons and armour that you character has. Remember there is a trade of between having too much and being over encumbered and not having enough and lacking things when you need them. Also include things like lock picks, food, smithing materials, scolls, potions etc. Remember everything weighs something and to keep track of your usage.

      Skills: Choose your skills from the in game skills. You are able to choose seven skills. As it stands everyone has 3 skills they are somewhat proficient at, 3 skills they are proficient at and 1 skill they are highly proficient at. If you want you can sacrifice a skill to gain an additional higher ranked skill. For example two somewhat proficient skills can be given up in exchange for an extra proficient skill and likewise two proficient skills in exchange for a highly proficient skill. This also goes the other way with a better skill level being sacrificed to become a lower skill level.

      *Mage skill: When it comes to magic skill levels correspond with the spells that your character can cast. Somewhat proficient allow for Novice level spells, proficient skill allows for apprentice and adept and highly proficient skills allow for expert level skills. When it comes to spells please just the ones found in the vanilla game. Additionally if you character has any mage skills they will have access to a basic healing spell that works on both themselves and others.

      Relationships: List friends, family or other people of note to your character. It can be very brief but a description of the relationship would be appreciated and a location of the NPC (if your character would know).

      Fighting Style: Explain how your character approaches combat as this will help the group come to decisions as to how we approach combat. Remember your character skills and background will have some bearing here.

      Font Colour: For example this colour will be used for Important NPCs.
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  2. Name:
    Ennoc The Gravesinger



    Show Spoiler



    Family Origins:
    Lowborn amongst some commoners on the isle of Balfiera in High Rock, he was later adopted by some higher born mages for his inborn, if not unsettling, skill at magic.

    Character Background:
    Being born under the Ritual sign during certain certain positions of the moons is rarely a good sign, especially amongst the smallfolk who fear all that they could not understand. Ennoc first sign of his magical talents was when one of his family's chickens died and he brought it back to "life" without even knowing he was doing so. Instead of rewarding him for his efforts in trying to save his parents' quite small finances, they scolded him and treated him with fear and repulsion.

    It never became the same again after that day, word had spread through the village and he was shunned by any he came near, even his mother seemed unable to love him and yet no one would tell him why. In time a group of mages came to town offering to adopt the child and even pay the parents for their troubles so that Ennoc could be taught properly and his skills develop into something more than the basic channeling of the power of star signs. Despite the young child's tears and pleas to stay with his mother, his parents could not accept fast enough.

    The following years would be marked by naught but the acquisition of knowledge and arcane power; while he was taught in every school and skills nurtured to the best of his tutors' abilities, it was clear that his talents were clearly placed in the school of conjuration. Necromancy was a thing carefully avoided during the regular hours of his classes, but under the cover of night and away from prying eyes he would study these dark arts and slowly but surely he made mastery over life and death chief amongst his concerns.

    But no secret remains hidden, no whisper is not overheard, in time they found his little workshop and with it; his... subjects and experiments. His betters were furious and would not hear of his studies and findings, unlike him they failed to see the prophetic importance of even something as unremarkable as the twitch in the leg of a dead skeever. They banished him from their sights and forced him off the island. It didn't matter, he had not learned all he could from them, but they also refused to teach him that which he wanted to learn.

    As such, he moved East, to Skyrim and the college of Winterhold, there where his studies were not as inhibited as they were back in Balfiera. But even here he found that his obsession was too much for the others to manage and when a group of other students who were equally frustrated with the limitations of the college left for Fellglow keep, he quickly joined up.

    Fellglow was what he eventually needed, to be not only allowed to pursue his dark knowledge, but actually be encouraged for it. Each of his findings helped other necromancers in the ruined fort and their findings in turn helped him. The progress he made was absurdly rapid compared to his previous two places of study and he revelled in the forbidden secrets he broke open.

    In time he began scouring Skyrim to put his skills to the test and uncover more secrets, particularly secrets of the ancient Nords whom now laid restless as draugr and dragon priests. To pay for his food and taverns he worked as a sellsword, enchanter, scholar and sometimes even as a healer if the need arose. He worked for adventures, writers, jarls and, ironically, for priests of Arkay at times, but he always kept his true profession a secret, he had already witnessed at a young age the fear and hatred such knowledge could give birth to.

    Eventually though he got caught graverobbing Yngol barrow, though they thought he was searching for treasure rather than powerful spirits of times past. The Nords of Eastmarch don't really take kindly to people trying to rob their ancient kings so they threw him in the dungeon to await the end of his sentence, though they never told him how long that would be.

    Ennoc is secretive and closed off, he will not actively push away others, but he will also not tell them of anything involving his "profession", when pressed he will try to change the subject or simply lie. He is observing, if simply to know one's secrets and how to use them against them, but above all he wants to learn. He has a desperate lust for knowledge and by extension power and will stop at nothing if he thinks he will acquire things such as immortality or better...apotheosis.

    -Black college robes
    -Black boots
    -Nordic dagger
    -2 bottles of Nord mead
    -Smoked venison
    -1 copy of "the black arts on trial"
    -1 copy of "Mannimarco, king of worms"
    -1 copy of "Palla"
    -2 potions of magica
    -50 septims

    Highly proficient:


    Somewhat proficient:

    *Mage skill: When it comes to magic skill levels correspond with the spells that your character can cast. Somewhat proficient allow for Novice level spells, proficient skill allows for apprentice and adept and highly proficient skills allow for expert level skills. When it comes to spells please just the ones found in the vanilla game. Additionally if you character has any mage skills they will have access to a basic healing spell that works on both themselves and others.

    The caller (Fellglow keep)
    The caller was his previous "caretaker" so to speak, she was and is who commands the group of mages delving into knowledge frowned upon by most in Fellglow. They have a professional relationship with each other and respect one another's works and pursuits

    The college of Winterhold
    He is no longer allowed inside the college following his previous stay.

    Jarl Siddgeir (Falkreath)
    Jarl Siddgeir has always lacked a court wizard while at the same time stuck with a hold filled to burst with vampires and other unwanted types of dark nature. As such he often calls upon wizards willing to share their knowledge for some coin in order to deal with certain situations and as it happened Ennoc has been one such wizard at several occasions in the past. If Siddgeir does not respect Ennoc's knowledge, he at least finds it useful and trusts him with matters befitting Ennoc's expertise.

    Naris the wicked (Morvunskar)
    Ennoc stayed at Morvunskar for a while in his travels and aided some of the necromancers and conjurers there in their own pursuit for knowledge though he left earlier than he wanted because he could not see eye-to-eye with Naris' sadistic nature and love of torture. Needless to say, they don't like each other much.

    Lu'ah Al Skaven (Ansilvund)
    Ennoc agreed to aid Lu'ah with the building of her undead army in exchange for some of the knowledge stored away in the ancient Nordic barrow. He stayed for as long as she had knowledge to give him and left soon after. He respects her talents and admires her way of reaching for quite high goals and she in turn respects his work and his goals so as a result they have a stable professional relationship.

    Fighting Style:
    You will find him far in the back lines of combat letting others do the fighting for him as he summons atronachs and throws destruction spells at his foes. Should he work with people who understand his profession and accept it, he will find no harm in making sure he always has a small army of undead to nearby to do the fighting for him.

    Font Colour:
    Dark green.
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  3. Name
    Logan ey Ravensbourne




    Family Origin
    Logan's family were from the Imperial City in Cyrodiil, but moved to Helgen shortly before his birth, after his father was wounded in battle.

    Has no occupation, technically a bandit, although he differentiates himself from them
    He also buys skooma and sells it for higher prices, so is something of a drug dealer

    - Guild Master's Armour
    - Guild Master's Gloves
    - Guild Master's Boots
    - Amulet of Articulation
    - Dwarven Sword of Devouring
    - Elven Greatsword

    - 5 lock picks
    - A torch
    - 4 potions of stamina
    - 1 potion of vigorous healing
    - 2 potions of minor healing
    - 7 bottles of skooma
    - 2 bottles of mead with juniper berries

    Favored Skills
    - Highly proficient at two-handed
    - Moderately proficient at one-handed
    - Moderately proficient at archery
    - Moderately proficient with light armour
    - Moderately proficient at pickpocketing
    - Somewhat proficient at sneaking

    Character Background
    Logan was born and raised in Helgen in 4E 176. During his early childhood, he chose to keep himself to himself rather than befriend the others at Helgen. His parents wanted him to join the Imperial army, as his father Marius had done before he was wounded in the Battle of the Red Ring and forced to retire early. In order to toughen up his son, his father forced him to join Gunnar Stone-Eyed at Embershard Mine three days a week. He soon befriended Ingrid, who taught him how to read and write, and often got into trouble for pulling pranks on Torolf and Matlara, but also earned their trust when he became a babysitter to their young son Haming. He also learned to fight from Vilod, who taught him how to efficiently wield a greatsword, and who also taught him how to make mead with juniper berries. As he grew older, he became adventurous, often sneaking out of his home and going to Riverwood to meet his lover Camilla Valerius at 10pm each night. With her, he would walk around Riverwood together knocking on the doors of her neighbours and running, or causing other sort of trouble, before heading home at midnight. When he was eighteen, however, his father intended for him to join the Imperial army, and sent him to the Imperial City to live with his uncle in 4E 194.

    Logan returned to Skyrim in 4E 201 after the escape of Uflric Stormcloak from captivity, as he had been assigned in a legion sent to reinforce General Tullius. However, he was unable to return to Helgen due to his duties in the army, only knowing that the city had been destroyed by a dragon, and was unsure of whether his parents had survived the onslaught. He fought at the Battle for Whiterun, and assisted the Imperial forces in taking Fort Dunstad and Fort Greenwall. Shortly after, his patrol force was attacked by a group of Stormcloaks, and he was captured and held as a prisoner at Fort Kastav. He was eventually freed from his imprisonment by Hadvar, arming himself and helping him to retake the fort. He later remained at Fort Kastav under Hadvar's command.

    After falling out with Hadvar, he was placed into another legion, and fought at the Battle for Fort Sungard, but following the later Battle for Fort Neugrad, he deserted from the Imperial army, and instead returned to his hometown of Helgen. There, he was captured by bandits, but after proving his worth to several of them, he was introduced to the bandit group. Although he assisted them on raids on passing Stormcloaks, he doesn't consider himself to be a member of the bandit force. Instead, he prefers to see himself as an independent vigilante, picking off criminals and wrongdoers who pass by. He orchestrated a raid to Irkngthand with several of the other members of his group, travelling long and far to do so, since he had heard the Dragonborn - who he had encountered several times during the civil war conflicts - had been there, and hoped to find her location. There, he discovered the corpse of Mercer Frey, and stole his belongings, before returning to Helgen with little clue to the Dragonborn's whereabouts. Ever since, he continued to live and fight alongside the bandits at Helgen, although he had begun to deal skooma to passerbys. When dealing skooma to a group of bandits, a Stormcloak patrol caught the transaction and surrounded them. The Stormcloaks were prepared to let them go, but one of the soldiers recognised Logan as an Imperial deserter and seized him. He was taken to Windhelm, and imprisoned.

    The Dragonborn - despises intently
    Camilla Valerius - former lover, hasn't had contact with her for seven years
    Ulfric Stormcloak - despises intently
    General Tullius - mildly dislikes him
    Legate Rikke - he served as one of her footsoldiers for some time, mildly dislikes her
    Hadvar - he served as his footsoldiers for some time, intensely dislikes him
    Viryn - has heard stories of him, regards him highly
    Dragons - he despises all dragons, due to Alduin's destruction of Helgen

    Fighting Style
    Logan approaches conflict as if it were a game of chess. He works out odds of survival before drawing his sword, and is not afraid to back down or even run from a fight he feels he will not win. During combat, he strikes quickly and cautiously, ensuring that he is aware of the movements of anyone else present during the conflict, and is more confident when parrying his opponents' attacks than when striking first. As he is agile, and wears light armour, his preferred tactic is to lure his opponents out and then to cut them down when they are isolated, to prevent himself from being surrounded. During one-on-one fighting, he is far more aggressive, especially when wielding his greatsword.

    Logan considers himself to be a kind-hearted, heroic figure, often hesitating to call himself a deserter or a bandit. He is loyal, if he considers the cause to be worth his loyalty, and he is honest, if he doesn't have anything significant to gain through lying. He is by no means an untrustworthy individual, but he prioritises his own survival over others', and if forced to make a decision, he would always choose to ensure his own safety rather than risk his life ensuring the safety of others. He very much follows a 'survival of the fittest' mindset. He is very intelligent and charismatic, often making friends wherever he goes with ease, although he doesn't trust people easily, and thus is very hesitant to further his relations with any individual beyond comradeship. He isn't arrogant, nor does he believe that he is better than others, however, if he believes his ideas are more efficient, he is not reluctant to argue against, or even disobey, an order which he considers disadvantageous.

    Colour claim
    Light yellow
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  4. Name: Victoria "Tor" Gunnarsdotter

    Race: Nord

    Age: 22

    5"10, shoulder length roughly cut shoulder length brown hair with a braid on the right side of her fringe, Green eyes, slightly narrow shoulders and wiry limbs. Currently she is covered in dirt and grime from a couple of months spent in the dungeon. One her right shoulder she has a Stormcloak tattoo.

    Profession: Hunter, Former Scout for the Stormcloak army

    Family Origins: Born and raised in Helgen. Tor's farther was a Falkreath native having lived in Helgen all her life while her mother was originally from the Rift.

    Character Background: Tor spent her youth playing in and exploring in the forests of Falkreath hold at first with her older brother Karl and then as she got older by herself. With the birth of her sister Cerys Tor’s life changed as she was expected to help contribute to the family by helping her mother around the home. Tor intensely disliked this new domestic lifestyle and lived for the days when her farther would take pity on her and let her accompany him and Karl on hunting trips in the woods around the hold. Tor took to hunting like a duck to water and after a few years was bringing home more game then both her brother and farther and far more than the family could use. She would sell the excess to other families in Helgen or some of the hunting shops in Skyrim.

    The happy if somewhat sedate and quiet life was abruptly shattered by two tragedies in rapid succession. At the start of the Stormcloak rebellion Karl stole away in the dead of night to join Ulfric's army and was killed in one of the first skirmishes of the war. The second tragedy occurred with the World Eaters attack on Helgen killing Tor's parents and utterly destroying the family home and all their possessions. Tor only survived the attack because upon finding out from the garrisoned soldiers that Ulfric was being brought to Helgen to be executed, she took her younger sister out hunting with her to stop Cerys seeing the tragic event and to stop herself doing something stupid. With nothing left to stay for she took her sister to live with her mother’s sister in Shor's Stone and set out to make enough money so that she and her sister could build a new home of their own.

    For sometime Tor drifted round Skyrim doing as much hunting as possible and mercenary contracts when times or money were scarce. Tor mostly found the mercenary work as abhorrent as it was necessary, she felt more often than not she was being used by the powerful to oppress or kill people who had little chance to defend themselves and on more than one occasion she quit midway through a contract. After finishing a particularly dispiriting contract she was camping when she was approached by a Stormcloak patrol. Initially hostile thinking Tor might be an Imperial spy, when she gave them her name one of the soldiers became much friendlier having known her brother. One thing lead to another and soon the soldiers were sitting round Tor's fire drinking and laughing with her. By the time the sun dawned the next day they had persuaded Tor to come back to Windhelm with them and Join the Stormcloaks.

    Her time with the Stormcloak army came to an end after she struck her commander when he decided to kill a suspected Imperial collaborator and imprison the man’s family. Because of her brothers sacrifice Ulfric allowed her to live but he could not overlook the infraction and so had her cast into the Windhelm dungeons where she has lingered for the last couple of months.

    Personality: As a hunter Tor has long gotten used to being by herself and since the attack on Helgen she has grown quiet and colder, though she began to thaw towards the other members of her unit before she was imprisoned. However like many Nords she if often ruled emotions which cloud her judgement, leading her to make rash ill thought out decisions.

    Equipment: A battered mail shirt, Hide armour, Fur boots, 20 Steel arrows, an iron sword and a steel dagger
    • Archery (Highly proficient)
    • Sneaking (Highly proficient)
    • One handed (Moderately proficient)
    • Light Armour (Somewhat proficient)
    • Alchemy (Somewhat Proficient)
    • Speech (somewhat proficient)

    • Cerys Gunnarsdotter: Younger sister currently living in Shor's stone. Whilst very fond of her younger sister Tor is keeping her distance to keep Cerys safe.
    • Aunt Ingebord: Has a smallholding in Shor's Stone which she inherited from her long dead husband. Tor and Ingebord share a strained relationship which is really only held together by the ties of blood.
    • The Dragonborn: Held in high regard by Tor for her Dragonborn status as well as her actions in the dragon crisis, they have never met.
    • The Thieves Guild: On good if not openly friendly terms with some of the members due to the fact that several members had been hunters in the past.
    • Elrindir and Anoriath of The Drunken Huntsmen: A friendly but workaday relationship formed during Tor's hunting days when she would sell her surplus to them.

    Fighting Style: Tors prefers to shoot her target from a hidden perch but won’t shy away from entering a melee, additionally if someone challenges her and the odds seem fair then she won’t back away from the fight willingly

    Font: This colour
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  5. So question with you two, me and @Munchkin we have four, do we want more people and if so how many, I had 6 as maximum in my head but that picked from thin air as a good number. Thought, opinions on that as well as tips on how to adult good very very welcome
  6. Six seems like a good maximum point to me too. It's the point where we can avoid overcrowding, because more often than not, overcrowded rps are actually rather slow. I think three or four may be enough to start the rp, and we could have anyone else who wants to join the rp meet our characters somewhere along the journey post-prison escape, but I don't mind waiting for a couple more people if need be. I could also do a quick recruiting job if you like :))
  7. Taking a short brake from writing I thought id do a little house keeping procrastinating as well as opening up the sign up to anyone that wants.

    Roster as of 27/07

    1. Applo: Tor Gunnarsdotter
    2. Caligari: Ennoc The Gravesinger
    3. Derelict_lilyflower: Logan ey Ravensbourne
    4. Munchkin: Reserved
    5. Empty
    6. Empty
    So my plan is to have the First IC post up on Friday evening. I'm not going to bother with a post order or a minimum post legnth to start with and just see how it goes. On another note this will be my first time running somthing like this so if you have useful feedback about the story posts or how I'm running the game in genral drop me a line.
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  8. I am interested. I shall make a cs shortly
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  9. IC thread

    Yep so it's a thing now *cracks open a alcoholic beverage to drown out the nervous nelly in me*
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  10. Name: Vruk Grognak

    Race: Orsimer

    Age: 34

    6'5" one eye is scarred from an old fight.

    Profession: Sellsword, Bodyguard, Enforcer, Debt Collector.

    Family Origins:
    Vruk was born in the skyrim wilderness to an Orc mother who had fled her husband because he was a sadistic brute. Shortly after he was born, his mother found the Orc stronghold of Narzulbur. She begged the chieftan to take her son as she was dying from exposure to the elements. The chieftan agreed and took in the child, shortly after that the mother died. The mother had named the child Vruk and soon he grew into a stong and healthy boy.

    Character Background:
    Vruk was raised in the Orc stronghold of Narzulbur near windhelm. He grew up as most orcs do, fighting just about everything and everyone. When he came of age, Vruk left Narzulbur to find stronger opponents. At first he travelled to hammerfell, where he first found work as a bodyguard for a traveling black market dealer. After traveling with the man for several years. Vruk left when the dealer was poisoned by one of his clients. Dissapointed by the lack of fighting, Vruk traveled to cyrodiil. It was there that he came upon a loan shark who promised Vruk plenty of people to fight while he collected debts. Happy at finding a job with plenty of fighting, Vruk agreed and became the strong arm of the loan business. It was at this time that he fought another orc named Orzman who nearly took out his left eye with a dirty move during their brawl. Enraged, Vruk beat Orzman to death as was Orismer custom for fighting dirty. Since they had been fighting in a well known bar, the town guards tried to apprehend Vruk on the charges of murder. Disgusted by the milk drinkers lack of knowledge about Orismer customs, Vruk fled back to Skyrim.

    Back in skyrim, Vruk returned to Narzulbur and discovered that the old chief had been defeated by one of his sons and now the son was chief. Surprised but not perturbed, Vruk began living in Narzulbur again. He then went to windhelm to look for work and was noticed by one of the dark brotherhood members. While not an official member of the dark brotherhood, Vruk occasionally got tips and job information from them that normal sellswords would not be privy to. Acting on one of the tips from the dark brotherhood, Vruk killed a well known but corrupt captian of the windhelm guard. He was subsequently thrown in prison and now awaits his sentence.

    Personality: Blunt and straight to the point, Vruk is not one for subtlety. He enjoys drinking almost as muchas he does fighting. He also enjoys the occasional round of drunken singing and boasting. When not in battle, Vruk is either practicing his fighting moves or sharpening his blades.

    Orcish chest, legs, and arms armor.
    Hammerfell head scarf
    Glass Battle Axe (taken from corpse of rival enforcer)
    3 bottles of mead
    Steel war club
    1 bottle of vigorous healing
    2 bottles of minor stamina

    -two handed (highly proficient)
    -heavy armor (highly proficient)
    -block (moderately proficient)
    -smithing (somewhat proficient)
    -alchemy (somewhat proficient)

    The dark brotherhood: Vruk still is in contact with the dark brotherhood but only through dead drops and hidden messages. He does not know about the dawnstar sanctuary.
    Narzulbur Stronghold inhabitants: Vruk is on good terms with the current chief of Narzulbur along with everyone inside it.
    Companions: Vruk has only worked with the companions once and he only knows Aela. He is on neutral terms with them.
    Ghorza gra-Bagol (blacksmith of Markarth): Vruk has occassionally worked for Ghorza in fetching her rare materials. Ghorza is also the one who made his armor. They are on friendly terms.
    Thieves Guild: Vruk is on bad terms with the thieves guild after he nearly beat one of their members to death after they tried to steal his coin purse.

    Fighting Style:
    Vruk is usually the first one into the fight and the last one out. He charges straight into where the fighting is thickest, shrugging of the lighter blows with his heavy armor and crushing the rest with brute strength.

    Font Colour:
    Text Color
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  11. okay finished my cs @Applo
  12. O_O Imamakeacharacterifthatsokplease?!
  13. Name: Brollius Umbione

    Race: Imperial

    Age: 25


    He stands at 5'9 and weighs about 250. Sports a bit of a gut under his shirt. Has a tattoo with the insignia of Mara on his back. He is also a bit fuzzy, in terms of body hair. Ignore the scar, please. XD

    Profession: Bard/Alchemist/Hired Help

    Family Origins: Originally, the Umbiones hail from Cyrodil. Specifically, he comes from a family of farmers just outside Cheydinhal. When his parents were still young, and newlyweds, his grandfather had passed on the family farm to him with his death. Not long after the 3rd harvest, the Great War had began. Deciding not to risk it, they both sold off the land and fled to Skyrim.

    Character Background: Brollius Umbione IS the guy you want to meet in a dark alley. He has frequented many different corners of skyrim, as a traveling bard. After honing his passion for singing and the lute at the college in Solitude, and learning the ways of fighting from the companions, the young man sought out anything that would spark his inspiration. And maybe he would entertain the masses along the way.

    For the most part, he stayed out of the major conflicts that plagued Skyrim and instead elected to write his thoughts and experiences in his journal. Some of the entires ending up turning into musical pieces.

    Brollius has however, been known to be a bit of a gambler and liberal drinker. His love of music, parties, people at times culminates into nights that almost no one remembers. One of these night came back to bite his rump after coming into Windhelm to find out he stole Oengul War-Anvil's hammer and decked him when he was found out. He then proceeded to be steal a goat and was chased through the city before tossing the goat at a couple of guards and escaped by swimming down river. Despite not remembering the incident in the slightest, and not having the hammer, he paid for a new one and was put into the Windhelm dungeons.

    Personality: Outer personality: When met and interacted with, he is often warm and jovial. Broillus is the type of man to offer a quick joke and light up your smoke. He is always happy to keep his friends entertained and healthy, and looks for the next big party. To the more serious character, he would most likely seem to be the unfocused type.

    Inner Personality: He is a worrier, often times. Worrying for his friends, his family, his own safety, whether or not people like him, whether or not there is someone out there who can rein him in, whether he even deserves love with the trouble that tends to come with him. It's easier for him to focus on other people's happiness than his own. Still, he can be depended on to be there when someone is going all in and needs support. For all the flaws, he has a big heart and a working brain.

    Biggest Habits: Drinking, Singing, Playing Lute, Checking in on those he cares for, Hums to himself, Experimenting with potions (possibly to hilarious effect).

    Equipment: On person: Two maces (One ebony and one ivory skyforge steel), Steel Dagger, Crossbow, 25 Bolts, Full set of leather armor, Water canteen, Lute, Potion belt with 5 slots containing the following: Philter of Health, Skirmisher's Philter, Philter of True Shot, Draught of the Warrior, Potion of Healing

    A large travel backpack that contains: College robes, Fine boots, Fine hat, Small chest that contains his alchemist tools and 20 lockpicks, 4 bottles of Spiced Wine, 4 Honningbrew Mead bottles, and 2 bottles of Surille Brothers Wine for dire emergencies.

    Potion roll with 15 slots that includes (currently): Potion of Cure Disease, Cure Poison Potion, Solution of Strength, Draught of Lockpicking, 2 Potion of Regeneration, Potion of Vigor, Potion of Resist Cold, Potion of Resist Fire, Potion of Resist Magic, Potion of Resist Shock, 3 Potions of Vigorous Healing, Potion of Waterwalking.

    Skills: Highly Proficient: Speechcraft, Alchemy
    Proficient: One-Handed, Lockpicking
    Somewhat Proficient: Archery


    Sylgja (Shor's Stone) - Shared an innocent night together, under the Shor's Stone night sky, platonically. They are friends.

    Oengul War-Anvil (Windhelm) - Stole his hammer and punched him out. Probably not on friendly terms.

    Quintus Navale (Windhelm) - Likes to stop by the shop to restock, and talk about alchemy. Friendly.

    Revyn Sadri (Windhelm) - Enjoys coming into the elf's store and seeing what goodies he has that day, but doesn't really engage the merchant too much. Neutral.

    Nurelion (Windhelm) - Only interacts with him regarding alchemy knowledge and purchases. Neutral.

    Shahvee (Windhelm) - Ended up meeting her on one of his drunken stupers and gave her 10 septims and a hug, before running off. They have been friends ever since and he likes her positive outlook. Friendly.

    Luaffyn (Windhelm) - Brollius has played his lute alongside hers a few times, and always likes to say hello. Friendly.

    Old Hroldan Inn - Has stayed there a few times and has behaved. Friendly terms with Skuli and his mother. Taught Skuli a thing or two about bartering.

    Kjeld the Younger (Kynesgrove) - Met the guy. Doesn't like him, but doesn't treat him bad. Neutral terms.

    Iddra (Kynesgrove) - Spoke a few times while he stayed at the Inn. Friendly terms.

    Horgeir (Dragons Bridge) - Have shared a few drinks and chopped wood together. Also pushes him to try and spend more time with his wife instead of him, lest the town get suspicious. Friendly terms.

    Faida (Dragons Bridge) - After having a few meals in her Inn, they have become more friendly with each visit.

    Lodvar (Dragons Bridge) - Doesn't know why but just doesn't trust or like the guy.

    Wilhelm (Ivarstead) - Had a few meals cooked by him but they don't really talk. Neutral terms.

    Lynly Star-Sung (Ivarstead) - Often swap bard stories and always share a drink when he is in town. Friendly terms.

    Erik The Slayer (Rorikstead) - They both get along just fine. Erik is eager to share his stories with Brollius and the bard is eager to listen. Friendly terms.

    Lemkil (Rorikstead) - Rumors circle that this guy often beats his children, but he never sees it. If he does, he will probably be going back to jail for attempted murder.

    Narzulbur Stronghold - Brollius spent an entire month there, getting to know the orcs and working in their mine. This is where his Ebony Mace were forged. There is mutual respect between them, even for Bor whom hired some thugs to try and rough the bard up when she found him mining with them.

    Alvor (Riverwood) - Finds him a little rigid but they often do business, if a repair is needed. Neutral terms.

    Sigrid (Riverwood) - Met through Alvor. Gets annoyed always be told by her that she is spoken for, but the bard doesn't act against her. Neutral terms.

    Sven (Riverwood) - Both being graduates of the Bard's College, they both have plenty of things to talk about. They aren't that close but they would consider themselves friends of the other.

    Embry (Riverwood) - Frequently buys him a drink when the bard is in Riverwood and they talk. Friendly Terms.

    Orgnar (Riverwood) - Brollius acts friendly, but Orgnar doesn't seem to be the talking type. Neutral Terms.

    Lucan and Camilla Valerius (Riverwood) - Likes to stop by their shop whenever he can and chats them up. Friendly Terms.

    Narri (Falkreath) - Enjoys her compliments and tends to throw one right back but they don't talk much otherwise. Neutral Terms.

    Zaria (Falkreath) - Frequents her shop and often speaks to her on alchemy matters. Friendly terms.

    Bolund (Falkreath) - Has been the subject of snide remarks on many occation from this guy. Bad terms.

    Valga Vinicia (Falkreath) - Often stops by to get some gossip and enjoys the Innkeepers candor. Friendly terms.

    The Black-Briar Family (Riften) - Hates them all, except for Ingun who shares a talent for Alchemy but none of the arrogences or corrupt intent of the rest of her family.

    Talen - Jei (Riften) - Frequently speaks with him about exotic brews and he is fascinated with his knowledge. Friendly terms.

    Svana Far-Shield (Riften) - Thinks she is a good worker but they don't really talk unless he is staying in Riften. Neutral terms.

    Keerava (Riften) - Thinks she is alright, when he is at the Bee and Barb, but doesn't speak to her to much. Neutral.

    Mjoll the Lioness (Riften) - Both being in their prime, they often spend time together drinking and sharing their tales. She has inspired him to write more than once. Friendly terms.

    Elgrim (Riften) - Often restocks in his shop but is often turned off from his ranting at his wife and going on about experiements that were ruined because he needed to be talked to. Neutral terms.

    Maramal (Riften) - Respects him, for his position, and often seeks council as a fellow worshipper of Mara. Friendly terms.

    Aerin (Riften) - Finds him to be a bit of a lost puppy, but enjoy his company when with Mjoll. Friendly terms.

    The Companions (Whiterun) - With the time he spends as a companion, he finds himself rather friendly to nearly all of the members (as they are all shield brothers and sisters.) However, he founds himself the closest to Ria, Athis, Farkas, and Torvar. He commissioned Eorland Greymane to make a skyforge steel mace, so that he may honor the companions in battle. The man scoffed, but made it anyway.

    Mikael (Whiterun) - Appreciates his skills as a bard, but avoids him as he tends to be a little too pushy with women. Neutral.

    Hulda (Whiterun) - Always stops in to talk and gossip to see if there is any work to be done. Not much beyond that. Neutral.

    Arcadia (Whiterun) - Uses her shop to resupply, but not much else. Neutral.

    Bard's College (Solitude) - This is where his skill with music and speech was culminated. He got along with his teachers and headmaster well enough. He ended up good friends with Ataf and Illdi.

    Angeline Morrard (Solitude) - Brollius uses this place to restock and often lingers talking to Angeline, as she remind him of his mother. Friendly terms.

    Corpulus Vinius (Solitude) - Generally stops by for a drink or two, usually strikes up conversation before getting a bed for the night.

    Fighting Style: Normally, he likes to get a few potions ready just in case. And maybe picking a few people off with the bow wouldn't be too bad but once the fighting gets to him the maces come out.

    Font Colour: DIS ONE
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  14. @Cerulean : looks intresting so far

    Also just to say I manged to get the link to the IC at the top to work
  15. @Applo Lemme know if I need to make changes! =D
  16. Hey all, hows life treating you. So it was my intention to be a chattier GM then I have been so far but then I ended up spending my week either stuff in the back of a van on or jumping into cold lakes. Now that that's over I thought id do a bit of prying into you guys as RPers. So todays topic is how do you guys create charecters, do you put one forwards with a vauge idea of who they are with the intent of really exploring who they are IC, or do you prefer to know everything about them and who they are from the start.
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  17. I just kind of go with a little bit of both. My characters usually have some sort of determined backstory but I also like adding stuff in the IC
  18. Hmmm instresting stuff. I tend to like to put as vauge a description as I can get away with so that whilst I have the bones of a charecter I still have a lot of room to get to know them as they face challenges. For me it help me to write the charecters more organically, although saying that it does mean that I have to be careful at keeping myself in check.

    In related news im writing the next bit of story stuff, brining in the element of choice. @Cerulean how you getting on with your first post?
  19. I am currently visiting with my gf of 2 years for the weekend (haven't seen her in almost a year). I'll see about getting started tomorrow after she head back to Maryland. =D
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